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Look at the smug smile on her face. She knew this story would come out. Desperate.

They are really reaching. The guy looks nothing like Pitt and doesn't look like he is too thrilled to be seen with her. She of course walks along with a slight cat that ate the canary grin as if we are to wonder if they are a thing. That look on her face tells me she is the pumping this story out there.

Yep, the look on her face is "are we or aren't we?" She choreographs her own tabloid stories

Her immaturity once again. She wants to make Brad jealous and reclaim her PR title of most beautiful. She is DESPERATE to be seen as a desirable prize. The self directed music video that doubles as a perfume advertisement is an obvious grab for her former glory days. Not gonna happen. She should pack up her props and show up on Disney's doorstep to honor her contract for the evil witch sequel before they sue her for breach of contract.

Desperate to appear with a man, even if it's an employee. She'll be going full on J.Lo and Madonna and hiring herself a boytoy manny fiancé in no time. Another model/backup dancer prance coming up. 
The film premiere is over. What is Jolie still doing in Cambodia? Making sure that Pitt's family don't get their March family visit with the bios? Has she decided to hide in Cambodia, keeping the kids away from Pitt? Is she violating the visitation schedule? What's up with this staying past the promotional duties?

She is such a loose cannon it's hard to say she wouldn't pull another stupid stunt.

Good grief either it's the dress, her walking posture or the most unfortunate picture ever but she looks awful here, it's like she's got a bit of a belly & is waddling along. The way the dress has blown up against her legs so you can clearly see how thin her thighs does not help.

Scott Rudin: "She needs some humility. This movie looks so awful" My hero.

She tries this tactic every couple of months. These meltdowns are repetitive and boring.

the whole Sony hack thing and her fake chickenpox that award sites, the public and some of her own headloons like Lainey didn't believe it. This goes to show she is a pathological liar and a manipulator

Now things are looking much brighter with the Summit Scandal brewing - this is what I meant - the public needs to see her the same way we do & this is definitely helping!!

She's like a two year old with chocolate and crumbs smeared all over her mouth still claiming that's she's been no where near the cookie jar.

Lots of times I have found out many useful trivial side details about the skanks in tabloid stories, things they DON'T lie about because they think those things are 'trivial' and "not important". Or, a detail about a previous incident will leak out because the ho/schmoe forgets to LIE about it...As Sherlock Holmes well knew, seemingly "trivial" details can hold the key to TRUTH..

Evil never wins over good after all.

Sony hacked emails reveal producer Scott Rudin continuing to slam Angelina Jolie: ‘She's seriously out of her mind’ 
In the latest batch of hacked Sony emails, the Hollywood bigwig took multiple jabs at the 39-year-old actress.

If she has somewhere to go in another country, she'll go there. 

OMG, poor kids, they don’t know what a normal life is with that weird woman.

Any adoption agency that give this woman another child to f**k up needs to be under investigation. She obviously cannot handle those she has without serious drama-in fact it seems she stirs it up-not a promising character reference for a mom, no matter how much she “loves” them!

I used to be a huge fan of Angie & now I can’t even stand to look at her. I feel she is mentally
Unstable. I saw her promoting the last movie she made w/Brad about a crumbling marriage & she sat there & said ” if our marriage was anything at all like these characters we never could have made this film”. One wk later she files for divorce. She has a double mastectomy & full hysterectomy,yet she chain smokes,anorexic.She needs help,not more kids

She has Six children to take care of! 3 who are biologically hers!! Is she Deranged.
Maybe she has been wanting to adopt more children and Brad said no more, no way! And that was the cause of the divorce!! The woman has an obsessive disorder who feels she can save the world crisis with children. Yet she couldn’t even save her own marriage. That is sad that she won’t accept help.

Reminds me of Mia Farrow in so many ways…an odd person.

Angie does also remind me of Mia Farrow, and you wonder just what is behind the motivation to adopt so many kids, along with those born to you naturally…not normal.

She so skeleton and old plus bipolar mental pls someone stop her to adopt and destroy more innocence kid, send her away to northpole for good, the world get sick of her manipulated acts! HYPHOCRITE

I have seen interviews of her drinking blood and all kinds of other occult rituals she practices. And now her two closes friends are truly real witches. So yes i lnow the women should not be allowed to raise a rock much less children. And the fact she will hop into bed with practicly anyone. She is not a good role model at all

Willi Camden, how much did you get paid?

If you look at nearly ALL Jolie's pics you will notice she's ALWAYS "front and centre", well-lit, never out of focus, and never in any "unflattering"'s pretty clear she's "vetting" all her pics! The ONLY pics I have ever seen of her that are unflattering/blurred are oldie-oldies, or pics where she is trying to "scam" the public with "doubles"... the very few "candids" of her I have seen ( the ciggy pics, f';r instance. Anyone else notice that it's funny that someone so "well known" has so FEW "candids" out there, especially nowadays, when everyone and their mother has a camera in their hand? Just more proof, as if any were needed, of the level of "control" that is being maintained over her "image")
Frankly, I was surprised that pic with her mouth WIDE open (the one used for the Scott Rudin "Oscar") made it out there; that's probably a REAL "papp pic" taken at an event, and she was too busy to have her BG seize the guy's camera!

"She's missing her one ride-or-die support system" - I believe this to a certain extent. He was the only one to at least pretend like he gave a shlt what she was doing. Now, she's got Helic and Dalton on her payroll. They're with her every step of the way

After the horribleness she's done i just cant look at her the same way again.

Let's not forget not to long in the distance past she was sucking face with her brother, and wearing Billy Bob's blood around her neck. So... meh.

Sorry, but the children are going to be some messed up kids.

Another "Look at what l got" moment.

Why is this worth an article? Does anyone care, or need to care?

 I sure don't care.

Nut job

Lost one again

Did she have her satanic bondage gear with her?

She's a strange one.......

Run kids run...follow Brad. Angelina is in transit allright, from unlinked to mostly despised. A ruined brand. She ruined her own brand.

The oldest kid has replaced Brad. He runs the household. He looks unpleasant.

Easy to see which parent organised all those previous pap strolls using the children for publicity considering we've never seen Brad with them since the split, yet Angelina is all over the media, time and again, like a plague of locusts.

Aren't those kids tired of being dragged around the planet yet. Living out of a suitcase gets old after awhile.

She always looks cold with no emotion, rarely a smile but parading her "children" in front of the cameras as to say look at me I'm a good person

I don't like what she did to Brad. I will not pay to see any movie she performs in, produces and/or directs.

Shiloh looks especially unhappy. Too bad she is allowed to act and dress as a boy at such a young age.

So when you're rich and famous you don't even have to send your kids to school. Double standards.

She smiled when one of paparazzi told to her 'team angie'

Feel for these children, running the gauntlet every time she wants to show the world what a great mother she is.

she spends time on these binding rituals rather than focus on the relationship. ironic.

and of course when she gets skin cancer she will blame everything else apart from the ink and needles....

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