Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The 'rehab my image' tour continues. Nope still don't like her.

America loving? Then why live outside the country and keep pushing the importation of refugees on the rest of us, you don't have to deal with them, why should we.

It's procedures. It is so obvious that she has had A LOT of work done recently. She is starting to look cartoonish and she's entering Meg Ryan/ ReneeZelleweger territory now.

Get a load of the eyebrow pencil job

That's for damn sure! We are seeing a veritable BLITZ of Camp Events right now. I'm half expecting to see the Ho flying over Westminster in a Spitfire with a flying jacket and a pair of goggles on!

it's ho image rehab time.

we all no how bad she wants to be a Brit

she's waiting for her british citizenship.

I think she's afraid of disappearing and literally cannot imagine a life without a viewership. One big dramatic appearance after another.

narcists don't like being upstaged by prettier people

when the people and her audience is not lovine her specially now the love for her is gone she always turns to her HUMANITARIAN ACT. That's her kind of game.

She still thinks very highly of herself....Wasn't that last ego bath movie enough. Look Angie, you are like sooooooo last century. No one cares. We've moved on to better things now. Please go away.

Whilst it was probably a great speech written for her, unfortunately she's destroyed her own credibility to deliver it

She's a bad actress, all she can do is read someone else's speech

You're also a jealous and spiteful women who apparently has no qualms about making false statements against the father of your children and using them as bargaining tools. Just the impression I get.

Used to like her but since her separation, a different side to her has been revealed that is less than savoury and she has become a whole lot harder to have any sort of liking for.

 She doesn't give up . Desperately keep trying . It is true what her biographer told a year ago : she is determinate to enter British Royal family somehow , because of her obsession with princess Dianna . She forgot she will be never like Lady D , even one percent of her greatness .

She is zombificated NWO heartless pawn .

 Why she speak there? Who is she? Stupid mother not her children, bad actress and ugly woman. Each human like she, ms or mr Nobody can speaking in UN?

Oh but try as she might !!!! Isn't one of those princes divorced I bet you she is gunning for him Fergies ex prince Husband

You mean 'globalist'. You can be a proud nationalist or a globalist.
You can't be both.
It's not possible.
The two are mutually exclusive.
You are an entertainer.
Stick to entertaining.

She can try to be royal n dress smart hut she will always be trash

I believe you are one or the other. Unless you mean you born an American, but seek to destroy America and let the world take us over.

Translation - loves living in a world where you can buy kids lol

She does look dreadful, her eyes are dazed. Looking so much like Cruella

...what peace !!!? She an actor, nothing more...

Crazy woman. Been certified in the past.

The globalists will be defeated, regardless of what silly figureheads they trot out.

 The anger and hate in her eyes. She can't hide that. Little miss perfect isn't so.

I am definitely not a Internationalist.

an actress,,, she is just acting.. this is what she gets paid for,,

 Old hag needs to be in jail for child alienation shes a phony muppet

You cannot be an internationalist and a proud american at once, You either love your country or hate it, Internationalism is another name for Communism

 Is that why most of her children are adopted from abroad ??????????????

Don't be fooled

She looks ill is what she looks

 You mean globalist working for the corrupt international institution promoting it.

What happened to her face, look so unnatural

Illuminati is a nationalist?

Another rich clueless libtard

mental issues and $$

Degenerate Jolie has nothing to say.

And she makes really bad movies.

She is a blood drinking globalist.

Before she starts banging on - the whole world has contributed to Africa and where does the money go ? International aid, charities, tv comedy charities tv telethons and stuff, must be billions over the last four decades ? Where has It gone , certainly not on the people It was Intended for ....

her foreheads too shiny

 i think how she handled the situation is whats more disgusting as opposed to brad. So since people can only go based in what they do see or do hear, what we did see and hear was horrible.

Good people open your eyes! if brad hadnt asked for those documents to be sealed we would still be hearing of their privates because of her

I thought Jolie was an actress. I didn't realize that she had a say in how the UN is ran or what needs to be done about it. What makes her opinion more valid than anyone else's, including the President? Oh, that's right, she is another "internationalist" bleeding liberal. I guess that means we should listen, because whatever a Hollywood elistist say MUST be important. LOL!!!!!!!

I, myself, would like to see the U.N. moved out of the U.S. and set in Geneva or Brussels.
Most of the countries involved are from the Eastern Hemisphere anyway. And many of these "diplomats" are anything but.

UN = FIFA on steroids. Corruption, Injustice, and of course: anti-US and Israel policies across the board.

Of course she's pro-UN, they gave her a nice title and pay her to travel around.

Plus they let her have little blacks from around the world for trophies.

She is a joke!

Typical Uber-Liberal stance; she, like most of her ilk, are fine with globalism, as long as they don't live on her street.

Give them your money.

She is one of the most self centered people there is and talks in contradictions. How can you be a proud American and an internationalist?? She has an strong sense of self importance and that everyone will follow her-sure! Maybe they will follow her and have been following her ideas and that is why we are in such a mess today. Miss Self Serving as she takes it to the max. She stays out of America most of the time except when it comes to picking up her check. She lives on the back of Americans and always has.She is one of these people who do not believe in borders except for her home as she keeps it secret and well guarded.Give all your money away and live like the rest of us then you might have some little crediability.

She is a poster child for perception management. She is not what she presents herself to be as few of these actresses and actors are as they USE the system and then knock it.

Without the United States there is no United Nations.

A professor? really.. stop the world I wanna get off

Wow her kid looks just like her the plastic tramp with her silly Thai tattoos she has no clue what they mean she makes me sick.

Well we aren't proud of her!

She's so lady-like and properly attired for the dignified event and then she raises her arm to brush away some hair and there's that giant tattoo she got with Billy Bob when she was snorting heroine.

Oh dear this is becoming embarrassing - please go away and sort your own life out.

recent statistics show that her campaign has done more harm than good. She is a UN shill, it's a tragedy that she is facilitating their agenda in the Middle East.

Eat something woman! J-lo is the same age as you and looks 40 years younger!

PP team works good. Fake woman, dont belive her....

I hope giving up her secure and, probably for her, boring life was worth it in order for her to become a Mother Theresa and maybe have a building named after her for all the "hard" humanitarian work she does whenever she has some spare time.

perhaps if she gave the re fugees 3/4 of her 40 million it would help more than sp eeches

Yawn.........who cares ! From what point of reference does she speak ?? Anorexic, tattooed, uneducated, teenage rebel, bi sexual, emotionally unstable crazy female ! I mean, for God's sake, she used to carry her 2nd - or was it her 3rd - husband's blood in a phial around her neck !

Nothing radiant here. Just a vile selfish very stupid human.

America loving? Then why live outside the country and keep pushing the importation of refugees on the rest of us, you don't have to deal with them, why should we.

She threw in 'America loving' to soften her anti-nationalist speech. Her speech lauds global elitism and an end to patriotism. Then she tipped the papers to include 'America loving' in the headline to throw her fans off the scent of her Fabian indoctrinated theories. We should be worried about her type of politicking. She is the new face for the worse aspects of globalism.

The 'rehab my image' tour continues. Nope still don't like her.

she is a UN shill. There is nothing humanitarian about their policies. She is their new poster girl and we should be worried about that, not praising it.

Whilst it was probably a great speech written for her, unfortunately she's destroyed her own credibility to deliver it

Why should anybody listen to this woman? She's destroying her own family, the father of her children - she's a wannabe Mother Teresa and her fans are idiots.

It still annoys me that Jolie has been made an honorary dame by the Queen. She's a fake humanitarian who flies to Syria etc. for photo opportunities.

And is calling herself a 'Professor'. She barely finished high school. Everyone else needs to have their masters to lecture. What makes me even more mad is some idiot will eventually give her an honorary degree. People see her face and they go googoogaga over it and listen to whatever she wants. I remember the media declaring that Angelina was 'highly intelligent' and thats why she had to transfer to a different highschool to finish, which is total BS, she got her GED at 16 because she was going on auditions and modeling!


She is so fake.

She is so vain...

What does she know about peace and security? she started a war with her husband and broke her own home.

She's weirdly attracted to all the extreme issues, like war, violence, etc, which are of course important but she seems to have no idea that domestic policies can do just as much if not much more good simply because you actually have control. I think she's just obsessed with the saviour, messianic line, which is quite infantile.

Her children certainly have little experience of peace and security. Dragged around to feed her ego. Shameful.

Actually she looks old. She is still trying hard to rebuild her images. lol

Her face is frozen from all the botox

Cannot abide this false woman. She really thinks she's Saint angelina doesn't she? Far, far from it.

Botox and filler injections are her new and only friends.

And haircolor

Certainly not the humanitarian she professes to be

I really dislike how she uses the displaced, impoverished and most vulnerable for blatant embellishment of her own image and self interest.

Just can't stand the disingenuousness. Always manufacturing her image and trying to control it. Just be natural. And leave your poor kids out of the pap walks and the constant circus around the world, for pete's sake. Call the paps when you're alone and let's see how your image holds without the struggling-single-mother angle.

Maybe she should focus on making " peace ",with her ex husband and giving him access to his children ...for the children's because angie it is not all about you and meeting your own needs ...

Maybe she should focus on making " peace ",with her ex husband and giving him access to his children ...for the children's because angie it is not all about you and meeting your own needs ...

If you look at the itinerary for this event, its basically just "Angelina gives a speech". How much does she pay to play up this mother earth image? Yeah she goes to war torn countries, but she brings a boat load of photographers. Wearing headscarfs like she's some mother Theresa. You can watch an interview of her on the red carpet at the Kung Fu panda 3 premiere and the interviewer asks her about Amal, and Angelina glares at this woman, like how dare you ask me about her. She hates her lol.

I am looking at her and realzing that she is the only actress I know who brings her ac into real life, as in she is trying to act like a good person in the world while that isn't true. The world is her stage now and many people are playing parts in her movie without even knowing it. SMH

I think she's afraid of disappearing and literally cannot imagine a life without a viewership. One big dramatic appearance after another.

parents who divorce are what destroys a family. They could have taken the high (and dare I say grown-up) route and worked their problems out, showing their children how to behave towards other people, especially the ones you purport to love. She's selfish and a bad example.

For goodness sake look at her exhausted, miserable children with their under-eye shadows, hiding behind their cuddly toys when she drags them out for yet another pre-arranged papstroll. She looked triumphant and ecstatic to be getting attention yesterday, while they looked confused and intimidated. She is the worst kind of celeb mother and dedicated to her own PR and cravings for fame.

She turned out to be a mean vindictive woman who wants to cut her children's father out of their lives. Go eat some food Angelina, it might improve your personality

She has a PHD in stupidity.

Well, she couldn't finish high school, so yes.

Why did she get a private touring the Palsce?! Queue up and pay like everyone else

She is a UN shill, the poster girl for global elitism and the face of a huge plan to empty the oil-rich Middle East. Her craving for fame and recognition makes her the perfect Manchurian candidate to front the racket. Then she will be placed in the House of Lords to disrupt the people's backlash against glabalism. Her personality disorder makes her the perfect puppet - just look how delighted she is with all the attention. She is the attractive and famous face for a new global evil. Her children are just props, no matter how exhausted and confused they look, they are trotted out for her pre-arranged papstrolls. It is all very worrying and I hope that our last remaining upright politicians have the moral strength to combat it.

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