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How to ruin your kid's chance at real self esteem - give them things without ever letting them try to gain it for themselves.

Yeah, nepotism doesn't exist in Hollywood... Wonder how many 10's of thousands he was paid...

The first photo of her in 05 with Maddox she was gorgeous. What a difference 12 years have made.

Go away! Stop pushing your sone down our throats. Just go away.

Angie is not looking well.

She doesn't look very healthy.

Wow. I'm not impressed.

Pitt looks better now after divorce. She hasn't fared so well. Aged overnight.

nepotistically-privileged. What a good description.

Absolutely true but then that is everywhere and not just in Hollywood. You know the saying, it's not what you but who you know. I see that in my career but not with me, I moved to a new state to start my career and knew no one. So, of course, there are exceptions.

Totally absurd.

“I thought, ‘What story do I feel is really important to tell?’ ” Jolie says in the special of how the passion project came to be. “I felt this war that happened 40 years ago and what happened to these people was not properly understood. And not just for the world, but for the people of the country. I wanted them to be able to reflect on it in a way that they could absorb.”
I can't believe how delusional Jolie is!! Just because she's never heard of certain events doesn't mean the rest of the world hasn't either. She's a high school drop out that is trying to educate the world. Ufreakingbelievable

"I wanted them to be able to reflect on it in a way that they could absorb"
Umm 'scuse me?
She probably didn't mean for this to sound as offensive and arrogant as it does, but it does. :roll:
If only Jolie were here to teach us our history. can anybody be such a messed up loser and still be so egotistical?

The Japanese were angry when she tried to play historian with WWII. Some Cambodians will feel the same outrage the Japanese did. She underestimates how many Cambodians supported the Khmer Rouge in the 1970's. The survivors and the descendants of the victims may also feel disrespected. She's putting herself where she doesn't belong. They only tolerate her because they want her money. She will always be an outsider to them no matter her legal status or how many Asian children she adopts. She is deluding herself again because she MUST feel important to feel validated. It's just a movie and she just doesn't get that. It's like when she passed out DVDs of ITLOBAH to The House of Lords.

Variety's Justin Chang penned a negative review of the movie, labeling it a "dramatically misguided attempt to renew public awareness of the 1992–95 Balkan conflict" that "springs less from artistic conviction than from an over-earnest humanitarian impulse." THEN

a "dramatically misguided attempt to renew public awareness of the  Khmer Rouge History" that "springs less from artistic conviction than from an over-earnest humanitarian impulse." NOW

The Village Voice's Karina Longworth's review is particularly negative. She dismisses the movie as "a United Nations extra-credit project about the Bosnian War" and criticizes Jolie for "producing a sanctimonious vanity commercial for her own good intentions." THEN

"a United Nations extra-credit project about the Khmer Rouge " and criticizes Jolie for "producing a sanctimonious vanity commercial for her own good intentions."  NOW

Her face absolutely does not move in the latest round of interviews. Her mouth moves and her eyes roll around in her head but otherwise her face is almost like a brick when you look at her straight on and she talks. Very obvious in both the BBC and Stephanopolus interviews. The difference between the way her face doesn't move and the face of the interviewer on the BBC footage is amazing to watch.

Having a perfume campaign alongside a war movie is really stupid. People are going to associate the fragrance with death and destruction.


I think anybody would feel embarrassment at being the subject of a Jolie film.

She looks hideous

Homewrecking nutcase.

 Never did like her

brad doesn't care who angie beds - he could get anyone, he is just classier as he refuses to put it out in the tabloids for his kids sake, angie needs to stick the knife in him, but what she doesn't know is that she already killed him.  it's over.

nobody wants a mentally ill woman and her 6 kids

I'm sure this one of many for the gaunt actress. Lol

I suspect this film will be heavily boycotted.

"to understand him and his culture." He is a globe-trotting, wealthy child. Is that what the film is about?

Will this soon be another sad Woody Allen scenario.

All the kids will be brainwashed by this crazed woman.

For Christ sake, shave that poor boy. It is a father duty to buy a razor and shave off the silliest of all signs that the the boy is becoming man.

The Queen is handing out a title. Unfortunately that gives it as much meaning as modern day knighthood being squabble over by the over privileged.

I don't think he should be an executive producer until everyone is an executive producer.

I wonder how much of that $25 million she will donate to the people of Cambodia? Any?

I want to know how much she paid the actors and crew.

She¿s only 41! Imagine what she will look like by the time she is 60.

She is always pushing an agenda. Whether good or bad, it is calculated.

It's not the kid's fault. He grew up with an overbearing mother, who has huge issues with men. Sadly it seems Brad has zero say in what happens to these kids. He was made the villain in their eyes and now Jolie can use the kids to her own advantage.

She's beyond desperate now, calling her BODYGUARD a replacement

Pitt's Team opens the next bottle of champagne. Angie managed again to shot herself in the foot. See, the dust after the divorce haven't settle yet, the kids haven't manage to deal yet with the collapse of their family and she carelessly pops into their lives a new dude. A dude she barely knows (unless she is trying to suggest she was banging him behind Brad's back). Clear signal she does not give a S*** about her children wellbeing.
The Pitt Team doesn't have to do anything, just give her enough of rope and watch her eagerly sticking her neck into the noose.

Haha, you are right! PR master, my a**. She is painfully stupid and that bg is such a tradedown, if it's true at all.

Poor guy's probably begging for a new assignment so he can get away from Crazyland.

Nepotistically-privileged also describes the minimally talented spoiled brat.

Teenage boys usually want to be independent at this age. They don't want to be with parents. But Maddox clings to Angelina, Angelina doesn't leave him alone either. They are always together. It is very strange for them. they have relationship more than parents and kid.

Apart from Maddox, you never see her interact with her other adopted children.

Angelina needs her head being examined.

She divorced BBT also because of Maddox. she is obsessed with Maddox. Something is wrong with her.

I wonder what she would do if one of her children wanted to be a teacher or a lawyer. She really wants them to be artists. And she tries to explain... But, but... That's what they want to do. 'Maddox and Pax would probably rather be musicians' and blah, blah...

She is ridiculous. Nepotism

Family and child service should investigate what is going on between Angelina and Maddox.

Family and child service should investigate what is between Angelina and Maddox.

She is mental.

She has serious mental problems.

Go away... you make me sick..phony HAG!!!!

I guess her next man has to agree 3 some with Maddox.

Many people have already seen this woman is sick in her head.

Angelina has an inappropriate relationship with someone, is not a news anymore. no one is surprised.

She is a weirdo always

She is an attention ho. she would do anything to get attention. whatever is inappropriate she would do it because it gets attention. She stole someone's husband, made out with her brother, wore blood around neck, got as many tattoos. I won't rule out one day she will marry Maddox since that's inappropriate and will get attention.

She has a very strange relationship with her son.

I suspect her relationship with Maddox was the cause of her break up. He seems jealous of his dad and she clearly always took his side over Brads. Very weird I'm thinking!

Her relationship with her son is creepy. Make him go to school and college and stop mollycoddling him

I bet she slept with Maddox every time when Brad wasn't at home.

I appreciate it's almost beyond parody, but I do think if Hansel from "Zoolander" were ever to direct a film, it would be one just like this.

I think Maddox was the problem all along. He has Angelina's ear, not Brad. It's a bizarre relationship, hints of Woody Allen.

It's not the kid's fault. He grew up with an overbearing mother, who has huge issues with men. Sadly it seems Brad has zero say in what happens to these kids. He was made the villain in their eyes and now Jolie can use the kids to her own advantage.

This ad sells Angelina Jolie, not perfume. That's fine if Angelina Jolie is paying for it and she is the only product, which of course is not true...

Watch it without sound; she looks like a LUNATIC.

The extended ad is basically her version of doing a music video. I do like the music, I will say that.
Are those images of Cambodia spliced in there? Again, the whole thing is so disjointed. It's almost like an actor's reel. Most of it has nothing to do with each other. There is no flow. An actor's reel selling Angelina Jolie is what I see.

I agree; the whole thing is like a mishmash of images, all disconnected. I don't know what the music is like because I never put the sound on for any of the ho's videos. But she looks like a lunatic here!

She started her career in front of the camera in a Mick Jagger video that her mother pushed her into.. and now she's ending her career with another music video.

You know: this really looks like a RUSH JOB to me. Cobbled together at the last minute in order to be ready for her "movie release" (one about genocide in Cambodia :shock: ) That's a disconnected image if ever there was one Narcissistic video w.a.nk against a background of genocide. Charming. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall at Guerlain to hear what went on with that ad campaign! I am sure it would have been worth hearing!

She looks like a lunatic even WITH the sound!

She's trying to tell an entire country how to feel now?
God, she is so out of her mind egotistical.

Why would she even have to make this kind of statement unless there has already been whispers of disappointment or dissatisfaction with the film? No one has said what the film is like? There's been no critical opinions? ...She is sounding apologetic and like she is making excuses. Betcha Jolie the sadist went OTT (Over-the-top) again with the homo erotica or sadism in this film too and she is now defensive that the picture will be bring disgust again as her other endeavors did. She's already telling the Cambodians to feel pride that they went through so much and remained strong. Her vision of what they went through must be on the same level as the r@pe victims falling in love with their r@pists or Unbroken's violence and homo-erotica implications. Ho does love her some OTT violence in her films, in the past even revolting some of the critics who saw her films first, before the audiences.

Yeah, Cambodians needed Jolie to help them understand their own history. I wonder what their feelings are when they read such nonsense? She's delusional and too bad Cambodians are too giddy (from attention from a hollywood star) to see it.

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