Thursday, February 2, 2017


Her arms look like a cricket. Not attractive at all. Brad on the other hand is HOT AS EVER!

Angelina was out of freaking mind for asking sole custody. She made a fool of herself. I can believe her legal team didn't lecture her.

get help fast. she's a sociopath and all of us here in Malibu know this first hand. u are uneducated low class trash.

brad will get joint custody hes good dad (Bali, Indonesia)

thats not what gets you joint custody fool. if one parent wants hell, the kids suffer. watch and learn.

I have nothing but compassion for Jolie. I really believe that she is a hurting person. She, by her own admission, has no friends and no close relationships outside of her brother and of course when she was with Brad.... I think that she believes a lot of lies about herself and others.

I have no compassion for a liar, who accused her husband falsely. She is only hurting because her plan to destroy Brad backfired. But i agree that it must be hard without real friends, but she should ask herself why.

I think the reason Brad hooked up with Angelina was because she was the only actress wanting a big family like him. Brad is the person who doesn't date regular people like Matt Damon, it is hard to find an actress who also wants a big family. So they got their big family and they also wanted thriving careers. It is hard to balance big family and thriving careers. They failed.

1. courts didn't order anything. 2. supervised visitation is standard practice from dcfs when investigating abuse allegations.

The courts never ordered or wanted supervised visitation.

Others pointed out, but repeating it doesn't hurt lol: it was not court ordered and Brad was accused falsely. Yes, this whole situation is uncommon, I mean most people remain sane even when they get divorced and don't want to destroy their partner in the process. But Saint Angie is mental enough to choose this path.

The day Brad gets joint custody and finalizes the divorce, I will do a happy dance. Never liked Angelina. Team Brad forever.

Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.

She believes in her own hype.

Exhibit B on how this woman has become a total narcissist.

He will eventually get full custody. She is not mentally stable enough for the long haul.

He scrubs up well when not with her, looks like he lives a healthier lifestyle too.

I would not trust this witch with any Kids has anyone looked into her back ground. I have and she is deceitful was a drug addict. even put a hit out on herself to be killed. Then back off when she met old Billy Bob. And affair with her on Brother and made it public. sick..She knew what she was doing her reputation was so bad she seen the only way out was to be Everything Jen was not just to get Brad. She eve bough the role MR and MISS SMITH. NICOLE KIDMAN had that role but that was her web she needed to get brad to clean up her rep. And boy she did alright. I feel sorry for the kids.

jolie is a head case....sounds to me like these children are so ill-raised, that they belong in the same category with the students/profs, who need "safe-spaces" and "cry-outs" and coloring books, etc.....pathetic, indeed.

she's raising them to be dependent and clingy instead of being independent, normal kids.

 Fidelity is not essential for Jolie, she stated it herself! PATHETIC.

Pretty sure he will have cameras set up everywhere & all visits will be recorded...well, that's if he's advised sensibly...

He better have some witnesses. She could accuse him of anything after these visits. She's had proper time to coach and brainwash these kids.

She will probably TRY to adopt thinking it will help boost her tarnished reputation, like before. People are on to her now, though.

 Imo Angie is crazy enough to adopt again, but as she is really mental now, I doubt she will succeed.

Angie is that you ? hahahha expect no sympathy from us

She's still mad that he told her "no". She didn't get her way with this, and she's out to prove that nobody can tell her "no". Who adopts during the middle of a messy divorce? Nobody- and she's too crazy to see it. Hopefully times have changed enough that she won't get away with buying another hostage. IF this is what is really going on,then it just highlights how she doesn't care what is best for children and that her wishes are all that matter.

No disrespect to Cambodian film makers, but over here it's a big "who cares?".

Only the favored adoptees are permitted to bully. You never heard of Shiloh acting up against any of the others. It was always S. who had her hair butchered up and her teeth knocked out and forced from infancy to wear boys clothing except for those very few times. Those kids were trained to pick on the bio. I've always wondered if those times of bullying were the times that Pitt left ho and one of her ways to get him back.

Viv seems timid and shy.

Yeah, a born victim. Strange how little interaction there is between those kids with each other. They barely acknowledge each other's existence with a look or a word. They look like strangers walking down a sidewalk or a school hallway when inside a mall .

This one is really pathetic. Why doesn't she just throw herself on the ground and cling to his leg and be done with it?

On another matter curious how utterly silent she's being on Trump & his executive order that directly affects issues she champions so often. Can't shut her up about it any other month but now her own government has enacted policy which is possibly illegal under the constitution & is widely condemned by most other countries & organisations including the one she is a "special envoy" for & yet she is completely absent from anything on this. She instead goes shopping in expensive clothes. Highlights how disingenuous she is with her causes & she only does what she does when it suits her & when it pays off for her in terms of PR.

Gotta keep up with the drug tolerance. Mama can't pay for all that meth, pills, smack, crack, jack, and etc., all on her own!

It's in her nature to be greedy and selfish. I think that the more she is denied her own way, the angrier she becomes and as a result she can't hide her true self. The longer this divorce goes on, the more the evil harpy inside is revealed. She can't take the kids

Or she didn't get something she wanted

 Maybe she's just a selfish - self centered person

she is nuts

that is outragerous, 6 kids do not need 100K a month to survive.

What's wrong with these woman. It is high level of insanity or is it weed

Awww, poor Angie. She's turned into an old bitter hag without boobs.

 Why does she want brad to pay she is the one that stole him away from Jen know she has all the kids

What a greedy bitxh.

dont give any child support or whatever to those ungrateful,disrepectful kids the cambodian and vietnamese.

OMG she must be crazy!!!!

 She's crazy

She must be off her meds again lol

That Goldigger

She's so evil

Holy God!!!....what's her problem??

 She's batshit crazy

She is nuts

That's insane!!


 Bitches be greedy

Shes so dumb

She's crazy

 Like the dumb bitch really needs his money !!! Stfu Angie karma is a bitch

Greedy bitch

SHE NEEDS $$$$$ BULL💩💩💩💩

 I really don't like this woman! If this is true that is a mental sum of money!

She is such a bitch!!!!!!! Hope she doesn't get it

Stupid bitch team brad all the way shes a loon

Pure greed on her part she can spend her own money

greedy bitch😁

Wait what??? Why??? Girrl you have enough drugs in your system!

Obama permanently banned refugees from Cuba. Where was your outcry then? Obama banned refugees from Iraq for six months. Obama had a de facto ban on Christians from the Mideast. Where were you then? You are just another HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITE.

She is a crazy half brother fucking, blood sucking bitch.

 Who's Jolie.

Shouldn't she be banging somebody's

 Big words coming from a person who has 24/7 security detail and a mansion with a fence around it..... they are coming over to one of your houses to stay for the time they are here right? I mean how many spare rooms have you got? Or they could just camp out on you lawn no problem right.

 I remember when she used to wear a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck and during a televised interview fetid #FakeNews hag Barbara Walters' eyes went big as saucers as she lasciviously lapped up every single word Jolie would utter about her sex life. Jolie was nutty buckets then and she still is today. She speaks for no one, especially when it comes to America's foreign policy.

Angie kicked out Brad because he threatened violence and she feared what he might do in the future. Action should be based on facts not fear. Who said that???

The out of Touch Hollywood NUTS have buried the Democratic party

This woman is certified crazy. Shut up and be a mother and stop trying to turn your daughter into a transgender. to make yourself feel relevant.

SHUT UP HAS BEEN. PLEASE move to Canada with all other liberals to follow. They have socialism there that you love so much.

Angelina, if you don't like it here you can move to Africa. You've adopted half of them already anyway.

Wonder if she is screwing Soros?

Based on facts eh... Can someone give this dumb woman some facts please? Apparently she hasn't stepped out of one of her many mansions lately.

I bet Jon Voight is wishing he would have worn 'protection' the night this fatcat 1%er democrat doosbag was conceived.....

I'm sorry what did you say? I can't here you? Can you speak up? I guess that girl..interrupted.

Tell us, Jolie, would you host the refugees at your home? No? Those gated communities prevent all celebrities from unwelcome visitors. Hollywood jerks, shut your big mouths (for once).

This #$%$ needs to live in the real world for 5 minutes.

That's the argument Brad should have used against you when you kept his kids from him.

Crawl back in your hole. Your opinion is meaningless.

Sounds like she's just rambling: “The global refugee crisis and the threat from terrorism make it entirely justifiable that we consider how best to secure our borders,” she wrote. That's true.
Then she says, "It is simply not true that our borders are overrun or that refugees are admitted to the United States without close scrutiny.” That is a LONG way from being true!
Buzz off, Angelina! You don't know what you are talking about!

If you don't like it, leave, give up you're passports

Hypocrite people.

So should your divorce, you crazy cow.

No wonder Pitt is divorcing this ho"

shut angie and go eat something

 Well Angelina, when the suicide bomber or the crazed Aloha Snack bar Muslim goes to shooting and screaming, I hope and pray it is you and your family they are blowing up, shooting, or cutting their heads off with swords. I hope it's not an innocent family that is slaughtered, when it should be you and your ilk.

How many refugees has this crybaby snowflake taken in? I'm guessing zero. These hypocrites said nothing while Obama was bombing their homes and creating these refugees.

Another Hollywood tramp dribbling her stupidity as if she were some authority on the Constitution, humanity and what is right.

We don't need your opinion! Go adopt some more kids! Maybe from your own country for a change!

Oh no..she is so dumb, surely she could have said something a little bit more passionate.

shes the reason Pitt left her. he seen something...

 Look little girl...stick to acting, leave national security to the professionals ok...sick of these arm chair celebrities that think they know what is best for us the clueless idiots.

Lmao this bitch who adopts kids just to hide the fake she's always been jealous of Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie? Seriously USA Today? Laughable!

Well that settles it! Angelina Jolie has spoken. The Hollywood elite whom we bow to and worship . . . NOT! When will USAT quit using sports idols and Hollywood nitwits to legitimize their leftist policies? They really must think America is made up of a bunch of lemming morons. The last election proved otherwise.

hahahh its not a ban...typical moron

So glad Angelina Jolie shared her opinion. Now I can sleep at night!! I've been wondering ever since Trump signed that "hmmmm, what does Angelina Jolie think about all this? I have to find out!!!"

What an effin psycho!
And just because she is anti-Trump her psycho ideas are "news".


time for a few more kids, eh Angelina?

Dear Ms. Elite: You need to deal with your OWN problems.... divorce, raising your children, anexoria, etc.

She's thinks she's such a smarty pants on family values, lecturing us, yet has been through how many divorces? Typical liberal, "do as I say, not as I do".

Acting out of fear? Ok. She's the one who didn't have cancer but chose to cut off her tits. Yeah.

ANOTHER irrelavant celebritly who thinks anyone CARES what her opinion is! go back to africa or where ever it is she was....

How many refugees is Angelina willing to take into her home and financially support? It is easy for some wealthy media star to say things that make them look humanitarian but backing it up with their own money and inconvenience would speak a lot louder.

I never watched your dumb movies anyway.

Who cares what this crazy bi-otch says.

Really? Who cares?

should be based on facts, not fear. REALLY????? Say that to yourself while looking in the mirror.

She's pissed because it cut off her child supply.

 another privileged entertainer to give us their opinion

Of course she can say that because she lives in a gated community

no one cares Angelina what you think .. eating a cheesburger might be a good idea. You don't care about enforcing Federal Laws in the United States of America .. over half of America has spoken and we want closed borders and people here that are here legally and jobs to stop being outsourced .. industry return to the United States ..

 I can't stand this woman!! She's rich and she doesn't care about anything but her spot light! And we have kid's here in our country that needs adopted but she goes to another country to adopt! Sorry!!

I guess she is using this to step up in to the spot light -- sorry .

 Says the woman with a net worth of 160 million whom thinks going to Africa to help the poor a couple times makes her know all. Refugees aren't going to L.A., Angelina. And you live behind walls and have guardsmen. Rich liberal knows all, tho.

I heard she needs to eat a hamburger or she's gonna die, she should worry about all her kid's I hear are unsupervised and little brats!

Ok Angie, let us know your address, and we will send them your way!

Somebody get her a Big Mac. STAT!

She needs to pull her head out her ass

proof that shows she's not very smart

her brain is very sick anyway

Shut up!

Go away you vile untalented witch....

She collects children to fill her empty life.

Angelina Jolie is crazy. Remember the blood necklace she made from her ex husband ?

This sounds horrible, but Angelina, didn't you get a double mastectomy out of fear that you would get breast cancer and not out of fact that you had it at the time?

She's the one who French kissed her brother and wore blood around her neck, not her dad...

I stopped at Angelina pens op-ed. The only penmanship that she was involved in was signing it with her name after her speech writer was delegated the task. (australia)

And being an actress qualifies you how?

'Saint Jolie' rides on that white horse again with a scripted speech prepared by someone else! What about looking after your childrens' wellbeing by allowing them to see their father.

What an ironic title considering what she put Brad through!

This coming from the same idiot who uses false allegations against her ex to keep him from seeing his kids. Sick.

who the fuck cares what she has to say? Go adopt some more kids or make a movie that doesn't suck!

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