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You're also a jealous and spiteful women who apparently has no qualms about making false statements against the father of your children and using them as bargaining tools. Just the impression I get.

Don't doubt she has enough on-field experience but her personal ethics problems (lying about involvement with married men and trying to take down her husband in public in a big way) overshadow this. Also, this egomaniac lives her life to produce PR outcomes. Always incredibly image conscious and I don't think she can tell the difference between feeling genuinely motivated to help refugees, etc, vs feeling genuinely moved at the idea of her own saintliness.

Lecturing on peace, and yet her house is still on fire lol

Lecturing on peace, yet her house is in chaos haha

she's a globalist mouthpiece not a human rights ambassador whatever title they may have given her

spending a few days in a country for a photo opportunity does not give you FIRST HAND experience of poverty and suffering, please get a reality check !!

she travelled the world in a glided bubble, whisked from one photo-op to the next, shaking hands and smiling sweetly. She trots out some leftie sound bites and gets ushered into a lefie uni as an icon of knowledge!

What does Angelina Jolie acting and laxatives have in common? Both can irritate the absolute crap out of you!

Going in there with an army of photographers and the protection of the UN and with a notebook in hand, Field experience is something entirely different and takes a lot of guts and self sacrifice to attain.

I thought the London School of Economics was a highly respected academic institution. Guess not.

She's lecturing on peace and security. Raise you hand if you are laughing ~

politically correct propaganda factory for champagne socialism.

Economics is a pseudo-science anyway, not far removed from Astrology

It is all theory based on the unrealistic and idealised world of free market forces.

They only exist to push their "agendas" on the public with hired actors pretending to be something else politically.

Its a socialist training camp with internation undergrads and mature postgrad students mainly. The take token btech business students if the are from London too. UCL and Imperial are the top unis in London

LSE always has been a bit of a joke, remember Yes Minister and the way Humphrey took the mickey out of Hacker because he went to the LSE

Until they started selling degrees instead of expecting students to earn them.

Blame William Hague, Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton. They help her and they want her to become a UK politician.

I'd say that Hague's just quietly in love with her, gazing at her when he can. Helic & Dalton are a different matter. They want her limelight and her cash. Unfortunately for Brad, Angelina didn't realize the two women set out to undermine the marriage so they can be her closest "friends".

She even pays Helic and Dalton salary because they have a foundation together. She's a lonely woman with paid friends.

Oh pls. The are impressedby AJ's visit. these are just average post grads for third rate unis who go to the LSE for the name as theyy didnt have the brains to get into any top uni as undergrads. its undergraduate entry when grades matter not post grads but these idiots think know will notice

she's bonkers

Ethics are part of any job criteria, especially those with some public interest element in it (law, accounting, med, education). She's been confirmed to have lied about not getting involved with married men, and her leaks and attempted take-down of the father of her kids is another mark on the ethical side. Egomaniac obsessed with her image and it's all about her in the end.

Surely, she is only a visiting lecturer? Perhaps her media people have upgraded her! She does not have the academic qualification to be a professor! If I was paying for a Masters Course at the LSE i would be requesting a partial refund of my course fee if they are paying her!

Her bff and secret lover William Hague arranged for her that she will be allowed to teach at LSE this fall.

I bet Hague and Jolie sleep with each other, she likes married man.

the public comments she made and had others make about Brad being a lousy father and even abusing the older boys was so low of her. Brad has through the court gotten all comments about the children sealed now but this woman's image will always be tainted for me. As for lecturing as a professor about economics and women, surely with her millions she is out of touch with the majority of women around the world fighting to just be able to feed their families.

This woman is patently unqualified to be teaching at the London School of Economics. She certainly doesn't have the qualifications for admittance as a student.

Since when a MENTAL ILLNESS can lecturing?? lol

'Professor in Practice' - interesting title but what does it mean? What qualifications does she have for the role of professor - acting, selling perfume, yes she's done charitable work but how does that tie in with lecturing as 'professor' at the LSE?

The first mention of brother/lover for a while. Maybe they got in a riff over daddy. No doubt she's banned JV from their lives. He has strong, public political opinions that contradict her agenda of entering into UK politics. NOBODY will be allowed access to those kids without being fully vetted by the ho first. They are under her talons for life. Way to embrace true diversity there, slore.

High school drop out lectured on "Women, Peace, and Security" - yeah, she can't even offer peace and security to her own children, dragging them all around the world and turning them against their father. And she's taken away the female aspects of one of them to fit her own PC agenda. What a joke.

She is manic right now. She isn't pacing herself. Bought and paid for opportunities, events, and private tours are very expensive. This is why Pitt wants the kid's money in trusts and not under her control. She is fantasizing about moving into that palace. She has long term aspirations to be the actual queen. In her own mind she already has her foot in the door just by being there. She's delusional to the core, and as long as she pays she is humored. The people profiting from it just take her money and smile.

IF they were going to the Palace, you would think Maddox could have dressed a bit more respectably. Then again, I guess since he's not wearing Whitechapel gear, he considers himself dressed up. That hair and stache are awful.

Why just Maddox? Surely some of the other kids would have liked to see the palace? She's insufferable.

She is all about image and making herself look important and smart. It does not matter if anything was actually accomplished as long as she comes out looking that way.

So that group of 11 snowflakes was it after all 

just as i thought, a bunch of snowflakes

Mrs. Bonkers. At. The. Fax. Machine. Again.
Yes, she has everything. Including a state of the art fax machine.

"I am with you for life"
God help them.

Sounds like organized crime to me.....

Thanks for exposing the narcissist.

This was one helluva sales pitch. It's as if she's telling them that she has no intention of going anywhere even if they prefer it. Her coven has their work cut out for them arranging vanity events for her to feel important. Keeping her ego on a high truly is their job now. If they fail, the mental crash and retreat back into her bedroom will be inevitable.

Diverting funds from refugee projects to The Jolie Camp Event Projects to Enhance Ho's PR. Refugees etc. better learn to do with less because Jolie needs accolades and lots of Photo Ops all over the place and none of that comes cheap with private planes and four star hotels, etc.

Pitt's laughing his arse off at her coven. It's their job now to keep her satisfied and happy with lots of camera time.

The more the camera numbers and angle , the more her butterfly happiness will jump

She is going to bankrupt herself eventually. I think these two women are extremely talented cons. They can think circles around her and are just as wicked as she is. She's met her match made in hell. Once she has no more to offer they will be gone with the $.

Jolie is the one who accepts the accolades as the great humanitarian. What she is, is an attention grabbing wh0re who hasn't accomplished one thing for any of the causes she attempt to champion. Nothing has changed for any of the causes she uses for her own purposes. Nothing at all. She says it herself. The only one who benefits is Jolie.

Here, provided exclusively to Vanity Fair, is the full text of Jolie’s address, as prepared for delivery. Chloe Dalton
Editor: Arminka Helic

They both earned their ~$400k today.

Thomas Paine and Roosevelt? If you asked her about history, she would be clueless. She probably thinks Paine is still living. This speech was clearly written for her. Man, would I love to corner her and ask her about Paine's philosophical and political theories! She's such a joke!

Er, Thomas Pain was a revolutionary, why is she referencing him in a speech like this? :think:
I am sure you are right, she probably has NO CLUE about his philosophies. Tw@t.

She barely looks up from that speech too. Must be tough to just stand behind a podium and read someone else's words.

I think however it is a lot more important to identify the 'rising tide of false abuse claims and child abusers masquerading as mothers'

'no shortcut to peace and security' and there is no shortcut to getting full custody of the kids jolie.

You only graduated from high school! Go back to school for the next 8 years and earn a degree or two (without help from your girlfriends) and then maybe you'll have the credentials to give a speech or two.

Tell the truth someone wrote that in your hs yearbook didn't they?

She is a fake, I don't believe anything she says

What good have you done to the world all you saying nasty things about her?


She has aged quickly, and those tattoos. I don't care what she says her vibration is contrasting. Ewww

As plastic as a tupperware party

hahaha she is still trying to save her damaged reputations.

We know what an act this all is. She's angling for some saint angie saves the world official title and job.

America loving? Then why live outside the country and keep pushing the importation of refugees on the rest of us, you don't have to deal with them, why should we.

Nothing radiant here. Just a vile selfish very stupid human.

UNITED NATIONS exist fully to feed the hungry ego's of the people in position. Without refugees they will be just like pretending superheroes, thinking too highly of themselves.

The United Nations is not a country
Somebody give this woman a medal! What would we do without her to educate and inform us all?!

How can these people sit and listen to that crap? I guess they're used to being spoon fed shlt and believe it themselves. If these people all pooled their salaries together, and the crooked funds they receive, there would be far fewer refugee camps.

Translation - loves living in a world where you can buy kids lol

She's a bad actress, all she can do is read someone else's speech

It is all just ONE BIG CON and this kind of globalist propagandist shite is what FEEDS it.

What is the point of her wearing these dresses that cost thousands of dollars apiece? She's still a rotten old skank underneath it all. 
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

Somebody got happy with the eyebrow pencil. Is it just me, or do her eyes look darker, like she's wearing darker contact lenses? Pretty soon, she'll have black hair and brown eyes like a certain amal clooney

Thank you, I noticed there is something so off about her face the last two PR ops even more so than usual. The eyebrows are drawn in too low or is this an effect of her last procedures?

Well, one thing is for sure......JUDY SMITH IS WORKING OVER TIME.

It's all in the tone, inflection, and presentation!  "Always Be Closing" (Glengarry Glen Ross)

She is manic right now. She isn't pacing herself. Bought and paid for opportunities, events, and private tours are very expensive. This is why Pitt wants the kid's money in trusts and not under her control. She is fantasizing about moving into that palace. She has long term aspirations to be the actual queen. In her own mind she already has her foot in the door just by being there. She's delusional to the core, and as long as she pays she is humored. The people profiting from it just take her money and smile.

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