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Children need a stable home! In my opinion, she moves around too much! They need to go to a regular school, live in the same home so they can have neighborhood friends! She said she puts the children first, but she moves them around at her whims!

She should be put in jail for takin the kids out of the country. Who does she think she is invisible queen of . Goddess WH can do anything she pleases. After all their. Brad.s kids too

If that's the case. She should lose custody and go to jail

Let Brad see his children. You are a very selfish
Spoiled woman. You are not a good person
You are a evil witch. You pretend.

If she was any kind of a decent mother she should know you make sure your kids have a relationship with their father. She is a very vengeful person and I hope the court sees through her.

She is running for her life, not the children and is ill.

She only cares about herself

from her comments on political views this country wont miss her

She is a Waco

Dont care for her !!

They also need their dad girlfriend wake up and grow up

She is mental

She feels a sense of entitlement! Wrong!!!

She is crazy.

no matter how this is bound to shake out he is the WINNER career wise, reputation wise, image wise and getting the freedom of life he wants back wise. ALL AROUND WINNER. whoreshine has shitt but some fcked up kids to further exploit for attention and a money suck. that is all she has. if that makes her a winner in your book then, well, can't say much for your pathetic standards.

What is obvious here is how very much Shiloh loves her father. I have often wondered if her "transgenderism" isn't simply a desire to emulate her favorite parental figure, to be like Daddy and to never be like her mother? Just a thought for consideration. If I were in that sick family, I think I might want to distance myself as much as possible from the mother creature.

She's his favourite kid which is partly why Angie hates her so much. Angie's teaching her to feel shame for whatever good comes her way.

She is on a damage control trying to prove she is still relevant. But this not the way how you announce projects in Hollywood. This is pure desperation and those in the know are laughing at her.

she cares nothing about her kids and what shame they might suffer at her hands.

What unstable mental jolie just dissapear for good!

She is a total witch

She's acting like she never knew brad or she never got married to him. I'm starting to believe she use him to  have more kids biological .

I won't buy it, no thanks.

You'd have to be mad to own a perfume company and hire this woman

First, she should have starred in a fragrance ad in the height of her sexpot days. OK, she did ads for Shiseido Japan and that was it. Second, she must miss Brad's millions as she hasn't had a hit movie in years, she might did but blew it on vanity projects.

I know she is good looking but they must have had to chuck out the air brush after that shoot.

I hate to say it but celibacy looks good on Brad Pitt

Oh Guerlain this is a bad move. The perfume isn't going to sell well. You make iconic fragrances for men and women,then use this witch to advertise.

The photoshop is heavy on this one. If you see the pics of her in the tabloids, she looks near death

I really don't care to see her face anymore.

Guerlain have just backed the wrong horse ....

What she did to Brad was horrible.

I would never buy a product just because Angelina Jolie is the face of it.

Why on Oscars day? Trying to headline grab from Brad's Plan B Oscar nominations? Will this woman ever stop competing with him?

Oh please! She's got form for it. I wouldn't even be surprised if she turned up dragging all the children behind her

She does press releases every year on Oscar weekend or close after, it's always an obvious attention-grab.. She hasn't been invited for several years and will probably never be invited again. So every year she trots her family out on a pap-stroll, or announces a project, or a new photoshoot or some other BS to try to get attention.

I doubt having Angie as the "face" of their perfume is going to sell a lot perfume for them.

The hardest part of her divorce will be lasering and re adjusting her tattoos.

ICE Queen shot

A bit dramatic - just like Angelina the drama queen likes it.

Pity those magnificent bones harbour such toxins.

Who really wants her perfume - the fragrance of failure.

Her PR machine cannot undo the damage she did .. the silly woman thought she was more popular than Brad .. whereas the public thought of her as a man eating lunatic. She was only tolerated because we love Brad.

Someone give these kids to Brad Pitt! She has always been looney! Bugs, really! If the rest of us fed bugs to our children....

The perfume ad? It's called the scent of desperation.

Her eye is so sunken into the socket. She's emaciated.

I thought it would be good, but it's boring and she looks old and over.

i think it's HILARIOUS! Especially when she tries to be playful and winsome. It's so PATHETIC! 

She SICKENS me now. Thought she was all that without Brad! Rude awakening you lunatic; Brad made you tolerable ...


This spot is very fractured in the way it keeps cutting and jumping around. The first half feels like they are doing everything they can to not show her face but they highlight the trashy tattoos. The setting is very beautiful and then the trashy tattoos ruin it.
Next she has a Julia Roberts moment, pulled straight from her perfume ad. Julia pulled it off with her mega-watt smile and confident presence because it is in line with the Julia Roberts that the public has known for many years. In no way does that girly, happy blip in this spot embody the Angelina Jolie that the public knows.
Cut to the dramatic, self important posturing and the dramatic, model-y posing. That is the Angelina Jolie that we know but in no way does it invoke any feeling of admiration. I guess they are trying to invoke the power of this "global" woman but it falls flat.
The location and setting are beautiful but it's fractured, doesn't reflect the personality we know and doesn't invoke any sort of aspirational feeling.

No one wants to smell like heroin tears.

Sounds like she directed it if it is a fractured mess!

Even with all the great lighting, makeup, and direction in the world, that woman is no longer even pretty, much less beautiful. I can't believe how bad she looks.

I bet that in her delusional mind she thinks that her event will overshadow everything else.

I felt embarrassed watching this

She is really proud of those tats isn't she? Looks like the ad is more for INk magazine than a perfume.
Either way, this wouldn't inspire me to run out and find this perfume and smell it, even if I were not an anti.
I would have waited to release this if I were her until the dust settled on the divorce.
I guess she thought she would ride the divorce interest wave right into her perfume, but I think the drama surrounding her now takes away from the advertisement.

The timing is odd. Nothing fragrant about a custody battle.

This whole article feels very answer to a question no one asked. I don't think anyone cares that she's not there so why even address it? (Where Is Angelina Jolie During The 2017 Oscars? She Has Other Projects To Focus On)

She's tripping hard here. Wonder how many loons will go into debt buying this stanky stuff? Desperation is the world's worst cologne.

She must be mad as a box of frogs that Brad's plan B wins Oscar again. lol

And she said Brad was the bad parent. Hmmmm.

 I'm not here for it either. Angelina gets no sympathy from me. You got with this man while he was married and you want people to feel sorry for you when it didn't work out?!?! #GirlBye

Jolie is only out trying to promote her reputation

 Meaningless, pseudo intellectual voiceover, falling leaves and sunsets.

First she takes your kids with lies then she's in some foreign country feeding spiders to your kid then she threatens you with that (title of movie) real evil only the truth can set you and your Family free

She gets more disgusting by the minute.

Yeah, the look on her kids face in the photo shows how much she likes to eat bugs. Get the kid a hamburger for cripes sakes.

She got pregnent with Shiloh very quickly after Jen divorced him.
I really believe she only had bio kids with him so he would't run away from her. She didn't want him going back to Jen or finding another woman.
She is very mean and spiteful.
She trapped Brad with 6 kids in 3 years. Who does that?
And not suprising she is fighting with him over this property. Its valued at over $60 million ! I think she wants to keep all the money for herself since she low on cash according to the rumors.

I think it was him who called quits on her. Why else would she be acting so nasty and spiteful?

She is a total witch

What unstable mental jolie just dissapear for good!

If it's cursed it's becauses that witch put a hex on it.

They are rumored to have an airtight pre-nup. I strongly suspect that pre-nup has Mirival becoming Brad's sole property in the event of divorce (since it was purchased and renovated mostly with his money). Any proceeds of the sale, however, would be joint marital assets to be split.
I suspect that is why she keeps pushing and pushing (and planting stories about how a sale is imminent) for months.

I wish this woman would drop dead. She is evil, nasty, mean spirited and a danger to be around children.
Brad got his karma in a way too. He was stupid to star a family with a nutjob like her.

Of course she eats bugs like any mantis... And the head of her mate as well

No thanks

Why did Brad have kids with this crazy woman? Their kids are going to be crazy and weird like her.

There's really something wrong with this nutjob. How about eating actual food once in awhile? I worry about those kids being raised by her without a father.

Didn't DM post this story before? Her PR is really working over time. Angelina is nuts. No wonder Brad couldn't stand her anymore. He was away from her during most time in 2016.

Of course someone who wears blood as jewelry eats bugs. Duh...

She is getting weirder by the day - No wonder she left Brad. Sad for the kids though

That's probably why she is one herself.

No thanks. I'll get my vitamins and minerals from a vitamin.

this creepy female could instead just eat a vegan diet, but it seems she likes to do things that are cruel and creepy.

F off. No wonder why brad packed up. She can eat all the bugs she wants, but can't I just go one day without some bs about how I'm not eating right or exercising enough? Doesn't she understand,like the rest of Hollywood, we don't give a dam about what you all have to say

Ummm after those accusations don’t think he will be calling her.
He spends months at a time on movie sets, the kids were with her in Oz for months so I think he’s fine without seeing them for a week.
Best run Bradders, a sociopath like her keeps coming at you.

This is completely insane about Angelina now 😐🤔
I find her a bit crazy… She will deal a lot of with haters now.. I feel bad for Brad.

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