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With Jolie, it's literally nothing. No-one EVER cites her humour in anything, she has no description of any kind as to her sense of humour. No examples, no co-stars doing the usual nice film promo chat about all the on set jokes, not even random jokes in press conferences...she has at best what I call 'Politcian humour' which is utterly bland, utterly predictable tame "jokes" that resemble bad Dad jokes & have basically clearly been scripted and screened to make sure no one could possibly criticise you for it. Everything about her feels scripted & managed, even her jokes which are few & far between anyway. Her humour is like a non entity that no-one even thinks about when thinking of Jolie (whether that be fan or hater)

She is completely humorless.

 How can you work on it when she went out of her way to say he was no good for the kids gave him a bad reputation ... the court should make it that they stay apart...fighting in front of the kids all the time is not good for them either....and if he goes back ...he gets what he deserves after all that crap she put out there to try and ruin him

What? This is getting rediculous , if she can flip on him so fast, then he should seriously get 24 hour tracking because I am sorry this witch will come back harder! She uses her children as a pawn in this psuedo marriage.

Angelina has been discreetly reaching out to powerful p.r. pros amid her acrimonious divorce from Brad Pitt

She has already done the damage. She has been nasty told lies there is no going back or trying to repair damage it won't work. We have seen her true colours. She is a fraud. Uk

She's another one that the media has hyped to be something that she's not. She put herself out there to be this great mother and then she unfairly trashes her children's father out of bitterness and the need to control everything and everyone! Can't stand her now!

 I can help her and she doesn't have to pay me a dime. Just keep her big mouth shut and settle her differences with Brad quietly.

shes already passed that point , thats where the dislike towards her comes in .

Great advice,,,,scurry back in your hole mole remember you have kids and you have already damaged them

I won't ever see anything she has anything to do with in the future.

I've never liked her and now I wish she would just go away ~

of course she is -- trying to undo the crap she started .

A wack job

I think it may be too little too late ......

its a little too late to do the right thing now

 Whack job

Too late

Go away Angelina, you are nuts....famous people are not God..just lucky they got a job and people spent their hard earrned money on them..when it could of been spent better for human kind..California "elite" people are a joke..become your own country..don't ask for federal assistance ask Jole..she got more money than the tax payers..

I would've definitely read this article if Angelina Jolie wasn't mentioned. I get annoyed just looking at her. What a loon.

She's from man to man. She stole Brad now she tired of him and on to another man or woman.

NEVER....after the way she has behaved in front of her children about him.

He would be Soooo dumb if he did this without some safeguards! Finish the Divorce. Live together if want. Get equal custody NOW, WHILE she wants ya!!!!! TOGETHER BUILD THAT TRUST ACCT!!! AND AN INSURANCE POLICY FOR THEM! aSSIGN A MUTUAL AGREED UPON EXECUTOR NOW!! Make visitation written out for the Pitts & Mr. Voight!! Supervisd for James! I got more to add as I remember them! She'll do it again Brad...Accuse you of abuse! And you KNOW it. Best Wishes Guys.

She seems to have serious mental health issues.

She needs to finally give in to using a psychiatrist. She is far beyond the help of a publicist.
I understand how these agents and PR people shore up support for their clients via their full roster of clients but this woman is beyond repair. The people they would need to use to lend support are respected and established and I'm sure they do not care one bit to support this slag; nor are they in need of tainting themselves by association. She is on her own as far as I can see. That is pretty much how she has always played it. Then she hooked a big enough star that it was enough to exist via him. Quite a rude awakening when you realize you way over bought your own hype but your soon to be ex is probably going to rise back to the top without too much of a struggle.

You are correct, but sadly a psychiatrist would do her little good due to the nature of her disorder. She is, among other things, a malignant narcissist. Narcissists live in a strange world, population of one and only one. All the other characters are something like little doll figures to which the narcissist assigns roles which the figures are supposed to play. Unfortunately the figures often rebel and break role and start making up their own scripts, which creates big trouble for everyone. A psychiatrist or psychologist needs much training to even begin to treat a narcissist. They do not trust. They will lie and say whatever they think the therapist wants to hear, then go brag about how they really pulled one over on the great doctor. That puts them back on top, in control, once again. Narcissists always must be the smartest, on top, the best, the most clever. Many professionals state candidly that they are almost impossible to treat. It requires years of work for the most modest of improvements.
And until they crash and burn, no one can tell them they are making fools of themselves.
A classic example? Jolie on Oscar night, sticking her leg out like some strange thing taking a pee designer velvet. It was obvious, painfully obvious, to everyone else there that she was making a complete fool of herself, but she knew better...until she was mocked onstage by a professional writer and Oscar winner. You could see the moment when it finally clicked and she understood that she had made a huge mistake. You can also bet that from that moment on through the evening, it became all Brad's fault somehow.

I think she will keep trying to find a spot in politics. She won't get anywhere, her past is too dark, her present has shown that she's entirely too unstable and her future cannot help but suffer from her utter lack of education and true depth of understanding.

You forgot to mention her disordered mental state. That in itself makes her a liability. No administration in their right mind, in the US or abroad, would take the risk. Her psych records are not something she can hide.

Lady, you got 6 kids. Instead of barreling into yet another relationship, just put your kids ahead of yourself for once.

She's trying really hard to pull off sexy, but the halitosis stank, junkie bones, six kids in tow, and she-wolf man-eater persona are kind of off putting for any man, don't ya think?

$100,000 a month for Jolie's expenses for the kids? Nannies and BGs and junk food doesn't run that high. The bios are always wearing hand me downs. Shiloh has been wearing Maddox's old clothing since she was born except for the two little dresses that Jane bought. Knox gets the hand me downs from Maddox, Pax and Shiloh. Vivienne wears Zahara's cast offs. The younger kids even have to wear the hand me down shoes and boots unless it is summer and they get new flip flops. Depressing Jolie sees nothing wrong with that since she orders a dozen of the same camisole and wears the same black shitt forever.

Jolie has many in her pay- the coven, brother lover, publicist, lawyer, pr/ spin doctor etc.aShe cannot afford him unless she secures a large pay off from Pitt.

If it were me, I wouldn't trust $1 with her either. It will be interesting to hear how all of this works out, if we ever do. She is nuts and he will never be able to trust what she is actually doing with the money.
I'm sure they already have a trust set up that will ultimately benefit the kids. It probably needs a few adjustments but that part is already in place I'm sure.

a greedy Ho putting her own interests ahead of the real welfare of her kids.

Here's a thought how many homes do you have around the world Angelina? Maybe some of these refugees can move into one of your homes that you are not currently living in.

She is a trouble maker. No morals. Dosent believe in discipling her children. ...snogs her brother atthe Oscars. ...runs off with other people's partners and wants to influence others.???

All a Woman has to do is claim abuse and people believe it. I've been there. If you're a woman and want out of a marriage that's all you need to do. One incident my ex wife was flipping out screaming at me close to midnight. I had to get out I started to have a panic attack. I went downstairs to get my jacket and car keys. When I tried to leave She was blocking the front door holding the cordless phone. She told me. If you leave I'm calling the police and telling them you hit me. I froze. She dialed 911 and starred at me. I took off my coat and hung it back up. She didn't say anything to 911 she just stared at me and hung up. Of course the Police came out anyway. She didn't realize they would. She asked me what should she tell him? Of course she was crying. She told him she meant to call 411 and dialed 911 by accident. Of course she was crying the whole time. I was mortified.

Watching Brad Pitt in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. Never gets old

This type of self-important promotion is part of the reason people hate her.

Who gives a sh*t?

Ho trying to pretend her kids have a normal life

What role? What have you done? You're all talk and no action. No more slush funds. No more fake charities like Jolie Pitt Foundation or whatever HO is calling it nowadays

Of course royalty will preside over the premiere!! Angelina Jolie wouldn't have it any other way. What does everyone expect? A bunch of poor women & children to be given the chance?? :twisted: Why would our beloved Angie rub shoulders with peons?

I really don't think that will EVER happen. She called the Feds on him, reported him for child abuse. That's a bridge burner.

Not only that but I suspect this is another Angie fax, and she's mad he's not going to pony up the $ for her lifestyle. :lol: They are never getting back together.

She is SO done. Even if she tried to reverse the outsider tag now it wouldn't work, she's pushed it too far IMO.

Angelina Jolie cynical and manipulative? She asks for help to improve her image
Angelina Jolie cynical and manipulative? She asks for help to improve her image © Abaca Angelina Pretty cynical and manipulative? She asks for help to improve her image
Ready to do anything to get custody of her children, Angelina Jolie multiplied the low blows against Brad Pitt. His image was heavily damaged by this behavior. It therefore wishes to improve its image with the help of an image consultant.
Since the announcement of his divorce with Brad Pitt , the image of Angelina Jolie has been somewhat disturbed. Angelina Jolie, who wanted Brad Pitt to be an irresponsible, alcoholic and violent father in order to recover the custody of their children, was considered a manipulative and cynical woman.
If the image of Brad Pitt was not hindered by this case, that of Angelina Jolie was rather abused. Also, the actress would have decided to hire an image advisor to restore her image. Indeed, the New York Post explains that Angelina Jolie has taken steps to find the coach who will be able to give credit back to the public.
A mission that will prove complicated because the general public seems to have already taken the side of Brad Pitt. It must be said that Brad Pitt is a leading international star who has a long career behind him with an impressive filmography. Angelina Jolie only became an international star after her marriage to Brad. Especially since the false accusations she made against him in the days that followed their divorce have strengthened the sympathy of the public for the beautiful kid.

She's sending out mixed messages via her fax machine. First she wants Pitt back, then she's already looking for another man (even though she's supposedly dating Jared Leto). Poor thing probably thinks a phone call is akin to a serious dating relationship. She's so emotionally immature.

Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt?? Big NO NO!!

Oh Angelina ---- incest , vindictive tramp ... Let's not forget her French kissing her full blood brother.. Having multiple affairs with married men , and any divorce drag them through the mud smearing their reputation ,,, someone must have said something to her about brad because she started too .. Then stopped abruptly ;)
I get it she has done lots of humanitarian work .. Kudos for that .. But her personal side to life is f*cked up ( I think its messed up billy Bob and her used blood viles to signify their marriage is very strange!)... And to add IMO shes a crappy actress other than that movie she did with britney murphy...On a side note ... Let's put all that to the side ... She used to be pretty when she had some weight on her - you can say all you like but when you CHOOSE to be a celebrity ( and yes its chosen no one held a gun to your head- unless you are a prince or princess born into royalty ) then you are in the public eye and scrutiny.. Been like that forever
To each their own in opinion of whether an actress is good or not but I choose not to support her or anything she's in

sorry ,, wont be watching anything with her in it -nor buying any of the big face creams shes going to ''launch'' like all the other Hollywooders are doing ,, of course shes going to say hers are soooo much better , , oh , sure ,

 I won't watch anything with her in it ever again. She made false accusations only to try to put her in a better position for a divorce/custody case. She is the worst type a person ever. Children are not pawns or paychecks

No thanks can't stand her!

She used to be so beautiful. Now she looks wan and slightly emaciated. Whatever she's doing doesn't seem to fill her with vibrance or radiance of any sort.

She's old news..who's husband will she steal in this movie?

 this looks like a ball of fun i cant wait to scroll past this on my netflix

 I think she's so done. Wished retire and leave Brad alone.

Never have liked her and damn sure can't stand her now!! Go away & GTFOY (Get the fuck over yourself).

Is it me or does she look way too skinny?

 Just wish her and Brad would get back together!!! you would wish that on him ?? after all the crap she pulled ??

 Don't care, especially after what she did to Brad.

 She still has fans ?

no one wants to watch her films based on the others she directed

Won't watch anything she's made or is in

Wicked old witch fly away on your broomstick

I will still watch wwz before any bullshit this crazy bitch stars in....

I wish she would not interested in anything she does

Oh look another movie i will not watch this year... garbage

go away please!


Can't stand her!! Homewrecker.

Can't stand her! Disgusting human being

Sort of like that thing Trump does where he keeps trying to distract from what he’s really up to by putting out a bunch of nonsense. Nobody is forgetting how badly psycho Angelina has treated both Brad Pitt and her own children throughout this disgusting drama that she has created at everybody else’s expense. What a shameful selfish person Angelina Jolie is.

Give me break…Angelina stop getting attention in media…

Angelina was never going to go away quietly, but the decision to take this public may well be the biggest mistake she ever made

She's a psychopath.

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