Friday, March 17, 2017


these kids have no idea where home is, they are dragged around the world to satisfy AJ's need for attention. Thats bad parenting.

She's into overdrive trying to fix her image. Not going to help, Jolie. We didn't like you before all this happened. Going insane trying to make Pitt look like a doped up horrible dad - we were never going to believe that. If you end up with joint custody, consider  yourself lucky.

How about putting your money where your mouth is Angie?

Why does anyone listen to actors and celebrities? Her claim to fame is looking good and reading what other people write. She has no credibility in anything else.

She's nuttier than a can of Planters Peanuts

So what. I'm proud to be British. I just don't feel the need to tell the World about it. Except for now, obviously

Another mindless twit from hollyweird who's bra size is bigger then her IQ

Watching jolie put's me in mind of Joan Crawford, PUBLICITY HUNGRY!

Yep, her new movies coming out so let the PR machines start cranking!

In some pics of the older boys I notice a strange look coming from Pax as he glares at Maddox. I think the observation made by another commenter about Maddox liking being "the man of the house" and musing about whether he instigated the exchange between him and Brad may actually be right.

Oh my, Viv's face is 100% Brad!

Dazzles? Seriously, why do you keep using these completely inappropriate/inapplicable words? How about "tries to hide her skeletal frame"?

She is not a roll model at why invite her to the palace. Against all odds Fathers who fought hard to keep contact and see their kids should be invited to the Palace.

Working towards moving to UK.

She's obviously has political aspirations! The UN rumor may not be that far off. The thing that gets me is the movie stars seem to think that since they make lots of $$$ play acting, they feel all knowing. She isn't!

the arch bishop loved it, he has only seen male nipples

Is it cold Angelina? Or you are happy to see me? LOL

She still has fans??

No she didn't expose the actual truth, just the version of whoever paid her the most. Don't be so naive.

Picture 23! LOL what is going on with his crazy eye?!!

The Wonky Nips on full display again...whilst meeting with a man of God, no less.

Oh my god. She is really targeting us here, isn't she? Why won't she just go away? We don't want her

And whoever dresses her either hates her fiercely, or is an idiot. This kind of top and long skirt underline her flat ass, square hips and lack of waist. If she wanted so much to parrot Kate with this skirt, they should put the butt pads on her and some different top. And a bra, for Christ's sake.

She will not go away. The hore is on a mission and for some reason prominent people here are entertaining her. She has NO chance in America with Trump, he saw through her a long time ago. I am getting quite worried now, are we going to be stuck with this misfit slag?

She is far too confident. She has man in here, she must do.
It is not Hague - he's gay as Christmas. Helic is not high profile enough. WHO is she fukking?

Maybe nobody. She is highly delusional, so the source of her confidence might not be lying in the reality. I'm pretty sure that all that show in UK was done by Helic and Hague, and the stint in Geneva was made by the UN to please her and keep her from crashing their serious events and/or making any scandal. The UN is now in such a point that they cannot afford any scandals. But in Jolie's brain all that crap got distorted and she thinks she really means something. 
I am also pretty sure that she has some dude chosen for her husband number four, she wouldn't divorce Pitt if she didn't have some other dude at least in mind. Her mind, though is seriously warped. BTS is a proof she thinks she is a real irresistible beauty and whoever she aims for right now has to be an aristocrat, judging by her "I am princess Kate" appearance lately. Aristocrat, therefore probably someone well mannered and Jolie, being as delusional as she is might take these manners as the evidence he is really into her and the blossom of their romance is just a matter of time. 
Now, no political bigwig, succesful businessman or an aristocrat would want a deteriorating junkie, who is in the middle of the nasty custody battle. She is appearing high in public, with kids in tow. She is totally unpredictable, ill-mannered and cannot even grasp the simple fact that poking the archbishop's eyes out with her nipples is not appropriate. In other words she is walking, talking embarrasment and a scandal waiting to happen. So her latest romance is playing only in her brain, I suspect.
One thing that baffles me is what actually the Coven is getting from promoting Jolie. Are they so desperate for money that they risk their rep just to squeeze few bucks from the old Bleet?

You in the UK are doomed!

Proud American? Yeah, right.

Brad definitely deserves better woman than her.

Yawn, perhaps she should stick to acting and adopting.

Seems like the archbishop is smiling quite a bit.

Sudden thought: maybe dear Baronness Helic is herself involved in some kind of smuggle, and she uses Jolie as her mule? For someone involved in any illegal trade having a celebrity with private jet, who travels a lot, is pure blessing. Put the stuff to be transported in the plane, without Jolie's knowledge. In case of fuckup all the blame lands squarely on Jolie's shoulders and you play shocked, cutting immediately all contacts with her.

It is strange, isn't it, that both "Baroness" Helic AND Sanela/Diana Jenkins (high class pimp, circulator of ROOM 23, married to and divorced from a VERY rich man), two Bosnian muslims, BOTH suddenly go from penniless refugees to where they are now, no? I smell fish.

this...there is no power here just photo ops with people with power....jolie's "political" career aspirations (and her diplomatic humanitarian "work") are just that photo substance no power....just smoke and mirrors...people with real power know for the Coven they are paid $300k plus living expenses to book a few speaking engagements and write a couple of speeches...not exacting trust they are the ones that are feeding her delusions....she is their pot of gold...when the money stops they will be gone.

She looks mentally disabled here.

She looks like she smells fish

The Ca tholic church would know a lot about s exual violence wouldn't it? They might have a lot in common.

Sorry, Angelina: you can't be a patriot AND bow down to internationalism. Besides, there's nothing wrong with nationalism.

It's called acting... it's all she knows... and really isn't very good at even that... if it weren't for her looks (pre tattoos) we would have never heard of her.

And if it wasn't for her dad

Man, the apple really fell far from the tree in this instance.

They need to remove her UN Special Envoy status. You don't criticize the policies of a sitting president at the UN and remain a representative from the US.

Why is she relevant enough to be in the UN in the first place? I guess adopting forign kids makes you an ambassador.

Over the years, I have noticed that people who heavily involved in a social issue, at some point, start to identify with that issue. For instance: white women having or adopting black children or having a husband of colour, start identifying with the coloured side. Same for a husband from a different culture. A mixed race child very often sides with the coloured side (Obama).
When in Europe the gay marriage became THE issue, the rallies were not filled with gays. No, it was their mothers, sisters and female friends who, fairy aggressively, advocated for this.
Miss Jolie helped to wreck a marriage (Brad and Jennifer), adopted foreign children to show her credentials (I take that there a plenty American children on adoptions lists) and advocates for her oldest child, a girl, to identify as a boy.
Upon the news of her divorce she claimed: they are MY children.
Who wouldn't want to hire her to lecture the rest of the world and America in particular.

The apple fell, rollled down the hill into a sewer. Also, somewhere along the way it cut its own t1ts off...

Too bad the tree doesn't fall over on her.

Yes, and her dad is probably cringing over this. Freedom of speech and choice is our right, so she can continue to act like the fool. Her father will always love her, like a true father does, but beyond that, he cannot be responsible for her once she's on her own. This madness is all her doing.

She clearly has a lot of mental issues which anorexia is and she clearly has. Last movie I saw her in I thought she was a walking skeleton!

Mentally challenged Angelina Jolie Warns of ‘Rising Tide of Nationalism Masquerading as Patriotism’ as was explained to her by a community activist...

She also pretends to be intelligent, though she isn't very convincing.

Angelina Jolie is a deluded sociopath.

 She'll meet all the fancy people, have the fancy photo ops, feel all high & mighty about herself but it's all just fluff. It's why she's spending so much time in the UK & getting access to so many figures within UK politics & society, it's Helic, Hague & Dalton pulling strings for her & she is abusing that for all its worth. It's all down to what Helic & co can do for her & how far their influence reaches, who they know, who they can corral.

She really does think that everyone is as dumbass as she is.

Jolie assumes that everyone masquerades and is fake...because that's how she lives.

I used to be a med tech and worked with surgeons. I spent a lot of time in an operating room, but that doesn't make me a Doctor! And if someone called me a Doctor, I'd quickly correct them and tell them that I am not a Doctor. And, just because I spent a lot of time in an Operating room, I certainly would not pose as a Doctor and give a lecture to a room full of surgeons--you know, based on my experience in operating rooms. And that is basically what Jolie is doing, she is so delusional.

She has no shame , nipples on display for -Archbishop of Canterbury

''I am a proud American''
That's coming from the idiot, who sucessfully has avoided the US like the plague unless for PR, premieres, photo ops or award shows. Yet alone giving birth in foreign countries and never adopted legally in the United States.

It seems Jolie's new persona is a Brit royal 

No matter how hard she tries to cut all the resemblance to her father outta her face, it keeps coming back.

Absolutely zero class. No boundaries, no self awareness. Pitt really had the nerve to try to sell us on her and we were having none of it. Well done all, everything we saw in his and her body language thru the years was spot on. All the carpets we saw them fuming beneath their smiles, and all their fake words of family unity we parsed, and alas we were 100 percent right.
Feels good to be us.

Well there you go. Once again we raise a question, and she responds. She hasn't had anything to do with UNHCR before the divorce even happened, and here she is making a statement, her humanitarian act still matters, now more than ever. She definitely made another hefty donation to fall back on the UN's asskissers good side, that's for sure. 

Didn't she get promoted to Special Envoy on the 10th anniversary (not specific to the day but the year) of her starting with the UNHCR? Why would she need to renew this 6 years later? That's just an odd timeframe really, it's not a 5, 10, 15yr anniversary, it's not some special time for UNHCR or something. The timing of this is just super suspicious to me, wouldn't be surprised if she asked if they could do something special, make a nice photo op & press release for her (& UN of course comply coz they are firstly starf*uckers but also gain from photo ops themselves so it's mutual benificial) & in return she turns up at this event, does a speech, they all get some nice publicity. The fact this is happening now makes me think it's all part of her usual image rehabilitation efforts post-split, distract from any negativity by throwing Saint Jolie, Humanitarian down everyone's throats. Making a big song & dance about renewing this UN contract at such a random time is just a convenient way to do this, her contract didn't need renewing IMO, nor did it need such publicity for that renewal, this is all a set up for her & the UN.

The fact this is happening now makes me think it's all part of her usual image rehabilitation efforts post-split, distract from any negativity by throwing Saint Jolie, Humanitarian down everyone's throats. Making a big song & dance about renewing this UN contract at such a random time is just a convenient way to do this, her contract didn't need renewing IMO, nor did it need such publicity for that renewal, this is all a set up for her & the UN.

Of course it is the part of the image rehab. And it's also her attempt to convince everyone that she is important. She is someone, ya know, a humanitarian, a speshul envoy, a director, a star, a mom of the year and close pal of the Queen. She's better than Amal and any other woman! She's a royalty! All bow to the Saint Ange!

Or it's because of a new boss. The new high commissioner of the UN refugee agency is Filippo Grandi. Her previous boss, Antonio Guterres, who made her the refugee agency's special envoy, is the new UN secretary-general, replacing Ban Ki-moon.

How can she sit there like that with her nipples pointed at him ? No respect at all . Why doesn't this bother the loons?

Her PR desperately tries to save her reputation thus so many PR stunts lately, but they ruined her reputations even more.

Shouldn't she be at home with her brood?

She's about 35 years too old to interest a clergyman anyway.

Did you Brits elect her to something?

she is a low life

Obviously discussing chapel hat pegs, or would it be Cathedral hat pegs?

Tasteless and tacky

she looks u g ly and old like a witch.

Any woman who keeps her children away from their father (the one of them who does have hit movies) is a monster and the kids will figure it out later. My husband did. Her so called humanitarian work is nothing more than a ruse to raise her profile as her acting career sinks and her mental illness manifests.

So stupid! Every occasion needs one dress. It's the base of the elegance (and of respect, too).

This is the same woman ...who lied and falsely accused her husband / father of thier children of child abuse .... to gain sole custody ..... im sorry she's a calculated evil NASTY woman ... who lost her husband the same way she got him..... Angelina is a major FRAUD

Angelina Jolie is a fraud. If she cares so much why not share your wealth with the unfortunate people in this, your country, instead of making a movie that only serves to remind us of the worst military disaster in this country. We all remember, how could we not. But to make $$ off of others suffering is unconscionable.

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