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Is that her sad face or does she have indigestion from eating a bug?

This is worse than shower cry. It's like sad with a touch of pout sprinkled with bug related indigestion. And jealously of their exoskeletons

Those tears were about as real as those chick pox she was sporting after Rudingate.

'I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It's worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards. (2009 INTERVIEW Das Neue)

It was a shame that the event wasn’t open for all Cambodians to attend, despite the vast size of the stadium and the philanthropic aura of it all, but it was limited to a select group of people. It left a large crowd of frustrated locals standing outside watching VIPs being let in.

What a dreadful woman. I have never been able to see what all the fuss is about where she is concerned. Even her own father has disowned her.

AJ has a pretty face but everything else about her is vile including her horrible shapeless stick legs and veiny hands. She talks absolute nonsense and is a complete wierdo - why on EARTH did Brad Pitt leave Jennifer Aniston for that??

She just likes attention- thats whey she says silly things...

Make your mind up Angelina... you start of saying it's fine for couples to have affairs, and then in the next breath you say you would never forgive your partner if he was unfaithful, based on how your father treated your mother....

What she is saying is just a bunch of nonsense. She says she cannot forgive her father's unfidelity, yet this is exacly what she did. Mr and Mrs Smith "the movie where mom and dad fell in love".

What a foolish thing to say. Fidelity is important when you have 6 kids together.

She knows exactly what to say to get headlines, even if it is rubbish! And the press (and some silly members of the public) devour every word! She is a self-obsessed, publicity-seeking, media-junkie!

So she's OK with Brad being unfaithful, but he's not allowed to meet Jennifer for a coffee and a chat?

ummm..yeah, ok Angelina... you reek of hypocracy

"To be intiminate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive." Who does she think she's kidding? Does she take us all for a bunch of fools.Sorry, red arrow me if you will, but this woman has no morals.

What kind of household is it for the kids? She seems to have pretty loose morals anyway, how many husbands did she take off their wives?

I'm sorry but I won't be mentored by Angelina Jolie on relationships, marriage, fidelity, morals or sexual propriety. When she comes out with advice on shacking up with married men, lying, vindictiveness, (trashing her father) putting yourself first in every situation in life and manipulating a phony image, she will be a well qualified source of information. She is so beautiful, she can have any man she wants and she is very talented as an actress. Other than that, she is an off the charts nutter who would do better keeping her mouth shut.

 I love brad in anything, he's always a great actor......cute doesn't hurt either

After Animal Kingdom and The Rover, I'm on board with whatever Michôd throws at us. Bad response from test screenings but hopefully they made a better film in the edit. Look forward to checking this one out!

Pitt isnt usually good in serious roles but Fight Club, Snatch Mr and Mrs. Smith and Bastards he is hilarious in. His Comedy chops are On Point. I bet this will be good. war machine

I can tell this is going to be good, Brad Pitt is such a good actor.

Awfully selfish and lacking in morals for a humanitarian isn't she?


Please go away go hide under a stone awfull woman

what a woman

People will do anything for attention. She's just on a whole other level.

So now she's going to lock the kids up there.

She's full of c..p.

Good for her...perhaps she will remove herself to her new property, and wander off into the sunset doing good works...sorry not a fan...besides...the heroin is probably cheaper there...

she bought a property from a Khmer Rouge mass murderer and BRAD is the bad guy?

She's so fake & this 100% proves it. Like most charity luuvie celebs these days.

There's a dark side to Jolie that's only ever been hinted at. Brad knows a great deal, and recently his lawyer sent hers a list of behaviours they could make public to stop her trashing him, which has resulted in her actually being nice about him in her recent interview! Brad's a wimp, let's have at it Brad. Some of us already know. If these details come out, Brad will auto have all children. Whether he wants that, seems to be another matter.

She better have a lot of security guards. Her ide ology won't matter to the local inhab itants

I get that giving these families 40,000 dollars is great and all...but how dare she!! Uprooting families and a small community because she wants a bigger garden??? Shame on you Angelina!!! Why not invest in the area and build these families new homes rather than buy them off and shoo them away from your new pad. Disgusting

you lose all credibility when you start a sentence with "Grow up." It is you who is immature (that is what "grow up" means). Adults may argue about theory or details or facts but only children resort to ordering others to behave in a certain way. Words matter and yours are imbecilic.

What a pity nobody has told her that children need a single home they can relate to, with their usual friends nearby. Or maybe she wants to raise her brood as a bunch of insecure twisted kids who will have difficulty relating to the real world.

The children have had major behaviour issues for years, almost from the get go. All of them. Theirs is a mad house. But it's nothing compared to the plans she has for them. Poor kids.

A walled off heavily guarded compound located in an isolated part of the jungle in Cambodia sounds like an ideal spot for Angie and her tribe! (a tall fence makes for good neighbors! i.e., the village residents will be protected)

Did I read this right? She spent millions to buy a property to live in that was used by a mass murderer? Creepy woman.

She has been drawn to evil for a long time, It amazed me that people missed that for years. Aside from all of her manipulations as of late, this woman is has a core that is dangerous for anyone around her. Brad needs to get the children.

She allegedly told her psychologist in high school that she enjoyed torturing her dog. This woman has been ill a long time.

So she is making a film about the appalling killing fields incident, but buying property from one of the peeps who actually did it?...hmmmm

What is Idylic about living on blood soaked land . This woman's fascination with Cambodia is as evil as she is .

I'm just calculating how many refugee families she can take in with that piece of land.

Its not secret any more..!

I feel sorry for their kids. They don't seem to have friends outside the family.

That's the very, very least of their problems, trust me. When staff quit your house because you horrify them with your "hobbies"... yeah.

So she's made a film showing the war crimes and then buys from a war criminal??

That's like buying land from one of 'Dolphie's top henchmen! "Do as I say, not as I do" needs to be her official motto. I am completely disgusted by her due to this purchase!

Gotta love these neo-colonial humanitarian celebs. "Here to tell your war crime stories - and do business with the culprits to buy up the land they stole from the people as my private jungle swimming hole"... "Here to buy up your babies because you are too poor to keep them." They just don't see it.

How can this be legal?? He should be in prison, or better hanged, and everything he has should be confiscated. She is doing business with them, this is unbelievable. I already had the lowest opinion of her, but this is even worse that I though possible.

Somewhat hypocritical for a self proclaimed humanitarian

Sick of reading headlin s of this female. I think she's probably mad.

Maybe she will step on an unexploded mine.

Mad as a box of frogs....

She's putting those kids in danger and trying to move them as far away from Brad as she can. I sure hope her wealthy children don't end up kidnapped for ransom.

So which is it? A charity or a private holiday home for Jolie?

Twisted woman.....biased, hypocritical.

Her poor dad is s c a r e d of her. The kids eat scorpions and tarantulas . Brad save your kids with a base home and security. Send them into school and give them chores and structure and responsibility.

Waiting for the Jolie Pitt kids to grow up and do a Rocco Ritchie. I bet they have some interesting stories to tell about what was really going on behind all the P.R they fed us about utopian rainbow families. At least one of them must resent being taken from their homeland and raised by an alleged sociopath.

How could shoe give a dime to that murderous slimeball

Creepy..just like her, and also seems like a very secluded, potentially dangerous setting for her kids. A lot of strangeness still goes on in those parts..she should feel right at home.

Do her children ever go to school?

Ho "makes" a movie about the killing fields incident, then buys property from a guy who was responsible for it? Hypocrite psycho.

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