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All of this is so sad, and so not at all a surprise. Angelina Jolie is said to be a real master of PR (didn't she instruct her lawyer to fax her divorce docs to this very website's place of business?) I do have too much time on my hands and a sometimes too-good memory, and I thought of how she has just torn up so many men in her life, starting with her own father. I get being furious at a parent for (allegedly) cheating - but she didn't hold herself to that same standard. So her father was chucked and now three husbands. And all three of those men were in other relationships that they left to be with her.
Talk about a hot mess.
Ugh... I got sucked into this one, I just can't stand to see people talk about Saint Angelina, but if I ask what exactly she has done to make the world better at all, the answer seems to be "Shut up, -itch!". Um, OK, that seems less than saintly, but hey what do I know. Ugh. Let the man have at least 50/50 custody. That is only fair. How surreal that the FBI ended up in this! And no, it is not "karma" . That is a very often mis-used word. This is about choices. And it is hard to not root for a guy from my part of the world. I hope things work out.

she is not right in the head i.e a little nuts!!

All of this is Bill crap. She just wants someone else. Maybe Johnny Depp?

I bet Angie told Brad a long time ago that if he ever left her she would destroy him. She is a pathetic spoiled little girl who cant stand to be alone. A sociopath with no friends or family. And Brad. His new movie reminded her how much of a homewrecker she was. KARMA BABY!!!

Maddox and Pax? It's their loss. They are runied by now beyond repair, and Jolie makes it worse every day. Let them be with Jolie, soon we will hear about their drug use, DUI etc. They will crash becauise they haven't got the luxury of a normal life. The younger ones have hope.

Maddox and Pax are indeed ruined by now beyond and repair, and barring a miracle, their future will be just as you have predicted.

Well I assume Maddox goes with Jolie to sell that film she keeps claiming he inspired, helped write & produce all while attending "school" & I reckon she'll take Pax & Shiloh (always got to have a bio kid with her when it coems to proper promo time) so that leaves the other kids free for Pitt to see while she/the others are gone.

The two eldest are going to end up like their weirdo uncle James. Hating their father but still not being too proud to scrounge off him. Let's hope they don't inherit his unhealthy sister fixation as well.

Who gives the S*** about the Cambodian people rights, Jolie's ego is more important.

let's force them to watch the film.

And to bring this back (somewhat) on topic, the King of Cambodia speaks 5 languages.
Maybe he and Jolie can converse in French "je, je, je"

.who cares about the king attending

Well it's clear she is really going to use the refugee situation to push this film . By accessing NYT and USA Today and announcing who presiding over it her crisis manager is trying to remind people she is serious and this is important. 

This is such bullshit.

This is a event to promote her perfume. Watch the screening and what it says about her and her film and the perfume . Delusional!

I had to watch it 3 times because I just can not believe anyone could be that arrogant . This is incredible . You would think she was Royalty.
This must be operating under that PR tactic that if you tell a big enough lie enough times people wil just assume it is true.

OMG! I just laughed out loud!
"THE MOST ADMIRED WOMAN IN THE WORLD" wasn't enough they had to repeat WORLD again in huge letters in case we didn't get it the first time! :lol:

Jolie can't stand on her own without inserting her 6 hostages even in her perfume promos. Shameless sluttts

 talk about insecure. One have to be extremely insecure person to just do this.

I think that the psych teams, the legal teams and the judge are probably all well aware of her many foibles, to put it mildly. Jolie THINKS, in her universe of one, that she has dazzled them, but these are fairly well-educated and highly trained people who have seen all kinds of manipulation in action. If the judge rules for more time with her, that may be only until Pitt has set up a reliable support system to help with the kids. I think Jolie's days of dazzling others are quickly coming to a close in every possible sense. JMHO.

OMG. Like a skit ffrom SNL

Everything always has to be about her. That's so sad. I pity her.

she CAN'T fool America so she's going to Cambodia where she can and had always FOOLED it's people.

I think she destroyed her family due to her mental issues control jealousy and career ambitions. I think he could not take her anger and had a nervous breakdown and drugs. It seemed he helped her thru depression. Mother lost surgery and breakdowns. But she wanted to walk away versus help him during his meltdown. Not a real partnership. He is better off

Brad’s Production Company is really hitting it on all cylinders. Dede/Jeremy are amazing Producers. They have a vision and don’t waver. Brad Pitt has a flair for these kinds of movies. And I love that he thinks outside the Box. Putting a spotlight on people behind the camera that don’t get their due.

Thank you Brad Pitt for making sure a wider audience got to see and feel this wonderful film. Keep ’em coming.

Really? Just now? I have been saying this about Angelina Jolie for years even before she started shacking up with Brad Pitt. Her fans are the ones that can never seem to read between the lines.

Now her team is planting stories to Radar and etc while claiming it came from Brad's friends/sources. It is getting worse. It is not shocking she would compile a list of fabricated or exaggerated transgressions. We know she is playing dirty but now it is up to him to try to counter this with by exposing her behavior. The problem is that he does not want this kind of media war or to damage the children further. He wants to take the higher road but keeping quiet about her behavior is going to cost him. Let's hope the judge decides to seal the documents in mid-Jan, so he can feel more comfortable addressing her behavior.

that's what happens when they're spoiled & have no structure or discipline. the first sign of discipline makes them throw a bratty temper tantrum.

What a chaotic mess she created to raise a family. No common sense whatsoever.

He is capable of looking at both parties and Angelina made a huge miscalculation.

I wouldn't watch anything Angelina Jolie acts in or produces

I am washing my hair it is more important than watching her crap

Ghastly virtue signalling narcissist. She's mentally ill.

One to miss..

Watch The Killing Fields much better than her crap

no one cares

Really? Who really cares.

All eyes ! Yeah right

used to like her...Until her Daddy!

Is this a joke,letting crazy lady slip away,he dodged a bullet called narcissistic borderline

Wery wery wery good for him. Man in the world better keep away from her. She is wery wery wery bad for you. Selfish and homewreker.I really support Brad Pitt .Love from Oslo Norway.

Good for Brad! Angelina is bitter.

Great news .... children need their dad!

 People sided with Brad because he seems like a wholesome guy. Angelina on the otherhand, well she seems like those spiders who eat their mate after doing the dirty. Scary woman.

Guarenteed to be more dirt on her. Prob why she tried to make Brad out to be the bad one.

 She's a weirdo!!

All eyes on Angelina Jolie? I doubt that

 I thought this turd had been flushed.

 He needs to keep Shiloh and the twins.

So she intends to bring this freak around her children?

I wonder if she will coach the little ones to call Jared ''Daddy'' the way she did Maddox with Pitt... and will they call Terry, Uncle Terry?

My gut reaction to this article is that it's Angelina propaganda that she thinks might make Brad jealous or make her sound desired. I can't imagine that Leto really is into her--she's so gross and completely ruined in life AND Hollywood. I feel like it's a reaction to all the Kate Hudson hoopla.

It's sad but sexy.. It's sexy but sad..
#Allied #BradPitt #MarionCotillard

Can he trust her? @AlliedMovie #BradPitt #MarionCotillard 😍. Such a beautiful film! Love in those circumstances. ❤️ anywhere really. #Allied

Oh no, she's back!

All for publicity and to keep in the headlines.

Are any of them going to accommodate the refugees that they say we should take??

Sick and tired of seeing this PR and media addictive celebs milking the refugee thing and then going their luxury homes - planes - lifes after it and expecting us, the ordinary people, to pay the bills of them and face the consequences of the mass i mmigration in streets and in our daily life

Have you ever seen people like lindsay lohan, ronaldo, kim kardashian, angelina jolie, george clooney ever saying anything about 10 of millions of women being heavily oppressed and even cant drive a car in 2017 in certain countries? No. Never. Because it is not that good for PR and AD Money. Hypocrisy. But they never let a good PR stunt like this go away without using

she can stay there-she is no loss for this country

Funny she wants to understand the pain of parents separated from their children while she puts her (still) husband through just that. Not to mention what she is putting the children through. The adoptive ones have to ho through losing TWO fathers.... go home, fix your family, then talk

I would not watch any thing this woman does because her keeping the farther out of the childrens lives nasty evil person

I now think she's fake. It took a while, but sorry dear, just don't believe you no more.

She reminds me of a Praying Mantis.

Oh no, she's back!

Exploiting the kids again, who don't attend normal school, have no normal friends, and their father is still cut out of their life. What a great humanitarian Angelina is. She accused Brad falsely and she believes this goes away with another humanitarian schtick like before? That she can undo what she did in the past months? That we have seen her true colors? Ans she is bowing down to the the Cambodian king who violates the hiuman rights in his country? Eh, just go away Angie, and leave the kids out of your image rehab.

Who's this strong, beautiful woman you speak of and does Angelina Jolie know her?

What on earth is shiloh wearing? You can tell Maddox has a huge hold over angie, I bet he told her to dump brad as he obviously doesn't like him.

Love how Pax is looking at Maddox in one of the photos, perfect shot of brotherly distain!

she yes he looks like he wants to throw him a punch haha

Why don't you ask your own kids what they're going through trying to deny them access to their father?!

Angelina never had a healthy loving set of parents, now she is repeating that onto her children. sad

the court papers and emails leaked proved that despite brad passing every test and obstacle and being 100% cleared of her allegations, she still denied him increased access when he requested it, which is now they're going to court (because neither party will back down). so yeah, we do know what she's been doing.

Yeah Ange it's really traumatic for children to be torn apart from family members ......oh wait that's exactly what you're trying to do to your children isn't it? The people in Cambodia truly had no choice, puts your squabble with Brad is some sort of perspective don't you think?

Arrogant, manipulative, vindictive woman who uses her kids as weapons.

She is just another druggie with vile tatts that has been butchered. Poor Brad.

the only pr on show here is jolie's - and she's once more using the kids to do it. difference is people see through her manipulations now. her mother earth image doesn't mesh with her vindictive all-or-nothing the curtain has fallen.

NOT anymore!

In that video of her where she's wearing a white strappy top she looks truly scary. Bony and bug eyed. Like an alien. I don't know whether it's as a result of being too skinny or some surgery/injections but she looks WEIRD there.

I just can't stand her anymore.

I see evil looking at me through her eyes.

Looks like she had some work done - Botox and fillers.

First she vilified my father. Angelina- "your" children are also Brad's children.

She just wants attention. I agree with the person who sends condolences to Jon Voight. Angelina is imbalanced and she has enough money to avoid all treatment and buy her way into doing anything she wants. She is spiteful, vindictive and dishonest. It is a sad illustration of how money, looks and fame do a person so much more harm than good. When these people take a wrong turn there is nobody to stop them.

She is another butchered druggie. Her father said she is deranged.

Angelina is in for a rude awakening when her kids all begin to rebel.

pass me the sick bucket please

Awww, isn't that sweet?? Meanwhile, back in California she continues to deny the father of those kids the time they all need to grow up to be centered and well-adjusted adults. Vile woman.

unfortunately they will never be well adjusted adults, the Jolie craziness took hold of them years ago I'm afraid, even the beautiful brad couldn't stop it

Not interested in amything she puts out. Not a nice human being.

"....back in the limelight.." says it all. And what's with her eyes - tight facelift or drugs?

Court papers were leaked. She was in fact trying hard to cut Brad out of their lives. Until public turned on her and she back paddled

I agree a 1000%. There is something about that kid that is not right. His demeanor comes across that he is priority number one. I believe the relationship between Maddox and Angie is unhealthy in the form of over protectiveness and it's by both of them.

My suspicious mind, tells me that Maddox is thrilled to be his Mother's leading man, once again.....

Arrogant, manipulative, vindictive woman who uses her kids as weapons.

Ugh...go away angie

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