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What a spin writing that story

Not buying anything she is selling or promoting.

Angelina is egoistical, she is full of herself. Brad on the other hand has no ego. David Fincher once said" Brad Pitt has no ego, I don't know how, he is so famous, but he has no ego, if I could be anyone, it would be Brad Pitt " Brad is a true artist who just wants make good movies. He doesn't care about fame and awards. He quietly helped making those award-winning movies without making the awards all about himself. The man is the real deal. I hope Brad will find his true love. Angelina isn't his true love, I knew it from the beginning of their relationship. I bet many Brad's friends warned him and he didn't listen.

How can Angelina appear on TV and with a straight face say Brad is a great father when only a few months previously she called Child Protection Services about his behaviour towards the children and taking drugs!!! How hypocritical these actors are. It seems the person who has won the popularity war is Brad. I think Angelina is a very vindictive woman!!! Silly Brad for getting hooked up with her and having SIX kids with a woman like that.

I'm surprised she'd lower herself to flogging perfume, what with her being an all important UN ambassador.

What she did to Brad was horrible.

I would never buy a product just because Angelina Jolie is the face of it.

Oh please! She's got form for it. I wouldn't even be surprised if she turned up dragging all the children behind her

She has never been seen as a kind person. She has been vindictive, mean person. I bet her kids will see her as this as they grow older. She uses them as crutches, because she is not a people person.

She needs to let him see his kids for no one should be kept from there kids unless they are a danger to the kids and I don't think he is

She done not only brad wrong but the kids too an the kids are watching an they will figure her out an end up not wanting to b with her she has major issues so sad

The bottom line here is - he is their father and he has rights to see his children. He is a good father...the children should be able to spend time with him.

Simple, brad always has good reputation in hollywood but angie always has bad reputation

The UK continues to lead and support the global campaign in support of #PSVI.
Good luck with that, wasted taxpayer money when you get blowhard "celebs" to talk about preventing sexual violence, but it still goes on and on, since we crawled out of trees. Everybody is "aware", so it doesn't raise awareness, just gives blowhards that are guilty of some sort of perversion (Jolie) a chance to shine a spotlight on themselves, that's all.

Jolie helped direct this now? Oh boy! She certainly knows how to manipulate things in her favor .

Omg. She looks like death. She really needs to take care of herself before she dies

Never did think much of her. Liked her dad, did not care for her. No class.

If I came home to my wife eating a bowl of scorpions, I'd divorce her too!

You are what you eat...after all....

She'd do anything for a little bit of attention.......sad !!

She's mentally not all there, her father stated to the press that she has bi polar

Yeah, I'm not about to take my life and diet cues from a mentally ill 3rd rate actress single mom with a bunch of kids.

A scorpion eating a scorpion

how is this women allowed to have children

Something is wrong with her...

Angelina Jolie is a freak .

She's a loser

dont force your kids to eat anything they dont want too

Umm, No. Not happening.

She's so crazy, I feel bad for her kids. Brad Pitt is so lucky he escaped this woman.

she is a satanist... and is brainwashing her boy to think he is a girl. sick.

Maggot eating maggots, is this news? Maggot meaning - A soft-bodied legless larva of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter

You can tell me anything you like but I am not eating that ...

And you can only wonder how people thought Brad had problems in their breaking up!

Of course she eats bugs like any mantis... And the head of her mate as well

There's really something wrong with this nutjob. How about eating actual food once in awhile? I worry about those kids being raised by her without a father.

Of course someone who wears blood as jewelry eats bugs. Duh...

She gets more disgusting by the minute.

Perhaps she keeps a few in a vial around her neck along with the blood-filled ones. Makes for a full meal for her I suspect.

No thanks. I'll get my vitamins and minerals from a vitamin.


i can see why brad pitt bailed on this wing-nut.

Not buying anything she is selling or promoting.

If she does this in public, imagine what she does in private.

Who would feed their children bugs? Nasty.

Jesus, stop with the madness, we know, woman is crazy, I don't want to hear or read more about her mental problems.

Her poor kids face! That's surely child cruelty lol #teambrad

This explains a lot of things!

I don't know how anyone can look at her and think of her as charitable after what she did.
Oh she is just donating it to her foundation... then will use it for expenses. Same old tricks.

Charity? You mean her bogus tax shelter/foundation? Wow, how generous.

Like she "donated" the money she received for the baby pictures - to her own fraudation. How generous

And how do we even know its going to charity? No one demands to see her tax returns. There is no proof. Just empty words.

If it goes to her own "charity", she is will not pay any taxess at all AND be in control of all the money. She can spend it as she likes, pay her "advisers", rent private jets, and only needs to donate 1% p.a. to keep her fraudation going.

"First they killed my budget", perfume ad version.

Jolie has known Guerlain since childhood, as her mother used its iris-and-violet-scented powder.
I thought she grew up in poverty. That has to be a nice kind of poverty if you can afford expensive powder

I can barely stand to look at ANY of Jolie's pictures, myself. But I do so in the name of "doing something about EVIL".

I truly can't picture AJ ever trying to attend one of these events again. I just don't think anyone likes her and now they no longer need to pretend. It will certainly be interesting to see the reaction if she does try but unless she manages to hook a big fish I just can't see her feeling comfortable enough.

I think she already has picked someone, that's why she was ready to dump Pitt. Women like her never release a victim out of their claws if they don't have the next one waiting in the wings. With her royalty delusions and sudden outburst of love for UK I think she is aiming some brotish aristocrat, or maybe even a royal family member. If I were prince Andrew I'd avoid the Bleet at all costs.

I think she and Dalton have a thing, but Helic is already married, so maybe her. She'd be Jolie's type now, Mu slim and married.

She probably paid the British embassy to "honor" her. How much do you think she paid them? $50k, Brits seem to be able to be bought off cheap. Cheaper than us in the USA. 

Holie spends a great deal of her working day seeking out honours and awards. It justifies her charitable foundations that stash her monies. Sickening, if you ask me!

What's new, Angie? Nobody feels sorry for you since you've broken up more relationships than anyone can successfully enumerate.

All the physical beauty in the world means nothing if you aren't beautiful on the inside.

i'm sure she learned how to use her feminine charms to her advantage all her life

Angelina was "scattered" by her father's infidelity yet she herself has no problem stealing other women's boyfriends. GIRL BYE!

Jolie is a horrible bitch end of story

I can't stand her either.

Can't. Stand. The. Ho.

I never liked angelina jolie, especially when she said in one of her interview or biograpghy (i forgot which one) that she specifically WILL NOT be attracted to single men, she's only interested with married men, so yeah, I despise her. 
I know people often cheat & I never judge that harsh bcs we never know what someone's relationships are like, we don't know what happened in their daily life so I never take sides, I just say where there's smoke, there' fire, but this BITCH who people adore so much is just unacceptable! She's just beneth human for what she declare, she is a home wrecker because she wanted it, it's her life, so ashamed calling her a women. F-ing hate her!

Am I the only one who almost died laughing when Jolie said she doesn't keep in touch with her father because of an affair? 

She had daddy issues cos he cheated on her mom yet she goes and breaks up other people's marriages.  Angelina Jolie is a hypocritical bitch.  Absolutely hate the whore.

Jolie hates her father due to his "infidelity"?? That'd be fine for anyone else to say, but she's trash. If it wasn't for her dad, no one would have ever heard of Angelina.
so her father cheating her mother "shattered her", and yet she goes around dating married man? ok gurl, byeee

She's pissed at her father for his infidelity, and yet she goes on to be the other woman not once, but twice? Karma is going to seriously mess her up someday. Brad Pitt....WTF?

Since when unstable mental woman become an icon of perfume? Why not use jen, kate or marion? They looks sexy young & normal unlike jolie mental skinny old!

Not buying perfume with icon mental illness jolie, her bad reputation made me sick to stomack!

Not buying perfume with icon mental illness jolie, her bad reputation made me sick to stomack!

Yup she looks skeleton & old in real, wont buying too!

The woman would eat one of her own children if it got her a headline.

I seriously doubt her kids are eating bags of crickets for a snack rather than chips. Her twins look repulsed, especially Vivian at the thought of it. Why lie about it, makes her look fake.

The UN has been pushing the idea that people should eat bugs for several years now. So it's not surprising that AJ is doing the same. But I notice that she's not living in a big city micro-apartment, using mass transportation, like the UN also wants. I guess it's easier to maintain your good standing with the UN by eating a few bugs and keeping your mansions rather than the reverse.

Her poor kids. Trying to please her can't be easy.

If she does this in public, imagine what she does in private.

Who would feed their children bugs? Nasty.

the actress was desperate to get out in front of the cameras to “restore her reputation by pushing her charity work and the mother image.”

The men's van with her picture splayed as malevolent was a wake up call.
The Associated Press articles pro-Brad were another wake up call.
What we do here on regular basis had gone mainstream, oh my!
That was horrendous for her. A tough time, poor misunderstood money grubbing Biatch was being exposed in the media, not just blog sites. Numbers and dollars falling.
So bad she needed a quick camera fix.

Was Angie faking her tears? Gee, let me ponder that for a second or two...

Brad Pitt is like 50 but he's still hot hehe

Do we believe her crocodile tears? She is such a sh**ty actress...

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