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Because the guy that I like is totally out of my league
By the way, if you read this Brad Pitt, call me

Maybe she should go buy property over there and set up a refugee camp.

Brad Pitt is the best in Inglorious Basterds. The entire movie is fantastic & I can watch it over and over!

Watching Moneyball for like the hundredth time ..Why ?? Cuz it's a fucking awesome movie is why . #BradPitt #Moneyball

She should have focused on her marriage and children instead of refugees. Maybe, just maybe her marriage would still be intact.

Yet you accused brad pitt of child abuse. He is not a child abuser but you tried to smear him in the dirt while you were divorcing him. Just like people who don't believe refugees are safe.
So why dont you go live with them, Ms. X Pitt ... Take them into your place in France and let them live with you and your children .... You chased Brad away, so go get them refugees hehehe

Maybe she should have used some of her money to help and adopt children here in the usa. Where she is a citizen. Theres plenty of children needing homes and families here. So her opinion means nothing to me.

So Miss Jolie why don't you use some of your millions of dollars and build a few million dollar houses to put them in. Then make a bank account in their name and keep putting money in it for them to live. Pfft it's about time we look out for our own

She's kind of blown her own credibility and many don't really want to hear what she has to say. Important subject, just think she isn't one to talk about facts vs fear.

Wow this story is so so wrong if anything his life is in a upward swing now about Angela Joli her life is going downwards

Proud of you brad, God bless you & your kids.

I guess her People put that out , not true .

Gee. When I was getting child support I got $121 dollars a week. I thought I was lucky cuz I've heard of people getting much less. He stilled owed back child support if over $6000. When my daughter turned 18 it went down to $20. She wants over $100k? Get out of here.

NOBODY needs $100k a month! They both share custody. Some serious re evaluation on life's priorities needs to happen!

 No matter how much he is worth or how much he has. She reportedly doesnt even want him to be with the kids. Thats sad. So, what is it she's spending 200k on every month. providing they should both share equal financial responsibility for the children.

Maybe 10. or 20 thousand. At the most. She's plum crazy. She's got all that money

Warning bells should have went off when the story of her and Billy bobs blood vials broke the old biblical slayer of many men

Why should he? She has enough money of her own.

You spend that a much on your kids?

 Heck no I don't and wouldn't even if I could.

Hey sorry no way she wanted this divorce and she has just as much money as Brad we all know Brad will take care of his kids angelina just needs to get her divorce if thats what she want and quit trying to haress Brad and keep him from his kids

Who seriously needs such an amount per month? This is wrong to ask for.

she done lost her mind.

AJ is a crazy woman . She is filthy rich & hopefully Brad gets custody

100,000 amount is ridicules!

She has her own money. I'd refuse too.

she"s got enough cash

She's nasty anyway in my opinion.

Hell no that is way to much.

She is out of her every lovin mind !!!

She'll do whatever it takes to forward her own deluded self promotion. She'll be desperate to get on to the "world stage" and outshine Pitt now. She'll make as many deals with as many devils as she has to, this is nothing new for her.

I don't think she cares about politics or causes but I think she knows she is done in Hollywood. She is going to need to try to slot herself into something of a higher calling so she can claim that she was done with Hollywood when really it's the other way around.

I think everybody is missing the point that the Ho is a venal opportunist. She'll get in to bed with whoever is prepared to stroke her massive ego, feed her delusions of grandeur and pay her the biggest dollars. Her politics are not partisan - they are Jolie centric. She doesn't really give a fck about the causes she claims to campaign for. She is a very sick woman who lives to be lauded and feted, she's an empty vessel who needs it to survive. The minute that this goes, she really will descend in to madness; she will finally succumb to her personality disorders and either disappear from view altogether or become 10x the bizarre spectacle that she is already. I sincerely believe this.

Brad looks so adorable with his family in that WWZ movie! He even cooks! How sweet! <3 Brad is the Best ;)

I believe she's had Maddox enrolled in at least 3 different schools, if her accounts can be believed. One was a British private school, where he was kicked out because she wouldn't let him conform to the dress code (she sent him with a gun necklace and with a Mohawk, both against the rules). Then she had him in Lycee, which he flunked out of. Then she had him and Pax enrolled in some international school and that didn't last because Pax couldn't speak English and because she kept taking the kids in and out of it. Z allegedly was in daycare but got kicked out for attacking another kid with a pair of scissors. Yep, she's set those kids up to fail.

Definitely don't believe she's hooking up with him.

She is either after a stud or intend to use him to revive her career.
If she had used a tiny part of her bird brain to think before acting, she should see that this is a dumb move at the wrong time and will bring nowhere.
It's unlikely that he will even touch her with a 10 foot pole

 I love all of you defending Jennifer. Did u all forget that before they got married she lied and told him she wanted children!? Did you all forget that she kept putting off starting a family because she wanted to do this movie or that movie!? Most importantly did you all forget that they were headed for divorce BEFORE he met Angelina!? No you only remember the things you want to. It was already over, Angie was willing to give him what Jen promised and lied about. I'm just sad it is ending this way because there are six innocent children whose lives are in turmoil. Have some respect, do some research before you spew such hate.

 Daaamn Angelina is 41 yrs old. I thought she was way older than that. Wow!! What living a rough stressful life can do to someones appearance.

She's probably whoring around with someone else's husband!!

I agree with his parenting style, the way she wants to raise them is going to hurt them at the long run and she is not around to protect them.

She's a freak, he'll be better off without her. Poor kids , she has such weird parenting skills.

Brad, you did th right thing getting out.

Its a high time #BradPitt gets an #Oscar.
He has done excellent in #Allied .

#Allied 🕶💑🎬
A captivating thriller.
#Pitt & #Cotillard are convincing in this tale of love, espionage & suspicion...

Exactly. The main goal of the UN is to mediate conflict in partisan disputes world wide, which are the main cause of children becoming refugees or casualties of war. If Jolie can't mediate her own family dispute more kindly she will lose credibility.

Not only are you damaging and hurting your kids, you are letting thousands of other kids down as no one will ever be able to look at you in the same light! Say goodbye to your humanitarian role!

She's a psycho

Can you blame him?

She is a sick, sick woman ! !...She will try to adopt another child just to get back at Brad ! !..Why add another child to endure a life with a woman with a damaged brain ? ?

Seriously, she needs to start taking care of the ones she has. She is always traveling dragging them around. Why not stay home and be a real mom. That doesnt include nanny. Spend time with them doing everyday things. Get to know them like a real mom does . She doesn't need more just to drag them around the planet. I feel sorry for the kids. Brad should at least take his own 3 from her.

That's probably why she left Pitt. That's how she rolls. So sad how people treat others for there benefit. Sad for the children.

I knew. Him and crazy would not last. He should have known something is wrong with this woman. She has always had a very mean way to her. And now this kids have to suffer

all this from a woman who french kisses her brother????

It absolutely amazes me that she is carrying on with this sort of character attack and manipulation. I get that Pitt probably thinks that he is doing the best for his kids by trying to handle this situation in the least antagonistic way possible, but given that Angelina Jolie is doing the exact opposite and appears to have no qualms whatsoever about using their kids to get what she wants, I think he needs to face the reality of the situation and put a stop to it all. If that means he goes through the courts and holds her responsible for her behavior and for attempting to estrange him from his children, then so be it. Maybe he doesn't fully understand that those kids are being damaged and manipulated more every second she has access to them.

Why would they allow her to adopt another child considering her behavior shows she's not mentally strong enough to take care of herself??

anyone who gets involved with her must be crazier than she is!

Anyone who lets her children make decisions for the adults should not have kids and should not be allowed to adopt children. I understand that Angelina lets all of her kids run through her mansion like wild Indians if they want to. I feel sorry for their nanny. from ah

Angelina needs medical and a head Doctor.
I feel sorry for her family
God Help her.
They need to check her medical condition's
She should not have another baby.
She has a bad temper
Brad glad you are out
Will pray for her

 I don't think that money is really "for the kids". A trust fund seems like a great idea.

More like to feed her lavish spending, alcohol and drugs habits.


MS Jolie is the Queen of using PR to get her will.

I think you are spot-on. I think Angie knew how much Brad wanted kids and a family and used Maddox to take advantage of that. Maddox is most likely going to grow up with a lot of guilt over this situation, thinking that it's his fault his parents got divorced, when all the blame belongs on Angelina. I don't know why Angie even thinks she could handle sole custody. 6 kids? It's clear to everyone that she can hardly take care of herself, let alone 6 kids on her own. She's gonna need an entire team of nannies. Not to say that Brad might not use a few nannies, but he's at least stable and healthy and able to provide the kids a better home situation.

The reason AngeliNuts wants sole custody is because she wants to move to London, and she legally can't do that unless she has full custody. THAT'S why she's using the abuse allegations against him.

I've spent years searching for the person who will look at me with the kind of passion Angelina Jolie showed for her brother.

What a lie, Angie is not funny at all, I would rather say Angie is the most manipulative, fake humanitarian, the world has ever seen. Helic is getting 300 000 pounds a year, such a well-payed sycophant.

All we know is that she fled Bosnia. What we don't know is which side of the conflict she was on. War criminals also flee afterwards to avoid retribution. What better way to escape than posing as a refugee in need of aid? Food for thought.

If AJ were truly funny and goofy, wouldn't we have seen that at some point? She has never been anything of the sort from what I've seen. In every interview she is completely full of herself and her alleged life.

 Another person who accepts a salary from Ho, who is her close friend. Jolie's 'friends' ALL get something in return...a salary, a vacation, etc. Paid associates. How sad. Crazyland insane rampaging egos have to pay people to say nice things about them, but the truth is from the unpaid and from hackings.

 Obviously this woman is trying to make Angelina likeable in the aftermath of her behaving like a vindictive bit*ch!

the funniest, quirkiest goofiest barely functioning psychopath she has ever come across.
Doesn't mean much coming from this agenda laden tw*t!! :evil:

She has a cluster B personality disorder. She collects children like dolls. Thinks she some major humanitarian force. Give me a break. I was married to a woman like this. That will make you drink just to cope. The woman is nuts. Run hard and fast Brad. And don't look back.

I think Angelina was very wrong to want sole custody. I am glad Brad is getting more visitation rights. I don't think it is wise for him to be dating anyone else until the divorce is final. Bad for the kids.

It is clear that Angelinas own insecurities are transparent and goes to show that she is not the great mother she perceives to be because if she was she would protect them and the legacy of their father and them. What a pity many women resort to this tactic which is later then found out to be untrue and then they are sorry so sorry . Luckily people see through these tactics just a pity the children are hurt in the process.

I'm on Brad Pitt's side. I was Angelina Jolie thinking. In my option seems to me that she has been planning this for a while. I just wish all parties involved, Good Luck.

i am so glad that Brad Pitt find better woman. Because Angelina after all surgeries has a mental problem

Best wishes to Brad Pitt.

I'd say it backfired on her

Totally on Brad's side. She's been a whako before Brad met her🌻

Highly recommend @thebigshort. Ryan Gossling, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt teaching about the housing collapse. Eye opening. And terrifying.

Good for Brad Pitt! I have never cared for Angelina.

Take your life back Brad

Puh-lease! This is making me sick; first she rents a house weeks before anything, then they have an argument on the plane and she uses it to trash the father of her children publicly to try to gain full custody so she can take them anywhere without his consent?! He didn't even see this coming, let alone want a split! SHE hired three lawyers AND this fixer and after trashing him completely in the most awful way you can imagine this fixer wants to do damage control for her image and this is the next news flash... Nobody will buy it!
I always liked her, had no problems with her but now I'm done with her. She should have had my respect if she had done everything to save her marriage and then also keep shut instead of this smear campaign! I respect Brad for taking the high road, although I can't wait to read a clear statement that exonerates him of all charges. Because although the majority of the people will understand what has been going on, there will always be people who read gossip headlines and will believe everything that has been said and will blame Brad for things he didn't do. If only people used common sense then they'd see who is saying what and who isn't saying anything and then they will conclude which of them has class and respect for their children and wants to do anything for them. To me that clearly is Brad, by trying to be a good parent, setting rules and boundries and wanting them home schooled, a normal life and not trashing their mom. Compare that to Angelina and it's clear who's a good parent and a wise person.

Er, so now that Maddox has forgiven that naughty daddy, mommy's gonna let him come home? All hail King Maddox.
Her faxes are getting crazier by the week.

She accused him of being a child abuser FFS. No way a sane person would go back after that.

hard to feel sorry for her...

 SHE is not sane. So she probably thinks it is entirely reasonable to expect that they can "forget it ever happened".

In other words, she seriously miscalculated, thinking people believed her image and would side with her after she slung abuse allegations at Pitt. Now she's in over her head.

 Allied is a good movie, it could have done much better.

They know that she's a batshit crazy loose cannon and nobody wants to be dealing with THAT. Just ask Scott Rudin.

Hmmm. No one likes her.

he seriously looks closer to 51 than 41. Forget trying to sell perfume - she should be the face of a new "Just Say No To Drugs" campaign.

Helic is a liar. No wonder Jolie hooked up with her.

She's antagonised too many people this time. She's done in HW. Hence the desperation to get out of LA and pretend she's off to 'better things'. Bullsh*t. She'll be toxic wherever she goes.

Even the most expensive, reputable, successful , PR Guru isn't going to be able to rehabilitate her sleazy reputation this time. That is why nobody will touch her. They know she is finished.

Jolie collects titles, accolades etc. Initially she'd be impressed with BARONESS Helic, but the one who said that one would be her next target, probably had it right. Jolie's just an honorary old dame and she can't use the title. It's just a show, just like her Hague's plus 1 'professorship' is. Jolie is not going to be able to tolerate someone in close physical contact who is above her for very long. Jolie's jealousy and rampaging ego is going to be at odds with the real recognition of helic's title and her position in Brit politics. Jolie's closest friends are Employees, never equals or above. She has to be the benevolent goddess, never an equal or below.
One day this baroness is going to be on the receiving end of a Pitt-type scorching if she helps put Jolie in a position to deliver it. Pitt helped put Jolie in the position she is in today and look what happened when he moved away from her. Old Arminka can definitely expect the same....and if Jolie is coupling with Chloe, Arminka can't expect loyalty or honesty from her either. It has been Pitt's ex, then Pitt, then will be Arminka's turn, the scorching all over again.

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