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not a deep thinker , not  facing reality

Angelina Jolie attacks “nationalism masquerading as patriotism” - And not stupidity masquerading as beauty? 

Just what if anything do UN special envoys achieve apart from lifting own profile

Well, the UN doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation for doing smart things. So there is that.

This broad has no class!  Ask Brad Pitt!

Still desperate not to exit the private way

Definitely trying to copy Amal these days

I don't care. I guess i'm thoroughly fed up with the Ho. So predictable. I'm only sorry for the kids.

What a senseless trip for the Kids.
If she would play fair and be aware of her distastrous image she would have let the kids with pitt in LA

She has really gone into overdrive with these airport pap walks. How many is that in the last two weeks? she must be manic.

How can anyone with a clear mind be a supporter of this vile hasbeen? Jolie's airpot OPs for 3 minutes attention are a disgrace. Leave the children with their father or nannies.

The kids have darker eyebags than most workaholics, zero stability and no social contacts outside their isolated sibling world. They look miserable and as always she is the only one enjoying this freaakshow. What a mess of 6 individuals are let on us one day?

Why does she have to come back here? No one wants her pathetic a$$ in the U.S.

No one wants her in Europe. Why doesn't she move to Saudi Arabia?

Really Angie???  You don't deserve your position if you can't dress correctly.  What an embarrassment to the the US

Why give so much publicity to this awful woman. Surely by now everyone knows that the disparate 'kids' she drags around with her are to encourage publicity for herself. Horrible cow

she's a manipulative nutjob.

The circus has arrived. Her next trick is to step of the edge of the planet, yeh.

strange, all her kids look like refugees

When all this children will have a chance for a normal,stable and safe family life.......

Hope she loses all her money and then has to cope with this lot. Bit of a realality check for her then.

Not just her children. This woman so annoys me with what she has done to these children

Hmmm. And this is being a good mother dragging her kids with her all over the place??? I don't think so..

This is nothing but a photo op to repair her image. How many times has her and her family traveled and never been photographed.

This kids will kick her out one day specially this cambodian maddox

 So where has she hidden the army of nannies?

And the Press just happened to be there?

Not even hot....

Dumb bitch! Reptilian!

She's very inappropriate,as usual

Go live in one of your many mansions. What a joke.All your money, for living in a make believe world. Shut up. we don't have the money you have, Just shut up, and go away.

Isn't she the same chick who used to drink blood and hook-up with her brother?

yes..shes a weirdo

Angelina Jolie is disgusting and disrespectul!! In some settings, it might be acceptable to go braless and let yourself bounce around. A meeting with a religious leader to discuss serious matters is not one of those settings. Aboslutely inappropriate! Dislike AJ even more than before. Yuck!

Refugee crisis? Make them all go back where they came, even if we have to pay for it. Crisis over. 99% of them are fake refugees anyway.

Two lunatic Far Lefties have a meaningless chat.

Hope she lives to regret it, when is she back to the Zoo.

She is is selfish and concerned about herself. I don’t get you people that think about her humanitarian issues. Should she not be more like Jennifer garner and more concerned about own children. Than children of the world. She drags them all over the place. What about their lives. Their childhood. Are they good human beings growing up with faith and their own set of friend and goals. As far as brad. She can’t be there for him as he was there for all her breakdowns and her surgery. She is selfish. Insecure and not a loving wife or mother. Let her worry about her career and rest of world while her family goes down the drain. Is that who you admire as a woman. I think Jackie Kennedy. Amal Clooney. Woman ceos. There are so many women for young woman to look up to. They aren’t selfish self absorbed borderline personality. I find her a disgrace among woman’s rights that I have struggled for for 3o years working as an executive. I don’t want young girls to look up to her. I wish Gloria steinhim would comment. Nice job Angie helping your husband if he was battling drugs and depression. Go help someone you don’t know. Nice job your children have no life if their own no identity their own. Go help some other children. Nice job you create this mess to follow your own career. Than you should not have kids or gotten married. As John Kennedy said it starts in our own homes how we treat and love each other if we want to make difference. Not traveling the world with public relations shots. Break up billy bob marriage you deserve each other. I am an executive woman committed to the world. My family and woman’s rights. Al of you woman that support her don’t you see what she is doing. She is putting our movement back.

Lovely, watching a woman who doesn’t have any sense of decency or honesty work the media for attention. Anyone who has conducted herself the way Angelina Jolie has conducted herself should be hanging her head in shame and keeping out of the public eye, not using so called good causes to distract people from what an immoral person she actually is. I find her to be creepy and manipulative. She treats people horribly and then uses these media opportunities to try to distract from her real character and conduct. She figures playing saint Angie long and hard enough will make people forget what she is really like. If she really wants to make a contribution, instead of jet setting all over the place while dragging the media behind her and eating spiders, she should take her little clan where needed, roll up her sleeves and commit to a decade or so of real work. Oh, and Angie, you don’t need to keep stopping and posing for pictures if you take it as an opportunity to do some real work instead of as an opportunity to get your face in the media yet again.

Nothing will go right for her until she quits her evil pursuits. She knows what they are. It doesnt matter how much good she does when she puts the same effort towards evil. She is a spoiled child who needs her a $$ kicked.


it's about her choices, she makes bad choices!

Its hard to take her seriously when she buys babies in bulk.

Liberals are always stupid and hypocrites

She should then move to anywhere else but the United States.

Another one that thinks she is important !

she is coming down with the nancy pelosi syndrome called mentally retarded

look at her, see what all that hate does!

Go and buy some more kids Angie.

I wonder if she adopted and more kids along the way

Who the heck is she ?

ugh she just needs to go away

she should shut her botox lips up

Man, she's not aging well.

She is a reptilian globalist. Shame on her.

she is a UN puppet doesnt speak for any country

They never seem to be at school unless they're home tutored.

She has mental issue.

Awful woman. Messed up kids.

Haven't seen creepy James for a while - where's he at?????

How is it her large staff is always unseen in photos? Do they exit another door, walk 50 ft behind, what?

Angelina is the worst mother and the most selfish person.

Another ego trip for the old harridan and her unruly brood. Her shameless self promotion never stops.

especially angelina, who reporters have literally confirmed on record that she called them with notice of where she'd be and when, and staged the photos to look impromptu.

I really feel sorry for those kids. No stability whatsoever.

The woman is a narcissist, her needs above all others. Other mothers tend to put the needs of their children and families first

Well she's always used her body to get what she wants. Entirely inappropriate, but wouldn't expect anything less from this witch.

i bet she was trying to arouse him with those nipples she is so twisted

Clueless, totally inappropriate. Makes me wonder what values she's teaching her kids.

How trashy and disrespectful. She seems to reverting back to her pre-Brad days.

 Jolie is a libtard freak. There are thousands of kids in the US up for adoption but her ever more notable inferiority complex precludes her from adopting Americans. There is no question that she knew about this underhanded BS regarding her adopted orphans. Money, say no more.

She needs to have a father/daughter talk with her dad and get her head back on straight. Nobody wants to see children suffer but the UN is one of the main reasons these kids are suffering in the first place.

These "celebrity" people are perhaps the very worst examples of humanity -- in how they conduct their lives -- how they view commitments and values that regular people understand -- having not just one or two, but often many failed marriages. Their "content of character" by and large fails even a brief examination. They live their lives in many ways by the virtues expressed in the fiction that scripts their work. They are the least qualified citizens to have an audience for their twisted opinions -- and they ought to just sit down and shut their embarrassing pie-holes.

She's one of the most mentally unstable loons in Hollywood. Has anyone forgotten she wore a necklace containing one of her ex-husbands' blood? She's completely out of touch with reality and needs psychiatric help, not encouragement of her delusions.

Um. She was speaking at a special thingy to honor a u n worker that was killed in Bagdad 2003... I'm gonna say that again, slowly... A so called peacekeeping guy was killed on a peacekeeping mission- in Iraq. But she wants the U.S. to stay in the U.N.- wait for it- so we can take in more refugees....
Wow. 😲. Just- wow

How many refugees are living in her mansion?

Maybe just the ones she has adopted.

She's not real bright even though she thinks she is

She dims the Hollywood lights just by breathing.

This ignorant asshat tongued kissed her brother, had a very public adulterous affair, is in drag out fights with some family, many exes, & many former employees, and is currently in an ugly divorce battle while the ink on her marriage license is barely dry. If she can't deal with her own life, how about she stop telling us what to do. Maybe if she spent less time being a globetrotting trollop and spent more time with family and her Bible, she wouldn't be in such turmoil.

coming from the weirdo who made out with her brother, wore a vial of blood around her neck and had a carousel in lieu of furniture in her livingroom (prior to having 100 children)

My question is this.....How do these hacks even get a platform to speak at political events and functions? Also, they adopt from other countries when there are kids here who need homes. Why? Oh yeah, so they can pretend to be some sort of heros. Just plain nuts!

All that silicone has destroyed her brain......Just listen, when she opens her mouth stupid rolls out all over the place.....

She has no thought of or respect for American lives first.

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