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Wow she even walked. Did she learn to the script first to know what piece of p r is needed

Don't her kids go to school? You always see them out and about in the world.


The pitt genes are strong in the kids

Those children always look miserable when they're with Angelina.

Her natural hair is greasy while her weave is matted. She's just a hot mess. Her kids look miserable. These poor kids.

The non adopted kids all look like Brad.

Brad is seriously good looking in that last picture.

The biological kids don't look like they are enjoying themselves, probably missing their dad.

Are you implying that the adopted kids don't consider Brad their dad too? Wow.

Well definitely not Maddox!

I bet she's deliberately staying in Cambodia to prevent Brad from spending time with his kids. It's disgusting he only gets a few hours a week and she's allowed to take them wherever

Knox is the spitting image of his father.

Really feel she is using the kids for photo opportunities to try and dust off her halo for the whole up in coming divorce affair. Brad looks 10 years younger since he broke ties with her but she will always use the kids to control him. I'm a woman and I wouldn't wish this on any man and I don't like to think there are women out there who would do this but I've seen this happen, unfortunately.

So, so sad that they can't get this quality time with their father. Cannot stand her.

Vivienne looks just like Brad in that first picture.

She just can't stand to be alone. And hunk is a huge stretch. He is no Brad Pitt or even close.

she should stay in Cambodia forever, no one will miss her.

Now she's given Maddox a producing credit she can go back to favoring the biologicals.

Are these old pictures or they are still in Cambodia? I hope she stays in there forever. lol

She will ruin this like everything else she touches.

I saw something that said she left there on 2/23. It is always better to put out old news than let bad news come out. This is the second day we have seen a repeated story . I wonder if something is coming down on her .

BINGO. And she releases a few more never-before-seen shots and faxes it out to the mouthpiece of her choice. Today, DM, tomorrow, People.

She's making the most of being able to use the hostages for photo ops. The minute she's back in LA Pitt will be locking her ass down again and she knows it.

She must have had the implants removed. As we know, that whole fake cancer story was just to cover up a boob job. It's clear from pics like this that she's had the implants taken out.

FFS :lol: another film with Jolie puckering her lips up and trying to look mean while shooting a gun. Same ole same ole ....one of the four emotions that Jolie can express that she calls acting. :lol:

So have to track down where the deal was for this, I scratch your back, you scratch mine kind of thing. What has Sony done for her that she "owes" them a film or vice versa. Hard to keep track of all the HW shenanigans & who is at which studio but you can bet this will be tied somehow to one of Jolie's "friends" in HW.
Then again with Jolie projects, especially the acting ones, I won't believe it's happening til she's on set & filming it...don't hear much about that Wanted sequel these days, or Salt, or Maleficent, or Cleo...or...or...or...the list is endless. EVen that Africa project seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth & she wasn't even acting in that one!

She won't go back until she absolutely has to. The longer she's out in that third world jungle, the longer she's away from court appointed monitors and therapists etc.
And the longer the children are away from their father and any attempts on his part to have proper visitation

Exactly. You can't tell me that even if she felt HER presence in Cambodia was so essential for the wellbeing of its citizens, she would still put the kids on a private jet with their army of nannies and bodyguards so that they could see thief dad, if she had any intention of "healing the family" or even being fair. She doesn't have any intentions of that at all. It's all posturing and PR lies again.

Gawd, she going to mess up another potentially good movie.

As usual the children look bored, tired and confused. What a selfish mother, how can they build self-confidence if they are not allowed to go to school, join sports teams and learn about life from friendships? What kind of a strange upbringing is it to move them from compound to compound, in seclusion, with no groups of real friends? They are dragged around to fulfil her fantasies and PR commitments. I wonder what self-justifying rubbish does she fill their heads with when they ask the natural questions that children ask.

Strange woman, always has been always will be!!!

Skin and bones, looking for a new supplier

She was not content blowing a fortune, (most probably brad's money) on one flop film which she travelled all,the way to malta to shoot, she wanted to prove to hollywood she does not need them as she is such a successful producer, director, and actor all on her ownsome lonesome, when the film flopped she blamed brad for it and then decided to coopt her son to make another flop movie, again using brad"s money. This is what must have set brad off and caused the fight with maddox on the plane. travel to exotic countries to shoot her pet projects doubles the cost, but she also drags all her kids along, disrupting their lives, with the added cost of flights and hotels for all the nannies, tutors, etc, just so she can teach her kids about the world. They have to shut down entire restaurants and malls for eating, shopping, etc, with kids in tow, and have to compensate these businesses for their loss, i believe they had to pay one restaurant $80000. Now she is alone she can only afford tuktuks

We see lots of photos of these kids, who clearly don't go to school, being dragged from country to country, while being told by their very earnest parents how worldly wise they are. But while they're doing this, I can't help wondering if these children are ever allowed to stay in one place long enough to form meaningful friendships with their peers outside of the family unit?

Apparently she is not that famous, I don't see Cambodian recognize her in those pics of her touring the city

She is pathetic, go away.

She is annoying, her PR works overtime to save her reputation. I hope she disappears off the face of the earth.

There is something so fake about her. she always tries to pretend to be someone she is not and she will never be.

Smug, selfish woman.

Please, Angelina wouldn't allow her kids around other peasant children

The older children have all failed at schools and had to leave with socialising and behaviour problems, according to sources in the schools concerned. They have had a very strange, insular, no-rules upbringing with no friendship groups so none of them are going to be rounded individuals. I feel sad for them, their childhoods have been hijacked by a crazy, fame-hungry mother who has never protected their privacy. No amount of home tutoring makes up for having a real childhood with friends, sports teams etc

So, so sad that they can't get this quality time with their father. Cannot stand her.

Burn After Reading is way under appreciated. Brad Pitt is so good at playing an idiot.

It's all about repairing what she has done to her image.

The big implants are history. It looks like she had work done on her face too.

There's nothing to repair. She's fcked it up too completely for that. She's delusional if she thinks that people are just going to forget that she attempted a massive takedown of the father of her children while in a psychotic rage and then branded him a child abuser when she came unstuck.

Yes, I think so. Funny, she was very careful to select images of her and the kids now today she releases this tuk tuk story and pics proving Dalton and Helic were there.

Yep calculated

If you looked closely at the premiere pics & the meetings/photo ops/press conferences before the premiere you can see Dalton and/or Helic (I still get them mixed up tbh, I haven't pinned a name to the faces yet) in the background of some of them, they've definitely been there all along.

Yep, disappear from sight for months on end & she refitted basically her whole body. Expected her to do the face but am surprised she downgraded the boobs, maybe the mess from BTS made her realise how ridiculous she looked.

Good grief, black, white and khaki. Yep, they've been joliefied. You can always tell who Jolie is bumping ugly with by the color coordination.

Helics ill fitting cameltoe trousers part of that Jolified program.

Well, well - look who came along with her in Cambodia. Not surprised. She doesn't go anywhere without them.
Helic looks rough here, butch for sure. What a fd up threesome they've got going on. She sure was careful, as another poster said, to only release photos of her with the kids at the premiere. I bet she's already left Cambodia, and is hiding somewhere in CA now, pushing these old photos out to publications and finally letting it slip that her lovers were with her.

This is a long way off. They are just writing the screenplay now and she is not committed to it yet. lol

The real life woman is 26 years old. How can Angelina even play someone she is nearly 2 decades older then?
Not only that, but those in the military are in top shape.
AJ looks like she is on deaths door, who decided this would be a good choice?
She would look like this infact.

Does she have some dirt on Sony execs? Only blackmail could explain why a woman in her forties, looking even older and frail would be picked to play young, superfit female soldier. Jolie looks like she might break her arm, trying to pick up the gun. And after BTS no sane person would allow Jolie anywhere close to any screenplay or script.
Oh well, maybe Sony wants Jolie to play the main character's granma, they just didn't tell her yet.

Critics are going to trash this movie whenever it comes out lmao.

Hahahah the Ho playing this role? Heard it all now

OMG as a director she failed and as an actress she looks 25years older than 26 :oops: Whatever her involvment will be it's going to get wrong. Sony are very brave, if not insane to ride a dead horse

I thought Sony and Scott Rudin were off limits to the ho. This production is a long way off, but it makes me laugh to think of her pretending to be a bad ass anymore. The gun would weigh more than the ho.

Hollywood pump is queen of junk and BPD. Yes!

She absolutely lost it after the Sony email debacle. The whole pox story was made up to hide the fact she was too psycho and far gone to attend the Unbroken red carpet. So she sent Shiloh out in a tux instead.

Such BS, that part about "wanting it to be cheaper so everyone could afford it". What they mean is that it's one of their "cheap" perfumes. Pretty sure all that crap justifying its "lower" price was PR yipyap for "We had no intention of overextending ourselves on this one given its probably going to be a FLOP."

I wonder if this is just name dropping to generate some PR for a project they are looking at or trying to land. As others have pointed out, she is definitely too old to play the woman. Also, I loved the comment above about how AJ would just try to pout and look sexy while holding a gun. So true!

I aways felt bad for Knox because Viv seizes all the attention of her Mom and that’s like this since they were babies

She lost the plot a couple years ago.

Angelina is a beautiful woman living her fantasy and writing her story how it should be told to the world. However her kids are bored and missing out on integrating with other kids and living their childhood. They seem to be all detached from this world!

Trying wiggly little things was just for the BBC program. Later that day, I bet, they had 'normal' food again, probably at the Sofitel Hotel.

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