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Angelina Jolie confirms retirement: 'I've never loved acting'  2014
Angelina Jolie Says She's “Absolutely” Quitting Acting
Angelina Jolie to Quit Acting: 'I've Never Been Comfortable as an Actor'
Angelina Jolie confirms plan to retire from acting - Telegraph
Angelina Jolie confirms retirement from acting | Film | The Guardian

How Line up if non of the studios mentioned it. The woman is desperate

Paid Article by her Manager. This one Angelina Jolie Lines Up New Acting, Directing Projects (Exclusive)

Taking her children to events that have nothing to do with them just to show what a great

mother/person she is does not look smart to me.Leave them home,let them go to school with other children,make them live a normal life,that is what they need

Dream On! Can't you read between the lines - studios know she is not worth the hassle so they are dropping her from films.

I'll pass on anything she is associated with. She's scary looking and nothing she does is profitable or entertaining.

I don't think anyone in Hollywood has ever liked Jolie. She thinks this business is beneath her even though it made her all that money and opened all those doors.
She's going to have a tough time going forward after dragging Pitt and the kids through this very public ugliness. Whatever their issues, she completely mishandled it PR wise.
The fact that she's blowing so much money on a film no one will see and having her 15 year old Exec Producing isn't going to help her. That film premiere in Cambodia was one big ego trip. She exploited an entire country to keep pushing her philanthropy brand. So shameless.

No doors would have opened for her if she wasn't Jon Voight's daughter. She benefitted from Hollywood nepotism. Ungrateful wretch.

"Set that scene up"
THIS is the problem with her PR antics. Exploiting the leaders of a country for personal gain. Thankfully, people are catching on.

Can she ever direct a film that has some entertainment value to it. All her films so far as a director are just pretentious and tedious and about the same thing (war and misery). Direct an action film or a crime drama with style.

Doesn't matter what Hollywood does. America is done with her

Yeah you're right she doesn't need a publicist when She got : 
6 Kids to shield her from public scrutiny and for Photo ops
4 Lawyers Laura Wasser, Robert Offer, Pierce O'Donnell and Bert Fields
1 Crisis manager Judy Smith
2 Political adivers/Assistant/PR Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton
1 Manager Geyer the Liar' Kosinski

So after she accused Brad of being a drug addicted raging monster that needs supervised visits with their children she wants to appear as if she is really trying, or she is selling her movie and is worried after realizing Hollywood chose Brad over her. She is so manipulative.

IMO she's a mental case who shouldn't be around children let alone have custody of any. As far as I can see she's always been driven by a need to stand out and be perceived as controversial. The matching vials of each others blood when she was with Billy Bob Thornton, the encouraging Shiloh to dress and act like a boy, keeping Knox in virtual seclusion, that throat plunging kiss with her brother when she won the Oscar, adopting foreign children when there are so many American kids who need homes all speak to her need to be different. She did all she could to destroy Brad and now she is peacemaking? She's done for as far as movies are concerned.

She's fake , evil and wooden.

The only role she was ever any good in was Girl Interrupted and let's face it she was playing herself......she's just not that great an actress.

I can't wait not to see any of these movies if Angelina's involved.

These movies will fail because of the genres. Who will really go watch these two period pictures. They have already been made a dozen times. Personally, I think her Hollywood career is over. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the last movie I watched, and we all know what happened with that movie.

so SUPERMOM who is minding the children,,6 nannies

She is a dreadful actress though (unless playing a nutty b!t@h). She will ruin these films.

I'm afraid recent events have put me off going to see anything she's in. Actions have reactions.

You couldn't pay me enough money, to have to sit through a movie of hers. Over rated, nasty bag of bones.

Too bad Angie. Brad got custody of Hollywood in the divorce

How true. Since, by the leaked emails, we know that the only reason HWood tolerated her was because of Brad, there's no way by all that's holy, they have her at the top of the casting lists now.

She can 'plot her comeback' all she likes. She won't be successful. In fact it's probably not even true, something else leaked to the media to make her seem still in demand...

Yep, name one other actor who has EVER published such a ridiculous article as this one. You can't because no-one ever does. Real deals are done behind closed doors and this piece is simply the deluded Angie trying to link herself to big projects and make herself sound sought-after / relevent but she has only managed to make herself sound insane. It's this kind of misguided PR that has made her a laughing stock in HW. None of the top publicists will want to be linked to her, she is becoming as ridiculous as Lindsay Lohan.

I didn't even pause to read the claptrap whichever one of her personalities was spewing. I came straight to the comments to see if anyone actually thought she could pull off that role.

Go away, woman. You are yesterday's news.

Yes, she is a has-been.

With so many talented actresses out there, I'd suggest any movie executives think very carefully before hiring this unappealing woman. She will not make you any money, just make you a laughing stock.

I've read elsewhere that she'd need to go to China for financing now as Hollywood is unlikely to touch her. That sounds more plausible than this list of projects

Good Luck - Maleficent did not do too well in China.

More BS from Angie though I did like that the chairman of Fox studios dropped Angie from the Murder on the Orient Express movie because of the months of Angie's notes about script changes. Who in hell does she think she is & lovely that Hollywood is also apparently saying that now!

If this is true, which I doubt to be honest, what about the kids? Just dragged along for her Single Mother Martyr status? This woman needs to catch a clue!

To play the great Catherine, she would have to actually eat! I guess she could wear a fat suit!

I think this news is her reaction to all the articles which said that Brad "has custody" of Hollywood and she is not wanted anymore.

Catherine the Great would make a great movie but can't see Jolie doing justice to the role. Not sure she is a good actress...?

Hollywood is over her 'holier than thou' act. I know I certainly am.

Not suprising. I have a feeling her attorneys command hefty fees

That's a whole lot of back pedaling you're doing there Angie! New PR by any chance?!

Too late to back down now, Ang... you already ruined your reputation by lying.

She's one person who can't keep her man.

She never loved Brad if she can turn on him so completely. The reason she is doing an about face is because she is scared of what will come out if Brad retaliates.

Apparently Brad had compiled a dossier of all her insane behaviour which she definitely doesn't want made public. He refused to use it in the divorce battle. The 'volte face' is because he says he is considering it now. Hence the BIG climb down.

Every time I see her all I think is " PANTS ON FIRE!" :-)

This woman is not playing with a full deck.

When it comes to food, Angelina sure has some strange tastes. Is feeding the family bugs and tarantulas perhaps her way of getting the family "healthier" after the divorce. What would "wonderfu father " Brad have to say.

I've never liked her.

She tried to destroy Brad but took herself down instead.

Well b.itch, with no education and no socialization you've really set them all up for 100% failure. Way to be.

She hates him because her lies have been exposed and the public has her number now.

She uses the child or children she needs to suit her at the moment.

This crazy Bleet is acting like she's foreign royalty and making a state visit and her spud are a bunch of heirs to her regal dynasty.

Angie finally got a loon to write a positive article about her but of course she always goes too far in the blowing smoke up her ass aspect!

Still committed to the narrative that she is above her industry and the people in that, while at the same time still clearly not willing to leave it.
Still claiming that her last movie is her last movie.
Still trying to make us believe that she does not care about fame, only the "work", but unable to let the work speak for itself during movie promotion, instead hogging 95% of the spotlight from actor (and the 5% she let them have still had her lurking around clinging to them on mag covers like plastic wrap)
Yeah...jolie is so totally over Hollywood.

For years we keep hearing that Angie doesn't give a fuckk about Hollywood then tell me this - why doesn't she just retire from acting, directing & writing? She cares more than any other actress I have ever seen - there is a reason she manipulated the media all these years & it had everything to do with her position in Hollywood.

Yep she have been saying this, but we she has been begging for Cleo for the last 10 years, we saw it on Sony leak, and now she start claiming that as if Hollywood actor and actress so obsessed about her life and divorce. I did not see non of them even mention even when it happen, Why does she desperately care for them to care?

Yep, Jolie will never be over Hollywood. :lol: She is nothing but a Kardashian without the image of 'actress' etc. When her looks vanished with the increase of drug addiction, she switched to directing and when that was going south she started looking for accolades from the faux humanitarian schtick. Pope handshake, Hague got her a damedom, etc.
She's not finished with Hollywood...they are finished with her....and that is why she is pushing so d@mn hard that the kids are the driving force behind these projects. She'll coattail the kids, just like Marcia, pushing them into Hollywood, trying to deal and merge them in some way, just so that her fame is still relevant. She needs that fame desperately for her relevance as a faux humanitarian. She is only useful as long as she has that fame and link to Hollywood.
Who in the world scale of fame heard of Helic before Jolie romanced her into that partnership? Without Hollywood, Jolie is just Helic or Dalton and her usefulness is just as limited.

she almost drop her crocodile tear

Is this her response? The 'you can't fire me, I quit' line?  Pathetic.

At this point, she's unmarketable; she has basically ended up destroying her reputation and she's clearly on a downward spiral. No one can save her, but many people don't want to. She clearly doesn't' want to grow up and she was never a bankable actress when she was just on the fringes of the industry socially. After Brad hooked up with her, all that changed, but now she's fully over in Hollywood. If not for Brad, she would have been finis years ago.

How Line up if non of the studios mentioned it. The woman is desperate

The studio chairman dropped her from Murder on the Orient Express after months of hassling over her script notes - she is done - without Pitt she is no longer on the A-list. What a pain in the ass she must have been to work with - it's gonna bite her in the ass - I always knew it because she has never worked with the same director twice.

Angie has none!

No just sly wording again.
She mulling over directing a novel.... not even in pre-production.
She's developing 2 acting roles, still doesn't mean in pre-production.
The only thing this states is confirmed is starring in Male 2 and she producing a kiddie show... with the same Disney that gave her an advance.

 I am more inclined to believe it is just damage control and not solid .

She can get these roles, but it does not mean she will get good reviews or a hefty box office return. It doesn't mean she'll get the best co-stars or best celebs to come to her premieres. Or that she will get respectable press coverage.

Using your children (and what they're going through with the divorce) shamelessly to promote yourself and your movie is disgusting. And torturing animals to, yet again, go for that shock value that got you are where you are today - such an adventurous and down-to-earth humanitarian you are, eh? Tell us again about all of your expensive properties, other materialistic items, and endeavors.

Angelina Jolie, You are a Shameless, Vile, Unhinged Piece of Sh*t

I have one rational explanation: she is truly a BPD and a narcissist, who lives in another world. Maddox is doomed, I agree.

I think so many people--myself included--had fallen for her fake reinvention of herself, she thought she was going to be able to sell this as well. Hollywood doesn't matter that much so long as "the people" respect you and are willing to pay money to see your movies. I think she started really buying her own press. I mean, who could have seen it first and thought By the Sea was a good idea? 
She didn't let enough out about the kids for people to see what a shitty mother she actually is. Her obvious change of position on Brad's parenting and then getting caught making false charges against him have instead revealed her entire years-long ruse.
But to answer your question, I guess she truly thought Brad would get criminal child abuse charges or at least CPS would back her up. If that had happened, her press would look very different at this point, I think.


Grew up feeling superior, having grandiose fantasies, needing to be admired, and lacking empathy.
Is unkind, greedy, arrogant, and callously exploits others.
Not due to a medical or substance use disorder. (Although they often abuse substances to cope with the world's lack of recognition of their "specialness." )
Can last for years or be lifelong
Occupational-Economic Problems: 
Causes significant impairment in academic, occupational and/or social functioning
Works poorly with others (self-centered, can't tolerate criticism or defeat, has a "know-it-all" attitude, doesn't listen to advice from others - hence can make impulsive grandiose decisions that prove disastrous)
Critical, Quarrelsome (Low Agreeableness): 
False Sense Of Superiority: 
Arrogant; feels superior to others; has snobbish or patronizing attitudes
Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
Believes that he or she is "special" and should associate with other high-status people
Has a sense of entitlement
Is often envious of others
Is interpersonally exploitative
Lacks empathy
Theatrical, Seductive (High Extraversion): 
Requires excessive admiration

She has no idea what she is actually doing to herself.

Would the world please put a stop to her idiocy? This has gone on long enough and frankly someone should take her platform away and make her go back to special ed. The serious people need to stop indulging her delusions of grandeur and she shouldn't be allowed to meet a king and make speeches at an embassy.


About the biokids: I've already written here that they are loved in Springfield because they are a joy to be around. They have been with the grandparents more often than you think, here we don't know every move of them, the Springfield community can keep secrets and don't call the paps.

She is totally hated.

Vivienne looks disgusted & upset. 

She's all "Eat your effing tarantula and make like you love it, there are photographers here to take pictures of Mommy and you'd better not cack it up."

Yeah she doesn't have a publicist, she has an entire team of crisis managers & advisors! She is involved herself as she is a complete control freak but never forget she has employees & people she hires as & when needed that fulfil the job of a publicist even if their job title isn't publicist.

because they are not lable as publicists, They are called hidden smear campaigns .

Yeah, Jolie doesn't need a publicist. She has a fixer, the coven and Wasser.

She chose to speak with respected news networks instead of with publications such as People or The Hollywood Reporter, which shows maybe she doesn’t care so much about the opinions of Hollywood insiders.

And this did not win her any respect, so it was a wasted effort. :mrgreen: 
Jolie has such a rampant ego that she wants to be seen as superwoman. That's why she hides her crew of nannies and is now hiding her PR.
Nobody is fooled by you Jolie 

Yes, because any top publicist would recommend that you come out of hiding with a video showing you ripping the fangs off a wriggling tarantula, dropping it in some grease and then eating it with your young children. Especially when you used to wear a vial of blood around your neck and everyone in the Western hemisphere suspects you of being crazy. 

nobody is jumping on her bs train

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