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You are what you eat

She is SO GROSS!! Those poor kids. Learning from her. I wouldn't eat broccoli based solely on her suggestion--let alone tarantulas and scorpions! She is exactly the type of person that would lead you into eating something poisonous just because she thinks it makes her look knowledgeable. She's an idiot who does not need to be supervising children. Poor Shiloh.

Look at that child's face. She is clearly being traumatized by this event, and her mother is loving it all. This is not raising a child to be worldly-wise. This is inflicted torture.

It's quite telling that she has the youngest girl in this shot. You would think it would at least be one of the older boys but she has to go for the most shocking possible image. You get the feeling looking at little Viv's face that her mother has her in training to be the next Angelina Jolie. It's very sad to look at her young face. It must be agonizing for Pitt's family to watch stuff like this.

The boys probably said hell no, and convinced her it would be too stereotyping.
Same as the non-Asian did the speaking in Khmer.
This is just such bullshit. The witch eating bugs when the locals are long since evolved into a world that doesn't require eating bugs for survival. Always the camp event, that one.

Also, she doesn't begin to understand that by doing these features, she is highlighting the primitive, undeveloped nature of the country, from which Cambodia is proudly emerging. It's all, "Look, I can hang out in this primitive nation and love it! I am truly a citizen of the world, even the sh*thole parts of it." It's trying too hard, it's reverse condescension.

This b.itch is beyond ridiculous. She's so predictable. Going back to her roots with the "shock" game. Yawn.

I'm going to replace the Sunday chicken with a Tarantula. .... That way, everyone gets a leg

And this is probably why she isn't married to Brad Pitt anymore...

What is the point of this show or segment ? is that the point I am so cool I eat spider? just nonsense. all. you have to do role eyes.

I am sorry that how it looks when you look at the Video and think Ok? So what ? what is the point ? Pointless.

She keeps those poor kids isolated from all people except her and her employees. It's horrible. They have no way of being able to understand how screwed up she is. She's like Peter Pan to a group of Lost Kids. Except Peter Pan wasn't as weird as her. It's appalling to me that she keeps that tribe of kids cut off from reality and then, the first time she lets them talk in front of the press, it's a demonstration of her showing them how to cook and eat tarantulas and scorpions. Grrr.

She knows she is on the ropes, in a sense, in terms of her image. She is losing the PR war she thought would be a slam dunk against Brad. Accuse him of abuse, gain custody of the kids and praise from "all good people" the world over for her great maternal care. It didn't work out that way, and she's coming unglued. These images of her teaching her children how to defang a live spider and throw it into a hot pan for frying up and eating? Disgusting. Sick. Borderline deranged. She's made many references to the boys eating crickets, which from what I understand are a staple in Asian open air markets. But this? This is hardly an example of great motherly instincts. It's like the more she tries to win this PR war with Brad, the worse she makes it

Exactly!! And she doesn't know when to stop. Because she wants to win the PR war, she will keep going relentlessly. This gives us an idea of how the relationship with Pitt was and why he always just did what she wanted. It's not hard to understand why he allowed all those appalling things to happen to his children. People like that just wear you down.

These kids have no point of reference outside of this crazy, sick woman. She is going to cling onto them forever because she clearly cannot manage any relationships beyond those with people she pays or who have to call her mommy.

Micheal Jackson did not force his kids or play mind control to make his kids eat spider, ranch and bugs, because for simple fact he can eat it. nor he use them for publicity and to make him famous. He is famous because he is talented and he is Micheal Jackson the greatest of the greatest.

Shiloh has obviously been abused by her wicked and evil mother or something.

Thanks for posting this link. It is priceless. The gloves are off in a big way.

It's high to expose this audicious act, the shameless pimping of the kids, the fake humanitariasm!

Hi James I bet you can't wait for your nutty sister to get home from Cambodia so that you can give her a NICE BIG SNOG...and collect your paycheck. Have you ever had a proper job?

your idol removed her Saint mask herself by bashing the father of her kids publicly, people now know she never changed but just pretended to have changed collecting six PR props. Now she is getting what she really deserves for ruining so many lives. I

Using your children (and what they're going through with the divorce) shamelessly to promote yourself and your movie is disgusting. And torturing animals to, yet again, go for that shock value that got you are where you are today - such an adventurous and down-to-earth humanitarian you are, eh? Tell us again about all of your expensive properties, other materialistic items, and endeavors.

BBC made a mistake with their coverage, because the comments everywhere are annihilating. And there are thousands of comments. Noone can say that all of them are paid posters of Pitt. This woman is sinking her ship without outside help, there is no need for Pitt to attack. Though I'm sure he will do something.

She's clearly mentally unstable, so I doubt it will ever end. She does not, she literally cannot learn. Her narcissism will keep her doing these dumbazz things and making the same dumbazz pronouncements as long as there's a camera or microphone anywhere in her vicinity. Glad to see the world has finally tagged on to her antics, although I must admit I feel sorry for Guerlain and the money they've obviously invested in this freak show.

Also add to that her white savior complex. In her interview she pontificated about telling the story of Cambodian people, even to Cambodian people themselves in a way they could understand it which is why, she says, she told it through the eyes of a child?? What kind of sh*t is this? Her ego knows no bounds.

Exactly. She talks, talks, talks about wanting to show the beauty of the country and its people, then focuses on the creeptastic stuff guaranteed to make every Westerner's skin crawl. She overdoes her bows and respectful gestures and then condescends to those she claims to respect and love.

Yes some great favour she is doing this country: the world will see the cambodian people as some spider-eating freaks from now on!

I'm just saying: Brad has been silent for months, he doesn't say anything at all (Tab stories don't count, as here we have Jolie herself going on and on for days.) Publicly Brad is mum, and this is a clever thing to do. On the other hand Angie just can't help herself, just doesn't know when to stop. Angie is already slipping into ridiculous territory. Brad is far above her, he doesn't make a fool of himself. He did in the past with Jolie, but right now his tactic is working.

I officially hate her.

For someone who keeps stating they don't care about Hollywood she always made sure to be at all the awards show - hypocritical no??

there goes that victim mentality again. 
she feeds right into the bullshitt mantra that plagues anyone who feels they are entitled to something and you better hand it over.

Her narcissism has made her delusional.

Why was she so NASTY to Brad if he was so wonderful a father Vile creature

Seems she has personality dis Order !!!

This is simply playing to the audience to garner favour because she knows the balance of sympathy lies with Pitt. If he is such a wonderful father then why did she accuse him of assaulting his son ?

She is an idiot.

doubt it - she chose her path and has to live with consequences. He would be crazy to reconcile with her

Having a bit of trouble with the negative publicity ? - cos Brad is sooo popular ? ... Haha .

God lord she looks terrible - something has happened to her eyes? Eyebrows? Wtf is Shiloh wearing?

Here comes the back peddling.

Spot on - she got the backlash and now her PR team expect some good acting from her

I reckon there's unsavoury tit bits that could be made public about her that she knows might harm her " mother earth" image which is what she is intent on promoting for the world (AND family services). so she's swallowing back down the nasties she spewed out. There's a reason for everything!!!

All that drug she has used, has messed up with her head!

Can you say, "Bi-polar?" Appears to be untreated, too. What a wacko.

This is simply playing to the audience to garner favour because she knows the balance of sympathy lies with Pitt. If he is such a wonderful father then why did she accuse him of assaulting his son ?

So he's moving on and she's back peddling like most women who kick their husbands out.

Hmmm too little too late?

She's not mentally stable at all

It's all manipulation courtesy of the masters.

So is Brad a bad father or wonderful father? it depends on when she has a movie to promote. What a calculating disgusting witch.

This woman has ice cold eyes.

She is only talking about the divorce as she has a new movie coming out. It's purely for her own gain. Silly women.

Now that she has a new film coming out, she talks in every interview about her divorce. I really can't stand her.

Damage control.

I never take a "divorce-side" but Team Brad all way. She's fake, a liar, manipulative and everything has to be about her.

This will do wonders for her career (?) => "Angelina Jolie and kids eat bugs in Cambodia" http://

Playing Nice! Angelina Jolie Calls Ex Brad Pitt A Great Dad

I don't understand why every interview with Angelina Jolie doesn't start with hey remember that time u made out with ur brother?

jolie’s interview with the BBC is worth watching just for the lols. She now has a faux continental accent (I know she speaks French) that moves back and forth depending on the subject and how well she has rehearsed for it. In short, she was so thirsty.

Actress, director, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie recently spoke to BBC World News about her new film First They Killed My Father. During the interview (her first since filing for divorce from Brad Pitt last September), she had this to say about their relationship:
“We are a family and we will always be a family and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it.”
Actress, director, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie recently spoke to ABC News about her new film First They Killed My Father. During the interview (her second since filing for divorce from Brad Pitt last September), she had this to say about their relationship:
“We will always be a family. Always.”
Perhaps this is the result of what Page Six referred to last week as “scrambling to do damage control.”

If she thinks for one minute, that we believe that she or one of the kids make the pancakes in the morning, then she's underestimating the intelligence of us.  She has chefs.

She should just stop with the lies and drama, and go away.

and each one has a nanny

Ah cruella trying to squeeze sympathy from her 3 fans. When she talks of closer and family she means with Brad totally cut out.

She will do and say anything to try and stay relevant.  She just needs to go away.

So who cares if she's coping? I sure don't. And I imagine this movie is as big of a flop as her others.

Fake. She know no one likes her.

Not so much coping as acting like she is coping.  While off-camera plotting how to back-stab her husband, Brad Pitt.   And now panicking because she has been exposed.

Shut up Angie , we dont care what you think

This is by far the best acting she has ever done.

what has she done now to her face? so puffy

Cambodian Botox

shut up Angelina...just SHUT UP!!! you were caught lying in the investigation. just shut it.

Brad needs to protect those children. I can just see Jolie making Shiloh have surgery for Joli's own agenda. She is a very weird person, unstable and unpredictable. How people like her and Madonna can take poor people's children away like child-snatc hers is scandalous in every way.

It's not just the BBC... the entire media is sycophantic towards "celebs". It's the modern religion.

she would never have been able to cope with the things life has thrown at me that's for sure and I didn't go running to the press for sympathy; a relationship breakdown was the least of my troubles

And I wonder who looks after said children? - no doubt a Nanny, so the 'celeb' only needs to bother with the kids when they feel like it and palm the kids off on the Nanny the rest of the time.

 I agree  it was a ridiculous interview.

The BBC fawns because she supports open borders

Bizarre beyond belief that this was a main story on BBC news at 10.
I wish I had a PR clean up crew :( the rich get everything. Sadly Brad is more popular than ever and he also had a PR crew. Jolie it's better to check into rehab, Americans love rehab.


She has all the money she will ever need and six kids who are going through the break up of their famous parents. Why not just go and live a quiet life with your children.

Its easy to be all nice and charitable when you have millions of dollars in her bank account

It was so cringeworthy we couldn't watch it. The journalist mirroring her pose and dress was laughable. She's another self-serving entitled 'celeb' who thinks the world owes them because they parade their so-called charitable work. But it's allin the name of self-aggrandizement. Someone please tell her to stop collecting children like they're prized ornaments!

And this rag is the worse

Seems like a big phony!

Oh just bore off Ang. Your performances are so hammy they are certainly not Oscar worthy in my eyes. It is all just fake fake fake.

Jolie will go to any lengths to do damage control.She is only saying these things to promote her film and take away the lies, good acting and utter disregard for her children.She has lost all credibility .

Evil and utterly inhuman; hope someone feat on her and then she will realise humanity is just not crying & shouting for human rights & raipefugees; but also to understand pain of other creature. Digusting women

is it me or is she putting on a weird British/American accent in that video...strange...

Getting in training for "I'm a Celebrity"

Oooooooo, she's backpedaling now! I would have respected her if she just would have handled things quietly and respectfully for her children from the start.

May I suggest ...a HIGHER medication dose! Being bipolar is acceptable, being an utter Psycho-B*tch, is not!!

That's the most calories I've ever seen her consume in one sitting

She's so fake it's untrue......

She continues showing the world how confident, down to earth she is. Why would someone put themselves through a distressing situation such as having to eat bugs unnecessarily? But once again she wants us to know she even enjoys it, that she is a super woman.

Does she have mental health problem? That's sick

I think she's a sociopath.

She's a total fruit loop. Brad is well rid

A great show she's trying to put on, crocodile tears....

Shut up and go eat some more spiders 

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