Friday, March 17, 2017


angelina jolie paid a "celebrity visit" to lesvos during the peak of the refugee crisis but now it seems more like a publicity stunt. she was never seen or heard again and now that the crisis is long over locals have been left alone to pick up the pieces. same applies to refugees and immigrants. so much for angelina's political stance and humanitarian effort. these people are self absorbed media tools.

Using a problem of the real world to promote herself, a lying self absorbed hollywood sinking star. Another publicity stunt, so sad. If it was about the film, she would only focus in the film and not on her pathetic self.

 'respect' is not a word I associate with AJ....stealing a married man and then calling him out in public as a bad father is not called 'respect' dear girl...then talks about other country's problems as tho an expert????

This woman is a complete plastic snake. Good deeds? Obsessed with attention more like. Collecting kids around the world like they are a collection of dolls in national dress. Weirdo!

Thierry Wasser emphasizes that he knew nothing about the project with Angelina Jolie while creating the perfume, and that Jolie hasn't had anything to do with the inspiration for the scent, which was already completed when she came into the picture. "Angelina Jolie was never in my mind or anywhere else, but our president, Laurent Boillot, absolutely wanted to collaborate with Angelina Jolie. He went to meet her in December 2015 while she was directing the film that has been released a few days ago in Cambodia. I didn’t know anything about it, nothing at all. State secret. And when he came back, she said yes. The story, the concept, and the fragrance had been presented to Mrs. Jolie, and she liked what I had made."
This revelation contradicts the brand's official PR, which promotes the scent as "a tribute to today’s femininity — a strong, free and sensual femininity, as inspired by Angelina Jolie."

Why do these people think that we wanna hear from them? Maintaining a physical figure "which is Jolie's only achievement" doesn't qualify her to give public opinions!

RUN billybob, lunatic jolie will ruin your marriege!

Is she going to break up his marriahge now

Can she not find a single man to pursue? Why does this boney chick ALWAYS go for marry men or men with a girlfriend? Is it low self esteem issues?

Disgusting. There are no limits for her. Even though her breasts are not real, shame should be real for her. But she has none, so as her PR machine rolls along, there is nothing that should shock anyone. The first thing out of her children's father's mouth, Always, was how much he loves his kids. Brad is so much better off without her and eventually, when her kids can escape her, they will be too.

I have never liked this shrew. I remember her on tv bragging about having a vile of Billie Bobs blood around her neck. She was evil then and she is evil now. She is a bisexual and since Shilo was two or three she has been dressing her as a boy.. She used to.fight with Brads mother when Shilo was just a baby about bying dresses for the little one. She will pay for being a bad influence for those children. I am sure Brad and his mom and dad gets sick when they are drug around the world for photo ops for Angie. It has always been about her and her selfishness. My husband and i broke up but i never would have kept our daughter who is very close with her dad apart. It is called doing what is best for your child not about your anger. And now my daughter gradustes college next year with the highest honors in her class. So proud me and her father got along for her

She is a boy she has no boobs since she had them taken out. But to not wear a bra is trying to once again draw attention to herself. Once again its all about Angie

That Bishop defo had some dirty thoughts

How many photos for one article.

If she really is braless, then she in one classless ho.

She looks turned on .... sicko!!!!

Attention ho er.

She's not all that.

There's something very insincere about her. She tries too hard.

It is not the Angelia Jolie gene!Stop insulting people by claiming it is such!

Stop calling it the Angelina Jolie gene. It's BRCA1 gene.

My wife had that gene a long time before her, so can you please call it the Pauline Parker gene, who sadly passed away in 2002 at a very young age.

NOW It's the 'angela jolie' gene???? My God this woman is a troll

Bra less and meeting an Archbishop...and then posing as an Ambassador...? Are you kidding me...what about RESPECT... Oh boy...Brad should be so happy he got rid of this creature!

What is she thinking, they only like little boys

This was not just "in public" this was a meeting with an archbishop.  Very bad form, but what is expected with the Hollywood crowd.

How about putting your money where your mouth is Angie?

Hides behind walls with body guards in her mansions and then has a problem when people want to put this country first.

Sweatshop? Are the children working there?

Everyone lick your husbands up! Angelina has landed and is on the prowl!

What a scruffy bunch!

Go away you WITCH! Our Old Beautiful Europe does no need of your ''humanitarian work''! You're american citizen, stay over there and try to manupulate your countrymen! USA have enough troubles, right?

AJ's PR team is working overtime to try to give the public a different view of her. Not working. She tore her children's father from their lives. They will grow up, they will seek revenge. She's wasting her money on her attempt to buy the public's acceptance of her. Again, not working.

Why don't the authorities stop her dragging them about all over the world. They must be too tired for schooling. She should leave them with Brad.

I can't stand this family at all.......A whole Circus & Charade ! This motley crew so called siblings irks me sooooooo much !

A hypocrite with frisky nipples... "Nipple-crite."

And she didn't wear a bra?!? Call me old fashioned but that seems inappropriate for such a meeting.

She's annoying and a bit of a hypocrite

'Hey, Archbishop... I know you lead a sheltered life and have no knowledge of sexual violence in conflict but... what do you think of my nipples?" says infamous self-publicist.

This should be the top comment. She's so fricking obvious and it seems her two girlfriends are pulling all the strings.

Yet another step in her campaign to become a member of the House of Lords. Perhaps the Bishop can enlighten her on the definition of False Piety?

Like the White House when there is a Democrat President, the UN has gone Hollywood. It is a shame that they picked yet another hypocrite luvvie to talk about important issues given her background.

Wow she really is deluded about herself the woman who used to walk around with a blood vile around her neck

She can't resist it. More press for her

She tries to become more like Amal but you see..

To a manipulative woman with a Messiah Complex and personality disorder, anything is appropriate. She is the perfect UN shill - vain, fame-hungry and even deluded that she can be like Diana. She's the poster girl for fauxmanitarianism.

See the irony, they are fake and she show up without an bra, on top of that his intention may not be that, he was just rolling eyes and photographer caught right on moment.

She was probably hoping to turn him on, she'd see a man of the cloth as a challenge and part of her having BPD.

I think both Angelina Jolie and those that she is meeting with are evil. Jolie is CFR and a warmonger and the high ups in religion are members of secret societies engaged in rather naughty activities.

Don't discount what Splinandero is saying- at the very least, look into the CFR because it connects more than a few dots... In fact, see a youtube video called "If you think you can handle the truth, well here it is folks"

Ever since this wizened, NPD toxic woman had her, boob augmentation she can never wear a bra! She is as much an attention - see ker as any Z lister but plays a very subtle game that probably fools the dumbed -down sheeple out there.

Jolie definitely has a diagnosed personality disorder, for which she refused treatment. She is more of a loose cannon than anyone realises at the moment. As long as she keeps pushing the UN agenda, they'll keep giving her the scripts. The latest statistics show that her campaign is causing more problems that it is addressing, but as long as she can get on stage she'll just relentlessly push whatever gets her some attention. Who do you think keeps feeding the PR to the papers?

She had surgery like two years ago. Her oversized boobs can hold up themselves. I think she does it for the attention to be honest.

She knows how to get mens attention. I recall Hague was like a schoolboy with her.

This woman needs to stay home and concentrate on her own troubled family life before she starts looking in someone else's backyard.

That's just it, she is not normal. Not mentally or physically. She can never live a normal life, it would kill her. She has to be the center of attention and will use any cause to get it. She's like the Beckhams, who incidentally are also on a huge PR efforting to get public sympathy after accidentally revealing their true colours! Now she's dressing all in white after years of only all black, even on beach holidays lol Got to laugh at them really, they're pathetic.

Those poor children must be so stressed,they are always traveling and looking unconfortable,its so cruel to drag them all over the world

The children's needs are last in the mind of both Jolie and the Beckhams. They are used, from the very beginning, with magazine deals etc purely for limelight and money. Jolie has a film to promote right now, she has for years dragged the children out to toy shops or for traveling pics or cinema pics before every movie release. She's not fit to lecture anyone on anything. Besides, she is told by people far more intelligent than she what to say, she just learns the lines as she does for her films.

I get what you're saying. I wonder if they have any friends or do they just hang out with each other?

And dad gets to see the kids in pictures! Horrible woman, compassion should start at home Ms Jolie!

Pitt should have spilled to stop her faux humanitarianism.

Jolie is not a good mother. A reporter once asked her if her children wanted to settle in one place would she listen and stop all the traveling. She basically said "I like traveling and they'll learn to like it". No reason an 8 year old should have dark circles under her eyes and here vivienne looks like she just woke up from an interrupted sleep. Wonder how their second language skills are going when they cant even sleep.

I so agree with you!!!!!!

It's like having an Orphanage.

Poor Shiloh. Dragged through so many situations she obviously doesn't want to be in. She seems to want a normal quiet life.

vivienne too. constantly looks nervous, clingy, miserable and jet lagged.

Jolie looks like she needs a good wash. Poor kids being dragged everywhere just do she can give speeches for PR purposes. How do those kids sleep if they are jet lagged all the time? (they must be).

Don t worry in about 20 years time they ll tell all...books,interviews...

The kids will never tell the truth about their upbringing. Jolie will have convinced them by then that she will kill herself if they speak badly of her. Narcissists live to manipulate everyone they are meant to love unconditionally.

Strange, just really strange.

Don't they go to school ?!?

People who worked for them said that they have private teachers BUT the kids don't have to learn if they don't want to because Angelina wants them to be 'free spirits'.

She could go alone. Why she needed to flight with all of them. They look totally exhausted. She is just self-centered crazy mom. Poor children.

She needs them on the flight because aside from the sunglasses and the boots and the other 'accessories' the DM failed spectacularly to notice that her GREATEST accessory is the children! THAT is why she got them!

No class. No respect.

It is a question of propriety and respect much like the habit of the royals to wear hosiery when so many women do not these days and knowing when to wear gloves or a hat. Some women follow these examples and some do not.

Tasteless and inappropriate.

And that is just what she is tasteless and inappropriate.

No bra is ok if you are home alone. In public, and meeting with world figures, not ok.

she should teach a class on how to manipulate your kids and screwover your husband.....shes a freak

Doesn't matter what she does, my first thought is always how many homes she wrecked. She's been married several times, and at least 2 of her husbands were either married or engaged at the time she started hooking up with them.

Expect no less.  Totally classless on her part.

I am appalled at the number of people defending her.  That is why we are in such a shambles in the Country.  No one has any respect for anything anymore.  You tore Melanie Trump apart for showing cleavage at a Presidential Address but you are defending Jolie for flashing the nip show.  What a huge double standard being presented by all of you that think you are "speaking out against a double standard" and it's a bunch if hors3sh!t.  YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.  You might think you can; but you cannot, we won't let you!

I still can't get over the fact that she was shameless enough to show the archbishop her nipples. She is vile.

More importantly: did he look at them?

Why wouldn't it be better to let the children stay with their father when she's globe-trotting?

The snooker set gang of children are just accessories to her self glorification.

Angelina Jolie's family looks like a mini UN assembly.

Humanitarian tour? To whom and where? She went to get a PR job done by turning up for her non job and a non uni in London and then talked with a cleric. I hope the kids are allowed some quality time with their father, now.

She is an uneducated nut job. Why do people think that she is qualified to do what she does? Just because she made a few movies?

How can she be stupid, when she is the ambassador for the U.N and meeting with a guy that, apparently is highly respect, to discuss a topic that your clearly not doing nothing to help?

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