Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I think the day she officially moves to UK, America should have a celebration, finally this evil witch is out

And her qualifications for being a Professor are? My wife's a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College holds two American Doctorates and cringes when I ask her when she's going to become an adjunct professor.

The never ending expansion of La La land.

People who try and make this world a better place are never a day thing

Who's lecturing at the Centre for Men, Peace and Security? Oh silly me there isn't one...

As qualified to be a professor as anyone else in that leftie cesspit . . . . .

Looks like she has suddenly become "Respectable"............To think that not so long ago, she was SNOGGING 'er OWN BRO' !

Whoever would sign up for that..A fool and their money.

Looks like she stopped with the lip injections.

Your poor parents' hard earned money to pay for your LSE's fees and you get Angelina Jolie!

Live and let live I guess. It seems like she's had some work done to her face, I can't really figure what but it just looks different.

Her ego knows no limits.

Let's see if Dalton and Helic can help her image in the UK 

The AJ campaign was never meant to succeed. Why else would she have been out "in charge"?

bump for the ho in London commemorating the 5th anniversary of this "failed" initiative. How much money can they waste?!

She uses her brother hard, then puts him back on the shelf when she's done.
I don't know how he can stand being used like that and keep coming back for more.

He is a nutbag and he is in cahoots with her, but he thought that he would get to be with her for real in the end. She could care less about that. I think it was him who leaked the pictures of him playing ball with the kids along with stories about the kids calling him daddy. He probably assumed with Pitt finally gone and himself still faithfully by her side taking care of her, that meant he had earned being Mr. Jolie. He must despise Maddox right about now.

That entire family (voight) has a very tenuous relationship with the truth.

He probably leaked the story about everyone calling Helic and Dalton witches and the coven as well then. It's probably what HE calls them. I'm sure that he's not happy with the current 'sleeping arrangements'. This is why she rented two houses, she needs one for her perving, far away from prying eyes.

well well!!! I don't if you girls talked about this before, but look who is tailgaiting the Ho... none other than her #1 fan, William "Hollywood" Hague
Wanna bet that he was first to offer her a place to stay the moment he found out that she had filed for divorce? (he likes his twinks on the side) who knows what kind of bisexual trysts she's got him and the witches coven in, just this past weekend. How long before she gets another wrecked marriage on her record? 

JOLIE WANTS WEALTH, FAME AND POWER. She will do, join and say whatever gets her that. Hence her interest in politics now. Contradictions, lies, corruption, etc. don't bother her.

wtf does she know about womens rights? she thinks islam is a peaceful religion!!!

she's unqualified to teach. What a joke. An insult to teachers

A professor? really.. stop the world I wanna get off

Don't worry. She just will be an 'acting' professor, lol.

..another liberal head case polluting our young

I think I'm gonna Vomit!

Anyone who didn't skip her class in protest against having uneducated lecturers is an idiot.

I'm related to an elite french royal bloodline, so can i become famous be Damed by the Queen before obtaining a Professorship and go around the world pretending to care about politics and procuring children from their living famillies as i go?

Is this a joke? The only reason she was appointed UN rep was because of her film star status. I doubt she has ever attended a day of university as a student

You know this person is truly loathed when those leaked emails from the two sleazoid producers said SHE was the nut job. Hahaha.

Oh look actress has a new role as a Professor, what a joke and what a insult to people who grafted to get that title, wonder if the effects on children of parental alienation is part of her lecture.

Is there a course called MEN, peace and security? No? Well well, imagine if that was the other way around.

I have a relative who spent the best part of 25 years working toward a professorship in a real subject, this charlatan comes along and in a matter of a few months secures herself just such a role as a professor in a micky mouse subject with all of the pretend exuberance that surrounds these useless actors..

I dont need any lecture from an ex addict thanks.

spending a few days in a country for a photo opportunity does not give you FIRST HAND experience of poverty and suffering, please get a reality check !!

as a graduate of economics you are spot on. It is all theory based on the unrealistic and idealised world of free market forces.

They only exist to push their "agendas" on the public with hired actors pretending to be something else politically.

she's always been a professor of crazy

"she barely made it through high school and is not educated at all." She will fit right in with the rest of the teachers there

Why should anybody listen to this woman? She's destroying her own family, the father of her children - she's a wannabe Mother Teresa and her fans are idiots.

How is she qualified to lecture anyone...she barely made it through high school and is not educated at all.

Awful woman who is not qualified as a Professor, it's unbelievable what Famous people get away with. Pity she wasn't so humanitarian towards Brad, who is never seen with the kids and that she is forcing the kids to come with her. Do they ever go to school?Why didn't she leave the kids to Brad? Brad Pitt is a nice guy who has been badly treated by her, crazy to send the cops on him. They didn't find anything on him, she caused him a lot of trouble over nothing. The kids need to be with their father too.

I hope Mrs Hague has kept her eyes open. This is just sooo clear.

Professor my a r s e

Professor?? Hahahaha, heard it all now.

There is no subject on this planet that I'd want to hear this person lecture about.

The kids today will have to pay because these celebrities have their say

Does that writer know what the word 'Professor' means?

Sorry, Angelina, Amal Clooney has better style, more elegant, smarter than you and she has college degree.

Globalist puppets should lecture in the Middle East first if they were serious about women having safety and equal rights.

I guess the Qualification 'Professor' just isn't what it used to be anymore, all you need is $$$ and fame.' Intelligence and aptitude are clearly irrelevant concepts.

Whatever she says.......do the opposite. She's hardly a shining example of the fairer sex. Her answer to everything seems to be get another husband.....not necessarily one of her own! Despicable woman.

With those lips she qualifies more as a slug gulper than a professor.

the kids look exactly like brad nothing like angelina just her lips . wow

The devil and her new face

She basically looks like a witch. Her fans still claim she is the most beautiful woman, lol, she has some delusional fans out there. I think Marion Cotillard is so much more beautiful than her. Brad is definitely better off rid Angelina.

so pitt was right on when it was claimed her whole intention was getting into politics in the UK.... wanted to get the kids to live there and not have him have access or any say in taking them out of country for residency...

Spousification of a child.


The two evils=Maddox and Jolie


These kids seem pretty messed up.

I fear this Maddox relationship could go Woody Allen...Just saying she seems twisted that way! Yuck!

Whatever Jolie does would never be a surprise when you look at her past. She is quite a disturbed individual.

her beautiful parents. From the moment she was born, her face displayed the potential to grow up to surpass her mother's beauty many times over. Not sure if it's purely ironic that one of the world's potential great female beauties is "trans", or if mama (sub)consciously cannot handle her infamous beauty being outshone by her daughter and has zealously "encouraged" her tomboyish, or indeed "trans" appearance. There is a palpable jealousy that she emits somehow over any and all who threaten the power she attains with her vanity. At any rate, the all the kids are gorgeous, the adopted ones too. Seems she is drawn to beauty, as long is it is not greater than hers.

The Sony leak confirmed everything I'd heard about her. I can go the rest of my life not hearing about or from her.

looks to me anyway, that angelinas hair is starting to recede.....maybe to do with menopause

Once again the adopted kids are let behind, just spoiling her real kids.

Maybe the kids just don't like pap walks. She's awful.

Hellooooo...the bookstore is a stunt, it's a show, she's an actress, it's all a backdrop to her desperate PR antis. Her angelic ensemle...new shoes for the kids, her fake smile...desperately trying to cover up unhappiness, dysfunction, selfishness. Just look at her little daughter clutching her toy in the first photo. Only Joan Crawford did it better. Angie Dearest.

she pretends she's so together and conservative in her wardrobe, when underneath all that are those horrid crazy tattoos that display she's a total phony and imbalanced in her mind

That s what I was thinking ?? Her shoes say it all ..it's not about the kids it's all about her and who s taking the photo and what image of herself is she portraying ? Mother ,humanitarian, ...she comes across as unhinged ..the kids should all be in school hanging out with pals ..they do not look happy ...

paps have gone on record to confirm she calls them in advance. Use your brain. These photographers aren't hanging around airports all day on the off chance St Ange and the brood are using the front doors and not the side entrance on a particular day. She uses her kids, plain and simple, when she should be protecting their privacy. What parent would think this kind of incessant exposure, noise, and scrutiny would be good for kids of any age? Narcissist.

Vivian is so pretty...but always looks unwell.

She does always look a bit distressed with sucked in lips and hiding her face. I cannot imagine she enjoys the attention, poor little thing.

And already has a deep furrow line above her nose, which is rather worrying for a child at that age.

those kids are so like their dad. :)

Viv really does look like Brad.

It was my first question too- why aren't they choosing to have the kids faces pixellated. Shades of Beckham and Harper all over again. Feel very sorry for those kids, the twins look jet-lagged or tired. Each has a nanny and a therapist but apparently the kids make their own choices with Jolie having a very different idea of parenting to Pitt. Watch this space - she will be adopting again like Madonna as means of filling the void.

the entire get-up looks very contrived to present an image that is not her at all.

"early hours of the morning. suddenly all the press turns up and a few mins later angelina jolie strolls past" - i will never stop pointing this out; WE KNOW SHE CALLS YOU. we know that's how she manipulates her image. REPORTERS HAVE CONFIRMED IT. we know that's how she keeps her name and face in the press at all. we know it's all arranged and controlled by her. and we know she shamelessly uses their children to do it - starting all the way back with the newly adopted toddler maddox and those "spotted" pictures of her playing with him in a park that were later confirmed to be a total set up with the press being made fully aware of when and where to be waiting. in short; we know she's a big ol FAKE and a hypocrite to boot. pumping her face with fillers and reading a speech prepared by someone else to a group of 10 people isn't going to change that.

Maddox looks DISTURBED.


Will the pap strolls never cease with this woman?

She looks deranged. A player on the world stage? More like the court jester.

That smug stoned face turned right toward the pap

She's wangled a private tour with some palace donkey via Hague the Gnome, and she wants us all to believe she's off to meet the Queen for a glass of Chardonnay and a packet of twiglets, because they have so much in common you know 
Is there no end to this woman's deranged plotting?

These kids never sleep or stay put in one place.

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