Monday, March 13, 2017


Deranged woman

Single mother with 8 nannies.....

Is she paying someone to write such fawning drivel? You used to call her That Home Wrecker, now she is The Madonna. Who's taking some money under the table?

We never got this constant update on the children before. What is she trying to accomplish? I mean I know she is walking her kids around a place and all but they used to do this under wraps before. I guess we should all take a daily look at how much a good mother she is *eyeroll*

Shiloh looks like she wants her father to rescue her...

Lol, single mum and 2 nannies each kid.

Can she stay in UK never come back? I am shamed that she is American. She is POS.

Nope she's yours not ours! You keep her.

Oh GAWD! And she's got the rest of the coven and old man Hague bringing up the rear!

Look at the MAHOOSIVE hands and feet
She is such an ungainly and unfeminine woman. This whole fraud that has been perpetuated by the MSM about her being "the most beautiful woman in the world", is looking more and more like the blatant propaganda it always was. She's nothing more than a schill pushing the globalist agenda and they think we're all buying it. Nah.

These poor kids have to be so sick of the pap flashes in their faces. What a slore she is for allowing this to happen!

Her kids don't have nannies
Their official title is assistant. Each kid has an assistant and sometimes the assistant has an assistant.

The poor kids are still wearing the same clothes they wore at the airport. Do they not change? Or did they go straight from the airport to the toy store?

She always parades the kids. poor kids.

The skank is too busy racking up smack in preparation for her public 'events' to notice what the kids are wearing. As long as they look half decent when she arranges for them to be papped, that is fine with her.

Hope she enjoys how utterly uninterested anyone in the British government is these days over anything that isn't related to the giant turdpile that is Brexit. A few years ago she probably could get a fair bit of interest in her issues & saw potential for the British government to actually do something that helped with her priorities but these days...nope. Everything is focused on Brexit, either fighting it or trying to work out what it even is & how it will affect every thing & trying to get the best deals, trying to do all the backroom politicking that goes on during these changes..literally no-one has the time or interest to indulge something like Jolie & her sideshow. She missed her time to advance her cause in Britain even with the backing of Hague & co the political climate here is just not going to give her much now. With Britain isolating itself with Brexit it also affects how much influence it has elsewhere in the world while also leaving Britain desperate for trade deals & the like to attempt to make a PostBrexit Britain successful thus leaving it basically trying to placate anyone it's trying to deal with. Britain basically is not going to be dictating anything to anyone for decades, no influence, no power, a reduced economy...Jolie's issues are not a priority at all, nor will Britain be able to help her with them even if it wanted to.

It is VERY telling and interesting that we haven't seen brother/lover in a LONG time. He used to travel with her and the kids and always be hanging around in the background....wonder what happened?

He's been replaced by the Lez Coven

Surely they have enough toys. I think I have seen this same article 100 times. Blah blah blah Angelina and kids at toy store.

This woman has no class and dignity.

This. Now the kids have three mommies with no sense of what's best for the kids.

She claimed that the children started to call Jamie "Daddy" which was super weird.

She must provide the pictures at a discount if her team can dictate the content of the article. She defiantly reads here. How many comments have been made about her dull lackluster hair and her failing to wear a slip on this site?

She really is looking like The Corpse Bride these days. She should be on Walking Dead, the hordes continue to flood in at Merkel's invitation, Germany experiencing a brain drain, and Frontex acting as a ferry service from Libya. These blowhards are sitting in these useless meetings, blowing hot air up each other's backsides and spending money they didn't earn. Of course the royal scarecrow is in attendance.

She is always self-destructive.

No matter what you do Angelina, we see your true color.

She is sad piece of human.

FLakey mess

Poor shiloh, ruined by her mother.

Can she not use her kids for once?

She will not have enough room on her body if she keeps getting tatoos for every man she ever was ao will be with.

NOW It's the 'angela jolie' gene???? My God this woman is a troll

But she still going crazy the removed breast cancer, i guess she will never be change, mental illness always be crazy!

How can u say she looks glam when she has to hide her skeletal frame in a huge jacket ?
How is she a good mum to cut their dad out of their lives ? She treats them like her properties n bribes them with materialistic things n makes herself the popular parent by giving them total freedom – even to extent of giving Maddox producer credit for being her son

So she is in UK for a few days, she drags all the kids with her. What a horrible person she is.

she looks like she weighs 75 lbs....she's clearly not taking care of herself, which is selfish to her children...& speaking of selfish, someone who falsely accuses the father of her children of something so despicable, only to retract her statement after the damage is done (in an effort to only attempt a clean-up of her OWN self-image, whilst (go figure) she has a movie coming out) is anything BUT beautiful...

poor kids, they look miserable, their mother is crazy.

She actually makes me feel quite ill. Everything about her is fake!

She is trying hard to save her reputation. lol.

Is she only doing the photo ops with their biological children? This crazy makes me sick. Evil!

Her new publicist is clearly friends with the Daily mail. She has a lot of repair work to do after the shameful way she handled the divorce.

Why don't these kids go to a school? Do they have any tutor ? All I see is them travelling around the world during the whole year.

Don't let kids see their father, she is the most selfish person

She's not a single mother. The kids have a father, and she's travelling with 100 bodyguards, nannies, other staff etc.

You can tell by her emaciated body, hollow cheeks and skull-like head, stick legs that she certainly does not travel with a chef. She should.

Another day, another shop, another pap walk.

she pretends she's so together and conservative in her wardrobe, when underneath all that are those horrid crazy tattoos that display she's a total phony and imbalanced in her mind

Who the hell wears shoes like that on a kids' day out...

She isn't exactly A list @zebras. Name one thing of worth she has done recently which was a hit at the box office??

Vivian is so pretty...but always looks unwell.

those kids are so like their dad. :)

Those children look like they need a good nights sleep......

Viv really does look like Brad.

I feel sorry for the children. It's difficult enough having celebrity parents, but having photographers constantly snapping pictures of the kids should be off limits!

Those high heels! I know I can never shop in high heels like hers let alone with kids.

Vivienne looks as miserable as Shiloh always does, hates being in the spotlight. This narcissistic ninny is going to damage their children by keeping them from their father. Exactly what Jolie's mother did to Angelina with regard to her father. She is as cold-blooded as they come.

She is mentally unstable, bi-polar or BPD

Becareful who you marry. That person can contribute to 90 % of your happiness or misery in life. I'm sure Brad Pitt would agree.

Brad never looked happy with Angelina. Now after divorce, he is all happy and healthy. Their marriage definitely is the biggest mistake of his life.

The poor kids look horrible, but they didn't dare say no to her, she would throw throw tantrum

Shiloh looks more and more like a boy every time I see her.

The rebranding of The Jolie starts in the smoke and mirror world of celebrity.

The kids look ill

Like pale little vampire children.

Vivienne is all Brad but Knox looks like Angie's brother.

Her mental illness is starting to show on her face... not aging well at all.

I'm afraid Ange has some serious problems and it aint going to end well.

So far Jolie has 'gotten' over a dozen tattoos!! - gotten! Is that even a word?

That back is ruined, man.

Weird, crazy, not sexy.

Disgusting Angelina. Such a liar and a user when it suits her.

she thinks she's Mother Theresa, and apparently so do a lot of people in authority!

Her whole face is puffed up Lol

viv is pretty. She's 100% her dad.

She went overboard with the fillers, she is starting to remind me of Pricilla Presley.

She's been reading the comments section of her own articles. Too bad she skims over how the public is repulsed by her pap strolls. She ignores those because the pay and the media exposure is more important to her. Disgusting freakish looking woman.

she's trying so hard to recoup that image of hers

she's a weirdo.

she's not looking well.

She looks like a skeleton

mother crazy. poor kids

She could not have won anything because in California no decision is made until the Private Judge makes his recommendation to the court. That Judge can agree or not, and while we can not see what he says we can see the filing , and there isn't one. The court evaluator had 60 days from the time he takes the case , which was Jan 20 to make his evaluation ,and that is the minimum time. I agree it certainly looks that way so possibly they have agreed in her having the kids .Still though the s Judge can over rule that and then it will joint. Parents do not get to decide . They can choose a parenting plan and hope agrees and if they are well balanced he likely will , but they aren't! This is all on the court website so if anyone believes this wrong please correct it .

she didn't attack him in court, being evil that she is she attacked him on paper between lawyers no court involved remember that no court involved everything every negotiations for him to see the kids it was all between lawyers and papers. Bco'z the truth is if she filed this straight to court she will not get what she wants that is sole physical custody of the kids. so she attack him him horribleness and lies and then negotiated. While he was being investigated the ball was rolling for negotiation and the deal was done and when the investigation wa done HE WAS CLEARED so was the deal. So when he was asking for more time with his kids her lawyer is now using that DEAL as a powerful Weapon a shield like look we have a deal. Again no court involved.

Ick! I'm glad he's moving on; she's a walking fellony!

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