Monday, March 13, 2017


And here she is parading her kids around to look like mother of the year. Mother of the year would not alert paps when coming into town.

She just is addicted to dragging those kids around the globe, isn't she. How do they ever get a chance to settle, make friends, do normal things so they grow up to fit into life outside her circus? I just see a personal cheerleader squad in tow these days.

Feel for these children, running the gauntlet every time she wants to show the world what a great mother she is.

Can't stand this woman, never have, never will

Nice parenting.....always using your kids for publicity......

At least one them when they become adults will spill or write a book about their upbringing.

So now she pays the media to call her "single mum Angelina", just in case any of you have forgotten how she's struggling.

Weird bird. No wonder Pitt kicked her to the curb.

I guess she doesn't realize, or care, that all those tattoo's are going south the more she ages.

So maybe instead of spending time on spiritual mumbo-jumbo to save their marriage, they should have just worked on their marriage. she should have just worked on their marriage

Maybe she thought she was putting her back into it.

her back looks like she has bar codes written on them , probably the amount of money she donated to get the kids out of their own coutries, it looks tacky and nasty, but at least she can afford the lazer surgery to get rid of the one for Brad

Body art they call it, is that right? Disfigurement and scarring looks more like.

And some people take her seriously

She loves her esoteric nonsense, but her back looks more like an old crossword book at a doctors office.


Looks like a crossword puzzle


Hideous mess. Just mad. Crazy.

I'm sure I've played that game on F B...

Not just ANY box of frogs, WB. She's madder than a box of M&S luxurious cocoa-dusted Amazon tree frogs.

It would have taken a bit more than his and hers tattoos to save that marriage in the end. She treated Brad appallingly.

She's a well-known nutjob now Hell-bent on revenge against Brad,the real losers as always will be the kids but we know she doesn't care about that,vile woman!

Each to their own, but I just don't get why people want to look like they have been attacked with a biro?!?

4 Across: "WAGHAGS". Clue: ageing trophy wives are past their best.

Sorry but those tattoos are just vile.

I agree - and it's the same as spray-painting buildings with graffiti - ink all over your natural beauty does not enhance it!

Natural beauty? Do you mean the natural look? She isn't even pretty.

Angelina specializes in stupid life-long decisions.

Well to be fair, she was able to get rid of the Billy Bob tattoo.

Looks like a billboard for a Chinese power drink.

I was thinking the same thing. She looks like a walking billboard of various mantras that no one can read.

I'd like the Mandarin duck (no. 23) and a diet cola please. I'm not sure where the drinks menu might be, so I'll skip a cocktail, thank you.

I may have the answer to 1 across.

Don't think it's even real Thai. 1 across says "GANGSTA" to me!


All the rest was symbolic of the illuminati, so I'm guessing it was as well but in a harder to read format.

Sudoku.... in Thai?

It's destroying her beauty

I think, her beauty has faded over the past ten years! She more ghostly and veins!

Class As have destroyed her. That and her personality disorder.

Stars want their art to be loved, and then reject the affection and admiration of their fans. They are the shallow, fickle ones. Fans support their careers and live vicariously through their successes. Don't blame fans for having sadness and opinions about the celebrities' lives.

it's the celebs themselves who put their lives and dramas out there. Normal people would never want to live their lives in a fishbowl, but celebs crave it.

She is destroying her body and mind.

Starvation is destroying her beauty.

It's actually a take-out menu from a local Chinese restaurant. It's in Mandarin.

It might be I thought I saw the Coca-Cola symbol

She threw Bradley under the bus.

She's a great mother because great mother's keep their kids out of school so they never get to socialise with anyone outside their family; a great mother has one nanny per child so her lifestyle isn't interrupted by the needs of her children; a great mother puts on the sad face pity display and cries she wants her children to be happy while all the time denying their father any access unless he's supervised. She is a certified nut case.

She is mad as a box of frogs.

Me thinks she's been indulging on too much "Milk Of The Poppy".

I agree, there are definite mental issues here.

The woman is crazy. Anyone buying into her good woman act is just plain stupid!

Beautiful maybe if it was temporary henna tattoo but this is permanent ..maybe they should have stuck to verbal communication instead of hocus pocus mumba jumba!!!

Absolutely disgusting.

Angelina Jolie is on a sinking ship. Who gets saved? The world of acting!

I believe you've misplaced your spectacles dear. Bless.

I think Angelina likes to think of herself as spiritual, a higher being of some kind, but the fact is, she is just the same as everybody else and fails at many things, including relationships. I would imagine she is very high maintenance and expects other so be saints. She seems to be a very confused woman.


she is weir very insane

It looks like she had a seating chart tattooed on her back.

you're not cool unless you get a tattoo from a Thai monk. she acts so holier than thou it makes me wanna puke.

Talented how? As an actress, as a mother, as a human rights advocate? She glorifies domestic violence and...

Do those kids do anything other than shop..and eat bugs???

Those tats are awful.

She is not mother Theresa she has nannies and bodyguards on toe.

Single mother' Angelina...not exactly your standard single mum. I really can't imagine her having to handle all those kiddies by herself at bed time as three go into a melt down, one traps him/herself down the side of the bed and another is smashing an iPad to bits.

Are we going to get her daily papz walk now?

You never see Brad Pitt calling the papps for a photo op when he is with the kids. Why on earth does she do??? Trying to clean up her image that most people think of her after her initiating divorce in such a bizarre way, trying to make Pitt out to be an abusive father. Children crave some discipline - it shows them that you care about their behavior. To let them loose is destructive.

Her P R works overtimes to save her images

Why is she on the news every day now?! I thought she was a private person...?!

It's just a made up event invented for the express purpose of promoting the Ho, for some reason. They are obviously determined not to acknowledge that she's toxic with the general public due to her behaviour during this divorce. I smell fish. And not just from the Ho's well used nether regions either.
We'll find out soon enough what she and her puppet masters are up to, no doubt.

If you have any questions, please contact Dougal Thomson (dougal. thomson@
Let's email him and ask him what his organisation thinks it is doing promoting a mentally unstable, personality disordered, drug addicted anorexic. Do they think that we are all fools?

Eau de Ho

There has to be a reason why she is being supported and pushed so relentlessly. I do think that the political elite still continue to believe that the general public are all halfwitted morons that can be fed shite and told it's caviar. Hence them trying to manoeuvre this particular halfwitted moron in to a position of prominence. They think we'll buy her BS because she's 'one of us'.

So her 'lecture' is followed by a Q and A? This is a first. I predict it will be scripted just like her interviews. How many times have we pointed out on this site that she can't handle Q&A. This will be interesting.

Definitely will be pre-approved Q's followed by rehearsed A's.

That Helic wrote for her.

Wasting no time on a Toy store photo op - check
Huge PUPILS - check
Kids looking miserable - check
Shiloh hiding new short hair - check
Holding the BIOS hands - check
Leaving without any bags - check
The typical desperate hasbeen stunt of Jolie we have seen 5555 times before

Yep. Just another Camp Event with her travelling circus. The one trick pony rides again.

Yeah, Angie, we know you want us to believe, you win. You fail, though.
Apart from what I wrote about the custody battle being like a dance on the swamp, there is also another aspect. Pitt, allowing Jolie to take the kids for an extended period of time, can gather a ton of ammo for later use. Just look what she is doing, she is handling him evidence of her being unfit mother on a plate. Dragging the kids around the globe, funding them jetlag after jetlag, parading them for the paps, forcing them to eat bugs (and not all kids looked comfortable with that), parading with a new man, then appearing in a toy store with kids in tow while being higher than a kite. And we don't even know what this Bleet is doing away from the cameras, the Pitt Team might know, because if they have some brains they have their man in her entourage. Maybe it's Mr. Hunk himself 
All his team needs to do is to gather all the evidence she serves them and hand it to the judge. And she seems to be confident in her delusional brain that she is winning, therefore she is more and more off guard. Just give her enough of rope...

Same old tricks. Doesn't she learn?

Nope, she doesn't. She thinks that when one trick worked once, it would work a thousand of times.

there is something dark about her....

fake, and crazy bi@tch

Buying them toys won't make up for keeping them away from their father.

The kids look sad. poor things, they are their mother's PR props.

How anyone can call her beautiful beats me. Just needs a broom

she should be single for the rest of her life. evil woman

she looks like her brother in a wig. witch.

She will never learn. She is seriously mentally unstable and she has nobody who will insist that she gets help and have her committed. Maybe Pitt finally tried, hence the nuclear divorce. Who knows?

All out for another tiring and intimidating pap stroll, then back to the no-rules compound in isolation till she needs more publicity. As usual the children look stressed and strained. It's such an unhealthy lifestyle for them, she is the worst kind of mother

For the three oldest children, it may be too late, but the three youngest may still have a chance. They must learn to get along with other children, follow rules, take over duties. For this, however, they need social contacts outside the family and nannies, such as at school or playing with other children, do sports, having hobbies. Brad seems to be the more stable parent, hopefully he will stand by them for the sake of his children. I am incredibly sorry for the children. :cry:

These sad, desolate looks of the children are always hard for me to bear. And as Mommy dearest digs her thin claws into the child's hands or wrists, is also disgusting. Which 10 (almost 11) year old girl still wants to go hand in hand with the mother? The little timid Viv is hiding behind the plush animal, sad.
And again, this disgusting woman uses her children for papstrolls, she will surely get money for it again, as well as for advertising (toys, business, clothes). Why does this woman have full custody for the kids? She only uses them and drags them from one country to another, always hunting for the next papstroll for money.
I hope that Brad gets joint custody and that these kids can finally go to school and lead a well-regulated life.
I hope, that Brad really loves his children and does not look at them as money source - as Mammy dearest. Brad, be and trade like a man, protect your children and take responsibility for them before it's too late.

"Matriarch" makes her sound 200 years old, which is accurate if we're going by her looks.

Actually, you can see nannies and bodyguards at the airport. :lol: Who do you think is going to watch the children while she's doing her thing?

You know for all the praise she gets for her media manipulation skills, she really has old game these days. Everything is a repeat of her usual routines from early 2000s. And clearly DM is her go-to for fluff stories, she rotates through various outlets depending on the needs at the time & right now it's DM for all the Single Mom image sell.

WTF is impressive about travelling without a nanny or bodyguard with four children? Millions of mothers around the world do it every day. Get a clue before you post this kind of crap.
You're going to have to do better than that James. What's up? Is i n c e s t off the menu since the two lezzers rocked up?

She has a totally crazy look, see her cold eyes. :yikes: The kids seems to be afraid

Sad old Lonely spooky lady with her six children drag around ,

If anyone believes she has gone anywhere without any kind of assistant/employee then they truly earn the Loon tag of Brangeloony. This is like the whole "she has no publicist" crap, she has employees who help her do what she has to do regardless of what actual title they have. They may not be called a publicist, a nanny, a bodyguard but she will have someone who she is paying whose job it is to do and/or help her do various tasks that a publicist/nanny/security/whoever would do. And specifically regarding an actual nanny, he kids are getting old enough that they (hopefully!) don't need a nanny, the older ones should be able to cope on their own & help look out for the younger ones, that's what would happen with a normal family. I'd be a bit worried if an almost 16 year old needed a nanny. But yes this is yet another attempt to spin the Single Mom narrative, she's going to go all in on that now & try & pretend she is actually a Single Mom with all the problems the average single mom in the current day has. It's an absolute joke & actually offensive to real struggling single parent households out there that she's even peddling this.

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