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Nothing authentic about her at all. Master manipulator (Antigua and Barbuda)

You can dress it up and put lipstick on a skeletal pig, and it's still a skeletal pig.

Maddox has certainly stepped up as alpha male to head the pack; sorry meant to say be big brother to the kids.

probably the same way Soon-Yi has "evolved" under Woody Allen.

She has always seemed unbalanced to me. In all the pictures I've seen of her with her children through the years, I've never seen the expressions in the two of her with Vivienne. Perhaps I'm cynical, but they seem designed for display for the media to portray her maternal side to the maximum.

Angelina has used you, screwed you up like a paper bag and thrown you away.

She finally wears some color and she goes with horrid hot pink ?!?!

Awful dress sense

Awful woman

Holier than thou...she is so full of it! Hasn't aged well at all.

her new acting gig: Saint Angelina. What a fake !

As beautiful as she looks, the veneer has completely worn off. All her 'good works' reek of self-promotion.

Enough of this woman (Beirut, Lebanon)

She is a fake. I feel that she has ruined Shiloh's childhood by encouraging her to believe she should be a boy. I fear that when her age permits that she will actually go ahead with testoterone injections. It's very fortunate that both parents are millionaires as Shiloh will need every cent of her share to pay for therapy for the rest of her life.

This is exactly the kind of adulation she craves. She is a narcissist.

She's just annoying at this point.

She always morphs into earth mother mode full of peace and light when any press about her is negative.

she is mental.

Scrawny lunatic.


Brad is not allowed to travel with the children but Angelina is? And there's no extradition treaty between Cambodia and the United States, sure hope she returns home with the children.

it will change and the tables will turn Angie! She thinks it's all about her and she can just drag them around the around constantly and do what SHE wants!

AKA: Narcissistic Photo Op .Is she fooling anyone? Love the respectful bow. Meanwhile in her mind she's chasing Brad around with one of her many knifes.

I see the PR propaganda working. Nothing is accidental when it comes to Jolie. She brought the kids there for a reason. So she can get these pictures to the media.

SHE IS TRYING SO HARD HERE LOL. If this was diana she would have taken the flower and smiled genuinely ! this lady is putting her hands together so much and seems so false. She does not look healthy... botox and fillers have been put into her face

She is NOT healthy she is underweight you just can't see under those big dresses and of course she is happy to be rid of Brad and he did not get half custody (Yet).

She's just fake and what is going on on pictures 7 & 8? There we have her encouraging neediness in Vivienne. There's something very wrong with this woman, poor kids

Stop using your adopted children's experience for your "career." You do not care about the birth parents of these children or you wouldn't have changed a three-year old's name and "Americanized" it.

I see paid commentors are giving her positive comments. I wonder what PR flak she hired for this.

A good mother wouldn't keep the father of her kids away from them.

Appearances can be deceptive. Mi Farrow adopted a lot of kids from different countries decades ago and look at how her relationships with her children ended,,,

There's nothing gorgeous or good about a mother who keeps a father away from his children!!

Just because she is gorgeous and looks good with her kids in staged pictures does not mean that you are truly a good parent, don't be fooled. I used to respect AJ for her work, but this has faded very fast when you see her true colors! She has an agenda and does not appear to be sincere at all! A loving caring parent would never treat the father of her children like that and make heir problems public in order to gain sympathy and compassion from others-clears she has none for her own family or (ex spouse)! Sad

Wasn't she kissing her brother a few years back? I recall that. Let's fact check it. Yep, it's true.

Back in the spotlight? Lol. Under a spotlight, and we all see how gross you are. Run Brad Run. Don't look back. Run Brad Run.

she has aged ten years damage done love using her children to try and better herself we all know now it's a waste of time .

Horrid woman

Something about the way Angelina always seems to exploit her adopted children's struggles rubs me the wrong way. Those are their struggles, their stories, not her own. Always going on about how Zahara's mother died of AIDS (which is not true), and just her poor little adopted children in general. Like it beefs up her own traumatic survivor resume. Jolie is just another privileged, rich, celeb offspring, white woman from LA whose done nothing but show the world the extent of her mental issues.

the manipulative razor-blade is milking it for all its worth! Next, she will be wanting to misappropriate another child from its family and country... She shows the typical arrogance of the Hollywood kunts who believe a life with them is better than anything else - looking from here, it's not!

Oh for fuck sake..someone donate a pair of tits and a uterus to this kook , perhaps she'll get her mind back..

Brad got super cheered by the Hollywood bunch when speaking at the Oscars? I think those in-the-know know exactly what Angelina is like. And no amount of 'beautiful' makes someone nice.

Pink does not soften any of her malicious attributes. Why is poor Vivienne sitting by herself at the very end of the line? She looks so sad while Maddox is clearly arrogantly perched next to the man eater.

I can't believe anyone falls for her crap. It is all just another performance for her.

Best article I have ever read that nails exactly who she is and what she has done.
Without Pitt she is just a circus animal trotting around.

So are they all staying out there til March & that film festival is done? That's a fairly long time to be away especially in the middle of a custody proceeding, unless she has been given special dispensation by the court to go for a few weeks.
Still find her whole show utterly bizarre & transparent but maybe it's just me & my bubble over here but it seems to me that it's working less than it used, more people see through her charade & her obvious media games & aren't buying it. Barely heard anything about this except for at the Daily Mail & loon sites. Has any legit Hollywood/film sites covered this? From a purely professional POV it's like she barely exists as a film entity right now.

Angeline is well documented to have a borderline personality disorder, hence why she keeps adopting all these kids and having surgeries she does not need. As for understanding what her kids birth parents went through, why use shady adoptions agency. I visited Cambodia shortly after she adopted from there and these US agencies charge up to $40k, over child who is getting the money, certainly not the country the child is coming from. Cambodia does not allow for US adoptions anymore.

Hollywood's biggest serial adulteress is looking healthier than she has for years. Poor Brad is the one who has lost a ton of weight because he misses his kids, but she has got what she wants as usual. Can't stand this lying, evil, female mutt.

There has very logical article which published at pagesix a few hours ago about this loon's ongoing action. Folks, go to read!! It seems Jolie has begun to realize that so much of her star power and goodwill was on loan from Pitt. True!

Look at her fake "I love my daughter so much" face with eyes closed and trout pout. V gives it away looking straight at camera. What a fraud.

She is doing this to mess with Pitt's head. Disgusting. I really don't like either of them, but he deserves full custody. She is insane, and look at poor Viviennes face.

I think it's a multitude of things with her, she wants to sound more "intelligent" so has refined her American accent, made it sound less stereotypical Californian, seems to me to be adding in quite clipped tones that more often appear in southern British accents (though to be clear she is not doing a full British accent, it's more just tonal & enunciating all the letters clearly but still with an American accent). I also think she's doing her "oh I'm so emotional but just holding on" thing which she often does for speeches & things that mean something to her, it's part of her show, I'm sure she managed a few tears at the end or at least some watery eyes with all the pride. Watch her other speeches where she puts on an emotional affect & the speech patterns are similar, it's like part of actor's playbook or something. And I also think she's speaking slower & purposefully more clearly so everyone understands her.
Maddox clearly did not put much effort into his speech & while I'll commend Shiloh for learning any language at all, let alone one so far removed from her first language, it's clear that that little speech was learned specifically for this event, like a drill. Neither of the kids looked especially comfortable or thrilled to be up there but you could tell they'd be instructed & coached to do X, Y & Z & like a child at a school play, was just trying to get it over & done with.

At that point she does that hand over her heart gesture too. As you say, the Actor's Playbook.

This back cleavage underlines her square shoulders. Whoever suggested that dress to Jolie must hate her with a vengeance.

I think V has a very anxious, insecure personality, very clingy, seems to need a lot of reassurance. Wouldn't surprise me if she genuinely wants the affection from her mother (& father when he's around) but the lifestyle they lead & the personalities of her mother & father haven't given her a solid attachment that she actually trusts so she clings to them, she's needy & sensitive with them etc etc. Knox on the other hand seems kinda oblivious to everything, he always seems happy off in his own world to me.

I actually don't think this hug is about the kid or her insecurities, it's about Jolie, it's a photo op. Look at Jolie's carefully pursed lips, closed eyes and rapturous expression. The whole thing is clearly calculated to communicate to the world, and probably Pitt, what a devoted, loving mother she is.
The picture, heck the whole premiere is all about using the kids to promote herself and her project. This isn't remotely a family friendly film, there's no real reason for the kids to even be there. Except for the fact that their presence increases the attention and press she'll get and she knows it.

The hug is purely for PR, the coordinated outfits, all of it, especially Jolie's fake "tender" expression as she hugs Vivienne Most decidedly in the direction of the cameras. It's nauseating.

Looks like Angelina had surgery while in hiding after the divorce.
Fillers and Botox will help with minor improvements, but here is no way her face could look this dramatically better without surgery. She looks a bit swollen to me as well. Not filler swollen, but like she's 6 weeks out from face procedures.
Seems like most celebrities take any sort of extended absence from the public eye to get surgery done. Look at Kim K after the Paris "robbery"....when she finally made a public appearance it as obvious she had gotten some work done.

She's such a terrible actress. Posing for cameras is all she knows how to do. Everything else is just bad acting. She didn't even really direct this film. I wonder how much she payed RP to stand back and allow her upstage him and his work. This movie took a long time to be released- her pitiful attempts to direct were probably edited out and reshot without her just for there to be a movie at all.

 Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Angelina and Maddox will be together for the rest of their lives. I mean who wants that weird looking thing except Angelina.

Look at her fake "I love my daughter so much" face with eyes closed and trout pout. V gives it away looking straight at camera. What a fraud.

Her reptilian tail is showing here :lol:

That poor kid looks completely stressed in every single photo, when she's not looking downright terrified.


The ho requires clingy, she is too.

She looks like she had botox done severely. Angelina is really ugly looking now sorry to say. She used to be beautiful but wow! She is only 41 and looks like this?
If I didn't know her age, I would say this is a woman in her mid 50s or 60s.
BTW, Jennifer Aniston recently turned 48, and she looks amazing! Suck it Angie!

Her TV movie that she co-directed is violent I heard. She should not have brought the younger kids like Shiloh, Zahara and the twins.
This is is sad. Just last week there was an article about an insider who said she likes to use chairty and her kids as props for her image, and look what she is doing now.
She brought all 6 kids to fix her image and promote her awful movie. And she dragged them all the way to Cambodia too.

Aww, she made those people give her a standing ovation for her S*** movie! I guess she really didn't like that back in Beverly Hills where the GG took place, that Brad got one?


and nobody cares

An excellent read, props to Maureen Callahan @PageSix for this magnificent exposé of (St.) Angelina Jolie

Who cares? #bbcangelinajolie is a self-centered, fame hungry adulterer.

First They Killed My Father RECEPTION: Ung's first book has been criticized by members of the Cambodian community in the United States, a number of whom believe that it is more a work of fiction than an actual autobiography. She has also been accused of misrepresenting the Khmer race and playing on ethnic stereotypes for the purpose of self-aggrandizement and over-dramatization to increase sales and publicity.

Among the complaints that some Cambodians have about her works is that she was only five years old when the Khmer Rouge began its reign, and that she could not possibly have so vivid and detailed a memory of the events as they have been documented in her book. Her detractors also claim that, as a child of a Chinese mother and a Khmer father highly placed in the Phnom Penh government, she paints a very unfavorable picture of Khmer villagers.

There is a picture in First They Killed My Father that was supposedly taken "on a family trip to Angkor Wat" in 1973 or 1974. A civil war had been in progress in Cambodia since 1970 and the Khmer Rouge was in control of Siem Reap (the location of Angkor Wat) from 1973 onward. Critics state that it is not likely that Ung's family would be vacationing at that time in that region of Cambodia, that the picture was taken at Wat Phnom, which is in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and that Ung's memory is therefore unreliable.

She will go to a place where she thinks she is loved in this case she went to Cambodia. There people adores her, spotlight and most importantly attention all on her. She loves the attention, praises and claps for her. Cause right now America, Hollywood is done with her.

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