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Interesting how maddox has stopped wearing his vile white chapel shirts and multi colored mohawks.
I'm thinking she wants him to look younger and more innocent now that she has accused pitt of abusing the kids.
When he was dressed the way he was before it lends a person to think he's the sort of kid that would probably start the fight or fight back viscously.
But now look at him...
Innocent as a little baby, ain't he?

Yeah, and she would have had that if Pitt never picked her up, right?

I don't think she was at Bucks, all we see here is her and Maddox exiting Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel. And then the pic of some car entering the Bucks gates. She wouldn't take the so called private tour, because there is a ton of people on it and she wants everybody to think that she just popped in to drink some tea with Queen.

she no longer needed Pitt around, she got what she needed from him & cut ties.

to basically get the kids & make sure Pitt had zero claim over them, she wants them for herself & solely on her terms, no ties or reliances on anyone else. She wants to be able to go anywhere at the drop of a hat & use the kids how she pleases. Perhaps Pitt had even started objecting to how the kids were used & what career path the kids should be on, coz clearly Jolie has PLANS for these kids & she's not going to let anyone else ruin those plans.

No doubt that her children "serve" purposes other than photo ops.

It is why she collected so many and will no doubt acquire more. Look at madonna adopting two young children when she's pushing 60 for chrissake. Evil madness.

Look at Maddox's duck walk. His splayed toes are pointing in opposite directions. That poor kid is as awkward and ungainly as his mother.

Amazing how smug an unemployed, deeply unpopular woman can look, 
And Maddox is just... EW

Never. She will have them roll her out on a stretcher IF is she needs to.

I agree. What actually is she really doing of import? Showing up, taking tours and alerting the press. Once again, she is the one who benefits from her "actions." Certainly not the students she "lectured" with a photo-op. S What is she accomplishing? Hardly heady or important work. She also looks heavily medicated. I think you have to be somewhat stable to be taken seriously. She doesn't look like a major player to me; she looks like an opportunist.

No wonder people comment they look awkward or unkempt. The have no foundation or base. Just props and suitcases.

She's not a professor. A professor means tenured. She's teaching a class. At best, a lecturer.


what qualifies this lady to teach a masters course?!?!

what a joke

there are some individuals who work a lifetime or few to teach at such schools. Yet famously known peeps can do it w/o degrees

because the entire class was all dudes gawking?

She should have been nervous with no credentials to be a professor. My son is 34 and has a Masters Degree. He is a Professor.

Oh please - such an insult to the real teaching professionals who deserve our respect and recognition. #sorrynotsorry

Economics?? Yes please tell us how to live on all that Hollyweird movie money , cause I am sure she has good advice for not wealthy people .

No, just no. Until she holds qualifying credentials in Economics, she has no business lecturing on things that she doesn't even understand fully. That'd be like Jeffrey Garten showing up at Juilliard to lecture on acting, he's an amazing economist, but nothing would be gained in learning how to act.

What?you! Angelina! Ok fine whatever! But....

Hope they fed her. Mom Z

She is NOT looking healthy! Haggard and tired! Maybe....to much on her plate?

She looks terrible

Praying for her she doesn't look well

She looks so thin....she doesn't look well.

Gah, what a poseur. I would be so pissed if I was a student there, paying for an education, and this is the best they could come up with.

that's what all thoz nannies are for, teaching you how to be polite. ..... while mommy drags you around collecting coloring books so she color and doodle while she drools high out of her mind.

She is wasting no time, isn't she? Toystore, book store, Lse, BP :lol: these miserable looking kids have darker eyebags than ever 
It's like catching up all the last year where she was forced to stay indoors and now her inner attention who€e shines in all her fake beauty.

The fillers are holding her up, without, she would crumble.

She held an hour and a half seminar (which it appears not many attended) and had it in Geneva to give it an air of importance it did not have.

She is all about image and making herself look important and smart. It does not matter if anything was actually accomplished as long as she comes out looking that way.

Poor sad spooky old lonely lady, even the only thing that left for her, attention seeking, No one give to her. Poor poor thing. She wondering every where in london like crazy nuts hoping some one to give her a great exposure, But non

“We live in a world where tens of thousands, often hundreds of thousands can be raped,” Jolie said in her remarks at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Really? Gee, if she hadn't said that, I wouldn't be aware :roll: How about child tr afficking? Know anything about that?
I know, she is so ridiculous. It's like she wakes up to something so basic and then honestly thinks no one else has ever known that before.

You do realize this particular theme of "r**** in war zones" as her "pet cause" was chosen SPECIFICALLY for its "connection" to perverted and degenerate sex, and the "line of thinking" it inspires in degenerate minds. And let's face it: politicians are a DEGENERATE LOT. That way, she (and her "cause"!) would be SURE to "create interest" in the minds of many FOREIGN POLITICIANS (the kind she is INTENDED to meet!) and they would of course approach her (the Hollywood degenerate) pretending interest in her "cause". THAT would then be the commencement of their DOWNFALL, because they will have then "entered the black widow's web"! People REALLY need to read "The Satanic Witch"; they would recognize Jolie's methods IMMEDIATELY. It's like a "Handbook for Conniving Hoes", and I wouldn't doubt for a MINUTE, that the CIA bases their "sex operative" handbook on its methods!

She 's not an artist
She's not a great actress
She's not a great director(Like Nolan)
So all she can do is Talking..

If Angie is so great why do they feel the need to come here and scream? It's only when something is wrong you react( that's what made this board as I understand).

More like 11 Loons in full bloom.

11 students LSE for Jolie

Look how the maniac is clawing into Shi's hand forcing her to display the toy the correct way and Shi looking so heartbreakingly sad.
I say it again. Sadist could have made a great proff dog handler.

It's lost prestige thanks to her being asked to guest lecture anyway.

11 snowflakes

Good luck stopping it. Talk, talk, talk.

Don't be fooled by the Uni's name, it's not an actual School for Economics where people go there want to become economists, it does do economics but it's not solely focused on economics, it is however only focused on social sciences, so you wouldn't go there to study something like medicine & become a doctor, you wouldn't go there for maths or physics. It does have a good reputation for these areas since it's basically the only uni in UK that focuses on them solely & is heavy on research focus so is popular for anyone doing post-graduate study in something like political science or whatever. Some though consider it to be a bit lightweight if they don't put much stock in social sciences generally, some people value a degree in one of the classic subjects, others find value in these social sciences degrees & don't consider them academic fluff.
No idea whatsoever what Jolie's little venture here adds to anyone's research or degree (I see why the Uni want her there, a nice bit of PR & an increase in tuition fees I'm sure :wink: ) but no idea exactly how her appearance ties into anything of worth or if it's literally just a visiting lecture that students can go to or not & it's purely for interest's sake rather than being part of any aspect of their study or research. I know I read Jolie & Hague set up a year long post-grad research degree at LSE of some kind back in 2012 or 13 but heard absolutely nothing since then, no graduates, no research from it, no people coming out saying woop I got the Jolie degree! I personally think LSE jsut signed them up for PR purposes, they signed up to give themselves legitimacy & promote themselves & it's all actually irrelevant.

 Didn't she adopt her kids so they didn't have to eat bugs

The Killing Fields is an amazing and heartwrenching movie about the Cambodian genocide under Pol Pop, 1/4 of his population were murdered. I may see the movie Angelina just made but I doubt it will be as good as the Killing Fields.

That's it Jolie you've realised that trying to taint Brad Pitts name has done more harm than good so back peddling now to be more "humanitarian" won't get you any movie contracts too soon.

Ya she ate the bugs and ran to puke it out ....... just to get attention now .. I am afraid Angelina u were once a wonderful actress but I think behind closed doors .. you are quite a different lady... hmmm bugs really .......

Cambodians; "tell her we ate bugs for 4 years to survive..I'll bet she'll eat bugs..hahaha!"

I bet the kids wish, brad got custody ...

She's a lunatic

we are british and we can not get a tour in

 After the horribleness she accused her soon to be ex-husband you cannot just look at her the same again. The good image is tainted worst broken like a mirror. And she have too much on her plate.

When hoe teaches you economy , of course she could attend Queen's ball . . .

I worried she might raid the palace empty?

She's a nut job.

Parents pay arms and legs to put their children in this expensive uni to get an uneducated lecturer. #RipOff

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