Monday, March 20, 2017


He's trying to find a way to turn personal tragedy into a creative act -- instead of a self-destructive one. As a divorced man myself, I'm taking notes.

Completely agree, Brad and his parents are regular family people. Compare that with attention seeking Angelina and I know which would be the more stable environment for the children.

as a single mum, me too

Oh for God's sake, he's making art. Good for him. He's grounded.

leave the guy alone - invasive snoops

Aww Brad, so much better off without the witch. It's a shame the way she treats the children like PR accessories but at least they have their dad to give them stability. No one is falling for her antics.

We can only hope he's getting to see his kids enough to allow them some stability !

Team brad.

So Brad is smoking weed and making art and Angelina is showing Cardinals her rack. Sounds about par for the course.

No big deal ... Brad can knead the clay all night long to release his anger. It is better than rolling in and out the bars with drinking issues

This is what the sane do, they get off the crazy train once they realize they're on it. She will regret this, or perhaps not - she might have done it for power. Destroying something, like she did with the relationship with her father - let us not forget this crazy woman frenched her brother in front of cameras.

lol her dad is not bad. Her mother was just like her!

Most creative people work at night. I write and find it easier to work without daily distraction, so I can understand Brad Pitt and the graveyard shift, so to speak. Anyway, it's nice to know he's keeping busy. Happy Tuesday, Suzi Bay.

Okay, so now let him be and stop printing shots from the paps. He deserves space and solitude. Team Brad. He is so much better off without her and the saint act she has down.

Jolie titillates herself, becoming sexually aroused with the subject matter that she is supposedly fighting against and her physical response is always apparent. Her appearance with those physical responses always steal/overshadow the attention that she is supposedly trying to highlight and She Knows This. Rudin called right. The rampaging ego of a minimally talented celebrity camp event. Always stealing the attention from those causes she is supposedly trying to highlight, whether it be the r@pe conference, refugees, promotions, etc. The attention is always about herself and she'll do anything, any low trick like flashing aroused nips to keep it on herself. She's a scene stealer. Totally ungenerous to her co-stars...her faux humanitarian endeavors.

It's sad. She is dragging them all over on her image rehab tour. Disgusting woman.

Time....the ultimate truth teller. After the terribleness of what she accused brad and he was found innocent of All charges her true colors really shown and people are not blind anymore coz before we would be like "that's just hatred coz she got everything, you are just envious of her beautiful life, blah blah blah" but utimately the biggest reason why we didn't believe those articles against her this past decade is bcoz of brad And subsequently of the 6 shields the kids.

hopefully her mental issues don't rub off on him ... but either way at least the kid has a decent home... it's not his fault that she may have done something that may be a bit shady... she was doing it for the right reason.. maybe the only time i would consider her actions sane.. else this woman is no role model for anyone.. she's a shill and a mental patient

Who cares? She's a deluded, neurotic, attention-seeking, luvvie pain in the a55 anyway!!! - hyper yawn-age on an industrial scale

 I'm kinda confused at the comments. If the real parents are alive, (which no-one knows for sure) just because she will or has give the child a better life, does this make it ok still?

She is a nasty piece of work;why do you insist on trying to promote her.

She doesn't do anything but lie

Her oldest son is a psychopath.

Can't stand her

Stop making up foolishness. Pitt has not been the one to be causing turmoil or discord in this whole mess, that would be Jolie. Brad Pitt has shown remarkable restraint during this whole ordeal, given how badly he was treated by Jolie who tried to use the media and the public (oh yeah, and her own kids) to destroy Pitt. Fortunately the larger number of people saw through her malicious games and didn’t allow her to use them to destroy Brad Pitt and his reputation. Shameful woman.

She's an overrated actress who had some lucky breaks and happen to marry one of the hottest actors on the planet. Yes she is a Good Samaritan as are so many others without the opportunity to walk the red carpet or live in multi-million dollar homes to publicize their generosity. I am so over her.

 I could never understand why she dressed her daughter all the time as a boy. From when she was a small baby. Makes no sense. I could if the child did it, but not when your a baby.

If you really wanted to be a family, you'd stay married and suck up whatever tiff you have with Brad, unless he is physically abusing you! You just want to run around the world and try to look great with all your charity work!

 Really ! Joli !????? There is No way that Brad did any harm to you anyone or ......His kids. YOU, Jolie have emotional n' behavioural issues w' in yourself. Just be coopertive ......Keep all peaceful n' DO NOT speak negative OF their father in front of your kids.

She is very much calculated actor even in real life. See, the dress she is wearing, it's pink, just to garner the sympathy and support from other women. Cruel, cunning, diabolical and dangerous.

Daily mails article lately are like this
They try to make Angelina good in the public eye again by parading her empty credentials article by article but sorry not working anymore bcoz she have shown her true color while brad's article are about making him look bad but sorry you can never put a good man down. Angelina can try but people can see right through her after the terribleness of she accused him then found innocent of all charges.

Why do fathers always get the short end of the stick in this situation?? She has proven in the past not to be of totally sound mind but she has the kids - he is totally as capable of caring for them - just because she has crept into being the goody goody at UN etc he is left out of the caring - ?? Not fair at all!! But then of course we are on the outside looking

By 50's he should be enjoying his success with loves one n family...
Maybe ... he just cant cope with workcholic n crazy nutjob Angie...
Its time for Brat to relax.. good for him ease his pain by doing arts...
Take care drugs n alcohol.. keep healthy n wise

She's one strange person. I'm sure Brad will bounce back better than ever.

 brad move on shea a freak who is only interested in herself n potraying her image as a saint when shes not. find another woman not the hollywood thrash

I'm not suprise .Women with so much money still looking for moore power like a Hitler lol

I bet brad glad he got rid of I've got a screw loose Angelina.

 Brad You will be okay. Just stay strong"

Hes well shut of her shes a nutjob

 enjoy your nut free life mate❤️

Looking soooooo much happier and healthier (and sexier) welcome back Brad

DM you have gone to a new low. He's creating a sculpture not crying over sad romantic songs. You guys are a piece of work

DM...You are full of it.

Man he's HOT! Ooooooff!

Look at the big picture. Once the younger children become teens, who will they want to escape to? Their dad. That won't be long, time flies. Once they are adults they'll understand life better and realize their mother kept them away from their father. If he is seeking help for any drug, alcohol, or anger problems, she should allow him to see his kids often. I don't know what she has against him, but he loves his kids and wants to be part of their lives.

As a wife and mother, my heart goes out to all divorced dad's who miss being with their children when they want to. Breaks my heart for the men, and for the children.

Brad loves art and architecture. Angelina loved the attention she got by marrying him. I still think the kids should grow up with Brad and their grandparents. I'm sure Brad's mother is ready to testify in court, if needs be.

Hope he finds peace.

I want to know what the heck Brad did on the plane that caused Angie to file divorce? Come on, how bad could it have been? She is a wack job and no man will want her now. She should have stayed with Brad who is the hottest man in the world.

Brad Pitt you amazing person, i wish you many love handsome, be happy!

This woman is awful... poor brad kids

Her kids don't go to school because, as she's said, she thinks schools are in a terrible state. How about St Ange turn her attentions to something as dull and pedestrian as education policy? No way, not when you can hitch on the far sexier humanitarian bandwagon and self-canonise.

Betcha she grabbed him and left, don't believe anything that nut says.

I'm confused with this story.  Why did she have to change his name in Cambodia?

To hide that he belongs to another parent. Maddox was stolen from his biological parents. Orphanages in 3rd world countries are often like pawn shops, where poor parents drop off kids they can't feed in hopes of reclaiming them later if their finances improve. Maddox's parents wanted him back.

Not so great a life. No permanent home, no real schooling,  no time spent with cousins or grandparents, a crazed mother screaming lies about their dad to the point the FBI had to get involved. No, not so great a life if you ask me, well anyone really.

Of course her adoptions were illgeal.
She went in fall of 2001 and was able to collect the child in spring of 2002.
Adoptions process take more then 1 year, and this lady was able to get one a matter of months.
Lets not forget that Jolie had the time was doing drugs, bragging about gross sex with BBT and had an incestuous relationship with her own brother.
A person like her would NEVER be allowed to adopt in the USA.
This is why all of her adoptions were in 3rd world countries and why they were done in a shady manner. I also think she did the same thing with the other 2 adopted kids. And I don't think Brad is the legal father of any of them.

Child trafficking. No surprise for Hollywood celebrity, many into pedophilia and child prostitution. Why doesnt Jolie adopt an American kid, a black kid out of the Chicago hood.

"Jolie has previously insisted that she went to “great lengths” to ensure Maddox did not have a living birth mother in Cambodia"
Well, apparently she forgot to inquire about the other 1/2 of the equation.

Filthy rich folk like Angelina Jolie complain about kids going hungry or are in need of a forever home (adoption) & yet Jolie adpots children from FOREIGN LOCALES via possibly FRAUDULENT adoption papers/vital records. I call BS/HYPOCRISY on the part of Angelina Jolie. Now that she's run Brad Pitt through the mud via divorce, we have this latest possible scandal. If said scandal is proven to be true, I hope Angelina Jolie ends up rotting away in prison for a very long time.


brad looks like his old self. a lot younger too.

So handsome!!

Wow DM what a sad headline. You deliberately spun the truth to get readers.

Meanwhile CRAZY Angelina Jolie is running a smear campaign to destroy him. she is not as kind as everyone thinks she is.

She is a child collector.

Maddox seems to have turned into an entitled brat. Refusing to see Brad Pitt. Sure would be a shame if he got shipped back to his roots.

This isn't shocking at all...she decided to slide over the legality of it all to get what she wanted. She is a very odd bird.

Not surprising. She'd be a better person had she just adopted US citizens. Angelina is a disgrace and doubt very much she was ever involved as a parent. She/they hired others to take care of these kids.... big time scam.

Why Jolie does not adopt American born children, make her home in the US instead of living all over the world, disrupting her nomad children just so she can live wherever she feels like it on any given month is astounding.
In case Jolie doesn't know it, it is the very fact she is so blessed/ fortunate to have accessed such a large fortune in the good old US of A, yet she shuns the country that made her and that huge fortune of hers.. It is like turning her back on the country that made her a star. Everything Jolie does is outside of her country. What is wrong with her!

No surprise. People like Jolie buy what they want. She knew she'd never be able to adopt in the US because she has mental issues. She did the next best thing. She exploited a father in a 3rd world country.

She looks a lot older than 41. 
Proves the theory of ridden hard and put away wet.

So is her acting-- scandalous.

first of all how and why did she get Cambodian citizenship? that right there is starting to sound crooked... secondly, she's full of it when she says she stays on the right side of the law, she means the right side that she PAID for... i don't like this person, she's a pathetic attention seeker who is out to get revenge on Brad for doing EXACTLY what she encouraged him to do to his first wife and btw, the lies she told in court to make him look bad is ILLEGAL to do and NOT on that so called right side of the law...

Who cares about this weird, mentally unstable woman?

This woman is not right. It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear she had bought this kid from a trafficker. She should be investigated. If that's not enough she's also a political shill for the UN, cheerleading for their "one world government" agenda. This woman is so fake it's amazing anyone even takes her serious.

Maybe she can stay in Cambodia since she has citizenship there. She can take the other nut job Hollywood leftists with her.

she couldn't adopt some poor kid from US. no she had to go and lie and cheat and potentially get in trouble just to adopt some kid from another country. stupid move and you deserve getting in trouble for it.

She's a Wack Job ! She had so much potential and is starting to spin out of control, BillyBob and Brad should count their blessings !!

Interesting to read her comments about staying on the right side of the law...
I have a friend who has been a missionary in Cambodia for the last twenty years and he says the locals have a very different opinion of her adoption. Sounds like she swooped in to a home (not an orphanage), spread a bunch of cash around, and boarded the next flight, baby in hand.

She is nuts.

She would never steal another mother's child? She also said she would never steal another woman's man. Ha!

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