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Exactly, smart in media manipulation, doing drugs and being a dirty HO that is

...and here is that mother earth goddess crap she has tried to put herself up as over the years....

In that interview she sounds like a different person. Maybe all the surgeries have completely replaced her original DNA and we have the creature that we see now. :lol: Always needed extensive staff to prop her up - wouldn't this make any profits null and void????

Not that smart. She is a zero. Everything about her is someone else's creation. Every personality trait used to create her image at different times of her life can be traced back to other people, films roles, etc. She's an image, just a Character, instead of being created by one writer, she is a soup that was created by many people that she knew during her lifetime.
So are many other people influenced by others, that is true, but usually the personality you were born with is merely influenced or enhanced making you the person you are. With Jolie, it seems like she was nothing and everything about her was taken from someone else.
We talk a lot about Pitt morphing, but Jolie is the one who morphed even more than Pitt. We laugh at her 'mother' role because that is an image that she didn't get from a role. That is based on Marcie who was fked up, so Jolie is also. Her lies that she spiels, the kid tales are age inappropriate and clueless because she never had anyone to copy. It is also why she is an outsider. She never had a real friend so she doesn't know how to play that role. She's a toilet, a sexual toy because that is something that was learned early that brought her attention. We've seen her watching others. Calculating and storing info to mimic. Those very first baby pics of S...she wasn't looking at her baby. She was looking at Pitt. Studying him, trying to gauge his expression. She made the mistake of calling her a blob in the interview. She had to learn that S was important from the media before she showed her any attention. Jolie as a character is a constant work in progress going from one image to another and most of them acted very poorly.

Jolie's alleged fragility was just a ploy to get her way. It's still working for her.

This. Classic case of Munchhausen.Crave the attention. Play the victim.
-Dramatic but inconsistent medical history
-Unclear symptoms that are not controllable and that become more severe or change once treatment has begun
-Predictable relapses following improvement in the condition
-Extensive knowledge of hospitals and/or medical terminology, as well as the textbook descriptions of illnesses
-Presence of multiple surgical scars
-Appearance of new or additional symptoms following negative test results
-Presence of symptoms only when the patient is with others or being observed
-Willingness or eagerness to have medical tests, operations, or other procedures
-History of seeking treatment at numerous hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, possibly even in different cities
-Reluctance by the patient to allow doctors to meet with or talk to family, friends, or prior doctors
-Problems with identity and self-esteem

How many times we going to hear about "She so change" news
and then her loons rant victimhood , tabloid are going to write bad about her, blah blah, as if someone force her mouth to feed her drag.

I'm sorry, but this article sounds like b.s. to me. It almost seems like a pre-emotive strike to negate that Jolie was a serious drug addict at that time in her life. I don't believe she was drug tested and besides, if the powers that be wanted her to pass them, it could be easily arranged.

Yup. Sherry Lansing is part of the NWO legion that is trying to foist Jolie onto the world stage as some kind of power player. Expect more revisionist articles to flood the media.

Nobody will ever be jealous of that thing. She is a zero aND new York times said it best: Jolie's life is like a movie " all fake".

More correctly: CPS and FBI should sue Jolie.

and the results were???   I did NOT read that she was clean after all that buildup... perhaps the studio deemed whatever they found to be acceptable to their shifting standards at that point and wanted to elevate themselves as somehow holding their icons accountable while encouraging their narcissism.

Didn't care about ol' fish lips then and I care even less now!

Nut job

She's always been a psycho libT ard..
and now she isn't even good looking anymore....

Yes, but did they ever test her for crazy?

Who cares...  She is a freak I think....

That must have been terrifying for her, being treated like an average person.

I think he looks better than he has in ages!

As a straight bloke I have to say how good Brad looks.

He looks fit, not gaunt. All told, he's probably better off where he is now. Just got to get through the emotion.

what is this article on about? the man is 53 and looks in good shape. Daily Mail is full of these articles that have an agenda.

lol, the DM kills me...comparing Brad and Billy Bob

Could be for a role...

There are marks of stress on his face and he's a bit gaunt, no doubt that he's going through a nightmare after what AJ has done, we don't really know what's happened, but for what's public she's tried to mislead the public in relation to him and hasn't been successful because what we know about Brad, however, she still has been able to forcefully separate him and his children and has carried on with a job that doesn't suit her personality. What this woman is doing is extremely cruel. Then, why the family courts do not remedy the situation? Why AJ has been given a job as a professor when she's clearly acting selfishly and brutishly?

She just sucked the life right out of him

He just lost a little bit of weight. Other than that, he looks better than when he was under her thumb.

Angelina has tried to smear and destroy him. It must have taken a heavy toll on him.

He's 53. I bet you wont look that good at 53. He's had more time to himself so has probably been focusing on his fitness.

Thinner, yes. Gaunt, no.

"you would say she's a stick insect" - he's no-where near that thin.

Who you going to believe? The woman who used so much drugs that a major studio INSISTED on a DAILY blood test for drug use, makes out with her brother, at war with her father, willing to steal a married man and kept a vial of a former lover's blood on necklace...or....Brad?

Angelina Jolie is 41! ... and as much as I hate to admit it, she is a very smart and clever woman... the smart dramatic narcissist always learns to hide their crazy after a few years, while still being horrible at home... especially towards their partners!

And with all this baggage she is given sole custody of the children?

For 53, that's a pretty good looking shadow.

Poor guy. In the end Brad will be happy that she ended their marriage. She must be a nightmare to live with.

How is she a very good person? The undeniable leaks from her camp were designed to drag his brand into the gutter. If she was so worried, she'd have left it to the police and the courts and not cause a big ruckus. Instead she exposed their kids to the trauma of having to read all about it online at some stage. And don't get started on her using her kids and humanitarian jaunts to resurrect her deflated goodwill. AJ has had the paps on speed dial for mroe than a decade.

David Icke recently shared a video on his YouTube channel where a 23 year-old Angelina Jolie tells her friends how she took part in an illuminati ritual sacrifice. If you also consider the kissing her brother on the lips, the blood vials and her le/sb/ia/n flings, men who get involved with her and suffer can only blame themselves.

He looks pretty great for 53. He's lost some weight and he isn't in his 20's anymore. His cheeks aren't going to fill in like they would when he was young. To fill his face he would need to gain the weight back but he looks pretty nice right where he is now ;)

fillers are too obvious and fake looking - they're no substitute for the real deal. pillow face looks ridiculous.

He may be losing weight for a film role anyway

I still would. All. Day. Long.

This is why Brad needs a security. He better wear garlic as well.

It's like she sucked the life out of him

I think Brad needs to find a voodoo priestess to undo the hexes Angelina probably put on him. I'm not even kidding.

He quit drinking alcohol. Normal weight loss for his metabolism.

He's currently in Boston shooting a movie.

Time to bounce back, buddy.

Likely, as he has a USMC haircut.

Everyone warned him about Angelina

He gave up the herb, no more munchies, et voila!

Either way,he does not look like he is wasting away.The rubbish the DM spouts gets on nerves.

Thornton .. Pitt... She clearly sucks the life out of people.

He had a haircut and shave!lol. Not soul removal you nitwit

I don't worry about him being thin, I was worried a lot when he was so bloated. He will look great when promoting War Machine

I think he looks good. If fact he looks better and better the longer he's away from AJ.

Maybe he had to lose weight for a role. Remember Dennis Quaid playing Doc Holiday?

Please In Angelina's dream that Brad misses her, he asked the divorce first. He couldn't stand her any longer. He misses his children terribly for sure.

Maybe it's for a role. Remember Dennis Quaid playing Doc Holiday?

Angelina eats up men and then spits them out when she's done with them. Poor Brad :(

I am sure Brad is relieved to rid her, he only suffers because he can't see his kids. He hasn't looked happy for years and looked like he only stayed with her because of kids. Then she took his most precious kids away from him. For that Angelina is pure evil.

He'll live longer without that extra bulk.

I think he looks better! He was looking like a scruff which he was with Angelina.

Probably for a movie role.

No way, an actor changed his look!?

He looked great in Jan, Golden Globe awards

He sure did! So healthy, and I think he seemed stunned at everyone in the audience cheering/clapping... like he was genuinely surprised! I think he seemed to really need the courage & support booster. (She really tried to publicly tear him down.)

Could be for a movie

Hope it's for a movie please

I say its for a movie. His teeth have never looked like that before...

Is for a movie he's filming for just now

He looks rested and calmer!!

He looks better

I think it's for a movie!

Well known fact that most people going through as break up drop weight!! He lost his whole family and she tried to stop him seeing the children! Stress can do that

WWZ II starts filming soon doesn't it!? He's just getting into the role. He's healthy and still fine as hell!

I had hoped she could finally find happiness.. he was by her side threw really hard times. She has real issues

All y'all thinking its related to the break up. When its probably due to a movie he is about to start filming. Lmao he has done it before.

He kinda look hot also. Well this man will always look hot

He got that nasty Jolie weight off him. Enjoy your life with out that nut(Jolie).

Maybe he's getting ready for a new movie 🎥. Y'all blow everything wayy out of proportion

Still gorgeous in my opinion! Probably for a movie...rumors!

I'm gonna go with it being due to movie roll....

 Pitt is looking hella young without Ang.

He is an actor, he is probably getting prepped for film

Look great still very handsome u go baby sexy

The weight loss is probably for a movie role.

New movie roll perhaps.

Sexy man💯💋😘💋😘

It's probably for a movie. Actors do that all the time and he always in an great shape.

This is definitely for a movie.

Keep in mind actors often go through dramatic physical changes for movie roles. Just because he's lost weight doesn't mean he's depressed due to personal issues.

Better off without her! Find yourself someone who fits you soul 💙💙

He looks good, a little slim... stress will do that. Don't like his haircut though. He'll find his groove again as things settle down. I don't particularly like Angelina, she's a little strange somehow and bitchy. He'll be better off, I just hope things continue to smooth out and that they can co-parent amicably. They have a bunch of kids who seem to love them both. Teen boys get defiant with Dad's, they appear to have made peace too.

The weight loss, together with his noticeably different haircut, may be for an upcoming or currently filming movie.

You look wonderful!

Looks hot as always

He looks like he's doing pretty good for himself, in my opinion. I hope I can look like that when I hit his age!

BP is a much underrated actor

Brad said in 1989 his career goal to be an actor to make movies that make people think. I can say his missions accomplished.

Looking fit

Anything Brad Pitt is in is good. Even if the rest of the movie sucks, Brad is always great. He's an outstanding actor.

Love him, I will watch anything he is in.

Definitely he looks better slimmer.

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