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control freak, what is scary is she has power but she seems really unstable and in charge of 6 children

She is NEVER in charge of those 6 children. She and Brad just liked to make it appear that way when they walked through airports. Everywhere else, the kids were looked after by 6 nannies. Angelina couldn't bear to be near the children en masse for very long even then, as she hated the noise so much. (Maybe if the children had ever been given any rules of conduct, she might have been able to stay near them for longer.)

I don't know why but i've always thought of her as complete psychopath.

She was always strange, pretty when young but weird. I guess Brad saw it as something different but I'll bet, he's relieved he left all that weirdness behind, something else going in this ladie's  strange private life.

she doesn't look very stable minded at all, in some of these pics...i read stories of her having phials of previous paramours, body fluids strung around her neck...! not normal..!

she doesn't realise, its only a Thai restaurant menu...she's just a walking billboard..!

She started her airport pap walks again.

I'd doubt a Cambodian airport has a celebrity lounge.

Any decent parent would have kept their kids out of the media limelight and sent their kids to regular schools to mix and learn social skills with their contemporaries.

Bit late now. Those kids are going to be one self-entitled, socially awkward group when grown up.

Someone needs to sit her down in front of a few video clips of those well rounded Pinkett-Smith children.

Can't stand this woman, never have, never will

Nice parenting.....always using your kids for publicity......

At least one them when they become adults will spill or write a book about their upbringing.

mommy dearest

She really is. Super odd.

Weird woman, can't stand her.

I'm in LA so often, and I've never seen any celebs there or at the airport

So over the top! And what's with the fug nail polish? She looks like she's been digging at her hemorrhoids.

The kids never go to school and have no friends.

So now she pays the media to call her "single mum Angelina", just in case any of you have forgotten how she's struggling.

Do you really think all these places and things outweigh a child being with their father. The children will suffer. Angelina is nothing more than a self indulgent manipulator. Keep your rose tinted glasses everyone else knows exactly what she is!

kids can enjoy that at the same time they get the stability of regular schooling, exposure to all kinds of people, opps to develop social skills, and space from family to develop their own personhood. That's what school holidays are for. She popped the packaging and stamped the logo on these kids the moment they were brought home.

These kids are screwed up by their mother.

Have any of her children been enrolled in school? I would assume that she wants them to go to college but she is going to make that difficult if they have never attended a proper school. Get them used to socializing with peers who are not family members. They just seem like an odd bunch. On a different note, I do love her coat.

Look I am a good mom, I have all these kids. crazy bit@ch.

The reason Angelina has trouble with men and her brother has trouble with women is because the way her mother handled the divorce and custody. Now Angelina did the exactly like her mother. Her kids, girls will have trouble with men, boys will have trouble with women. Sad thing is Angelina can't see she is repeating her mother's mistakes.

Angelina's tactic for saving her reputation after her personal life problems: using kids, using UN/refugees, adopt a orphan, hook up with a guy/a girl

Our society is so vapid with the "actress worship." Highly over-rated at that, too.

Maddox looks sneaky and I wonder if he thinks about the mayhem and storm he appears to be at the centre of? Feel sad and worried for the girl that wants to be a boy.

Why's she dressed to the nines while her kids look like beggars?

Honestly ? I thought it's James with a bad black wig and in cheap looking female haute couture joined by a bunch of unkempt kids !

That requires faith and Jolie deserves nothing of that. We are not loonies or sheep. Jolie lies all the time. So do her loons. If Jolie were intelligent, she'd not be making the same mistakes over and over. She would not need to have scuz pimping or paying for or trading tit for tat for media cooperation and manipulations. She'd have earned respect instead of dislike. Jolie knows little and doesn't even have the cunning that her mother credited her with at two years of age.

I think she is VERY cunning, myself! She manages to set up complex situations that trouble others deeply, and favour HER inordinately! It is literally DANGEROUS to underestimate people like her, because they will be always a "step ahead" of you that way! Not saying she will ever make a misstep (she already HAS), but she does in fact appear to have a knack for discerning what people intend to do- and then getting there AHEAD of them and throwing a wrench into their plans, just like she has done all along with BRAD. Planning to leave, is he? Conjure up a "twin pregnancy" or a "mastectomy" and voila!- he's "on the leash" for ANOTHER couple of years!

Sweet mother of ridiculous cheek implants

Looks like she got a board game on her bony back.

She's always trying that ritualistic sh*t. They can only get her so far. And there are a lot of charlatans out there. :lol: Bet that was a real b*tch to get too. The fool.

good grief, look at the hollow space around her eye. zoom in, it is even creepier that way.

Compare her in these pics to the most recent ones & she 100% had those boobs reduced.

Boy you are right about the eye sockets! Also, look at the line under the ear, bordering the jawline. Is it a scar? A facelift line?

she's an insane gypsy blowing through airports like a piece of trash in a parking lot.

If Brad's team needed any evidence that she is unfit mother, she is handing it to them on a silver plate. These poor kids haven't managed to deal with one jetlag yet and she serves them another one.

It grates on my nerves that she parades those unschooled, unsettled kids--that gypsy tribe--around like it's not completely irresponsible to do them that way. She thinks they're pets, not people.

That she does. And without impunity. And with cacophonous delight.

Madness doesn't begin to describe this behavior. I hope Brad's lawyers jump on this. Angelina, I think we can all agree, is no science whiz kid. Then again, it doesn't take a degree in physics to understand that with the higher flight paths taken by modern jets, there is increased exposure to radiation. In fact, jets are doing more harm to our ozone layer than anything else, including pollution in all its forms closer to Earth. To drag six children to Cambodia from Los Angeles, only to tow them back home only to leave again? That is just wrong. Bad parenting. Selfish manipulation of six young innocents. A flight across the . is long and mind-numbingly boring to the most seasoned adult traveler. To kids under 12, it must seem like a flight to Hell and back, and it's not much easier for teens. Jolie probably just has a staff member shove iPads or phones into their hands. It's a well-known fact that a video game makes everything right as rain.

Wow. One whole WEEK, a full seven days? So they were in Cambodia. We'll call the day they left day one. They arrived in LA on day two, in all likelihood. Then on another flight to Cambodia. That's two very long flights in 10 days, perhaps nine days. I caught the "at least," so we'll pad it and say that within 10 to 14 days those kids made two grueling flights. Goodness, she should have gotten mother of the year by now. She had them in one town for "at least a week," with a huge radiation load on each end.

It's crazy, isn't it? Those poor kids don't have time to unpack and relax before they're at it again.

The kids don't look happy at all.

They're embarrassed to be seen with crazy lady.

Wanna bet all this^^^ is something to do with AMAL CLOONEY? 

I'm surprised that she released these photos. She looks like hell, practically alien, and these proved how much photo shopping she has done to her other photos.

She's desperate.

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