Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The woman is not dealing with a full deck. Dad knows it. Pray for her flock of children. She'll need their support as she ages. It's not going to be pretty.

The woman's certifiable.

Did she graduate from high school? College? What a slap in the face for those that struggled for their education.

She is turning quite anti-men. #BoredofYou

She's not a professor That demeans the title

OMG What next a knighthood for doing what exactly

What's she going to lecture about? Low self esteem and the butchery of her own face via botox and surgery?

Or, the freedom of snogging your own brother.

What a bloody joke .... #snowflakes

And here I was all annoyed at the US education system going to sh--. I had no idea how bad it was over there.

No doubt she has seen conflict in war torn countries. She has knowledge of poverty, violence etc. from her UN role, however, it is still insulting to qualified professors to offer her a lecturing post in the London School of Economics. The timing is also terrible as her recent treatment of Brad and her children has left it's mark. She's arrogant enough to think she can turn the tide though. People have long memories.

Imagine studying for years to become an academic professor only to see this charlatan handed one for free to give the college publicity

Couldn't agree more. But she has her heart set on getting a seat in the house of Lords, so please sign the petition about electing them today.

She is nothing but an actress with money. She has no degree whatsoever, why is she allowed to lecture there?

I thought the London School of Economics was a highly respected academic institution. Guess not.

When did she become a Professor?

Why should anybody listen to this woman? She's destroying her own family, the father of her children - she's a wannabe Mother Teresa and her fans are idiots.

Why should anybody listen to this woman? She's destroying her own family, the father of her children - she's a wannabe Mother Teresa and her fans are idiots.

Awful woman who is not qualified as a Professor, it's unbelievable what Famous people get away with. Pity she wasn't so humanitarian towards Brad, who is never seen with the kids and that she is forcing the kids to come with her. Do they ever go to school?Why didn't she leave the kids to Brad? Brad Pitt is a nice guy who has been badly treated by her, crazy to send the cops on him. They didn't find anything on him, she caused him a lot of trouble over nothing. The kids need to be with their father too.

Col Nathan R Jessup, You Want The Truth..., United Kingdom, 44 minutes ago
Imagine studying for years to become an academic professor only to see this charlatan handed one for free to give the college publicity

Imagine studying for 4 years - Bachelor of Economics, another 2 years for a Masters and at least 5 years for a PhD, to be overlooked by a woman who trained to be a mortician reading a speech that someone else wrote for her. Q&A session would have been interesting, I bet students were handed pre-arranged questions she rehearsed the scripted answer to. Hang your head in shame LSE

I'd say that Hague's just quietly in love with her, gazing at her when he can. Helic & Dalton are a different matter. They want her limelight and her cash. Unfortunately for Brad, Angelina didn't realize the two women set out to undermine the marriage so they can be her closest "friends".

She even pays Helic and Dalton salary because they have a foundation together. She's a lonely woman with paid friends.

How is she qualified to lecture anyone...she barely made it through high school and is not educated at all.

What is she doing? She flies to refugee camps where she poses for some photos and then flies back home.

Her bff and secret lover William Hague arranged for her that she will be allowed to teach at LSE this fall.

I bet Hague and Jolie sleep with each other, she likes married man.

Not a single mother. Not by normal standards. Kids probably see net zero difference in family time.

Pic 4 is showing her insanity coming through

Those poor kids are being stalked by the paparazzi constantly. They try and hide their little faces behind stuffed animals, hoodies, and ball caps...there should be a law against this. Any self respecting person would stop taking pictures when they see a child trying to hide from from the camera.

Those poor kids are continually dragged round the world by her. They need more stability and continuity in their lives.

She has crazy eyes!...

She could have let Brad have the kids while she went on her trip. Controlling and selfish.

Her good looks?? No she looks tired and worn out!

Brad gets cleared of the charges and Angie leaves the country with their kids for weeks. Seems highly unfair to their father.

She is dumber than I thought, she s the dumbest to even think the tattoo would work. LOL

Shiloh always looks sad or worried

This entertainer is not a "single mum", Brad Pitt still takes as active a part in his children's life as he is allowed, she also has plenty of staff.

"Ultimate model mom" ??? Utter rubb.ish!

Brad helped improve her image after years of crazy behaviour.

For chrissakes let them go to school, establish real friendships, do some team sports and learn some social skills amongst their peers. The more she parades them solely for her image, the more deplorable she looks. All out for another tiring and intimidating pap stroll then back to the no-rules compound in isolation till she needs more publicity. As usual the children look stressed and strained. It's such an unhealthy lifestyle for them, she is the worst kind of mother.

It must be hard for these kids. They look tired and stressed in these pictures.

Angelina 'Single Mum'. St Jolie. This is getting so boring. It's all about her...nothing else.

Staged nonsense

These children are the unhappiest I've seen them..all thanks to Angelina for jacking her marriage in. She's a nutjob.

One week, and 4 long flights, which must be tired of the little ones. Jetlag is their second name, poor kids.

Exactly. And tell me how many kids, especially boys find shopping a treat? They should be home in their jammies having a snack before bedtime and then reading a little before going to bed because they have school the next say. Really rotten mothering at work here.

 She is and she will screw any body even her own brother.

Brad would never take her back after she basically called him abusive. She would have to renounce everything and that would destroy her whole narrative and make her look more vindictive than she akready does.

I would not be at all surprised in her Eternal Attempt to be (Edgy), that her next "Thing" will be that she is Transgendering into a Man.

She has always been a nut and that will never change. The fact that she gets these tattoos just speaks to her poor decision making skills overall.

The one tattoo artist said she really, really enjoyed the pain and was moaning in pleasure. Ya, she would choose this method.

Her mental illness is starting to show on her face... not aging well at all.

I'm afraid Ange has some serious problems and it aint going to end well.

Disgusting Angelina. Such a liar and a user when it suits her.

Hideous mess. Just mad. Crazy.

Maybe she can lecture about being a woman but not about peace and security. Her life's in chaos and it's not just these days. She's a cookie!

Well she could always be Professor of PAS, parental alienation syndrome.

The entire system is becoming laughable .professor Jolie what next prime minister bono chancellor Liam Gallagher ..basically anybody that will keep the plebs passive gets the job

She's certainly good at lecturing but whether she's got anything to say is another matter. Christopher Hitchens would have made mincemeat out of this sanctimonious lame brain.

Hope the students ask for their money back!

Watch out, this weird woman is simply looking forward how to come and live in London!!!!

Every single one of those children has circles under their eyes and are so pale.
They look like they haven't eaten or slept for days.
Why is this madwoman parading them around like this?

She is such a ridiculous woman. She mooches around in these granny skirts and "blouses" when she's absolutely covered in nasty old tats. And she pairs these hideous drab outfits with slutty stilettos.
Her mind is clearly unbalanced and so is her dress sense. Somebody get her a psychiatrist and a stylist.

That is exactly what it is. She is being paid for these pap strolls and doesn't give a toss whether the kids like it or not. She's got a habit to feed after all.

Gah, what a poseur. I would be so pissed if I was a student there, paying for an education, and this is the best they could come up with.

She's even colored her hair DARKER like Amal. No joke, folks, we have a stage 5 wannabe stalker here. She's dressing more conservatively, darkened her hair, and carrying more designer handbags. She thinks she is Amal. Too bad about that law degree though..........

Her hairline moved forward a couples of inches as well. Cannot believe she's there. I'd be raising my hand asking questions about Kung Foo Panda and Disney movies just to screw with her.

The LSE just went down a HUGE notch.
The only thing she is qualified to teach is dealing with BPD, hiding addiction, lying to the F B I, and how to remove a spider's legs before deep frying.

The fillers in her face! She looks terrible. Well, even more terrible, she's looked terrible since 2007.

Lol, can we say smug! Funny how cameramen were there for the arrival & got such wonderful clear shots & not another soul to be seen.
And judging by her clothes you can tell she's never set foot in any higher education building before, never seen a "lecturer" so smart! All of mine were jeans & jumper with holes kind of people :lol:
Anyway, hopefully someone sneaks some video of these two great minds ( :lol: :lol: :lol: ) at work, I suspect Hague will literally carry the heavy workload since he has an actual education & an entire career of public speaking, debate & was always his best skill really. Jolie will do her usual vapid sentences that mean nothing but make nice soundbites.

Toy shop ✔️
Book shop ✔️
Just wait for the next airport pap pics & the standard Jolie set is complete.

"We will be stronger when we come out of this, because that's what we're determined to do.'"
This quote from her is a terrible blasé attitude that you see so often by so many people especially regarding mental health. Just because you want something to be so, won't magically make it so. Just coz you are "determined" doesn't mean your intentions will actually result in reality. It's like when people say to depressed people "oh just cheer up, think positively" it doesn't work that way, you can't magically just make something happen when it comes to mentality & mental health. What would have been more helpful is if she had phrased this more along the lines of "we're using every means & resource available to us to make sure the children express themselves fully & can work through this transition in a safe environment & we hope the changes will not be too negative for them" rather than giving the impression that they will all magically be stronger just coz Jolie said so.

It's just another Jolie soundbite - trite and totally meaningless.

Wasting no time on another photo op - check
Picking the bios aka moneymaker - check
Hiding those huge PUPILS - check
HO only one with maniac smiley - check
Kids looking miserable - check
Shiloh hiding new short hair - check
Holding the BIOS hands - check

Would love it if they would stream the "lecture" live. No doubt she's practiced what Dalton wrote for her over and over again. "R a p e is bad, we need to stop r a p e", "r a p e in war zones is common, it's not good" - pearls of wisdom no doubt.

Judging from the DM article it's already done, she apparently talked of her "experiences working with the UN" which is basically her usual schtick, it's super easy to just talk of your own experiences, especially someone who is an actor, that's basically all they ever do.
Interestingly DM also says her & Hague are signed up to a minimum of 1 lecture in every year so...for the PR coup of adding Professor to her list name she has to give up an hour, maybe an hour & half to chat to some people once a year. Absolute joke. At least she's not being paid directly by the Uni, I'm sure she'll profit off this by proxy (the PR benefits alone should open up some avenues for her in other places).

Well, what do you know? A pap stroll to a bookstore in London? She's never done this before. She's going after the "well, she's encouraging her children to read" folks that can't see through her PR move. These kids don't go to school, they have no friends other than their siblings.
Also notice, she's the only one to be wearing shades INSIDE the store. We spoke a lot yesterday about her blown pupils.......

Maybe that's because you're lecturing a post-graduate course and you have a high school degree?

Unsupported by ex-husband Brad Pitt during her visit to the British capital, Angelina has been looking after Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, all by herself.
Here we go with the Saint Angie crap! She's getting back in to her faxing stride!

He is supposed to be, the teaching post is mentioned several times as one given to Jolie and Hague. The DM article explicitly mentions the role as shared between the two of them. I suspect that Initiative they set up basically got given a slot on the Uni lecture circuit, presumably Helic, Hague & co pulled some strings to give their initiative & thus themselves some small bit of legitimacy.
But what do you know, somehow Hague managed to get in without being seen, it's a miracle!!

If he is not there then he's had a hand in writing her monologue with Helic and restricting the Q&A section. You can guarantee THAT.

Lover Dalton lurking in the background. And, notice how she staged this shot in front of a sign "A Literary Trump Card" - this ho could not be any more CONTRIVED!

She needs to lay off the fillers

viv is pretty. She's 100% her dad.

Those poor twins look jet lagged and unhappy.

I can't see her allowing them out of her grasp. It will be interesting to see which rebels.

I don't get the whole thing about the twins not being Brad's. They look a lot like him especially the older they get. The have his nose for sure. I do think she faked the pregnancy, but those babies were created in a lab by Brad and Angie and then carried by surrogate IMO.

all that 8 million tax payer money for the party and nice food went down on the drain.

Angelina Jolie = FAIL
every time

Yeah, she has everyone's hatred, most hated woman and she has EARNED that title with hard work.

Take it up with the House of Lords you dolt.

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