Sunday, March 19, 2017


One sick individual. Has a menagerie of children to help her deal with her version of mental illness. Children are too often the pawns of these selfish loons.

Good luck Brad and Congrats on dumping her psycho ass

He needs to buy her out. Leave her as little as possible to use for control over him

is she have a little conscience and respect left to herself she should give up that chateau to her ex-husband

Hope Brad gets it outright. He works his backside off unlike Mangy..All the buildings he loves and he's in Europe a lot. Plenty of room for the children. She barely keeps them in one place longer than a couple of weeks. They need a home.

She switches from female, to male, and back again. Her father, years ago, in a desperate plea, mentioned that she has emotional/mental problems, which is quite apparent to those who objectively look. How many literally kiss a sibling on the lips on national tv; then mention how in love she is with the sibling?
The whole mess with Brad is what she created. It seems that as she sees he's in demand, and she...not so much, perhaps she realizes, how big a mistake she made. She'll probably keep blaming others.

Seems like she wants to control everything and call all the shots.  Brad never stood a chance.

You are such an actress.  Before you never wanted to say anything and now that your so call movie is coming out you want to show us your side.  Go away . I hope Brad finds happiness.

Put down the bugs, lady and start eating burgers.  She is a loon.  Justy promoting her film nothing more.

She does not have anybody to kick around anymore

She is an actress, i feel some much of who she is an act, only Pitt knows the true
angelina. Just another person running away from life

Betcha she grabbed him and left, don't believe anything that nut says.

Neither Maddox or Zahara are orphans.  They were placed in an orphanage by their destitute families. The kids were basically bought and paid for by Angie.

Angie is losing this PR war bad!

Brad is the best bravo!

She's doing her best to try and keep Brad from seeing his own children. With !

She isnt normal mom, didnt know that all kids need a father badly, sick angie!

Hates her own father and thinks her kids don't need one anymore. Very sad.

she is ugly bitter inside outside

"Professor"?  Seriously?  Did this loon even graduate from high school?

So the nutcase is back after showing her nipples to the arcbishop! Must have been quite the PR tour. Brad be careful, the snake is back.

Well word on the street is that she has a private eye following brad around trying to catch him in the act so she can gain full custody...if I were brad I'd stay clean and only keep good friends around for now. She is planning something sneaky and Brad needs to watch his back! Don't trust this snake brad becareful!

She is mental illness will do bad things

The mental illness just arrive in state, brad better becareful cause this lunatic will create more drama as she isnt normal but love to do all distructives!

Just hope all kids will grown beautiful normal like brad, not like isolated mental illness jolie

Jeez these kids look exhausted and disinterested in whats going on. They've been dragged from continent to continent on their mothers whim. This surely is not recognised as good parenting skills.

Hopefully mental illness jolie will stop using kids for her PR campaigne & leave them be happy too with brad

She is the one who is ptting her kids on display.

She should let Brad see those kids when ever he wants. She is the one who caused this breakup and drama to her family

Yup cant wait to see brad be happy with the kids, rather seeing crazy angie using them for her PR sick mom!

I doubt that Brad Pitt was a bad father, this is the craziness of crazy Jolie, that’s all … Madame obviously wants more power, her husband began to interfere with her, that’s why she was so cruel to him that she does not consume flattery … I hope Brad always be with his children …. !!!!!

Exactly what a miserable life brad has for 12 years with mental illness queen drama angie but she got her KARMA finally, hope she will dissapear forever!

Brad does care about  the kids and Brad hasn’t said thing to the media that Angelina Jolie  not a good mother when lie to DCFS and FBI

so when is she moving them in to her houseS and giving them her passwords to her atm and other bank accounts ?????? WHEN & IF she does that THEN I'll believe she truly believes her B.S. and gets rid of her body guards and tears her walls around her mansionS down ! !!!

Funny how with her movie coming out, she had nothing but nice things to say about Brad.  Strategic?  I think so......

We're hearing more about the "split" because she wants media time to promote her film.

she is so BUTT UGLY and turn into a psycho weird o its a shame really she was so much better off with billy bob she break up marriage then gets beat and has her brists cut off

She is the loser.  I'm on the Brad team.

Brad escaped a Controlling Weirdo.  End of Story.

That's rich she " prefers to stay on the right side of the law?"
Like she " would never have an affair with a married man."

We knew the adoption was shady and so was Zahara's. These people have names, issue statements and come forward. Everything about her is shady for immediate self gain just like the discrepancies in her marriage stories.

The woman who "expedited" the adoption is in JAIL and that says it all. Bleet is always projecting and smearing others with her revisionist history.

Mr Sarath, director of an aid charity who met Angelina through charity work, said: “She had to change his name, so the only way was for me to do it. I said he’s my son.”

I always figured it was just ego that made Jolie decide to change her children's birth names for some vanity nonsense, but this makes me think it had more to do with her three shady adoptions.

Any student who was manipulated into this class needs to demand his or her money back.  She has no qualifications.  This one has never struggled financially in her life, in any way.  And she has no university education in the slightest.

jolie is a crazy nut...

Anjelina  Jolie teaching us how to have peace? What peace is that? Does she have it for herself? Don't think so.

she should be teaching a class on the topic she knows well, how to be a homewrecking, nut

and you wonder why your kids cant get a job when they graduate, courses taught by Angelina about women, peace and security. All the things Brad thought he had.

What better person to teach about them, than the woman who knows how not to give them. lol

Seems to me she needs to take better care of herself.

she is a clown with no regard for her children nor her fans nor her x husband.
hasn't had a role in years and is making money at the college off her name.
Teaching B  s like that at a College of Economics?... SOOOOO valuable to the future economist.
What a useless joke she has become.

She is a feminist cult member and non exceptable as a moral woman.

Jolie is sooooooooooo nasty!

She is a phony.

I guess American orphans aren't exotic enough for her.     They don't become playthings as easily.

I do not know her, but do not like what I have seen and heard.  I  do not trust her. I will not watch her movies.

Her looks are going she will too be as ugly on the outside just like she is on the inside.

this lady is bizzarre

Jolie is a clown at best.
Teaching "Women, Peace and Security" at the College of Economics?? Total fraud so the college can raise money as libs do. Bring a name.... buy a backer.
ZERO value to the students.
The Palace 'private tour' is conducted for those who PAY ENOUGH about 40 times every year.
What is really silly is somehow A o l wants us to think somehow all of this makes Jolie relevant.
Waste of bandwidth yet again about another useless libiot

Jolie is a screwball. She was a screwball as a child. She was a screwball 17 years ago when she used to hang out in the AOL BDSM chatrooms. "ANJOLIE". She was a screwball when she was with Billy Bob Thornton and the whole blood in a vile nonsense. and she's proven herself to be nothing but a complete screwball when she was with Pitt and beyond

She's a total NUT...........

she is delusional and ignorant of her own uselessness..... Brad a realist and working at life and his job

Imagine that. A high school dropout offering her opinion on how the world should run. What arrogance. Is this really what the world is coming too?

I value Angelina's opinion about as much as I value the used gum under the desk that I happen to be typing this comment on.

Jolie so dumb & unstable, she cant even manage her family, she shouldnt talk in UN she has zero capability

People can pretend to be someone else when they are 5 years old, but as they approach adulthood, they become self conscious about it. People with arrested development, i.e., actors, make big bucks because they never outgrew that childhood trait. As additional evidence for this phenomenon , their politics often indicate a mental age of about five. Such is the case with Jolie.


Relieved she made it back with all six kids and didn't lose one along the way.


Children need school, structure, stability. This is common knowledge. Jolie provides nothing of these, because she is mental.

She has mental issue.

Awful woman. Messed up kids.

Haven't seen creepy James for a while - where's he at?????

Not surprise that time jolie wanna get maddox in rush condition she need child badly to help her mental break down as her married to billy in rocks & divorced

Angie always been remember as mental illness humanitarian lol who wanna save the world but cant save her own family, what a JOKE!

Angelina Jolie adopted first son, Maddox, with 'fake' details to speed up court process, claims Cambodian aid worker. that sounds like something she will do.

She's  a joke!

um how is psycho lying wife a "Professor"?

Question: What college did Angelina Jolie attend and teaching credentials that gives her the title of "professor"?

Disgusting baby trafficker

Surprise surprise. Yawn.

The truth will out.

This doesn't surprise me. As long as your are a celebrity and have lots of money, you can adopt whoever and whenever you like e.g Madonna.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

Apparently she stopped sending the money.

REALLY ! you never....

Am I interpreting wrong? The article seems to implied Shiloh is adopted from Namibia, seriously, check your facts. All of these adoptions, jolie Madonna, they all skirt around the rules, not news. I don't get why these " kind hearted" soul/ mother can't adopt from their own country, I am perfectly sure there are a lot of orphans in US in need of help. Charity begins at home.....but I guess adopting one of their own can't have international exposure and worldwide news.

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