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People like Jolie should not be allowed special treatment to gather up children as if they are accessories. It is sickening.

My biggest problem with her is she uses her kids as PR props and exposes them to scrutiny. She made them public figures from day one and is confirmed to call the paps regularly. The nannies have to stay 10 paces behind or whatever so as not to disrupt the saintly single-mother image. She can do a lot more to protect their privacy - because unless you're Kris Jenner, you can't possibly believe exposing them like this is actually good for them.

dont forget the other snowflake Madona as well

She's shady so I'm not surprised.

She's an elitist and a narcissist, and thinks the rules for the rest of us don't apply to her.

Lauryn Galindo is a child trafficker that has connections to many elite. Watch this all blow up pretty soon.

She says she would never steal a child from its mother....however, she will deny her own children their father. Horrible woman.

And she's happy to steal another woman's man (Brad Pitt from wife Jennifer Aniston, Billy Bob Thornton from fiance Laura Dern).

lucky Laura Dern

She's falling off her pedestal.

She seriously miscalculated her attempt to tarnish Brad. She thought the public would side with her but she forgot the only reason people were starting to like her is because of all her years with Brad. Now that she's exposed herself as a liar, there really is no going back

Don't worry, I'm sure some needles are on the ground so when she hits her pain is dulled.

Shiloh is their biological daughter too

Isn't Shiloh her and Brads' biological child??

Shiloh is Brad and Angelina's biological child- born in Namibia- twins are their biological children as well

Something tells me the "falling out" probably has to do with his claim that he has power of attorney over Maddox, who was credited on the new movie set in Cambodia. If he can claim POA and that he is a legal guardian of sorts through that, he could potentially have say over any money in Maddox's name...depending on how ranging the POA is.

I wonder what was the cause of the fall out between them!

Rumors....she had her brother watching the kids, no discipline and Pitt wanted more structure for the kids...Maybe Pitt tried to discipline the oldest boy...and him not use to it, mouthed out at the father...

Shiloh is also Jolie and Pitt's biological child. She was just born in Namibia.

if you have to lie to adopt...that is a problem.

My biggest problem with her is she uses her kids as PR props and exposes them to scrutiny. She made them public figures from day one and is confirmed to call the paps regularly. The nannies have to stay 10 paces behind or whatever so as not to disrupt the saintly single-mother image. She can do a lot more to protect their privacy - because unless you're Kris Jenner, you can't possibly believe exposing them like this is actually good for them.

It is child collecting, Nicole, as she adopted faster than they could be integrated into the family and didn't know enough about adoption to not use a shady agency.

It is child collecting, Nicole, as she adopted faster than the adopted children could be integrated into a new country, culture and family with biological children. She also didn't know enough about adoption to not use a shady agency.

She's already fallen off the pedestal she built for herself.

Falling, falling, already fallen, gone.

I do not know her, but do not like what I have seen and heard.  I  do not trust her. I will not watch her movies.

she doesn't look healthy.  Hope she feels better soon. I doubted she will get better the way she's leading her life.

She has got to be thrilled and the movie company too - to get this free advertising for her movie.

She should be admitted to the same mental institution as Kanye West. Angelina Jolie, should take care of her health first, family and then career.

sooooooo sick of these two.....she's a wacko.....her Dad was right

this person is a mental case.  she should have never brought children into the pic until and only if she had done the work to be a healthy person.  she does no justice to the children when she is sick.

she's light years from reality

She is a major nut job.

There were no valid accusation of cheating, only the fictitious accusations Angelina Jolie made when she was throwing anything and everything out to the media to paint Brad as the worst husband in the world & the sole reason for the divorce.
The woman she alleged he was cheating with is happily married & pregnant by her husband (she has probably had her baby by now) and was horrified that anyone would accuse her of having an affair with a co-worker / fellow actor (or with anyone else).
So, you can say Karma if you want to say the relationship started with her adulterous relationship with the then-married Brad Pitt - yes, that is the wrong way to start any relationship.
But all cheating accusations made by Angelina Jolie were dropped long ago.

She's the woman that takes her kids abroad and feeds them fried tarantulas, who CARES what she thinks.

Well, since she caused this drama by filing for divorce, why not talk about it?

She is a self serving little P Pot. Bradd needs to walk off into the Sunset and forget about her.

Psycho tramp alert - move on.

Drama Queens gotta do drama.

After the interview she had a Spider Salad and felt much better.

Another Hollywood nut case, can't believe Pitt put with her for so long..

She has no real dignity.

I should clarify, Angelina has no real dignity or integrity.

she is trash.

We knew the adoption was shady and so was Zahara's. These people have names, issue statements and come forward. Everything about her is shady for immediate self gain just like the discrepancies in her marriage stories.

The woman who "expedited" the adoption is in JAIL and that says it all. Bleet is always projecting and smearing others with her revisionist history.

Mr Sarath said: “I would be happy if Cambodia didn’t see her again.”

Mr Sarath, director of an aid charity who met Angelina through charity work, said: “She had to change his name, so the only way was for me to do it. I said he’s my son.”
I always figured it was just ego that made Jolie decide to change her children's birth names for some vanity nonsense, but this makes me think it had more to do with her three shady adoptions.

I would not even be surprised if we see Maddox start using only Maddox Chivan .

Odd that he is speaking up after all this time.I wonder what she did on this last pap visit to piss him off for him to say this?
I hope more people come forward to expose her and her shade adoptions

I bet there are lots of Cambodians that feel this way. I think that this man feels regret for what he did and that is why he came forward. Too much time has passed for him to be prosecuted now.

every thing about this woman fake, , she live in false hype that she created around herself, Now she lost it, she getting crazy every where.

The Daily Mail has a photo of the two of them in better times. I am sure Judy Smith has jumped on this . I wonder is some of pimping brought back bad memories. Maybe he was also arrested during the investigation.
'I don't know much of Maddox's birth parents, but I believe they would have gone through this war.' 
She used his parentage to pimp her film .

This is a hard day for Camp Jolie. The truth about her keeps rearing it's ugly head. The Cambodian people aren't feeling the "deep connection" that she claims she and her "son" have with Cambodia and are starting to speak out.

The adoption wasn't the only reason why Jolie was involved with Mounh Sarath. I took this paragraph from a Forbes article, and linked the full article at the end.
Sarath is Mounh Sarath, a former partner of Jolie's in her Cambodian charitable work. They had an acrimonious split in 2006 when he claimed that she reneged on a contract. Sarath, in turn, was accused of mismanaging the foundation's finances. So he's clearly got an axe to grind. Jolie's representatives have declined comment. The timing is noteworthy, given the brewing controversy over the KR tribunal (a German judge recently resigned and accused the Cambodian government of interference). Yet the revelation, such that it is, has no bearing on the indictment against Yim Tith. What it does demonstrate is that Hollywood celebrities need to tread carefully in their overseas philanthropic work. When that path leads to the door of unsavoury ex-warlords, don't expect the details to remain quiet.
Also, Mounh Sarath actually helped her purchase the land from Yim Tith:
But Mounh Sarath, a former associate who has since broken ties with her, said that it was at Jolie’s instructions that he purchased sizable tracts of land, totaling about 225 acres, from Yim Tith, known in revolutionary times as Ta Tith (or “Grandfather Tith,” using an honorific bestowed upon the more prominent members of the Khmer Rouge.)
Signed, dated and thumb-printed contracts for the sale of land indicate that in December 2002, as Jolie’s organization prepared to begin operations, Sarath purchased two plots in Samlot village from Tith at the combined price of just over $25,000. Sarath said he used Jolie’s money to complete the transaction and that, after obtaining Cambodian citizenship, Jolie then sought to transfer ownership into her own name.

awesome... hell yeah! 
sweat it whoreshine!
speak up billy bob if you have the balls. i remember you leaking the gossip to claudia cohen, who was wife of Revlon honcho at the time, that you did NOT approve of ho's acquisition techniques and she promised you not to do it again. and she was looking to repeat offend when you put your foot down. cohen intimated the info came directly from you. speak up you chickenshitbastard!!

The .Cambodians are smelling an opportunist. Come there and grab a kid then think she is going to grab an Oscar cause her heart bleeds Cambodian, no Serbian, no African, no Syrian no French. Whatever her flavour de jour is at the time.

I do remember the Kmer Rouge connection. Her hands are always dirty and I beleive she went far back with him from when she was filming her movie where she fell,in love with the country, then adopted Mx then bought land.

Whatever the ho wants she gets. Time for her to come out of the shadows.

Business dealings with Khmer Rouge, shady adoptions, I wonder what more will bee exposed.
She's such a hypocrite. Humanitarian my arse!

My guess would be that she was paying him a monthly via her charity for being her land purchase "prete nom". It's likely the contract that she reneged on was something along those lines and they had a "falling out" shortly after she got her Cambodian passport and didn't need him anymore.

I'm surprised she didn't buy the land in Maddox's name, I guess he lost his Cambodian nationality after being adopted.
Non-Cambodians aren't legally allowed to buy land in Cambodia. Same thing in Vietnam. Which is why this guy had it under his name and why, once she acquired a Cambodian passport, she had it transferred into hers. I've also mentioned before that one can pay to get one.

Somebody looks relaxed now more than ever. No more recoiling from clingy claws on the red carpet

OK for the sake of some conversation...take out the conversation about morality, etc. of flashing nips all the time. No right/No wrong......
She still knows it is controversial. That it will bring HER attention. She is the Center of Attention. How is that OK for someone who wants the world to give her accolades as a humanitarian....when she does all of these stunts just to get attention for herself. The Nips are controversial...and so the focus is no longer on the R@pe summit, or the refugees, or other events such as the archbishop, in which she is Supposedly trying to bring attention of the cause of the women who are attacked in a war zone....but nothing is being talked about with that is All about the Nips and Jolie wanted it that way. Otherwise she would have made the whole visit, the speeches, the pictures about the subject and Not herself!!! 
It is None of it about humanitarianism. It is about the attention it brings her, and the controversy over Nips proves that. She could so easily have worn petals to soften that aroused appearance. But that would have not been a distraction or brought her attention.

You're right. She loves the limelight and will do anything for it. BUT- she also thinks that her opinion is always right and she sees nothing wrong with flashing nipples. She is proud of her nipples like the loon posted above. She sees them as an attribute and that all men will be helpless to her whiles if they see them. She does study royalty and probably learned that Queen Elisabeth the first had the Church of England's full support and thought this was a way to gain power. Yes, she is this delusional and stupid.

She's shameless 

As an educator, I am appalled a school would do this. At the same time, I am not surprised. It's all capitalism, money and pretenses to draw the enrollments.
But a celebrity lecturer at college without a proper education, w/o even a college degree at the minimalist Bachelors level, is a shocking disrespect to the entire educational system.
And that IQ is quite questionable. Like her entire resume.

Things Jolie's money can't buy for herself.

1. Manners 2. Morals 3. Respect 4. Character 5. Common Sense 

6. Trust 7. Patience 8. Class 9. Integrity 10. Love 

Jolie is Barren of any of these attributes. Barren!!! Maybe that's what she was also screaming about in that script she wrote.

11. Real education
12. Intelligence

I hope more and more people realise who she is in true life.

However, it seems that Angelina goes out of her way to do this. With all of the effort that is put into her attire (though she still manages to look cheap), there have been so many examples of inappropriate displays of the nipples - not just that she's out in public or being photographed, but it always seems to be during these women events which are meant to highlight sexual violence. It is very strange, and IMO, further exemplifies that her work with to combat sexual violence is actually a psychological phenomenon (can't remember the term for it) in which she safely puts herself around her deviant desires.

Yes, the ho throws out allegations of child abuse while creating photo ops that remind the viewer that the kids look like they ARE abused - BY HER!!! She can't have it both ways. Her continued courting of the public eye is like she's asking to be held accountable for what she's done to those children.

she's not getting away with this as far as her image as a decent mother is concerned. she is however getting away with selling her children's innocence.

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