Saturday, February 4, 2017


Shut up, psycho! Nobody cares what you have to say.

I don't want to see or hear anything about this crazy hag!!!

She is nuts.

She looks dreadful ,looks likes shes on drugs or something. No longer a good looking woman just an old bitter street hoe,with vile tattoos splattered about !

Looks like a skinny old crack addict with those vile tatoos

Too ugly for the cinema now, so she goes into politics

Jolie is a hypocrite. .... the way she has treated her partner and children has eroded her moral authority. ..

She was useful until she lied and tried to make her ex an abuser to win custody. Now she is irritating and clearly just wants to be in the news.

Look who's talking, for a fact she is involve in child trafficking, and pedophilia. She is part of the pedophilia ring in this country and worldwide. Wake up, do your research ...

How does she feel about dividing a family / because a child is reprimand for talking back you break up a family and then trash your spouse / where is the respect for another human being

Did she offer refugees lodging in one or two of her many homes? No. Put your money where your mouth is and open up your homes to these people. I just might respect you then but until then stick to what you are good at - losing weight

 She can pack & leave for all I care , just like the rest of the actors & musicians that never worked a real day in their lives & have gotten rich off the real hard working people of this world!

She can open up her mansion in Italy and take all the refugees in she wants. Clearly marriage isn't her forte. Who cares what she thinks - she's not protecting my family or house.

Your an idiot worry about your own family first you've been so busy a narcissist that your family has delapitated right before you eyes . Stay out of politics we really don't care what you think

Yeah !!! There says a women who's denying access to the father in a divorce case of their children. Good grief...excellent roll model for division...

"May be in need of advanced medical care" Well, if she is so concerned about that then let HER pay for it out of her mega-millions. The American taxpayer is always getting shafted by these people getting a free ride at our expense! Maybe it's time the do-nothings in Hollywood start putting their money where their STUPID mouths are!

I would care far more about your opinion if you had adopted American orphans....go back to your multimillion dollar mansion soapbox advocate

She does alot for women outside this country but rolls her eyes to women from America as though she's better. Nobody cares.... just because you have children from every nation doesnt make you an expert on compassion please eyeroll

This coming from the woman who couldn't keep her family together???? And bashed her ex in public?? You did kind of divide yourself within your own border Angie. Should likely shut up now.

Open the gates of your pretty mansion & let these undocumented, unchecked ppl be part of your children's lives

Coming from a woman who knows how to divided couples apart.

Maybe you should donate your millions to keep illegals employed and fed then!!!

She is just pissy because it might affect where she buys her next bunch of children from.

You don't have a clue. Stick to the UNREAL world of acting!

 Let her take care of all of them she has enough money

Take in a few hundred in your 80,000 square foot compound you livin in then!

 You are part of the problem. Do you know There is little kids in America. Yes American!!!

We don't care what she and her spoiled self righteous colleagues say.

Why couldn't she care about kids in America no she wanted to be seen as the superstar who adopted the kids over there when there are so many kids here who have no home food or even being abused

She is a waste of air just like any other Hollywood or sports person. They have a job ..... do it .... we don't need to hear about your political views
( no matter what side). So shut up

She says that because her adopted children & their nannies would have to go back wherever they came from.

Take care of your mixed up kids! Instead of globetrotting Moron!! Serious problems in your 🏡 👋 house!

Not a Trump fan but this psycho needs to shut up and seek help be for she damages her children more than she already has .

Why don't you go back to being a homewrcker or act. That's the only thing your good at

Why don't u just leave if u don't like it . I use to like your movies but no more your way over paid

 Go adopt another kid and get lost. Have refuges babysit!

You're dad Jon Voight is a lot smarter than you!!!! You should listen to him!!!

No one wants to hear your opinion any more than they want to hear mine.

Go eat a one cares what you think, everyone has an opinion

Is there anybody left who gives a crap what Angelina has to say after lying about her own children.

Maybe she can adopt them. Let them live in her house.

Who care what she says! How about banning the father of your kids from seeing them.

And we should listen to her because she's such an intelligent person?

She needs to STFU! I careless what she thinks or says!

Oh Great... Another actor who thinks I give a crap what she has to say.

 Shut the F up!!! Go take care of your 6 kids!!!!!!

Her opinions really doesn't matter...Lol who is she and what has she done For Our Country? She needs to go sit down

What does she know. She is just a husband stealing, can't keep him. Stupid is as Stupid does.

She needs to shut up and adopt more kids to keep her busy.

Brad called wants to see his kids.

you are playing with fire as most of us stand with Brad!

where's your children's father?

Can we send her to one of the 7 banned countries ?!

Angelina needs to focus on her family issues....

Get real!  Weed is even known to be medicine now!  Angie, stop trying through multiple sources to control everything.  Everyone realizes sadly that you are the old addict to much worse.  The campaign against Brad is laughable.

Now that Brad Pitt was cleared of the bogus abuse allegations, Angie is resorting to calling him a drug addict.   She is only making herself look worse.

She admitted heroin was her favorite and if I had been married to her I'd have smoked pot and drank too.

Custody negotiations must not be going Angie's way... she is once again getting negative and false stories planted about Brad. Shame on her and shame on ROL for letting her use them.
Brad has been very open in saying he smoked pot when he was younger. He also said he quit when his kids came along. The negative drug tests prove he was not smoking again when Angie accused him.
He is not smoking pot now and likely hasn't for years but, even if he were, it's JUST POT. It's not like he was doing heroin/cocaine/every other hard drug in the world like Angie was (and maybe still is).

To live with her I would have to do it too.

Back to smearing, St. Angie?  I'm not saying that I don't necessarily believe this, because it's possible to maybe probable, but you went all out nuts when you got off that plane, giving people a taste of the true you.  And it was scarey!  Your temper is terrifying, as is your level of vindictiveness.  All of this COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE been handled behind closed doors within the court system.  There is simply no reason for you to have done what you did so publicly.  Getting Brad to get help, fine,  do it, but don't drag your family through the myd to get there!  Do you really think thast ANY of your histronics and theatrical framing of he "story" has been good for the kids?

Oh no the madness of it all! Brad was taking the marijuana!

Another day another lie. Weed is hardly a dangerous drug. But heroin is what Angie uses. It's also lie that the drugtests were enforced by the judge. It was voluntary it's clear from the court documents. Angie must be a pathological liar.

Angie's team leaked this silly story. She is still trying to make Brad look bad & herself, a saint.

Yeah...and its not working. She's just making herself look foolish. Sad

Angelina has been photographed at awards parties with a glass of wine in her hand.  If she was so concerned about his use, why didn't she get sober?

wow Saint Angie must have forgot about her own addictions.

Radar on line is pro angelina

I cannot believe Angelina is so vindictive, petty and uncaring about her children, brad should have full custody of those children, Angie must be paying for these sites to smear brad, just divorce him and move on, it must have destroyed her that people are rooting for brad.

I know Angie ain't tripping, she had three when he got with her and the adopted them and gave her three more, women kill me trying to control every aspect of a mans life only to end up raising them kids without their dad. There are men out here who do worse! Brad needs to be himself and keep making awesome movies, hes a Midwest boy at heart. I love them both but as long as he wasn't beating her or them kids...let him have his me-time!

He didn't abuse the kids... he was completely cleared by DCFS of not only those accusations but the drug and alcohol abuse accusations too. It is not DCFS's job to "push for more time"... that is Brad's lawyers job which he appears to be ably doing.

Angie is a nut job with addic tion issues herself

If he had been using at all, he would have tested positive on that first voluntary test that he took when DCFS just showed up at his door.

If that were the case, then how was he able to kick the habit so quickly and successfully?   I think he may have been a stoner but not anywhere near the level you suggest as he started looking much thinner and clearer eyed within a week of his estrangement from St. Angie, pious saint of screeching and blaming.  
I suspect he used just enough to get buzzed or mildly stoned.  Same as far as the drinking goes, due to how quickly he lost the bloat and looked so clear eyed.  
If his issue is a great deal of anger, then I would hope that the Dept. of children and families would flag him immediately and keep him away from the kids indefinitely, something which they supposedly have not done.
Time for this story to go private - if St. Ange will ever allow for that!

He volunteered to get tested!

Take care of your children and stop lecturing us please.

more time on your family maybe less on this... 

 She can't get work so she does this for publicity.

Shut up crazy lady

 Uneducated expert on nothinggggg

Please shut up

and she should know all about playing with fire.

Hope she gets over there and cant get back.

 Nobody cares what Angelina has to say.

Is she looking to adopt again, trying to stay relevant?

Go away

Jolie who?

Who is she and why is this relevant?

Who cares what she thinks

She should just shut up!

Shut up golddigger

 jolie has shown she is 13 cents short of a dime!

Shut up Angelina

Not written by her. She uses the refugee cause for self promotion. Like now, she advertises her new directing bomb as well. Nothing is sincere about her. Ok there is one thing: she is vindictive by nature. She should jsut shut up.

talk to the hand...nobody care what you have to say...

 really.  Now why don't Angie and Olivia open their opulent homes to a bunch of Syrian refugees.  Set the standard!

Another self-absorbed,unqualified know-nothing spouting off again I see. I was about to say don't give up your day job but,let's face it,she's not been very successful at that recently either. That's if she ever was.

cuckgelina jolie. we're ((literally shaking right now)).

Does Hollywood not recognise this is a TEMPORARY ban? WHAT is their problem? Stupid and stubborn minded people. She is just trying to do some serious image repair...

And scripting her own opinion because she can, doesn't make her right.

The fact that she got away with her political lying for years, and was defended by her fans, but lost all credibility after demanding full custody in a private family matter, just shows how utterly stupid the people commenting on here are. (sweden)

There's St. Ange standing with Frankenkerry. St. Ange, Trump has proposed sending the ref. uge. es to safety zones in their own environment. And, quite frankly, most of those trying to crowd in here are single, young male mig. ra. nts, not re. fu. ge. es. We don't need any more unskilled labor hitting our shores and then seeking welfare. And if the shoe were on the other foot, you know that their home countries wouldn't help us because we are not the same rel. ig. ion as they.

Another soapbox multi millionaire .

What is that actor doing on stage talking politics? Is Trump in a movie or something? She doesn't even live in the real world like the rest of us. I'd rather hear anybody else's opinion, than some spoiled celebrity who doesn't have a clue what's going on.

She needs to put her own house in order before she sorts out the rest of the world. She should let her natural children see their father.

Yeah and trying to ruin your ex husbands reputation doesn't make you a nice person

So true, nor does it make her a humanitarian!!

Brad, you are definitely better off without this deranged woman.

I think we can see how 'Maddox' is turning out... (hongkong)

Definitely one I have to miss. (canada)

sadly, all her 'good intentions' now just seem like self-serving narcissism... (turkey)

You lose every shred of credibility by blatantly showing your nips, Ms Jolie.

She is nuts.

Angelina, your own household is wreck because of your crazy antics. For the love of god please spare other countries around the world from your hypocrisy. Total nut job at work.

Image rehabilitation in full swing today I see. Sorry, not falling for this woman's PR tricks ever again. Convenient timing to deflect attention from her ridiculous child support demands.

Is it safe to say that Angeline Jolie is no longer concerned with the health of the children?

I was having a bit of a Jolie history recollection the other day, reminding myself of her PrePitt days & it's shocking just how much & how easily I forgot about her in her "wild" days. Like her time spent in a mental health facility, her self-admitted breakdown, her self-admitted use of drugs (believe the quote was something along the lines of "I've tried them all") & I also forgot just how quickly the BBT marriage ended & that it overlapped with Maddox's adoption. She even said that she woke up one day & just realised they had nothing in common (clearly showing her impulsiveness in all senses, first to marry a guy then to dump him with barely any long term consideration or thought) but more worrying is that whilst she was having supposedly changes of mind over massive life decisions overnight she was also being approved for adopting. Goes to show either whichever agency she went through was dodgy & didn't care so long as she paid or that she conned them...or both! Anyway I recommend to others on this forum to have a look around & really find all that PrePitt Jolie stuff coz while we all say yeah we know, we really is easy to forget just how crazy she was & just what a white washing she has done with her image & history. Nothing's she does should surprise anyone now.

Easy to say when she barely lives in the US. Her main home is in France & we all know what happened there today. The louvre museum was attacked by a terrorist. Shut up Angie - you're just another hag!

Angelina Jolie cannot even run her own household, much less world affairs.

What the bleeding heart, rich, liberals in their gated communities with their private, armed Security and the ultra rich liberals with their body guards (like Scarecrow Jolie) is the TERRORISTS aren't attacking them because they want the support of dumb Hollywood and the happy hippies to let them in the USA. Hopefully, the rest of the country isn't fooled.

It's s really stupid to insist to a blatant lie.

the movie look like the same generic war movies at the same time there is nothing new about it, you see bomb ok? you see fire Ok ? and see little girl, it look like a movie done by un experienced movie maker. every of her movie she always call them my passion movie,

How often do you see a teaser that is focuse on showing the director? She couldn't do it more about herself even if she tried.

Angelina says their is problem. She said she will just Adopt them all! 

Just another has been..... you have no clue as to what regular people go through.... better yet, go ask your Dad.... he'll set you straight..... as for you.... shut up !!!

Sure hope she or her family never becomes a victim of terrorism from a violent immigrant. But then again she lives with a wall and security around her home.

Sit down and SHUT UP Angie, you have NO VOICE within the US!!!

How about she move them in and take care of them? And also donate most of her money! One person does not need that much money and millions of dollars it's over indulgent. Right Angie? Spread your wealthy Angie. All those millions you have could really help them. Sell your mansions get a smaller place and donate the money to feed more hungry and homeless. Does she even help people in US her own country?! Does she know we have hungry and homeless people here too or does she just not care?

Politics aside, the answer isn't listening to anorexic Hollywood narcissists.

Angelina is not American she adopts kids from other countries.

Also Angelina Jolie should keep her mouth shut in general. I certainly don't need advice on the morality of any policy from a woman who falsely accused her husband of child abuse (and drug and alcohol abuse) just so she could hijack their kids.

Dang I'm gonna have to be petty. I'm not listening cause of that crap you tried to pull with Brad. See what you did? 😂

How much longer before the adults in the room usher this embarrassing child off the international stage?

Those of us who live in the real world are worried. We need to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure the right people are coming in to our country. We don't travel with body guards.

No refugee problem?? What you gonna adopt them all???

This nut should just 🤐 it.

Go eat a sandwich

gah, shut up Angie

Take them into your gated community and support them. As a taxpayer I don't want my money going to these refugees.

Y-A-W-N! No intelligent person cares what you say, Angelina!

Yet she claims the man she shared her bed with is a terrorist to their children. She can see overseas, but missed what happened at home?

Lol, pretty interesting coming from a woman who is surrounded by security 24/7, flys on private jets and has a home, that she rarely leaves, with WALLS to keep the bad people out! Try being a regular citizen, without bodyguards and see if your opinion differs.

angelina needs to stay out of the public eye some more, that little homewrecker

Angelina should move. And leave the kids with Brad when she goes.

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