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Speaking by phone, Yim Tith confirmed to a Phnom Penh-based journalist working for Mail _ that he reluctantly sold his land to Jolie after being pressured by government officials who warned him the land would be requisitioned for a wildlife reserve if he did not.
'I didn't want to sell, but the government told me they would take control of the land if I did not,' he said, confirming the deal for the first time. 'We decided to accept the offer for little money and leave rather than be forced to leave with no money at all.'

Who cares ?

She looks terrible.

Yuck she's horrible wicked witch

Shes a freak.

Team Brad

Brad fine, jen is his good friend no more than that!

The "saintly" Angelina really does have too much money and no idea how to put it to good use.

Her cultural appropriation is reaching monumental levels

One can only hope that she moves there permanently and that we never hear or see her again!

The heat and humidity there is unbearable. Mosquito-borne diseases too. Kids will get sick.

How will she get from Cambodia to the streets of Calcutta?

The people of Richmond, where she was recently rumoured to be buying a house, breathe a sigh of relief as AJ opts for war criminals home in Cambodia instead.

A huge drop in prestige for Guerlain, hiring her.

Guerlain, you just lost me

I love Guerlain but the last thing I want in a scent is for it to be associated with a celebrity. Especially this one!

Evil home.w.r.e.c.k.e.r

I wonder what poor sap she will get her claws into next?

Ha ha. Great sarcasm!

She is an agent of NWO. She couldn't give a cr4p about the Kymer Rouge victims. She is CFR.

She's wants to take her young children to live in a place where child trafficking is running wild. Crazy woman who doesn't think of her kids.

She's buying a patch of land for a few thousand dollars from a former commander in the Khmer Rouge. Everyone that was in the Khmer Rouge is probably a mass murderer.

She's very beautiful, but I just don't think of her in the same way after how she has handled her divorce.

Me neither. So over her

Oh yes, that personality kills everything, I just don't find her pretty anymore.

After all of the smoking, drinking, and drugs this woman has done in her years there's no way that her skin is that flawless without Botox, fillers, Photoshop, and plastic surgery. She just has a really good surgeon. Still so phony

She's most self-serving and deluded person out of the whole Hollywood bunch. Very strange (and not in a good way) woman.

Its more like an advert on a dating site than a perfume. This isn't selling a scent, its selling Angelina

welcome to advertising 101

How much photos shopped, because we have seen how she really looks now.

The wonders of photoshop.

Its a beautiful advert, no doubt. But buyers are looking Beyond the face. Not sure Angelinas going to help Guerlain sell the fragrance. They might be more successful selling it as a room freshner.

Watched the ad and she is not a very good actress. Comes across as who she really is... a phoney.

What's the new fragrance called? 'Marriage wrecker'? 'Nutjob by Guerlain'?


Looks like she needs money and perfume, she's been rather odoriferous this past year.

Hopefully she can fill the property with refugees. Plenty of space for them there! All IMO.

Considering that she is an insecure, twisted individual who has difficulty relating to the real world.

Their children are home-schooled, so can't imagine they have any friends outside of their siblings. You wonder that their children in the years to come will find it hard to form relationships and have trust issues due to the way they were brought up. And with Brad now out of the picture on a daily basis, any semblance of 'regular life' has probably gone out of the window.

I wouldn't buy a perfume inspired by her, wonder what madness, bitterness and self importance smell like

Funy, my hubby fan to angie bfore but after she attack brad in divorce case hubby so mad of angie & fan to jennifer now lol but i always fan to jennifer so wont buy an evil angie perfume!

 All she ever wanted was a life with her kids, she was never girlfriend/wife material. She was always about her kids.

 I always felt that she has never looked good at anytime. Just my opinion.

She looks awful, even with all the make up and lighting.

Professional lighting experts, Photographers, Photoshopping experts, make-up, scenery and prepared poses and angles would make a cows bum look good

She is a whack job! Yesterday's news.

 Shes a freak.

 amazing what money and a make-up artist can do to a skeletal whore.

She looks terrible.

She needs alot of help

instead of bothering asking where Brad Pitt was that oscars night YOU should be asking  where was the other Producer Dede Gardner that night bcoz it was only Jeremy Kleiner from PLAN B and Adele Romanski. This 3 are the executive producers for Moonlight: Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner.

And he is the only one who had any sanity

 She's a horrible mother. Any parent who would make false allegations against the other parent to get ahead in divorce court does not deserve full custody of their kids. I have lost all respect for her.

 I'm sooooo tired of her playing the victim. She's so manipulative and psycho!

 You'll know when a relationship is right for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life.

I hate her. So so much!

HIS games?? Lol. Ok Elite..

 lol fuck her

Are you kidding me?

In the ad, it looks like urine in a test tube, so there you go. Jolie peed on a stick, and voila, mon guerlain. Maybe it's a drug test

A famous advertising wizard, David Ogilvy, had a saying. "It isn't creative if it doesn't sell." They've already blown it. The product is not Miraval, it's not Angelina Jolie. It's the damn perfume, which was barely mentioned. It's amazing how hard it can be to convince these high end clients to understand that simple concept.

The advertisement is being clicked on so people can laugh about how pretentious it is. This is the same reason why people rented By The Sea. They heard it was terrible but wanted to see just how terrible for themselves. I heard there was a drinking game that involved taking a drink every time Jolie sighed, moaned, or screamed.

So today they launched her L'eau de ho.
Alrighty then...must reek of ego and desperation.

She is forcing them to sell a place they have been living fir 20 years. That woman is a

This is enough land to build a city for refugees. Time to put your money where your mouth is crazy Angie.
I have a feeling that she has no intention of returning the children to California. She always has to get her own way and the spoiled Bleet wants to prove to Brad that she doesn't have to answer to him about anything- especially HER children. It always has to be all about her and being above the rules of society.

She is as shady as they come.
Ta Tith is responsible for the deaths of about 600,000 people, but reportedly received $25,000 from the ho to vacate the huge patch of land where she and HER children now spend holidays. Don't forget, it also doubles as a compound for her charity "MJP Foundation".

Ho "makes" a movie about the killing fields incident, then buys property from a guy who was responsible for it? Hypocrite psycho.

I don't know how anyone can look at her and think of her as charitable after what she did.
Oh she is just donating it to her foundation... then will use it for expenses. Same old tricks.

She's Nothing special
I dont know why people say that she is the most beautiful women in the world 

The crazy continues....she has bought a swath of land and thatched hut as part of a new purchase of land adjacent to the so called " paradise" she purchased prior, looking like a dank jungle to most. This glorious purchase comes from the Khmer Rouge, yes you read right that's who she is doing business with.
Looks like a breeding ground for mosquitoes, disease and tarantulas, but is the new vacay hideaway for Jolie and her kids.
See the pix of this " paradise"-- pix at DM.
# Crazy continues

She buys a house from a killer and has a bug buffet with her children. Everything is peachy in Angie-land.

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