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Angelina Jolie is a cruel and hateful person, which is why she has no friends who aren’t paid by her, and is ostracized by many in her own industry. This latest debacle using her children to punish their father for dumping her, is just another in a long line of unbelievably nasty moves. This woman is getting the face she deserves because most people don’t see her beauty anymore, you see the animosity, glaring eyes, and skull-like demeanor.

I totally agree with this… the true Jolie has come out.

she let her stupid english women friends talk her into this. She cant maintain a long term relationship with any man, and is mean to all of her exs. She is one woman to avoid…she is attractive till she opens her mouth then she is ugly through and through. Trying to separate a loving father from his kids is awful…its not good for any of the kids who she professes to care about.

Shes finished. Everyone hates her now

I think Angelina is done. No one will want to purchase anything with her name on it. Tons of pretty women in this world and Brad could get anyone he wanted

No man in his right mind would go back to her, especially not after what she put him through. She should not have been so hasty in her decision in the first place. Marriage is not a fairy tale. It takes work, it has it’s ups and downs. You have to put in the work and not run as soon as something goes wrong.

No they wouldn’t not after woman who make false allegation on child abused against their soon to be ex husband like Angelina Jolie did to Brad Pitt

Hope he saw the light and does not go back to that lying weirdo, he can do much better

Angelina stop getting attention in the media.

Not going to happen after the lies Angelina said about Brad

Angie can lay it heavy selling her movie in Cambodia - but the people in that country have more basic needs to tend to than watching a movie even if it is about their country.Outside of Cambodia, will people even care? Unless you are a diehard Angelina fan  of course.

I seriously doubt that this story is true!   Why would she want to hang with the man who publicly dumped and humiliated her?

Anything for publicity

Brad Pitt is always good to Jennifer, he did not curse her. It is evident he missed the human qualities of his former wife. Let talk if they want, as long as it does not hurt Jen marriage.

Oh please. Jolie set out to get Brad. She likes nothing better than stealing men. She is an unstable woman and what she's done with Shiloe should be a crime. She realized no one was buying her Brad the big bad daddy act so she's had to change her tactics. If she truly loved her kids, she'd agree to joint custody and a peaceful divorce. She won't. She is all warped inside.

Angelina deserves anything and everything bad that comes her way. KARMA!!!

Brad accused Angelina of being more interested in acting than caring for the kids.  She wants to take them out of school to be worldly, which she just did.  He wanted stability for his kids and for them to make friends and have a real home, join teams, get involved ....the kids have no friends, they are living in a bubble.  Angelina has failed at almost every production effort in the last few years, except for Malificent, and Brad has succeeded.  Angelina is a jealous person who is extremely competitive.  Plan B has its successes and he used to own it with Aniston - but now neither women are involved in Plan B and it is solely Brad's company.

Wow, never knew he was behind Moonlight !

I really enjoyed world war z, I can't have been the only one?!

A talented person is talented in everything

He's an executive producer of Moonlight, not producer. Only producers are nominated. He was a producer for a Twelve Years A Slave, which won two years ago.

Angelina has behaved like the selfish self absorbed person that she is.

His plan B production company has produced 5 Oscar-nominated Best Pictures, won 2. Insane.

He probably skipped the Oscars in-case he ran into his unstable ex-wife who would have probably created a scene rather than his film.

Brad looks much better since he split from the nutjob.

He is a great actor, but a brilliant producer.

Brad has great eyes on good movies. Plan B is on fire.

Oh lordy lord, Brad is FINE!

Doesn't surprise me that Brad Pitt was behind this film he is such a great guy...

He has so many hobbies -- sculpture, designing furnitures, designing houses, photography, wine making,

Love this man. Team Brad.

He is so versatile, he also designs furniture and buildings now plus sculpture.

He has always been a great actor. He chooses (or was chosen) really well for every role he played. I don't think he fits any kind of movie, but the movies he made fits him verey well.

He skipped it cause Jennifer was there. he wants that night to be all about the movies not about him.

I would be interested in how many hours the stylists used to make her so pretty

Well, it's rather stupid idea to release fake handwritten letter of yours, when there is plenty of your handwritting samples around the net, dear Angie. But you are not the sharpest crayon in the box, we know that.
The only thing Madame Jejeje wrote in that French letter was her signature.

Jolies face looks funny - twice as wide.
And dressing Shiloh like a boy and parading her like this will not make most women around the world like her but quite the opposite. People are sick of the transgender agenda and this will alienate people.
Will Brad be able to stop Jolie force feeding Shiloh hormone blockers?
As they get older the children are looking like a weird bunch. I'm not sure they are a good PR tool anymore. None of them are cute anymore.
I still maintain H0 will adopt a Syrian baby soon so she has something cute to wh0re out to the media. Remember, I called it when it happens.

Shiloh's eyes so fixated on Jolie's face looking up desperate for a sign of approval -- anything? So sad.
If anyone on here thinks she has not manipulated this child's gender identity since a baby in arms, just keep this pic in mind and note Jolie is giving her nothing.
The mother who gives no positive reenforcement , is passive agressive and it makes Shi try to emulate her such as a child adopting a family to emulate her.
Rescue this child Pitt at the very least she will end up a flaming narciissit like her mother.

They airbrushed the S*** outta her. To the point her face looks like a plastic mask.

If she was supposed to look chic and elegant here, well she failed miserably. She looks worn out.

Mon Guerlain - the fragrance of the crazy.

It's not working anymore. Jolie is now an older woman of a certain age and everyone knows she's barren. So trying to make her look sexy isn't working.
2004 was a long time ago. Plus the emphasis on her tattoos was a big mistake.

Why is he a freud? He founded company with Jen, he hired good and talented people. He didn't steal the spotlight, he wasn't at the Oscars, he promoted Moonlight in a solid way. So what's the problem? Oh my God, hatred blinds you, that's the problem.

 I used to like her  now she is a waisted Hollywood throwaway

 What a lunatic..

He looks so handsome after separating from Jolie...his Aniston look days are back!!

 Seems to me he unloaded 80 pounds of witch and now feels like the world has lifted from his shoulders..he looks better and is taking care of himself and his kids~good work Brad!

Agree he looks a lot better

Right, I feel like he looks 10/yrs. younger!

80 pounds of witch....

Great. So now Tim #Tebow has his eye on Angelina Jolie's hobby of adopting kids to stay relevant.

 I'm from Greece and this "angry mob" is exaggerated...sure Angelina wants to help but here in Greece it's not paradise especially for us...many people are poor because of the economical crisis and the daily arrival of immigrants doesn't really help just makes everything worse

 Is she qualified to be a professor or is her name enough to qualify for something people have gone to school for years to earn the title?

Will she be teaching Home Wrecking 0101 ? The lab will consist of going into another home where a couple is happily married ?

Did she ever even go to college? This from a woman who wore a vile of blood around her neck? Ugh.

 How to be a Mistress 101

This is insulting to those that have worked for years in the teaching profession & if my college aged children came home to tell me I was paying thousands of dollars in tuition to have her as a teacher I would be highly annoyed.

He has impeccable taste in movies. From his films he starred and produced, he carefully chose them. He and David Fincher definitely need work together again. If not World War Z sequel, how about Fight Club sequel.

Most Brad Pitt movies are deep and heavy. Allied is emotionally heavy. I hope Brad will make a rom comedy, a light movie. But War Machine looks fun.

Moonlight is absolutely amazing, thank you Brad.

Moonlight cost 1.5 million to make, its world wide box office is $28 million and still going. it is almost 20 times its budget. Good for Brad and his plan B.

Keep up with good work, Brad, you and Plan B are doing great.

He is a beautiful man with beautiful heart and brilliant mind. Most impressive about him for me is he is so humble, you can't get more famous than him in HW, but he maintains humble, when you see him with other people, he is just like a dude anyone can hang out with, he doesn't act he is superior to others. A man with his status can be like that is mind blowing.

He is a great actor and amazing producer. I read the reason he started Plan B was because he saw many good scripts being ignored by the studios due to no commercial values, so he decided to make these movies studios didn't want to make but he thought these stories were essential and important and needed to be told. I have a great respect for him as an artist. I don't believe for a second he is a bad father. Based on his past and Angelina past, Brad is more believable.

Marion Cotillard has told a French media that Brad is a beautiful beast who breaks girls hearts but he has always have depth from the beginning of his career. She is fascinating by him because he has always been risk-taking. Every role he takes is different.

She is really starting to irritate me now!! Brad is well out of it!

How to ruin your kid's chance at real self esteem - give them things without ever letting them try to gain it for themselves.

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