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Angie showed her true colors. She can be forced to be nice (it's a problem in itself that she has to be forced to behave normal), but it won't   mend her ruined image, people remember, especially that she was the one to blow this out of proportion. Karma.

I doubt they'll find any" real" friends in Tinsel town and might learn a thing or two about poverty in Swampland

Would a spoilt child rather be in Hollywood or eating nasty little wiggly things in an atmosphere of a billion mosquitos surrounded by a Swamp??

The children look bored and upset.

She is so boring.

Shocked? She knew she was married!

SHE knew Brad was married!

As usual the children look bored, tired and confused. What a selfish mother, how can they build self-confidence if they are not allowed to go to school, join sports teams and learn about life from friendships? What kind of a strange upbringing is it to move them from compound to compound, in seclusion, with no groups of real friends? They are dragged around to fulfil her fantasies and PR commitments. I wonder what self-justifying rubbish does she fill their heads with when they ask the natural questions that children ask.

Angie's a narcissist, to her they are props, she bought them so she could drag them around the world for her own self promotion.

Strange woman, always has been always will be!!!

Yeah brad better be single for while is good for him to stay away from girls for now and focus to rise his kids, hopefully someday he meet the beautiful partner.

I used to love her but now she showing what a screwball she is. What the hell did he do on the plane that would make her divorce him? She is probably kicking herself now that realizes she lost the best guy she’s ever going to have. No man is going to want her now. She’s too crazy. She is the most beautiful woman and he is the most handsome guy. It would be nice if they got back together and lived happily ever after. But if not, BRAD I AM AVAILABLE!

Brad Pitt would rather become a monk than ever get involved with Tranny Manny again. I think he’s made it VERY clear how he felt about her. Tranny Manny can play all the PR tricks she wants, it just makes her and her gigolo look even more desperate and disgusting.

Just goes to show beauty does not always equate to being kind, she is one Heck of a selfish creature, all show

Angie needs to face facts: everyone hates her for what she did to Brad Pitt--whether he was a drunk or not. No amount of PR puffery or crying in interviews is going to change that. That shrew is a witch and the world now knows it.

Brad Pitt is liked and respected throughout the industry, he has many friends and a large extended loving family. It is easy to see who is the problem in the Jolie Pitt clan, psychotic man-stealing witch Angie Jolie will end up old and alone, despised by all including her kids if they are emotionally well adjusted.

It doesn't matter now. The mask has slipped and everyone has seen the vindictiveness underneath. She's wasting her time. Her injured ego had her write a check her ass couldn't cash and now she's SOL.

Spot on. She best stay out of the country cause we got a close up look and she can't back away from the charges, hiring Pitt Bull Judy, t.mZ as her early mouthpiece and Piit torn to shreds. All because he had may have had affair and made a film with an attractive female. Too bad she thinks we don't think of her always as a mistress número uno....Lady my arse.

Hasn't she done a good job in a) alienating the majority of them from their father and b) isolating those to such an extent that they have an unnatural need to be with their siblings 24/7 making even separate visitation difficult?
Way to go Ho.

She's perpetuating the myth that Zahara and Shiloh are close

I feel sorry for Viv. She's obviously clingy with HO but close to Shiloh and Knox who want to live with Pitt.

She is determined to ensure that she keeps them in her bony clutches.
Come to mommy kiddies...

Jolie was humiliated by the Sony email hacking where a Sony exec and a producer were very honest in their opinions of Jolie, personally and professionally. :lol: :lol: I reckon they had to promise her a few projects of her choice to settle her down or face a lawsuit. There's no denying those emails made a laughing stock of Jolie. Who can forget the numerous adjectives assigned to Jolie.....and no denials about the truthfulness of those assessments from anyone in the industry....not even her baby daddy

She is being given just enough rope to hang herself with. Her diva attitude on the set will not be tolerated for very long. She still fancies herself as a director and her interference with the real director will cause the movie to bomb. I feel sorry for woman who's story this is.

Why doesn't she tell the truth about who her fashion icons are? She tries to copy them all the time: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and her biggest fashion icon, JENNIFER ANISTON!

It's a very odd way to describe a child. It's also basically how she described a then toddler-aged Viv when she was promoting The Tourist.

She is so full of herself. Why couldn't she name ONE beauty icon ? Not even Audrey Hephurn. :oops: This woman doesn't deserve to be a woman.

She calls everyone "elegant". I think it's the only adjective she knows.

Yeah that is going help you get you get over your divorce Angelina Jolie adopt more kids out there.Stop it get attention in media.

She can’t even take care of 6 and she wants adopt more. She is insane.

Heroin veins, cocaine veins, ecstasy veins, you name it - or any other number of illegal or prescription substances she is on. Combine that with being severely malnourished and it's amazing her heart still beats.

This was at the very expensive "End Sexual Violence in Conflict" global summit back in 2014, around the same time Helic was awarded Baroness in the House of Lords.
Helic gets £300,000 per year as a salary from the Jolie charity - that tells me all I need to know.

You got that right. I guess we can expect more of that constipated look 

The part about "Jolie is envious of Amal" doesn't sound like fiction AT ALL. In fact, the true surprise would have come if they had become FAST FRIENDS! When I heard about Amal and all her qualifications I thought immediately "Jolie is going to HATE her!" And SURE ENOUGH. I have no trouble believing that Jolie drove Pitt and Clooney apart; Clooney has her number FOR SURE, and so Jolie wouldn't want him ANYWHERE around; first because he was a "swinging bachelor" and second because when he wasn't anymore, his wife was SERIOUS COMPETITION for Jolie in the "humanitarian department" (Not to mention the FASHION /EDUCATION/CREDENTIALS IN GENERAL department! :lol: NO WAY would the Town Pump want someone like George and Amal anywhere around!

Honestly does anyone believe this nonsense?? Eating bugs in solidarity with the Cambodian people - what horseshitt!!

She looks like a giant bug.

That's total betraying towards Brad pit, it shows that she want to claim all the children they both sweat and adopted, I don't think she can adopt again without her husband, also with the number of children she already had or if she is having any health issues at the moment.

No shade trees or bushes I love Angelina Jolie I'm a new mom of 4 years and maybe I'm missing something I'm not understanding why she let's beautiful Shiloh dress in boyish clothes

Who wil b th dad....she has fail n painted for legacy...

Her own palaver!

She so skeleton and old plus bipolar mental pls someone stop her to adopt and destroy more innocence kid, send her away to northpole for good, the world get sick of her manipulated acts! HYPHOCRITE

There must be a UN resolution against this sort of child trafficking, surely???

Why does she not adopt American children. I bet should would not be able to. She is clearly mentally ill and has always been way before Brad. She is no longer beautiful. Her skin and bones is a sign of either anorexia or some other issue. Brad she will lock herself in a room for days and not eat just smoke cigarretts. Tho s e poor kids are being used by her for photo ops

I have seen interviews of her drinking blood and all kinds of other occult rituals she practices. And now her two closes friends are truly real witches. So yes i lnow the women should not be allowed to raise a rock much less children. And the fact she will hop into bed with practicly anyone. She is not a good role model at all

She just want to say look I'm smart..

Jolie basically managed to say "Je ne comprends pas tres bien" or something like that. It does not have much sense, in literal translation it would be "I don't understand very good". So, she is so fluent in French she cannot even glue together one coherent sentence. 

she's so pathetic! All this time claiming her mother was French then going on this show and saying when asked "Don't you have some French roots?" 
"I think so, on my mother's side, I haven't traced it" - BUSTED!
She clearly does not speak one word of French and has not studied it at all :lol: She speaks it about like this

Yup, she's so fluent in it that she had to have a French person writing for her the letter to Guerlain, as proven on this board.

A director who made one of the biggest flops ever, "By the sea". 

A supporting actress, won like seventeen years ago. The last nom she got eight years ago. Oh yes, she is sooooo succesfull

Who, as for today, haven't managed to work a single hour with the students yet. Another great feat of hers 

You can tell by the gormless expression on her face at the beginning when he is talking to the camera that she hasn't got a CLUE what he is saying! Where the fukk do the loons get this fluent in French nonsense from???
Je, Je, Je....this is what she was looking for:
"Je suis une putain de psycho. Je vole des hommes mariés et prétends que je suis bilingue. Es-tu marié? Oui? Génial! 
Reviens à ma chambre d'hôtel!"

She's likely to adopt from a third world country because no first world country would let her loose on a kid. Not with her severe mental and addiction issues and her raging anorexia.

I will only believe this if the bodyguard is married.

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