Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Anything for attention

Key words: "to SURVIVE".

Photo -Op.

I bet there's nothing that this woman wouldn't put in her mouth.

That's just so nasty she'll make those kids do anything weird to look like mommy of the year she's a weird one folks lolol

Vile misandrist

She's not even real it all fake

 Can't stand her

Of course she does because she's an attention seeker

She looks skeletal

The woman is loony, just like her mother and father. Those poor kids. I bet most of them end up wacky too.

She's a Devil Worshiper Illuminati Puppet! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO Respect for Her What so Ever! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is disturbed. I cant understand what the social services do with the kids

Brad is the luckiest guy in the world now.

Nothing like a guilt trip to Hamley's to buy your kids "hapiness"!

One must wonder how many different kinds of nuts are in her case...

These kids do not usually look happy when pictured. The few happy shots I've seen are Shiloh's interaction with Brad Pitt. Love how she jumped into his arms for a hug after a game.

This sad look in their eyes is alarming , the kids are not happy

Angelina informs the paparazzi of her where abouts , they all do it.

It's a relationship that works for both. The photog gets paid for the pic and the celebrity gets the attention they want. In this case she is showing the world what a wonderful mother she is.

Angie's always looking like death is knocking on her door.

They are not HER children They are THEIR children!!!

This twit is using her children for photo opts to heal her damaged reputation after she hired a team to help her because she realized people liked Brad more than her.

Living with her would be traumatic enough

She's a control freak. And what she's done to brad. Slating him for no reason is disgusting. Those kids will need therapy in time.

The kids look as miserable as sin.

How do you teachers a masters class when you do not even have a college education?

When she tried to take down Brad Pitt she lost any goodwill with the public she had and revealed herself to be a vengeful witch. PR stunts and using her kids for publicity with these daily photo ops in London won't help her win back the public. And Angelina Jolie is an uneducated woman who is not fit to be a university lecturer.

Exactly shes a low class person as well bipolar, she should lecturing in mental institution lol

A mental illness jolie lecturing in post graduate? I will be embarest graduate from that college, no way!

Women...Peace...Security....I bet Brad would beg to differ, lol

She's a man hater

Wow!  She's really good at being angry at people. She really needs to grow up

She's a horrible role model.

Horrible woman....

She is a manipulator and a horrible person. Like most snowflakes she is upset over Trump win. Her father supports Trump. Go figure.

What an ankle...

Angie has some serious mental health issues.

I'm sure all the academics who slaved and worked hard for years to become Professors, are so pleased that an actress with a bit of UN experience is just given a Professorship like I'd give out sweets to a kid.

Really, who does she think she is ??? Professor? Ha, ha, more like spoiledhobby humanitarian...

Cambodia and London is supporting her humanitarian game but America is not buying anymore her so-called humanitarian efforts. All for part of her P.R strategy . All for herself.

I wonder if her children have any friends outside of their siblings? They need some sense of normalcy.

She is NOT the center of the universe! - She is just a little life form! People like her needs to study the universe, so they can understand how little they actually are!

It's funny that she wears high heels here when all the other people here weak flat shoes!

Buckingham Palace is attracting divorced American actresses lately so it seems !!

What the Bloody 'ell? He ( maddox) should be in a suit, hair groomed, shirt tucked in and wearing dress shoes. He looks like a bum. #RESPECT

She's been divorced 3 times

We don't want her..send this nutcase back to the states

This would be Jessica Simpson going to a medical school to lecture med students on childbirth. What is going on? Is academia mesmerized by an actress who may have her GED, if that? What are her bona rides to lecture anyone on anything?

Lecture on childbirth?, she adopted the majority of her children, what makes her an expert

Her boss MADdox must be so happy that he managed to get rid of Brad. Now he can rule the roost and we all know they have weird mother-son-relationship.

I guess Maddox feels pretty good right now. He managed to get rid of his father so he can be the boss. Angelina does what he wants because she has a special bond with him. Let's not forget she called Shiloh a blob and that she has more sympathy with her adopted than bio kids.

He's always pictured grinning all over his face, but her younger children always look miserable in photos. I assume they must be missing their dad.

I am sick to death of charlatan celebs on the make. Angelina Jolie is about as genuine as rocking horse s£&@

Cringe, cringe, only an American could take an honourary position seriously.

I thought the kids looked tired and could do with a good night sleep but she looks like she could do with a week.

She's a crazy Lunatic!

What credibility is got LSE, the queen etc when a fake Angelina has mistreated Brad and her kids in the way she's doing. I can't believe that so serious and professional institutions are honoring her. Moreover, I'm pretty sure the kids are going to have problems if they don't already have them, they loko afraid, pale and uncomfortable with the activities they have to go through. Maddox looks awkwardly full of himself and oddly amused.

Jealous of her natural children's beauty.

Those kids always look exhausted.

Keeping her kid's stuffed animal in her bag to make sure she looks like your average single mum.

As usual dragging the kids along,Movie props they all she had them for.I hope Brad gets them soon they all look sick to me.

Something very wrong with these kids - no smiles, dark patches around the eyes, holding on to stuffed toys way beyond the time a kid should need this kind of comfort, and the air of unhappiness is palpable. Too bad Brad didn't get custody.

Exactly. She isn't doing a very good job. They need to stay in one place to rest, go to school and have stable friends.

children have an air of depression about them lately. They seemed happier, more free, not so tightly wound when Brad was with them, even when the paps were taking photos. Divorce sucks.

The Sony leak confirmed everything I'd heard about her. I can go the rest of my life not hearing about or from her.

Since when a MENTAL ILLNESS can lecturing?? lol

"She spoke of her experiences and answered questions on her work as United Nations Special Envoy". So there were no facts, diagrams, or scientific evidence involved, then? Just Jolie's personal experiences of flying out to Iraq on a private jet.

'Professor in Practice' - interesting title but what does it mean? What qualifications does she have for the role of professor - acting, selling perfume, yes she's done charitable work but how does that tie in with lecturing as 'professor' at the LSE?

No doubt she tried to worm her way into Oxford or Cambridge first, as the dirt-poor LSE is hardly a prestigious college. They don't do gimmicks though.

The LSE has never been a great academic institution...

Universities really are trying their hardest to make themselves obsolete, aren't they?

The LSE needed the money she gave them for this fiasco.

Poor dear it must have been hard reading out the speech/lecture that someone else wrote for you.

Zero respect for anyone involved in this.

In a flimsy dress with no underwear and the paid-for photographer ready to capture it for the papers? Or the time she tried to take over the leadership and credit for an already-established work group on FGM before she was booted out? She has not affected any change other than to her own image. For goodness sake wake up before the dumbing down is complete and this celeb-led politicking becomes the norm. She isn't part of any decision making, negotiations or law changes. She is a face, a shill, a legend in her own mind only.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

It is such a shame. She does not even have a university degree. A real put down on the real professors.

what exactly is an "intensive" visit to a refugee camp? And she hasn't testified anything, she has just passed on the words of the victims. If the UN truly wanted to help refugees, they could stop all wars TODAY. Jolie's ramblings haven't helped any refugees at all.

Especially working class students who have self funded and worked their back sides off to fulfil the commitment and slog of a Phd all the way from A levels through undergraduate study, Masters and then Phd. Privileged rich actress best known for playing Lara Croft lecturing as a professor. BS. This is so insulting to people who are not famous or rich and have to earn their way into academia by publishing peer reviewed papers.

It's insulting and embarrassing.

Oh please!!!! She's pathetic

If you had studied for years, you wouldn't look for a job in the LSE.

She's a guest lecturer in effect and her massive ego demanded they gave her the "professor" title. The LSE is a very good uni but like any uni, it's not immune to using celebrity to raise its profile. The main problem is AJ obviously has personal ethics problems and isn't fit to teach.

She is nothing but an actress with money. She has no degree whatsoever, why is she allowed to lecture there?

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