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Which 'undisclosed charity' ? Her own, that she takes expenses and stipends from, yet again? That's an awful lot of tax relief. Other articles report that she is low on cash and her lifestyle is too expensive for her income. I think we should always take Jolie stories with a large pinch of salt, she is a master manipulator of her image. She hasn't disclosed the charity, why not?

I don't even think she's pretty anymore. Now that I've seen her true character, I can't stand the sight of her. Vicious woman.

Brad makes interesting movies.

I love Brad in comedy, he is very funny.

Brad and his Plan B production company are amazing.

Looking forward to this. Very forward thinking of Brad to utilise the very real power of Netflix. I can watch this with a glass of wine and my feet up!

I love Netflix for just this reason!!!

I'm finding we are watching more films this way. I hope Brad is leading the way to a newer trend of direct release via Netflix and Amazon. I don't mind paying to see a film online as I don't mind paying for the cinema, but with worldwide subscribers in their millions, the niche audiences can be vast this way, making for more opportunity for quirky and interesting movies to be funded and produced.

Love it. Brad filmed it before Allied, but Allied came out last year. War Machine is coming out this year.

I have been waiting for it and looking forward to it. Interesting story, it is very relevant to current America.

it looks hilarious. Now everyone goes to Netflix.

Looks great, can't wait.

Brad makes interesting movies.

With all the gorgeous French actresses I don't understand why classic #French companies don't use them in their ad campaigns

Gee, photoshop much? This looks like an old pic, and her eye color has been enhanced, as well as her skin. They can try all they want, but you can't photoshop the creepy, evil bltch out

I love how she buys a "hideaway" and then leaks where it's located.

She forced the owner to sell. Lovely woman. If he didn't they were going to take it away from him. Lovely woman.

I watched the video from Radar. It is a prerecorded message with a garden background that is being broadcast on a screen in what looks like a busy square. She is speaking in English with Khmer subtitles. She is wearing a yellow peasant blouse pulled low on her shoulders with her bony shoulders exposed. Few people are even watching. You can hear people talking loudly over her broadcast, and people on motor bikes revving their engines and not watching the video at all.

 Forcing Shiloh to eat that spider was cruel and on film. Her manic dash to be in front of cameras again is not well thought out and just highlights how she has no business having children under her care.. She is so out of touch with reality that she actually thinks what she did was good parenting. Telling them that Cambodians eat bugs would have been educational enough- forcing them to do it too and on camera for the whole world to see is mental abuse. The way Shiloh disassociated and just did it is proof of how much she is frightened of disobeying her mother. I shudder to think about what else she is forced to do for mommy's entertainment when the cameras aren't rolling.

I think it is funny that now she is dressing in all these bright colors to look more angelic. All these years she only wore black and gray, now she is wearing pink and yellow.

Her video was likely done in the US. But the video of her broadcasting her video shows a lot of traffic in a busy square. I wish I could understand Khmer just to hear the candid comments from the locals talking loudly. They are probably saying "This woman again about the movie? What does she want now?"

brad pitt alone is brad pitt movie producer doing it solo until he makes some lucky starlet's day.
angelina jolie alone is irrelevant x's 6.

 Just because his company produced the best picture winner, doesn't mean he had anything to do with the production of it. If he wasn't up for an award or presenting, or have a close friend or family member up for an award and asked him to be there, why should he go?

 She is you can't go from pressing charges for abuse to asking for 100,000 a month in child support to crying in an interview saying how good he was. She's looking like she's got split personalities

She couldn't keep up the"normal" act for so many years.

Well, he knows if we can tell she is full of bs...then he certainly knows she is.

 I actually feel sorry for him. She's a nut!

Something is not right with that woman.

She's a strange one and has has ALOT of mental issues. .poor kids

Does she have a Split personality am curious

Angelina Jolie is Fake Fake and bundle of Fake!

Angela you skunk

amazing what money and a make-up artist can do to a skeletal whore.

 She is a horrible woman and not at all beautiful sorry she's attractive that's all .

 boycott this hag

She filmed it before the split. Headline makes no sense.

Yet another celebrity attention seeking whore.

Move on Brad! Far better Angelina Sadist left.

Your the Best Brad !!!!!

 Always looks good

 she's an attention seeker

The only reason she looks that good is thanks to Photoshop, They could make the hunch back of Notre Dame look good in Photoshop.

 She used to be Ok, now she is an aging skeleton with no life in her...

No she doesn't stun and the black and white photo doesn't even look like her.

If she wanted pity, she should have been mature about the divorce from the get go, not orchestrate a smear campaign and put the kids through trauma.

He will never say bad things about the mother of his children .

She"s nut and not classy at all.

Nobody cares anymore, she's an evil woman trashing the father of her kids.

Team BRAD.

She looks so sad even when she's smiling

It’s good if he is focusing on better things after this toxic relationship, and I hope he can get the kids go to normal school, being with their peers is very important.

Sorry. No way in hell. Bad move putting her face or name on this. Never psycho chic

Since when unstable mental woman become an icon of perfume? Why not use jen, kate or marion? They looks sexy young & normal unlike jolie mental skinny old!

Not buying perfume with icon mental illness jolie, her bad reputation made me sick to stomack!

Nope, wont be buying anything from her after the mayhem she has caused but its good to see that photoshopping is in check lol she certainly doesnt look this young in real life….

Yup she looks skeleton & old in real, wont buying too!

I hate her since she screwed the marriage of Jennifer aniton with Brad! Never Never buy her perfume or her movies period…

So happy that Brad can lean on Jen when he needs her the most. Happy to see that they can put the past behind them and be there to support each other. Don’t ever see them getting back together, but being able to be friends is wonderful.

This is only the beginning of Angelina’s karma. there are more to come. If anyone doesn’t believe karma, Brad and Angelina is the proof of karma. lol. Angelina’s biggest karma would be her kids. some of them would end in jail. some would commit suicide. With a mental mother like her, her kids would end in tragedy. She is a train wreck. Brad better start a new family and have more kids with another woman because his kids with Angelina are doomed.

Angelina is a joke, Get over herself, Brad can do whatever he wants.

Brad has kept contacted with Jen all these years, he just couldn’t do it openly due Angelina. Now Angelina is out, he can do it openly. Brad and Jen always care about each other.

See no reason why Jennifer and Brad cannot be friends. Don’t see them ever being another more than friends ever again.

Who filed the divorce? What is her business about Brad Pitt at this moment? She learn to leave Brad alone because she filed for divorce. I wish Brad Happy life. When one door is closed surely another big door opens.

No the whole world doesn’t love Angelina Jolie and she is bitter woman

She is the one who filed for the divorce so she needs to be consequent and get real. To me divorce means you are absolutely done with this person. If you still have feelings don’t separate then. Besides that, he is a handsome movie star. He will not age alone. It’s obvious he is going to find someone. She should have thought of all the possible outcomes.

Jolie’s reaction – maybe she’ll miss another meal and die of starvation!

She says he left her. Oh please she is the one that went wacko. She plotted against him. SHE filed for divorce. Angie made her bed so lie in it. Why should you care if he reconnected with Jenn.

Angies career is over! She shouldnt say nasty to brad he is a father of her kids too, but unstable bipolar woman angie will never respect anybody anyway, i feel sorry for kids & brad

Umm…. she broke it off with him not the other way round…. sucks now i guess that the shoes on the other foot aye Jolie….. you threw your toys and now your crying because of the mess you have made… your a joke…. grow up

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