Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So the kid is old enough now, ask him who he wants to live with. I'd bet money he doesn't want to go back to Cambodia.

I will never understand how this junkie recreated herself into a UN ambassador up for mother of the year and people just let it happen with no questions asked.

This woman is a real mess and probably should not be raising any children!

When I read of her allegations against the father of her children, all I can think of is having watched her stick her tongue down her brother's throat at the Oscars. This woman is a sociopath. I don't know whose idea it was to title her an ambassador, but I would like a chance to #$%$ slap whom ever it was. Not only should she never be addressed as any thing other than a crazy broad, she should NEVER be allowed to represent our great nation at any time or place. One thing we know for certain about this nutty chick is that she is a hypocrite and a user from way back. It would not surprise me to learn that she used any number of illegal methods to adopt this child. She has repeatedly shown her unstable self to be capable of using what ever means at her disposal to achieve whatever she desires, and that would include bedding another woman's husband.

And this surprises anybody why? She is and always will be a dishonest person.

Can't wait to see how "adjusted" shiloh will be since she is so confused about her sexuality at such a young age and they ecouraged that from her

Well in Angelina's eyes, like a typical egocentric Hollywood buffoon, it should be their inherent right to adopt who they darn well please and every child should be thrilled unconditionally have her as their mother.

Jolie is a narcissistic whack job. Those kids will turn out a twisted as she is!

Give his son back to him, but pay for his education so he can be self supporting one day & not forever living off you., Let it go Jolie--its all about power for you. you provided no real home life, did he have friends? sports? or is he just a part of your traveling circus.

She is a WITCH!

Angelina is a scandal.

Gee... Angelina did something sleezy. Why am I not shocked at all.

I had to laugh when I read she said she wouldn't knowingly take a child from its mother. She also stated she wouldn't take a man away from a woman, because that would be horrible to do. Yet, she did that several times. She's a wacko.

I like how she say's she wouldn't take a child from it's Mother with no mention of the Father.

I say send her to jail, send Maddox back to Cambodia with one outfit, no money and the knowledge if he wasn't such a brat he would have a home with Brad. Let the other kids live with him where they're loved not just for show. Leave Maddox in Cambodia for a couple of months I bet he stops thinking hes special

She "would never take a child from its mother" yet she has no problem cutting fathers ie father figures out of their life. She also wants to h Ave a child frome every country so the v world knows she "loves them all" syndrome, if it is an oversite about the Cambodia guy, then fix it and give him the money you probably promised him

This woman is a bubble off center. Period.

Who cares! I think the general public is tired of Jolie and her good deeds. Why don't
you move to some other country? You are pathetic.

angelina the socialist is completely of the rails. she collects children from different countries like there playing cards. your taking people away from their native cultures and exposing them to the liberal Hollywood agenda. give these kids at least a chance to form their own hypotheses

So she adopts a few kids and now she is speaking at the UN like she's an expert on somerhing. Celebrity apparently has its privileges.

Her face screams Botox and fillers, while her body screams for food.

She paid good money to buy each one of her kids.

Maddox sees the $$$ signs.

I think they'll find in the future that she molested or abused the kids. Why else would she adopt kids from countries with hardly any laws.

These are not really kids. They're the latest must have fashion accessories. Instead of toting a Prada bag that any riff raff can buy from ebay, they can drag along a little black or yellow kid to show off to others who can't have one of their own.

I have been saying this for a while. They really are accessories.

Jolie is psychologically ill. She is a self mutilating, heroine, pill popping junkie and is unfit to be a parent.

All the evil that Angelina has been doing to others is finally coming back on her.

Ya know, I've always thought that Ms. Jolie is a very talented actress, but I'm pretty fed up with hearing about her mess of a personal life! Yes, she may be a good mother (don't really know since I don't live with her family), but I think her father, Jon Voight (the actor) had it right when he said his daughter had mental and emotional problems. Jolie reminds me of Mia Farrow, who is a great actress and who also adopted loads of kids, but turned out to be a total nutjob. Any woman who dumps her husband, the man who's stood by her through thick and thin for years, the man whom her kids know as 'Daddy', just because he was trying to discipline one of her spoiled brats needs counseling! I couldn't care less about the subject of the article, I'm just disappointed that one of my favorite actresses has turned out to be such a flake.

she said she would never rob a woman of her husband because of what her mother went through. and then she did.

Just another overpaid Hollywood liar...With money, you can do a lot...

When will this freaky lady go away

His children do not need to be carted all over the world. They need stability, and they sure won't get it with her

Consider it a blessing that she's out of the picture Brad!!!!

Oh please...Angelina has a whole track record..hardly a saint..

Here are my words of manly wisdom to Brad Pitt: 1. Celebrate the fact that you got rid of a crazy hag. 2. Celebrate the fact that you are rich and don't have to worry about mortgage and job. 3. Celebrate the fact that there are plenty of fish in a sea. 4. Celebrate the fact that because of the above you have any woman, apart from the crazy hag, as a rebound. So stop being a baby and start celebrating!

I think her treatment on him was harsh. If I were Brad I would not sign visas for my children to leave the USA , I would take control of them send them to school while she does her do good trips around the world solo.

He can save alot in therapy by writing,painting and other artistic creative ways,to deal with that part of his life.It will be cathartic and good for him.

Angie's PR team at work again. I don't believe for a minute that Brad is listening to breakup ballads. Angie's PR people should have explained to her that a bra might have been a good idea for her meeting with the Archbishop.

Another celeb telling everyone in the world what they should be and should think. Jolie at the UN, "More people need to view themselves as internationalists". Does anyone really think acting in movies gives people some some special knowledge?

this kid was sold to the highest bidder.

Angelina is an awful human

Like any liberal she will do whatever she wants to get whatever she wants. So what is new.

That woman is mentally ill.

Ah Hollywood again being Hypocrites, only following laws they wish to follow but criticizing anyone and everyone else. Surprise surprise. I'm a fan of her, but the whole Hollywood culture makes me gag how they are above everyone else.

I have always wondered about this because there is NOTHING easy about adopting a foreign child. In order to LEGALLY bring them into the country, you must LIVE with them for 2 years and prove parental authority. I know since I paid for my wife to adopt a child she has cared for since birth BEFORE we were married HOPING this would allow us to bring her over. My wife, however, has NOT spent the necessary 2 years. So, my CHOICE??? Send her to the Philippines for 2 years and pay for all their expenses and HOPE that the folks at USCIS view her to have gained parental authority. Somehow I doubt Jolie spent 2 years in Cambodia, but $$$$$ buy you pretty much whatever you want in those countries and there are TONS of children in need of a home. Living in the street.

This is Really a sad example of a woman who somehow thinks she's important and that the world revolves around her.
She's so stupid she actually has the gaul to think the world will believe her lies.
Lady accept the fact you are a TOTAL DITZ BRAIN, with no real world smarts.
Hopefully as soon as Brad dumps your butt and you run out of $$$ you might begin to see reality.
That reality is that you don't matter to anyone so just shut your mouth.

Jolie is turning ugly inside and out.

OK, OK...pay the guy so he goes away.....She's got the bling!

Don't want your private business made public, stop advertising every detail of your life.

I can just feel that these children are all resent each other

This man is an opportunist. yeah just like her. birds of the same feather flock together.

she'll just pay her publicist to "make it all go away" ...

Wow, now she has time to tell us how to run our country.

"I would never rob a mother of her child" but I have no problem taking a child away from their father.

She seems insane. And greedy for fame.

Stay positive Brad . You can do better . She is crazy . Your better without out her .

Brad should take his backpack and go incognito on a world trip, pref Asia, where nobody would recognize him and re-find himself.

So you guys are in their listing to his music, or is this another made up story to show your support for the visions ex wife

Commend him on being active and channelling his emotions into creativity. Respect him for his media silence, especially after Jolie tried to destroy him, and for keeping steady on.

Lol. What? Who writes this garbage? Doubt he's crying to a one direction song over his divorce.

Interesting. So he was not in rehab, doing plastic surgery, partying, making babies with Hudson lol, rushing to Marion lol, secretly in Cambodia or Thailand, in a Berlin spa, locked in a mental institute. Did I miss something from the list of ridiculous assumptions of this board? What's more his PR team has told the truth about his whereabouts and activities, though stupid haters didn't believe it. Imo it's a good thing he is doing soul searching, changes his life, finds solace in art or whatever he wants, while Jolie is still on her delusional and destructive path. At least Brad is capable of changing, Jolie not.

Oh well, looks like Jolie has shot that all to hell. She cannot maintain a consistent relationship with any adult.

How the @#$& do you know what he is doing???? Fake news!!!!

no verifiable sources whatsoever - fake news. Pathetic DM.

typical woman , Shuts man out

What I do not understand is why the people/government give so much power to Angie, don't they see through her ?

Angelina probably doesn't even care as long as she has her reputation as a 'friend to the earth & it's people in need'. That and being able to keep the kids away from Brad. She demonstrated so by cruelly using one of her kids in her media defamation assault.

I don't think there's enough public knowledge to make a real determination on what happened, but based on their public actions Angelina seems like a very vindictive, petty, vengeful person.

After she accused him of many bad things...now, they are venturing on a business...together?!?!

Brad Pitt is known as a honest man without any stories. We've known him for many, many years. We know his integrity. He was married with a wondreful woman. In opposite from Angelina Jolie is not that kind of person. She is well known for her vulgarity, for drugs consume and for destroying 2 marriages. Everything should be done for the sake of the children, and children need the presence of both parents.

I think Angelina is cooperating because she over estimated her hand in the divorce. She sees now that Brad is loved & people don't care for her to much. So to get some of that love she has to 'play ball'. Don't be fooled by this woman.

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