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So she makes a movie about the Khmer Rouge atrocities but buys land from a former warlord? Make sense.
And then forces a neighbor to sell land for pennies by using political connections to get imminent domain ruling only to benefit her expansion purchase. While 'educating the people' about crime lords.

The last place Maddox wants to live is Cambodia! He already wants his own flat in New York and a beach house in California, which was one of the issues between Brad and Angie, because she wanted to get the beach house for his 16th birtnday. Maddox manipulation of Angie was a major problem in the marriage, as was his behaviour. I wonder if Maddox knows his Mum is building a beautiful prison surrounded by jungle and landmines, that you can only reach by helicopter, and the work availible is looking after wildlife, (can't see him mucking out though). Maybe she knows her son better than people say she does.

10,000 Thumbs up and 6,000 thumbs down :tounge: 90% of the comments are in various foreign languages. Me thinks the views were paid for. She's not liked no matter how photoshopped the bish is

Because the short version has fake views, purchased by the French perfume company or the Ho witch entourage. Look at it! It's funny because out of 16,000 reactions, 6,000 of them are thumbs down!! :lol:

 Didn't even read the article. You had me at 'sassy, silver fox'.

 he is one of my favorite actors on the planet.❤️

Let's be honest...he could probably make the Trump combover look good.

Sexy Brad is rocking that silver gray do. We like it!

Not my cup of tea. She looks like a skeleton with skin.

I've nothing against Angelina Jolie (my husband thinks she's grotesque) I think she's quite pretty. But.........
It's an advert. Isn't it the task of an advert, particularly a beauty product, to make the product and those promoting the look good?Hardly work if she was swanning around in a tatty onesie and a pair of novelty slippers (nothing wrong in that) with the help of a hairdresser, makeup artist (s), photograph...of course she looks good.

Air brushing, skilled make-up artists, enhanced directional lighting and the rest - who wouldn't look good? What's her split got to do with anything? She stole another woman's man - enough known about her for me no matter how long ago it was. No one decent ever does that

It's amazing what some make-up and lighting can do to a bag of bones.

Nobody cares anymore, she's an evil woman trashing the father of her kids.

 All that airbrushing gives young girls false impressions and they wonder why they are not as "perfect"

What a scheming bitch and narcassist? makeup can make piles look good

 Who bluddy cares!

 Use to think she was beautiful. I no longer see it. Her tattoos are disturbing and I see a whole lot of crazy in her eyes. Heaven help her next victim.

It does not matter she is a little crazy and that is scary

She's a homewrecker...plain and simple!!!

Completely psycho

If for one moment this is true it is unforgivable. To travel as a UN representative to war torn countries and then profit from a mass murderer....disgusting

From... Polpot? She might be buying the killing fields of one of the most evil mass murderer in the world.

 I'm finding this hard to wrap my head around. An international face for humanitarianism doing business with a mass murderer?


She's lost her mind !

Angelina's up to her snakey ways again.

Some where she can pash her brother in private

Quite typical - oh the hypocrisy

Wow just shows what a scam the United nations is she is suppose to be human rights ambassador for them and goes buy land of a low life who had murdered thousands upon thousands.

She is even crazier now than ever before! Maybe land is full of cockroaches and spiders for her special diet

 Giving crims cash? Yeah. Good choice.

One scammer buying from another scammer. She states morals above all... ohh eccept for her who wants financial gain. Disgusting

He is showing great class! !!

So sick of seeing this woman. Won't spend a dime on her movies nor her 'perfume'. Cast Angie, lose money.

Mental illness angie, wont buy her perfume yuk!

Same here.  Always.  No matter what sins he's committed, she will always be worse.

Leave it to manipulative, insincere Angie to lay it on thick here. This film will go the way of all her other epics--straight to the clearance sale video bin.

I can't stand this woman. She is doing so much harm to her own kids, then wants us to believe that she is a child advocate.  Team Brad all the way.

I think it is funny that now she is dressing in all these bright colors to look more angelic.  All these years she only wore black and gray, now she is wearing pink and yellow.

Hey Angie, did you also enjoy eating dogs in Camdodia? Yea, they torture them there just like in Korea and China. They cut off their feet while alive and boil them for a broth. #BoycottCambodiauntildogtortureends

Team Brad. Jolie is a disturbed woman who has now stooped to using her kids to convince people to watch her movies. Her greatest pleasure is stealing men from other women. You just can't buy your way out of that, Angie. No one will go see your movie.

Hahahahahaha.  Once a crazy witch, always a crazy witch.  I love how it looks like no one is watching or paying attention.  And is that the way they do movies in that country?  Just outdoors like that?  It's worse off than I thought.

Satanists don't pray.

Ill never buy this again. I wonder about the sales in say 3 month time.

I have always loved Guerlain perfumes and the fragrances but if this is the woman now represent them I will be changing my choice of product and going elsewhere.

I used to think she was beautiful. Now I can't get pass her u-gly heart. She is a malicious person, her inside is really u-gly that makes her u-gly outside.

She is extremely annoying these days. We get it she tries hard to restore her reputation. It doesn't need to stick in people's throat. Go Away

Jolie is VERY sensual - to those turned on by insanity.

you're such a great star @BradPitt

Jolie is unstable... With what she wants and needs. False allegations really have hurt their relationship. Hope are not affected, and both parents pour into the kids.

Who cares ! She splits with this one or that one to suit her next whim . Why on earth would we care if she regrets anything? She has always had a serious flaw in her moral compass

Brad oversees all of the decisions that Dede and Jeremy make when it comes to approving of casting, budgets, locations, and etc. He owns Plan B and ensures what projects are on the table as well as provides the main source of funding. He played a big role in making Moonlight a success.
He is not a deadbeat and she is the one who is demanding he pay child support despite her income. He fought hard against her false accusations and got cleared by 3 agencies. He has made a strong effort to fight for his parental rights and children. Your spin has no merit.

Great actor, great family and now a great producer is Brad Pitt! Much success ahead for Mr. Pitt as he embarks on his life journey! May God be with you!

 I bet you Angelina is seething with jealousy that a 32 old kid has a directing Oscar, and a A list director's career cut out for him while she has to film TV movies in jungles to pay the bills!

- "It should've been meeeee for By the Seaaaaa!!!"... those screams could be heard miles away, LOL!

LOL I remember dumbgelina pretending to be an educated director instead of just being quiet and learn from people who actually went to film school.

what is it good mom, she showed during the divorce ... wanted Pitt to shame, she dishonored herself. It gives children, journalists and local faloveram to the wolves. She wanted to sink into the mud of her husband, but she drowned herself .... this is the law of life!

Beautiful but nuttier than a fruitcake Angie. She needs to come down from her high horse already .

Team Brad. I was never team Jen, if they were so perfect for each other it would have lasted. I thought Angie was better for him because she was edgier, but I also thought if it turns to custard then she will do everything she can to turn their kids against him. I think she's starting to unravel. The stress of her movie that they were both in, the one that flopped really badly, plus the stress of having a double mastectomy & an ovariohysterectomy while they continually lug 6 children all over the planet? She's unhinged. Very sad.

This ad campaign started in Dec 2015 . She is not the hotshot now that she was in 2015 . You just missed the boat Guerlain.

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