Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Yeah, well... you don't accuse someone of child abuse and then turn around and say what a great parent they are. Sounds like her image took a hit and she's doing damage control.

You created a chaotic scenario children are not puppies to be collected on a whim. Not surprised your family life had deteriorated.

That's the standard divorce statement and such BS.

who would wanna be with her anyway she is a freakshow

 Shut up! No one cares about your stupid non problems!

The PR clean up will not work.

Oh shut up

you are so right, but at same time you can see that the other kids, e.g Zahara aren't having as a good time as he is, without their father around!

Jen and he were probably doomed anyway, but it would have been a less dramatic split with almost anyone else in the picture. Angelina came across as if she went after him just to see if she could get him - and she won. But then the prize ended up boring and annoying her. So she walked....with the entire family.

I saw the interview this morning... worthy of an oscar, very well acted, totally insincere and a load of old cobblers. Wake up and smell the coffee...Nobody cares, Luv!!

They just brought food from home.

I saw it too, and I disagree. I thought it was a horrible acting job. The crocodile tears were ridiculous, and her fake voice quavering. Good grief, a Z lister could have pulled it off better.

Well 'rounded' kids what!!! Eating scorpions and tarantulas . 1. Let them see their dad 2. Send them to school 3. These kids seem like they need therapy especially Shiloh


she is a nut.

That alone would make me think twice about giving her custody! Disgusting..........

What the hell is she and her kids doing?!?!

This woman is a complete nut job

Doesn't the Black widow kill / eat its mate ? The total package Angie

Ah yes, the Black Widow, eating a Tarantula.

She's lost all credibility, no one cares about her.

She can eat her own poo and I still wouldn't care about her..home wrecker!

Holy moly she's a wacko!

She's just disgusting. Always was.

Takes one to eat one.

I knew she was still crazy af...I don't care where tf I'm at I'm not eating no damn



she was crying while talking about the divorce. ewww. crocodile tears, she put on a show to try to save her reputation.

Yeah, I read that she is trying to do damage control and secretly is shopping for a PR-agent but so far, nobody wants the job...
But parading your kids as a means to promote things and eating a spider only makes people remember the way she treated Brad and makes everybody think of a certain spider, apparently, according to the numerous comments about Black Widows.
Reputation down the drain, along with her marriage! "We will always be a family" - uh, no, you are not; you kicked him out the door, remember? That is breaking up your family.

She is an actress. You left out a word......terrible.

That was bad acting of her. She was so fake.

Now I know why Brad ran away from her. She is nuts

Alittle too much work on the face.. Doesn't look like her

She is playing the media to sway public opinion as she looks like a manipulative jerk

 She needs to disappear... She did something that a "family" never should do!!! Drag it into the media and go public.. Bad mouthing their dad,taking away his rights and bashing Brad big time.. Go away Jolie!

Angie’s a bad actress

Brad is right, Jolie is making an utter fool of herself, trying to play the victim card with crocodile tears. Meanwhile promoting her movie, and parading the kids in front of the cameras. Brad has every reason to be disgusted. She is the worst kind of hypocrite.

I dont believe her. I am team BRAD…

Ye, drag out the kids..... these children have barely acknowledged the press in the past. Now their waving and giving speeches. Coincidence, I don't think so!!

To the commentator who said that Jolie deserves to be "commended" for adopting kids. No, she doesn't. There is a great difference between child collecting, which is what she practices and adopting in the best interests of the child. She did not. You do not adopt that many kids in that short span of time from all different sorts of cultures when you are in a high-pressure job in which you do not have the time to personally spend to see that they are adjusted into a family with biological kids. It is not surprising that she used questionable adoption agencies. Most reputable ones wouldn't have allowed this.

Jolie is so problematic that even her kids (same blood) look problematic.

She's the one made thier devorce defficult in thier family..poor kids they are the victim..sufferf so much pain..

Brad deserves so much better! You actually did him a favor. He stood by all her stuff and can now find real happiness.

She finally showed her true color.

Everything she does is calculated.

What a circus


Is she buying another Cambodian kid? Didn't Madonna just buy a couple more African kids, and she's almost 6o years old?!

Her movie will lose money, not very many people want to see her personal spin on something. straight to the discount rack

She's disgusting. She's wasting away.

Just love it when they want to keep private,.until it's time to promote the movie, then it's time to spill their guts. Very predictable.

She should look into her own health. She's a wreck and eons away from being the Most Beautiful Woman in the World as Vanity Fair proclaimed in 2009. Far from it!! It looks like someone took a wrecking ball to her face.

Who would go see a movie this person is in, really?

Why isn't she moving to Cambodia? Why she always go places to speak about the problems of other countries......but she's always back to her American million-dollars lifestyle?

Ex Heroin users like Jolie do not usually make good custodial parents.


No, sorry. Not interested. But she can eat all she wants.

Damn, those kids are screwed.

Nobody cares. Angelina who???

Although I sympathize with what happened in Cambodia, I will never watch Jolie after what she did to her own children.

So she waited until she had a movie to sell and then she talks about her divorce and again shoves her kids in front of the camera. She is so transparent. She thought that Hollywood would be on her side and when she realized Brad was the real star in the marriage she is out to clean up her image.

I can totally see that Brad was disciplining an out of control brat and she blows it out of proportion

I'm looking forward to her movie release so I can officially miss it.

Too little and way too late for any damage control. You can't make people unsee the picture of you as a spiteful witch.

Oh dear she has realised that the majority of the film world and the general public are behind Brad, she is now trying for damage limitation. This will not work we all know how evil she really is

Go get medical help immediately before you think you can walk on water.

Shame on you Angelina You ruined your family.

It's actually Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder..

She wanted sole custody and to destroy Brad's image. She failed so she is going for another approach. Manipulative and sneaky

Her halo is around her ankles now

If he's such a great dad why did you try and accuse him of child abuse and try taking the kids from him then in the beginning

I never liked her for some reason... Now I can see why...

You can tell... angelina is not aging well.

is she trying to buy some more children?

Angelina Jolie says: "“We are focusing on the health of our family,”  Scathing comments calling her Husband, Brad Pitt a DRUNK and a DRUG ADDICT and CHILD ABUSER is somehow in this SPOILED ROTTEN, GOOD FOR NOTHING SELF INVOLVED WOMAN's MIND???????????????
She is full of crocodile Tears! "WA! "Feel sorry for me! WA!"
Angelina Jolie never had a thought in her mind about ANYONE but Angelina Jolie!! She bad mouths previous lovers/Hsbands, and even hates her own parents. They should take those kids away from her, she will and likely HAS, poisoned their minds, ruining them for life. Get the kids to safety!!!!

This woman is a nutbag.  She was obviously sexually abused as a child, exploited by her parents and became an abuser as an adult.  She should not be allowed to be around children period.  She is a perpetuation of her original abuse.
My bet:  Borderline Personality Disorder.

painfully broken people should NOT be allowed to raise children!!! DCF should remove those kids or give them to Brad Pitt.

You've got to really want attention to go on a national morning talk show and talk about what your family is going through, and she had to know these people would ask about this issue.  Why put yourself in that position?

They likely would NOT have asked about her divorce IF she had not already trashed Brad Pitt all over the news media. What a nasty, spoiled woman she is.

WHY are you trashing Brad Pitt?????? He has not slammed her in public. She has trashed Pitt at every opportunity.

It seems Angelina Jolie is having regrets about destroying her own family the way she did. But hey, she is a home wrecker, it's what she does. It's also becoming evident that she has some unresolved mental problems.  Angelina Jolie has always been a bottom feeding talentless hack IMO.... Reap what you sow Angie....

She's hoping to have an "Oscar Clip" during the interview.....(standing ovation)....semi-poor acting Jolie

Brad couldn't wait to get away from this crazy bat. Her so called children will be her downfall. I believe that they were the cause of the split. The oldest who claimed that Brad had physically abused turned out wrong. He's a Conniver.

Who Cares??? Drama Queen!

Yep, acting. She's a psycho in real life.

FINALLY some decent acting out of this woman. Too bad interviews don't count at award shows.

It is hard to keep all the lies and delusions straight in her head... Nothing but a psycho, narcissistic c***.

Laura Croft called. She wants her movies and likeness back.

I watched the interview, why? Curious I guess, junk food for the brain.  All I could think through the whole thing was, this woman makes a living as an actress.  She fakes feelings on the big screen.  How can you believe anything she says?  She's a professional liar/actor/drama queen/fake.

'These' are the people who preach to us about acceptance, tolerance and understanding of others.
Childlike intelligence with no moral grounding.

I caught a snippet of this while changing channels. Like so many Hollywood types, she seemed not quite sure if she was playing a role or not during the interview. She would slip in and out of a slight European accent of some sort. Truly living in LaLa Land and absorbed with self importance.

You might want to employ someone to help you with your grammar.

Uh, she asked for the divorce... slammed Brad to the curb...and she's the one coping?

If she truly cares about the health of her family then she'd show the children how to make a marriage work. It's not like Brad Pitt is dangerous, he's just a regular guy and it should be possible to work out the relationship. I'd believe his perspectives on parenting more than I'd believe her. Seems like she's had this fantasy of the international blended family, but now the kids are getting to their teens and the rubber will definitely hit the road. In my opinion she's a fool for trying to do the teen years without Brad to help with the kids.

Let's handle the divorce privately for the sake of the kids. I know, I'll go on Good Morning America and talk about it. What a clown.

Of all people to pick as an example to hold up,  Angelina is sure not that person...she promotes herself way too much.  One thing to do it and say nothing, quite another to hit every talk show in the country touting your accomplishments.  Nobody cares.

And use your children to prop yourself up in the press. To use children as props in your own life story. sad

Right.  Dump your husband and see that as a way to make your family stronger.  She is such a loon.

Jolie is a far left loser.  No credibility.

So rich she can buy herself some ethnic children and tell herself that it makes her a good person, same thing the nasty Madonna does.....

All PR exercise. To late Ange. Let the kids see their dad, people might the start to believe what you are saying.

She is an idiot. Please she is psycho

So now that her original plan to destroy Brad didn't work she's trying to play nice. I'm not buying it, she knew she'd be washed up if she kept on that path. She's a nutcase

She's a headcase

This woman is a train wreck on so many levels.  Wonder what she will do when the phone stops ringing and her face starts to sag....reality isn't high on this woman's list.  6 kids stumbling around behind her.  What an example she sets.....

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