Thursday, March 16, 2017


She has no real experience at all with the refugees, she flies there with a private plane, clutches a notepad, looks concerned, spends a few hours in a camp and flies back. Get real people, the real hard work is done by nameless professionals, she knows nothing about the refugee problem. She is a millionare, in designer clothes, with lots of homes, bodyguards and nannies, Armenica Helic and Chloe Dalton are paid by her 600 thousand pounds a year. And she is preaching us? I really wonder what's wrong with the LSE or the UK to embrace this fake act.

Testing testing Naff Off Naff Off

A private tour of Buckingham Palace usually means the first or ground floor and I think the second level. That's where most of the state rooms are. Beyond that the rest of the residence is not for the rest of the populace.

Maddox the surrogate spouse

she is mental...

I don't know what Brad saw in her. To me she has always been gross and a weirdo.

So how long was the lecture and how much did it cost? Did she fly hundreds of miles, stay in a swish hotel, get looked after at great expense and give a 5 minute speech in return?

a lot of people are sick of her PR game and are appalled that she, being a high school drop out that made out with her brother, was invited to speak at the LSE.

 I don't feel sorry for her.. she is so unstable and always needed a man to keep her together.. my heart goes out to the kids.. the future looks bleak for the kids if Brad doesn't step in...

Considering she has taken drugs, her skin is flawless.she has perfect teeth also. Oh,,I know why (it's all done to Botox,,, fillers and veneers.

Forgot to say.. she is like her mum... plays games and involves the kids... very sad when it happened to her.. spiteful cow

what's the matter the truth too much for ya? Its all public knowledge, maybe take your own advice.
What can we possible say that would be good when speaking about Jolie? Sorry but do not have all day for that answer...

She is a nut case! She may be pretty but no brains on how to be a mother or a wife! It's all about Her!! Blah blah blah

What are her qualifications? Lecturing Master Degree students? Must be a banana university.

 Great. The world is now certifiably insane. Jolie, a professor???!! WTF??

Who with a brain would go to hear her??

What a farce...

No she doesn't make me proud! I'm proud without her help.She is a left wing nut,but I like her DAD...

Professor?....what a joke....

I'm flabbergasted that the writer of this article is a senior editor. I would have guessed amateur as it reads in a click bait style.

She gets more and more skeletal looking with each passing year.

I Will never understand how she is seen as attractive. Crypt keeper maybe.

Ick! I'm glad he's moving on; she's a walking fellony!

Why has she always dressed her daughter like a boy? Even before the child was old enough to have a preference, she dressed her like a boy.

way to go , Angie-- frightening those kids.

Fear? What about the fear she inflicted on her own family, her soon-to-be ex husband the day she set the FBI on him?

Who cares what she thinks?

Like Pitt rejected her?


She can't even practise diplomacy in divorce process

Angelina Jolie Warns of Rising Tide of Nationalism Masquerading as Patriotism.HONEY CONCENTRATE ON UR FAMILY..SHIT IS NOT LOOKING GOOD @ HM!

If that's what she said, don't listen. Didn't she accuse hubby of abusing their children? Proven false?

Really?  I cant even take this seriously.

Then security escorted her into her limo,  took her back to her mansion, in a gated community, surrounded by a 12' wall.

she's fallen from grace for me

for bashing Brad Pitt publicly to get custody- she's always been about getting what she wants


 If U want these Syrian refugees or illegals in🇺🇸bring them to your home! We don't want them😡 #AmericaSafetyFirst

Why in hell does anyone care what these airhead Hollywood types think?? Oh's the UN.

Are we supposed to give a crap what Angelina Jolie thinks....what made her an expert on national security???

How about "the rising tide of  welfare immigrants masquerading as refugees"?

she's an entertainer. Her opinion does not matter to me.

But lets ignore the epidemic heroin overdoses that plague the US. Right Angelina?

remove her US passport, and give her some african nation passport, she´s going to be the first waving US flag

If her lips get any bigger she won't need a private jet, she'll levitate all by herself.

Isn't she an actress?

 I truly don't give a damn about her op

What exactly qualifies her to speak on behalf of anyone? Let alone on a stage such as the United Nations?

Not a credible commentator on human rights and concerns ... her personal life belies her expressed sentiments

 and in other news, nobody gives a fuck what she thinks.  Wish she proactively removed her vocal chords instead.

Sorry 4 me I lost respect 4 Angelina Jolie after I saw the way she publicly humiliated Brad Pitt.

She does not represent me or the USA.

 She is trying to fix the world BUT she can't fix her own FAMILY! What a hypocrite!

sure, but did she explain the split from Brad?

what qualifies this lady to teach a masters course?!?!

keep trying.........she   NOT fooling anyone

someone who pretends to be someone else for a living is any kind of authority on anything. More Fake News from a limousine liberal

Just curious why Angelina Jolie gets to address UN and why we're supposed to give a shit what she thinks.

doubt she understands what those words mean. I understand "policies encouraging fear"means disagree with me and u get insults.

she needs to just be quiet. Tend to your own mess, girl

 why does she get to speak at the UN

 just bc one adopts kids from all over the world doesn't give the Hollyweirdo special rights to b an ambassador

nobody cares what Angelina Jolie laments

 she lives in a bubble.

A collector of children from around the world speaks.

 I'm sorry But this "lady" doesn't has moral for indicate what is right or wrong!

Then she went back to her mansion with 10 foot high walls

Who cares what she thinks

What does she know...honestly.I can't believe this...

Playing with words again. Shut it down. What  peace or unity has it achived.

She has borderline personality disorder. Please look it up.

safe investments with high returns= HER PLAN = invest Pretentious time and effort in Cambodia,Adopt a kid, Join United Nations and the Return she gathered it the first time from divorcing Thorton the Image Clean-up and the latest the divorce with Pitt But the return is not high nor low it's struggling because she miscalculated by the horribleness she accused of Pitt. So after the horribleness she's done to Pitt she quickly got her returns from Cambodia and U.N. She travelled to places where she feels she is welcomed b'coz her home country America is not happy with her anymore plus she didn't invest  anything in America to begin with. But she always preaches America to do this and that.

Hollywood elitist out of touch with reality.

Some people just have no moral code. Lecturing in college, without a degree from college, but only a tenacity in buying honors, well that's just low class. No one is stopping her from going to college, really. Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster, and so many other intelligent woman raised in HW have empowered themselves by doing the work to earn respect and recognition.
This one accepts a job she is under qualified to do, simply because it makes her look good. How pathetic of a human being.

Sure she does a great deal of humanitarian work. But where were her caring values for others when she was stealing Jen Aniston's husband? Or when she publicly said she does not believe in manogamy? Or all those years she acted like her father didnt even exist? She can care so much for complete strangers but not for those she's closest too?...

Why does anyone listen to actors and celebrities? He claim to fame is looking good and reading what other people write. She has no credibility in anything else.

She's nuttier than a can of Planters Peanuts

So what. I'm proud to be British. I just don't feel the need to tell the World about it. Except for now, obviously

Another mindless twit from hollyweird who's bra size is bigger then her IQ

She's qualified to lecture on how to inject heroine, how to schedule another plastic surgery appointment, and how to use government agencies to lie about your ex and to alienate children from a loving parent.

Hey honey, why don't you take those u-gly, collegen filled giant lips of yours and just shut up? No one cares what a botoxed tw-it like you has to say, not even Brad

She turned out to be a mean vindictive woman who wants to cut her children's father out of their lives. Go eat some food Angelina, it might improve your personality

She has a PHD in stupidity.

Well, she couldn't finish high school, so yes.

America loving? Then why live outside the country and keep pushing the importation of refugees on the rest of us, you don't have to deal with them, why should we.

She threw in 'America loving' to soften her anti-nationalist speech. Her speech lauds global elitism and an end to patriotism. Then she tipped the papers to include 'America loving' in the headline to throw her fans off the scent of her Fabian indoctrinated theories. We should be worried about her type of politicking. She is the new face for the worse aspects of globalism.

she is a UN shill. There is nothing humanitarian about their policies. She is their new poster girl and we should be worried about that, not praising it.

For goodness sake look at her exhausted, miserable children with their under-eye shadows, hiding behind their cuddly toys when she drags them out for yet another pre-arranged papstroll. She looked triumphant and ecstatic to be getting attention yesterday, while they looked confused and intimidated. She is the worst kind of celeb mother and dedicated to her own PR and cravings for fame.

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