Thursday, March 16, 2017


It's not the question who we are. The question is who is she? She puts a lot of info about her and the kids, trying to project a certain kind of image. And personally I think she is a phony, nothing sincere about her, and she is a vile, bitter, unintelligent piece of a sh**, a nutcase. My conclusions are based on the info she feeds the public.

I take her humanitarian efforts at face value. THIS is the TRUE root of the problem.

How contrived is she suddenly wearing her hair like a royal with her proper demure Brit wool coat trying to look like Kate and others.
All I want is for her to buy a house and get citizenship there and stay out of America.

That looks like the plan despite her continued denial . That was completely out of place . There were no rumors currently .

Jolie has been on a whirlwind tour , not just visiting Buckingham Palace and pretending to be a Professor at LSE, she sat down with the Archbishop of the Church of England today . She is a master manipulator and liar. A home can't be far behind.

How stupid is it that someone calls an ACTRESS "brave" for doing what she does ALL.THE. a ACTRESS. If an actress has to "act" the part of a "public speaker" then she ACTS THE PART. Which is PRECISELY whast the hagwitch Jolie is doing:ACTING A ROLE. NO "bravery" involved. But then, comprehending this simple fact requires one to actually USE one's head for something other than keeping one's ears apart. Which lets out the Sanctiyogawinebibblingbimbolasagna-loon RIGHT THERE.

We slam her because we find her a moronic egomaniac and immoral poseur parading as a humanitarian and savior of the world. Have a nice day.

We find her clueless, nasty, stupid and increasingly hideous - to the point of feeling obliged to point it out. Have a nice day.

No joke. We're not kidding anyone. An increasing number of everyday people simply roll their eyes at the mention of her name.

A professional actress giving a speech in public is not brave, she's simply doing more of what she most loves to do - stand up and emote in one way or another. She's fanning her own flames, as it were.
No, I'll salute Frieda the Firefighter any day over some egomaniac who has stumbled upon a new way of obtaining an ego rush.

Does she have a metal plate in her forehead? What the heck is that hump in the middle of her upper forehead?

This one accepts a job she is under qualified to do, simply because it makes her look good. How pathetic of a human being.

Jolie not good at lecturing and speaking and looks uncomfortably out of her element and given she is an actress she should be better at public speaking. Yowza!

EVERYTHING she does from here on out looks FORCED.

Did you read her speech? Who did?

a great overview, right on point. Natalie Portman was graduated from Harvard based on her own intellectual abilities and also a great deal of hard work, as no one coasts there. Jodie Foster was an honors student at Yale, accepted because of her natural brilliance and graduated by the university with distinction because of her hard work. Jolie doesn't have a clue what it means to work for anything, really. Her father has worked hard in his life for his achievements, but he was not around to truly mentor her and guide her. Instead she was stuck with a star-struck mental midget who was raised to value Hollywood celebrity above all else and ensnare a star - any star - using seduction and raw sex, not critical thinking. Angelina never applied herself to much of anything. She did win some tango contests. When she was 16 she played a dominatrix splendidly, which is more than a bit disturbing. She had natural beauty. So does everyone else trying to make it in that creepy town. She felt free to steal another woman's husband by underhanded, despicable means, she claims she has nothing but contempt for her father and the way he "abandoned" the family and yet when she needs a juicy role, she is very proud to tell anyone and everyone that she is Angelina Jolie Voight.
She approached the UN and offered her services, it's not like they came begging for her help. She made it a way for her to garner unmerited praise and lots of publicity (which she tries to justify with the umbrella claim of "raising awareness"), and she has done so shamelessly ever since. She launched (with the assistance of Hague) a ridiculous, intellectually flawed "campaign" to end the violence of r**** in war. Why not simply campaign to end all violence in war? We'll declare enmity, but calmly and peacefully. Now she believes she is qualified to teach others about her experiences garnered through a handful of carefully orchestrated visits/publicity events, on a mission which has recently been officially declared an unmitigated disaster, a failed program, a waste of time and effort and a good deal of money which could have been spent on any number of more pressing problems in that area of the world. The fact that she feels she is qualified to teach this "course" (I would wager this is a non-credit course which students are taking in their spare time in order to meet Jolie and also to pad their upcoming resumes with interesting experiences, as all students do just before they enter the workforce) is par for the course in Jolieland. She, in her stupidity and rampant narcissism, probably believes she really is teaching at the London School of Economics, and there are some dunderhead Loons who believe her press release. Does it discredit the London School of Economics that she is allowed to "lecture" there, even in this meaningless function? No, not really. Most everyone is well aware of the name of this game, and I'm guessing her guest lecturer position was given in thanks for a very generous donation made to the school in her name with Brad's money. Doe it discredit the many who have gained admittance and attended the school and done the hard work and gained a degree which they are now putting to good use? No more than it discredits the chefs or the diners at the restaurant where Pitt was asked to help prepare guacamole when he was in Mexico pimping out WWZ. Everyone except the star in question understands the real name of the game.
And yes, she is an utterly pathetic excuse for a human being.

The students will be coached on what questions to ask. She will not be able to answer questions on a topic that requires expertise outside her field. And you all know what she's an expert in.
I think media manipulations is a subject she could enlighten people on, even those with expertise in the academic discipline of media communications.

Good catch she absolutely changed the color and style to be like Amal trying to get more credibility.
High school dropout does not have the same education or credentials.
Would love to see them on the same panel. Amal would bury her.

High school drop out lectured on "Women, Peace, and Security" - yeah, she can't even offer peace and security to her own children, dragging them all around the world and turning them against their father. And she's taken away the female aspects of one of them to fit her own PC agenda. What a joke.

Professor Angelina, can you tell me did you use your tongue when kissing your brother?

Next she will be Truck driver, You know Jolie have 20 profession. :lol: :lol: :lol: Talk about un settle on one thing that you like

I'm going to EU/UK and I do not want to see this thing.

Think of the millions she and Hague spent for her vanity project.

Exactly. The vanity project that was deemed a FAILURE by the House of Lords in the UK.

The same House of Lords in the UK that she is scheming to become a part of...with gal pal Arminka Helic's help. Jolie couldn't do without those gal pals Arminka and Chloe,  that she chose over Pitt.

She kind victimized her self all her life

Oh let her! For every single claim she makes in her book I'll go find another interview or quote or clip from the last 15 years of her raving about him being husband of the century, dad of the millennium, human of the universe & how she claimed their relationship was oh so amazing for its entirety & how often she would jam that narrative down everyone's throats regularly. We here all know she lies but she'll make it undeniable to even the looniest of loons, you can't claim you have a super amazing relationship with the best dad ever & the next minute claim it's been a nightmare & he's a drunken abuser. Either you lied when you said he was fantastic & covered up for him or you lied now when you say he's awful. She really can't keep track of her own lies can she?

Absolutely. This is absolutely the WORST PR move she could have made: coming out of the gate with a threat to 'tell-all'! Wasser and Smith must be TEARING THEIR HAIR OUT. 

Why would a person who claim "health of children " will write a book to put in more drama circus again

"It's one thing to leave your partner, it's another thing to talk bad about him".

She spotted his dark aura the minute she laid eyes on him. It's why she had to have him and not just any Cambodian child. Wicked is attracted to wicked.

Angelina Jolie and Billy's iconic "We fucked in the car on the way here" interview. 


oh my god no she hasn't we don't feel sorry for her

Yes uplift others and rip Brad apart and try to put up a good front. She's a fraud

oh please... this woman is as self serving as they come! #bigfatphony

oh sweet Jesus, she made out with her brother.  Give it a rest

sorry Angelina, we voted American exceptionalism, not globalism. It's time to take care of America for a decade or two.


No one cares about UN anymore...

Wait, I thought that she was an actor. Why is she talking about this? #ImNotListening #BackToTheCuttingFloor

yeah she's great at acting hahaha

Angelina..wait for the tweet...Very Overrated actor..

Nationalism takes care of one own citizens first. Why focus on the world when you have enough troubles at home.

We should take care of our own poverty & safety first, if we can't, how can we be successful in other countries. She is unrealistic.

some tossed around go go actor giving a speech on human rights, please.
If only she was speaking this out of conviction, from her heart, and not lazily reading it out from a sheet of paper. #notwrittenbyher

 She doesn't live in America, she needs to shut up. We regular Americans, who live and work here don't think that way. Repair the USA!

Who gives a fuck about Angelina Jolie? #Honestly

People actually take her serious?

So who really pays attention to this crazy.

 lovely act. Maybe ask her about her personal integrity and honesty with close loved ones... yes very reliable type

pls, she adopted children from other countries while not giving any consideration to children in need in this country. That says a lot!

Maybe if she cared more of what happened in her house than outside she wouldn't be alone. Again.

She looks very troubled in this speech, like how all our hearts feel right now; scared as shit.

 When did she become creditable?

this nut should be medicated.

 Wait, didn't see lie about her husband abusing her kids? Now i am supposed to listen to a liar?

wow, Angelina stayed sober long enough to make a speech about globalization.

When it has become obvious to her that she is a horrible human being, she tries to counter that reality with humanitarian work?


oh my god no she hasn't we don't feel sorry for her

When it has become obvious to her that she is a horrible human being, she tries to counter that reality with humanitarian work?

Yes uplift others and rip Brad apart and try to put up a good front. She's a fraud

 oh sweet Jesus, she made out with her brother.  Give it a rest

oh please... this woman is as self serving as they come! #bigfatphony

Angelina Jolie is a trick ass ho in this pic. You are meeting religious figures, wear a goddamn bra. Or a padded bra

You could almost feel the temperature drop in the room.

Did I miss something\/ \i thought she was an actor or something to do with entertainment

Her nipples got erect when she started talking about sexual violence. You know she's into that sort of thing.

A d u m b c o w left her multi-million pound stable to discuss how the taxpayers deal with e c o n o m i c i m m i g r a n t s with a completely irrelevant person.

Do you want to be taken seriously? Then put on a bra that doesn't show your nipples

Sorry but not everyone shares the same vision as a self important hollywood liberal with your nose in the air

the UN is a fucking joke.

Who cares she's about as phony as it gets 👎

And she didn't wear a bra?!? Call me old fashioned but that seems inappropriate for such a meeting.

Welfare comedian - does she even have a high school education?

And the nipples are out for the Archbishop !!!

I see that Filippo Grandi is making eye contact - just not with Angelina Jolie's eyes ...

Yes I see the outline of a nipple, how shocking! Somebody pass the smelling salts!

She's annoying and a bit of a hypocrite

Ever since this wizened, NPD toxic woman had her, boob augmentation she can never wear a bra! She is as much an attention - see ker as any Z lister but plays a very subtle game that probably fools the dumbed -down sheeple out there.

Omg. She is sitting all poised and upright but without a bra and it's cold. I know she's had surgery but imagine a royal or politician sitting with that going on...

The woman has issues. She's as mad as a box of frogs but not as cute.

she got implants put in so probably doesnt need support lol

She has a film out too...what a coincidence.

Could she not have worn a bra to meet the archbishop?!

She's well aware 'he's just a man'. This woman can manipulate any one.

Wow she really is deluded about herself the woman who used to walk around with a blood vile around her neck
no knowledge of sexual violence in conflict but... what do you think of my nipples?" says infamous self-publicist.

Like the White House when there is a Democrat President, the UN has gone Hollywood. It is a shame that they picked yet another hypocrite luvvie to talk about important issues given her background.

Yet another step in her campaign to become a member of the House of Lords. Perhaps the Bishop can enlighten her on the definition of False Piety?

Incredibly poor judgment on her part!

Show some damn respect, Angie. Put on a bra.

not very appropriate for professor Angelina

I thought she had had a double mastectomy she must have fake breasts on with fake nipples? What an odd thing to do !


No wonder Brad left , she is a shame to him.

Not the first time she's done this. She's been raised to be s e x u al first and foremost. She herself said she was "se x u al" in kindergarten f f s.

Whatever good she might do in the world, gets undone when she does something shameful and disrespectful like this.

She was just making a point about how it shouldn't matter how women dress. Well two points actually!

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