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When you play things out through the media, that's what happens. Fans pick a side. She should have done all of this in a more private way. Her team was leaking terrible things about Pitt to sway public opinion and it backfired. You can't blame the public when you include them. Brad is the one that motioned to have this sealed and her team initially tried to block that. So whose fault is it that she is getting hammered publicly?

I think it's coz to her this shows her being all in touch with Cambodian culture & really sells her as being one with them kind of thing. She's showing she's not just some tourist getting a tattoo like anyone else, she gets it done the traditional way, she gets it done with real meaning & blah blah. She always sells herself & her as actions as being more than whatever anyone else does.
Besides she probably thinks she looks good. Her weight loss has not been a recent thing, her sense (lack) of style has not been a recent thing, she clearly thinks this looks good on her & is the look she aims for otherwise she would've changed it by now. She won't even change her look for a film role that requires her to bulk up a bit, Wanted & Salt really should've had an actress who had a physicality you believed could be action-y but she stuck to her waif-like frame that looks ready to collapse any moment. Likewise if you saw any pics from By The Sea you clearly see she thought she looked great & that her body was something to show off & the styling of the film was intended to be old style appealing, she wasn't trying to make herself look bad, she genuinely thought she looked good. Shows the level of self-delusion & ego at work here.

She is attractive and chic, in addition to being educated and qualified, unlike the ho. That puts her WAY WAY AHEAD. Looks fade, but chic and education goes onward!

So she's single mom now ?? :lol:

Why does she have to drag all 6 kids with her every time?

Because she feeds off their misery and because she can sell pictures of them to the paps. Now she's trying to milk the title 'single mom' for some admiration. She's plastic, and not just her face.

shiloh and Viv are holding their heads down. They're over mommy dearest's pap strolls.

Maddox looks scary!!!

Shiloh has marks all over her legs. And gee, notice how everybody is "holding hands"? Pre-planned, wanna bet? Extra cutesy-wootsy and happee-fambly-all-togetherrr that way!

Also, she's such a dunce that she thinks flying them around to things like that is good parenting.

Around the world in a week if they came back four days ago. Kids always dragging and exhausted with time zones. Jolie is a pizz poor mother putting the kids through that just so she can present an image and collect picture money or have shields so that the paps don't ask any tough questions. 
Whitechapel is still stuck to mommy's hip.

 Makes me want to grab a flyswatter and smack that thing AWAY from me!
Oh and does anyone else think she's doing the "Ronald Reagan thing? Pretending to be greeting people or waving at "the crowds" to give the impression she's "popular"?

The kids look like the hunted and sad she rejoices in it.

Yep, Big time she is trying copy Amal Clooney. Too bad she can't. Because Amal is atleast a real woman.
And she is prettier, slimmer and is highly educated. She has degrees from Oxford and NYU.

She needed pics of the kiddos toting their own bags and flying commercial to counteract the leak that Netflix paid $1M to fly them private to Cambodia for her premiere.

Love how blatantly she "dresses" for the airport pap shows. So conniving. "Here I am, chic mother of the year"

Wow, oldest son appears old enough to decide who or where is wants to live. And didn’t Brad adopt him?

Oh please, Wacko Angelina Jolie lost the publicity war and her evil machinations to deprive the children of their father were doomed to failure. I wish Brad had released all the documentation of her craziness, those kids will suffer a lifetime of psychological damage from their time with their vindictive and morally bankrupt mother.

This woman needs proper help. She is mentally not right! Either she has her boobs cut off, then have a tatoo to save her marriage, adopts crowds of kids to play them against her ex. She should be seen by a doctor. Quick!

 She is mentally instable. Nobody removes healthy parts of body, just they might get cancer. If her motjer died of brain tumour, would she have her head cut off? Her anoreksia on top of all things. The woman could be dangerozs. Only because she is rich and famous, people admire her. It is pathetic!

Let's not forget kissing her brother like a boyfriend and wearing a vile of blood around her neck telling everyone she just sex as soon as she gets out her limo.

Careful, Brad. You've seen how sneaky she is. She'll jet away with those kids one day and not bring them back. As for how she looks, she's on a campaign to try and mend her  public image since she suddenly realized we don't like her and never did. Sorry, Jolie, you were never that beloved anyway. What is it they say about Karma............

She is a nobody   can't stand her.

She uses kids to promote a movie. Brad is better offf.  Any positive comments she has people writing for her.  Borderline personality.  He had breakdown with her is my thought

She thinks public is stupid

Trout pout - total fruit cake. Brad is better off away from this loonie.


God has gifted her with beauty which she outrightly destroyed due to unstable frame of mind. 
That's what you get being part of the Illuminati. She did confess on the initiation rites she experienced. In the end, you reap what you sow.

To each their own, but nothing looks better on a middle-aged mother of fifty than a bunch of tattoos and these will not age well.


It's looking like a 2018 calender !!!

 Looks dreadful. Not sure whether I want to scrub it off or try and knit the pattern that is screaming out at me

Ok.Now her once beautiful back looks like a bad newspaper add..great..what were you thinking?

Never deploy Thai tattoos on a mission which couldn't be accomplished by Billy Bob Thornton's blood. See?

And reckless! She would destroy our civilized society if she had the power!

That man genuinely loved her but she drained his soul to the core, she was born "off"

It could be Witchcraft! A spell to protect her from the Power of Good and Light!

Shes gone Bananas! She thinks she is some sort of Super Hero that is going to save the world with mystical powers! She needs medical help!


Who cares about your tattoo's or your boney backy back. Brad Pitt is so much better without you, now he can find a warm and loving woman.Not just a demanding female like you.

She looks skeletal

 Did she really think this would bond the blood she carried around with the other guy....never like her

 Wow she looks like an old skeleton

No matter how "glamorous" she is now trying to act, her Hollyweird ship has sailed.

And here she is parading her kids around to look like mother of the year. Mother of the year would not alert paps when coming into town.

She just is addicted to dragging those kids around the globe, isn't she. How do they ever get a chance to settle, make friends, do normal things so they grow up to fit into life outside her circus? I just see a personal cheerleader squad in tow these days.

Crazy is not glamorous

Another celeb dragging their kids through adult drama and media frenzy. She parades through an airport with her kids in tow. Strange . If she cared about her family's privacy, one would think she would coordinate their travel differently, less conspicuously. She certainly has wealth and resources to do so. Perhaps Pitt is no angel, but I really do not think that he would use the kids as a media tool. I recall that she was much more private with her first son until she took up with Pitt. She then began padding her son, and eventually her other kids around, in a way to reinvent her image from home wrecker to devoted mother. I'm sure she loves her kids, but I think she thinks they'll make her seem like a better person than who she is.

Her husband thought she was a wonderful Mother.

I thought they have a nanny/tutor for each child who teaches their native culture and language? What is AJ teaching except eating scorpions and getting cheap tattoos?

Hideous mess. Just mad. Crazy.

Angelina Jolie is on a sinking ship. Who gets saved? The world of acting!

Jolie is the Kween of media manipulations and bought accolades.
How she could ever have been chosen as the most beautiful or sexy is a travesty. Her face was all plastic surgery, now gaunt and sunken and her body is most unfortunate. Short squat body trunk with a gunt. Arms are so thin and spindly and veins hanging in skin. Absolutely the worst legs in Hollywood and the second largest flipper feet after Paris Hilton. Her so-called beauty was all smoke and mirrors and probably the biggest piece of false marketing in Hollywood. Itno wonder that she is finished and has to depend on pimping the kids for attention. On her own, she is Nothing and she knows that. It is why she has to have the kids every time,. She's a Zero.

It would have taken a bit more than his and hers tattoos to save that marriage in the end. She treated Brad appallingly.

Stupid cow!!

Even so, she is a child hoarder, like those cat ladies, but crazier.

She's not a "single mom"... She's not single, she's separated and yes she is mom. Brad Pitt is very present in their lives, she's the one who doesn't want him in it.

she might be trying hard but normal isn't being on long haul on the time. Why don't they just go to school every day? Being let into shops 'after hours' with security guards. Thats not normal either! Other than eachother, do they actually have friends of their own, playdates etc? That to me is normal kid life. I think she protects them 'too' much.

The photo ops are always the bio kids.

She's bizarre...full stop !

Urgh. Please go back to Hollywood.

"Angelina's tattoo that was supposed to bind her to husband Brad"? What does that mean?? The she owns Brad?? Delusional...

She used to look so beautiful. It's not an age thing it's who she is. Her behaviour is cruelly manipulative to Brad and that harshness is showing. She demonised him and after La la land clapped him the way they did at an award ceremony she realised she had to do something. Then suddenly days later she started saying what an amazing father he was. She's towing the children everywhere but they all look strained. Consider Matt Damon and others who've kept their children under the radar till they're old enough.

You're right, it's not an age thing and it's also a Class A drugs thing. Hence the media silence occasionally when she is getting her face repaired, filled and botoxed. Then she reappears, dragging her poor children with her, looking slightly different.

here is something so troubling about this woman. You can't be everything to these children, and now they are getting older. Is their new program to visit dad and then jet out to wherever in the world? Looks like she IS trying to put down roots out-of-country as was reported. Let them have roots, friends, grandparents, a stable life. She is so selfish. They will be lonely.

You can't always get your way by buying them toys it will only get you so far.

Another airport, another toy shop, another pap walk.

it is always a papwalk. She phones ahead to brief them and does her own PR. At airports she could take the discrete private exits that other celebs do to protect their children. Not old Angie, she marches them through the pap lines and started selling their images from the day they were born. Without Brad and the children she was just a starlet with a bad reputation and she knows it. She is the worse kind of celeb mother who sold their privacy down the river.

You use the term single mum like she's doing it on her own..

Notice the toys are demonic in nature.

This entertainer is not a "single mum", Brad Pitt still takes as active a part in his children's life as he is allowed, she also has plenty of staff.

"Ultimate model mom" ??? Utter rubb.ish!

Not sure how you figure her world revolves around her kids. She set up their dad, told a bunch of lies about him, got CPS and the friggin' FBI after him, and had an entire team of lawyers crucifying him in the press. Then, suddenly, she realized no one cared about her, no one believed her. Now she's saying he's a good guy, blah blah. If your life revolves around your kids, you want the best for them, including their dad in their lives.

Still psychotic and a fameslore.

Brad helped improve her image after years of crazy behaviour.

For chrissakes let them go to school, establish real friendships, do some team sports and learn some social skills amongst their peers. The more she parades them solely for her image, the more deplorable she looks. All out for another tiring and intimidating pap stroll then back to the no-rules compound in isolation till she needs more publicity. As usual the children look stressed and strained. It's such an unhealthy lifestyle for them, she is the worst kind of mother.

At some point, the children will no longer be able to participate and rebel. The two oldest guys are already so far, only rarely to see.

Angelina 'Single Mum'. St Jolie. This is getting so boring. It's all about her...nothing else.

It must be hard for these kids. They look tired and stressed in these pictures.

"it might be the paps"'s angelina who calls them. reporters have literally confirmed this on record. she calls to arrange where she'll be and when. why do you think these photos - at a random toy shop in many pap photos do you see from there incidentally? - are so close and clear, with not a single security guard, nanny, or staff personel anywhere in sight? pre-arranged. also, pamela, it was confirmed he doesn't have substance abuse issues. every single test was clean, which is impossible for someone for issues, especially weed, as it's a long term drug that can be detected in your system for up to 90 days. that was just another overblown lie and excuse from this example of the perfect model single mother who's caused the minimum disruption to HER children's lives................i hope those checks she's writing are big. at least make it worth it DM.

The poor kids must be mega confused by her behaviour.

Staged nonsense

These children are the unhappiest I've seen them..all thanks to Angelina for jacking her marriage in. She's a nutjob.

yes children feel a certain security when both parents are present.

You can't really be considered a single mum when you have a team of nannies!

For kids that just got treats at the most expensive toy shop in London, they sure as hell do not look happy bunnies,

I hear with Angelina, whatever Maddox says is law. He effectively controls her. He's the one who's refusing to meet Brad and says he never wants to see him again.

She needs to tell Shiloh she is a girl I don't think she cares what her kids do how can they be home schooled when they don't even know where their home is.!!!! She needs to settle down and let her kids be normal they all going to turn out like her unless someone takes a hold and makes those kids mind and get a education. They are way out of control Brad you need to intervene and take those kids she is crazy.!!!!

No matter how "glamorous" she is now trying to act, her Hollyweird ship has sailed.

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