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Wait a minute, another Hollywood Elitist is invited to the UN to speak. Sniffle, sniffle, now head back to your gated home in your chauffeur driven limo and wait for the chef to prepare dinner, while the maid runs a warm milk bath.
Yup, she knows what the average person thinks.
Shut up.

 Oscar worthy performance she is giving. Oh that's right she has one already for a real movie so real life is easy act for her. Her timing and such on this whole situation screens contrived and planned. I actually feel sorry for Brad in this. And those kids with a nomad life - while educational and a good experience I think it's limiting on the home front and social aspects of same school same bed same stuff - but that's my opinion.

 She is always putting on a show. Don,t believe a word she says


 So now the realty stupid are going to start teaching college?

Oh please....professor?

What's the knowledge of Hollywood actress would give the class???.Understand that she doesn't get any academic degree or even close to. Funny indeed.

How is she qualified? Isn't she a high school drop out?

 Economics in divorce

This woman has always been vile and it seems she'll do anything to deface someone. Honestly, the altercation he has with his son....really? an altercation? Stop it already you evil witch.

She's like an adult bully. Doesn't know when enough is enough. And this other source close to the situation saying the children are traumatized...did they consider the fact that their parents aren't going to be together anymore? That's terrifying for any child. And he was cleared because there was nothing criminal they found that happened. So what is this second source suggesting? That they are clueless? I think so. Sounds like someone is getting upset they aren't getting their way and will do anything to get. Seriously. Drop it. Nothing was found. Grow up and be an adult especially around your kids. My kids dad has nothing to do with them. I think he's scum but I don't tell them that. Why? Because my opinion doesn't matter. They will make up their own minds and they know they can talk to me anytime. So Angelina...I don't care how much you don't think your crap doesn't stink, be an adult and think of those kids.

I am sorry I would never believe a word angelia says. This is a woman who clearly has issues with men and it is due to her on and off relationship with her father. So now Angelina is using the kids as weapons against Brad just to get people to believe what she says. Also if you look at her past relationship with Billy Bob and her strange relationship she has with her brother than those are two more reasons not to believe anything she says. I feel bad for both Brad and the kids because they are both being used. I hope Brand can get custody of the kids in the end because they would be far better off with him than Angelina

She really is on a mission to destroy his superstar status. It's sad that she, along with so many others, has seen fit to use her kids as human weapons and pawns to get her own way. She could only play the role of the perfect human being for so long and apparently her shelf life has expired. Sad sad sad

 She is nuts. She was with him for how long and how many children with him. Divorce should be private especially with children involved and them both being celebrities. It's no one's business and court docs should be private.

This silly woman has a tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton on her arm and she expects me to pay attention to what she has to say about world politics.............. yeah right.

Proud of you brad, i know that you a good dad!

Never a bad dad .she's a pshyco

She cannot have a bad image when her new film is coming out. Angie has never had a relationship in which she has not taken her parnter frim someone else. And then she bad mouths the ex along with her new flame. She can adopt all the kids she wants and.try to be a humanatarian but she is a self coniving witch. This should have never been played out in the media the way she it to make Brad look bad but she thought people would be on her side not so

I hope he can be a part of his children's lives!

This article is misleading it's content did happen when they were still married 2015 so obviously he can still visit the set of the movie of Angelina but fast forward 2017 that's not the situation. For brad to see his kids is not easy anymore after the horribleness of what Angelina accused him which by the way he was cleared of all charges. This article is from her team part of their image/PR rehab for her.

Angie you dont use your mom for perfume marketing specially after slept with her boyfriend, sick woman!

Angie lied again.

Unfortunately she also inherited her mother's vindictiveness against her children's father.

I bet Maddox didn`t like that - he had mummy all to himself, the snake!

Angelina is still calculating and trying to manipulate, but people have seen through her.

Think thats why she is being more reasonable.

an article promoting both angelina's movie AND her new perfume says "we're all happily working together now that brad's "clean living" again"...........and brad's rep denies it, saying he was in cambodia while she was shooting the movie (when they were still together) but not since, and not recently......huh....i wonder where this article could have possibly come from.....GOOOO figure.....

Her PR made up this story to save her images. LOL Brad's rep said NOT TRUE

Brad's rep told Gossip Cop that this is false.

 if he was so horrible why did she continue to have and adopt 57 more kids with him??

i find it odd how angelina's fans call pitt the druggie (ignoring her self-admitted heroin addiction as they do of course) based on an interview where in he said he smoked weed before giving it up in the late 2000s........when of the two, he's the only one who's repeatedly tested clean, and it's never been his pupils with a life of their own in pics....odd.

Gossipcop debunked it. Brad's rep denied it. This is Angelina's desperate PR stunt.

Gossip Cop has already debunked this story. Google: Gossip Cop Brad Pitt Did NOT Secretly Join Angelina Jolie On Recent Trip To Cambodia, Despite Report

not buying anything Angelina sells.

Brad for your own sanity don't go back to her.

What has she done to her face!!!

Botox and filler injections.

This totally sounds like a Jolie camp PR spin....trying to salvage back her image....they could have done more subtle PR for another while to be fair...

 No he isn't. She is. She has more to hide. She ain't foolin this one. .
The fact that she's actively trying to slander the father of her children looks bad. And makes her look like the crazy one. 100%

 Yeah.... after having 3 kids... adopting 3.... brads a bad father? Really? Angelina is CRAZY!!! My opinion.... no haters needed

How sad t is when things turn so ugly, and sometimes things become very evil and manipulative. I am sure it's not in the best interest of the kids or parents to be away from each other, and I am confidant that Brad Pitt is not a child abuser. That being said, how unfortunate that this all gets played out in the public eye, when it's really a family issue and we have no business being involved. Hope for a positive ending to this sad situation.

 She has been a looney toon for years. She always praised him as a father until recently. Now all of a sudden he is abusive? I don't buy it.

Shut up, Angelina! Do you think that it's good for you to be bashing the father of your children in the public eye? You should lose your kids too! You are a obsessed, psycho.

Angelina Jolie is nothing but trouble! I think she's a lunatic. We watched Brad Pitt long before he hooked up with her. The worse thing he did was dump Jen for this cuckoo bird! Angelina on the other hand has been known as a crackpot for a long time!

She's a total b***h who just keeps trying to make him look bad. Yeah he was wrong for cheating years ago, but she's the real evil here & I think most people see that. Stop using the media to hurt him-u are damaging your kids in the process. Be a freaking adult!!! Keep it behind closed doors. Hopefully she can now!!

 Stop it Angie. Go act a movie or something, but just leave Brad alone. Quietly get your divorce and move on. But just stop. Worry about your own rep which I daresay, is in tarters right now.

Is that source Fussy Eye. She is delusional and has been spouting that for awhile. There is one way in and one way out. No one has seen them ever ? Seems odd doesn't ?

No one said he is getting back with her. In fact he denied that on March 23. He also just denied he was Cambodia also on her press tour. Ha ha . So looks like Angelina was planting those .
The website posted an article with the headline, “Brad Pitt Secretly Joined Angelina Jolie and Kids on Recent Trip to Cambodia,” but this isn’t correct. Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Pitt, who exclusively tells us that the actor flew to Cambodia when Jolie “was shooting her film,” but “not recently.”
As Gossip Cop reported, First They Killed My Father premiered in Cambodia in February, during which time Jolie spoke about her divorce from Pitt in a BBC interview. During that same segment, Jolie ate bugs along with her daughter Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox. Pitt, however, was not with Jolie or their children during that recent press trip, and the claim otherwise is incorrect.
Guess he wants nothing to do with her.

She steals the photos from another site. Her ramblings are all fantasy though.

really unhealthy for kids to keep losing daddies.
but maybe to these kids "daddy" is just another word for "hey you".

she'll just try to repair her image with her humanitarian endeavors.

Another fax to make it seem like he was an abusive drunk before, but now he is 'doing very well and living clean'. This came from the ho. She's toned it down to seem less aggressive, but her tone is still there, written all over it. Debunked.

Angelina can only dream Brad take her back. Not going to happen.

Brad's rep denied it. Angelina's PR is trying her hardest to save her damaged images.

She requires the constant attention from her manufactured image. She has no self identity or connection to her "family". She is not motivated by the parental attachment that a normal human being has to their kids. She needs to be in the spotlight and hailed as a great beauty and humanitarian. She is royalty in her own mind and will never stop jamming it down everyone's throats. Unfortunately, being a celebrity, coming up in the Hollywood machine and being Brad Pitt's SO and wife has only compounded her beliefs.

Oh yeah, he quit, and she faxed out this story that it was such hard work that big sister saw what a toll it was taking on him, so she "quietly let him go" out of the goodness of her heart. Try again, Holie, that lie is transparent.
Sure makes him sound weak though, huh? Wonder how brother/lover feels about this story?

My first reaction was, "He's probably too busy resting and having a life once again to care." But I think he's been essentially robotic at this point. Angie speaks. He obeys. He's been told that he's lucky, special, important and should feel honored to clean up her kids messes and put on a uniform and chauffeur her around. (That was the low point for me, when I knew he was utterly broken. WHO asks her own brother to dress in livery?) And after all this time serving Angelina as a babysitter/driver/grocery shopper/cleaner-upper, what else is he capable of doing? It was said that Jamie was enrolled at...one of the California universities, UCLA? I forget...taking film courses and doing well. But that wouldn't do. All of a sudden baby sister started ACT-ING and all focus switched to her. He soon dropped out, I think. Who knows? We already know that no one cares. He became chief minder and *a**a* porter to an obnoxious brat.

The person with the notion that her family be documented as royalty is her. She truly believes that she is a very important queen that is being denied her true crown. She was satisfied with the self appointed title as the queen of Hollywood at first- but it just wasn't enough for her and now that title is completely lost. The press refuses to use it anymore. She likes to play as if she's the queen of Cambodia, but her biggest delusion is that she will be crowned the next queen of England. The true queen is old and Jolie believes Kate Middleton to be beneath her in "blood". In her eyes the tour of Buckingham Palace was just her checking out her future home. She intends to usurp and believes that if she is determined enough that she will succeed because it is her destiny. She will go broke trying. The mental illness Angelina Jolie suffers from is very strong and will follow her to the grave.

These kids are WAY beyond the age to be getting up at night, except on rare occasions when they are sick. And really, a mom should handle that. Kids who have nannies who take care of things like getting up with them at night usually grow up to resent that and tell others mom really wasn't there for them at a time she was needed.

“It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards.”

Again, didn't read this whole thing because the woman is insufferable. For her to say there is nothing else to fear is ridiculous. She has supposedly made all of these medical decisions out of fear and I would say that facing those types of things only makes you realize how fragile life can be.
She is obviously deeply afraid of being alone and standing on her own two feet as evidenced by her constantly needing to be with a man. The tribe of kids she has assembled are basically her back up plan so she doesn't have to ever truly be alone or spend any introspective time on herself. She will mold them all into small visions of her best self and live vicariously thru them; more than likely she will be completely controlling their every move in life.

Mrs. Bonkers. At. The. Fax. Machine. Again.

I didn't get past Angelina Jolie's acting prowess. She doesn't have one film that her contribution was iconic or memorable or will stand the test of time. She was an action star with occasional forays into OTT and poorly acted drama and once a role when she plays herself.
What the powers that be think about her without all the media hoopla is Jolie. Spoiled brat, crazyland insane, rampaging ego, minimally talented, celebrity camp event.

Even if Angelina was the last woman on earth, Brad wouldn't take her back. What a snake she is

No. I've not met Angelina, but I've read enough about her and her treatment of her children to form a solid basis on my dislike of her. Words from her own mouth, not tabloid fodder. It's certainly not jealousy, it's a dislike of someone who thinks it perfectly acceptable to create a sudden perma-family and expect them all to fit in with her narcissistic idea of motherhood.
Of course she's spoilt. Her mother saw to that. She has no actual talent to base it on. Many in Hollywood see it the same way. Why did Brad get a standing ovation at the GGs and there has been literally no support for her since? It's nothing to do with her asserting herself, please don't try the feminism card when it's so ridiculously inappropriate to do so, it's about her slandering and slinging mud to see what sticks, just like she did with BBT, but this time nobody's buying it.
If you enjoy seeing her on the big screen then of course that's your choice, but just because other people don't like her as person, or an actress does not make us envious or "haterz" or whatever term you wish to throw next.

Who in their right mind would ever consider that anorexic skank for this role?!!

She looks 10 years older than she is and she is absolutely covered in those ugly tats. Imagine the hours in make up just cover them up, before they even started to try and make her face look halfway presentable. They'd be 8 hours in make up and then get 2 hours shooting out of her if they were lucky, before she collapsed from exhaustion brought on by her self induced starvation.

Rudin dodged a bullet here. And so did the film going public.

Not forgetting the exorbitant sum that it would have cost the studio to insure her. Her anorexia and drug addictions alone are a massive risk and then doesn't even take in to account her crazyland insane psych records. I don't think she'll ever do another big budget studio movie. Yes, the disney thing because she's just doing what she does best and camping it up, basically. And the costumes covers her nasty tattoos. But anything else? No. She's just too much of a risk on all levels.

The truth right here. No way that Ho's getting another plum acting gig. And she'll only direct on films where the "real" director agrees to let her be the publicity hound and take the credit. Like FTKMF.

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