Monday, February 20, 2017


who cares? But she seems like a downright lunatic.

It's going to be a long road to healing after she publicly decimated him.

makes nonsense saying after divorce

lmao no wonder he wanted a divorce geez

she sure look stressed out, she got that karma bite!

she is just doing damage control. She tried to ruin him and it did not work. Save your tears nobody feels bad for you.

Get ready for a "Mommie Dearest" style expose' on her in 15-20 years.

She's nuts and has a savior complex. IMO she shouldn't even be allowed around children. Knox the youngest is kept hidden and Shiloh thinks she's a boy which I'm convinced Angelina encouraged because it's trendy and suits her need to be unusual. She's a mental case and always has been with her vials of blood and body tattoos.

She doesn't care about Brad. Everything about her is all for show; kids as props, fake tears as empathy. She unnecessarily drug him through months of negative press; kid abuser? Come on!! Her kids will remember what she did to them; forget running around the world supporting them. They will celebrate, each one, the day they get away from this narcissistic bitch.

Oh please, damage control. She's vile and always has been. Accusing Brad of abusing the kids.

she is a hot mess. I feel sorry for her kids and Brad Pitt. Yikes

 She'll do anything for attention

am happy Brad left you he is too good for you

I hate being lectured on politics by a celebrity whose highest academic achievement is a high school certificate

Doesn't she have about 25 kids to brainwash..

She needs to focus on holding the broken pieces of her family together.

good for her, another idiot we could all do without.

 file under "don't give a fuck"

she's on some sort of whirlwind publicity tour. Guess that's what happens when you desperately crave attention

Still using her and Brad's kids as props, I see.

this chick lost her marbles

She looks like a spider herself. Scrawny.

She took someone husband & fiance, kiss the brother, wore a blood jewlry, take away kids from the father, fighting with her own dad, eating spider, what a crazy lunatic angie!

She is such a fake.

This broad is a loon

Bug eating psycho!

She's just seeking positive attention now. She's an attention-seeking hoe

Well I do know better than to listen to entertainers for political guidance, particularly her crazy ass.

She's deprived her brain of nurishment for far too long. Girl's gone bananas.

Jolie is a loser! Don't need advise from this so called ACTRESS

is this the same woman that wore a vial of blood of Billy Bob's around her neck? Who cares what she thinks about anything!

Who is using those kids as human shields.

why is she on news? Go back 2 Cambodia. Haven't done anything good since Mr and Mrs smith. And that's only cuz Mr smith was in it.

why are rich people convinced of their greatness? She ACTS....

Does she have any marital advice also?

says the nut case
 we should know better than to blindly follow celebs that preach but don't practice

I'm sure it was a difficult time for jen as well when she stole her husband to put it nicely

Would be more interesting for her to talk about Brad's first divorce instead

All she does is marry and divorce. I don't feel sorry for her one bit.

I have yet to see a movie in which Jolie made any impression whatsoever.

The main difference between Brad and her, is Brad's done good works helping people without fanfare. He's done it quietly, privately, to help others not to draw attention to himself. She is ALL about the LOOK AT ME! Every thing she does is to garner more personal attention.

Interesting acting. As she desperately wants to move into politics she no longer needs BP. He's a liability so out he goes

I am not a Jolie fan. she wants our support and sympathy only becasue she wants support for her movie! She is not morally a good person! she is an actress who deson't understand love.

I never liked her. I think she's calculated in everything she does...even in her adoptions. And please don't use the whole humanitarian bit on me. I distinctly remember an interview where she decried cheating husbands because of what her father put her mother through. I guess what she did to Jenn was ok since there were no children. And she made sure to rub her perfect relationship in Jenn's face every time she cld.

She chose to make this a difficult time by the method of how she wanted to simply end her marriage, split up her family instead of working it out.

Wow her new PR team is working overtime.

Angelina is a nutty

She's creepy..........and the kids think her weirdness is normal.

WTF? She's a freak.

what's with that fake accent she's speaking with?

Don't know why she's cooking with bugs? Just had chicken fried rice, friends had chicken and chips in services near Siem reap. She's bonkers!

She actually gives me de creeps. Apart from her self promoting "humanitarian work" and her vast wealth, which I guess gives a very minimal amount to charity she is just someone irrelevant.

bbc is useless, with millions in her bank account and she's eating bugs and thats all she's feeding the kids, very motherly... DISGUSTING.

That's it, promote this talentless narcissistic nut-case, who cares only about promoting ONE THING and one thing alone; Angelina Jolie.
Of course, she cares SO much about children as to break up her marriage, which was to her at least, just another stepping stone to wider exposure.

You can report this absolute rubbish but over the chanel in Paris there have been major riots going on for days!! And nothing on the BBC.

Until her next movie, then she will meet her next husband and then forget about eating bugs.

Being a total nut job, she needs as much good publicity as she can, to win those kids in court.

She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper.
She is a selfish, hypocritical woman, and I have no opinion of her.

So shes eating bugs big deal. Its just news bcoz bbc made it into news. Come on so many peole have eaten bugs while in other country did bbc even bothered to report them.

Her hypocrisy is beyond. For show for media she uses her biological kids to eat insects while her adopted are nowhere in sight specially that maddox that she boast so much is not even there to eat his beloved country's delicacy. Maddox only appears when it is convenient for him.

She has always been a wierdo. She carried a vile of Billy Bob's blood around her neck, and now she eats bugs and spiders. Her kids shouldnt be eating those. Just gross.

this is sickness. She's mad!

Agreed she is Weird and attention seeking always

Promotion and attention for her new movie talk and cry about the divorce then eat insects. Hungry to turn her bad image around.

Oh man, now that she is not with Brad she's gone weird again!

"My mom adopted me from a third world country of poverty, then took me back and showed me how to eat spiders. I'm so lucky".

Not the worst thing she's had in her mouth

Nothing to see here. They sell bugs to eat at your beloved organic food stores, folks.

She is effing crazy, annoying, and a master manipulator.

For show for camera she uses her biological kids for eating insects while her adopted kids are nowhere in sight specially that maddox who is a native cambodian whom she boast to the media is fluent in Khmer didn't even say a single Khmer word and even read from a card while her biological Shiloh had to memorize a line in Khmer just to introduce herself that night. I feel that she favors her adopted more than her own blood just saying from observing her through the years. Specially that maddox. Sounds all too familiar the situation. This is exactly what bertrand to angelina in her childhood she favored james more just like what angelina is doing to maddox right now she made angelina clingy to her just like what angelina is doing to her biological kids specially vivienne. Bertrand did all that bcoz angelina reminds her of the husband she hates so much and as of present delusional angelina hates brad as to why i really dont know.

Just because she's in a 3rd world Country it doesn't mean she has to eat & behave as they do. C'mon now ur not getting any brownie points!!!

"A victim". Of what? I don't remember HER being falsely accused in the press at any time! In fact, the media (as usual) seems to have their collective head up her flat ass! She oughta take a lesson from JEN and stop with the "poor me!" routine- but one can't expect a TOWN PUMP to "change its spots", naturally!

She was performing. She is upset, but only that she hasn't gotten full custody and all of Brad's money. All those crocodile tears are for her poor public image. Read the comments at the DM- people just aren't buying what she's selling anymore. The comments there are just as scathing as the comments here.

The comments everywhere are absolutely blistering, from both women and men. Before plane-gate she had a decent amount of support from women in the comments sections. Finally, the general public sees her what she is.

She's trying to copy Jen now with the "we are family" routine in the sense that Jen wouldn't badmouth Pitt or HO, but merely inferred it was hard going through a divorce. Thing is, Jen was sincere. With the town pump, it just comes off as insincere and phony.

Desperate for damage control and goes on TV to promote her new film, using her kids and involving them in torturing and eating spiders. Total damage control, you go girl!

Seriously! She just cannot manage to not trip over her own feet. The images of her and the kids eating tarantulas is just so creepy and hideous. And she looks so natural with a tarantula hanging out of her mouth. I will not forget that image.
Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that you can't necessarily dive in and start eating like the natives when visiting another country? You certainly can't just go to Mexico and drink the water. Why would you expose your young children to that? I had one friend that picked up a parasite while traveling that took quite a long time to get figured out and resolved. He had severe stomach and bowel issues that left him completely dehydrated. It's not OK to drag your young children in your wake and have them to do the idiotic things that you do. At least if any of them get sick it will be well documented exactly what they were consuming.

She will never get it right because she doesn't function on reason and logic. She is motivated by her emotional impulses. This is another PR disaster for her. If she had any sense she would just stop the child-pimping, crocodile tears, persistence with veiled accusations and the desperate search for sympathy!
Angie - you have been outed by your own self!! Enough! Think of the kids. You are a total embarassment!

Very well said! Now that Brad is not there to shield her, she is exposed and can't help it.

I caught a bit of her interview on GMA this morning. She's such a bad actress, her interview was so contrived and awkward, couldn't finish watching it.

I absolutely cannot stand to listen to her speak.

Is this supposed to help her image?

she relies on eating bugs to turn around her bad damaged image.

‘We will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family,’ she said, her pillowy lips trembling like a pair of earthworms having a seizure.

The BBC is on a mission to convince all us plebs, that people with money and fame are more important, better educated, and are totally in tune with important political policy. We, the plebs know better.

She's just like BLiar. Same messianic, self absorbed egocentric behaviour. She's JUST an actress and not a very good one at that! Get over yourself!

If a mega celebrity was a hard working white straight Christian male you'd never see them on the BBC.

Her forehead does not move....not a single line on it. To make this scene more believable...she should have postpone her botox... she would have some expresion left.

jolie is a nut job, as for the bbc , its time they were forced to self fund and the licence fee was abolished

The BBC LOST the plot on good programming years' ago - downhill all the way since then, and I for one resent the exorbitant broadcast fee GOUGED from the public - AS WELL AS the political bias this creaking organisation goes in for! LET's BAN THE BBC! - Start a petition to get rid of it.

Jolie is just another hideously self serving but non entity so called 'celebrity' who collects children like stamps.

She used to drink blood before didn't she?! I guess a scorpion or 🕷 is nothing

why don't I get an article written about me when I eat something ?

"Take the fangs out." Lmao, hers or the tarantula's?? But seriously, there's nothing wrong with sampling spiders and insects. A lot of people do on holidays to SE Asia. Kind of a gross novelty thing to do, although I personally haven't. Don't care for Angelina so much anymore, though, not after the way she treated Brad, even if he's not entirely blameless. She was pretty nasty, yet is acting all weepy. Pfft!

probably weepy because she won't be able to find a replacement for Brad in a hurry. Who'd want to take on her and all those children?

 Apparently she didn't get enough attention for leaving Brad

Yup she's officially sick in the head, yet she's allowed to have the kids in her care

This witch is trying to win back public support for her horrible accusations of child abuse against Brad Pitt😡. News outlets are reporting she is looking for a PR firm to clean up the mess SHE created

Just doing it for attention. "Look at me, look how native I am with the people!"

so what, she used to wear a vile of blood around her neck.

If she can wear a vial of blood around her neck, bugs are nothing for her to eat.

good god the womons mentally ill

With all due respect, she seems off her rocker.

She's freaky, that's why Pitt got sick of her

Why would this be odd? She carried a vile of her brothers blood around her neck and sipped on it like it was a bottle of fine Courvoisier.

She sure is working hard on rebuilding her reputation. #Stunt

She is a very sick and disturbed person

She has always been a crippy one!!

She is beyond help

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