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Scott Rudin just told the truth. It's even better his e-mails were not meant for public consumption, because he gave his honest opinion. That's how people in Hollywood feel like about her. As for her interview I haven't read it I'm so over her fakery, trying to shove down his saintness on our throat. No.

Quite revealing is that no directors work with her twice.
And besides the requisite positive comments while a movie is being promoted, I never heard of any director that acted thrilled to have worked with her afterwards. No comment, but no future projects.

That's why her team cannot win. Whenever they do something to make her image look better, she turns that fax machine on and everything is lost.

Her fax machine is hot right now, is her movie coming out or something? Why the sudden surge of faxes? Saw another one today in some tabloid magazine called 'Look' (never heard of that one tbh) & she's on the front cover & it's all about how she's "back in charge". I flipped through the article as I queued & it's basically all about how happy she is, how she's in control of her life & doing what she wants & all is wonderful in her world while Brad is back in LA hiding away & sculpting. Article also makes a point to say they're talking again & it's all on Angelina's wishes that they get along again for the kids, it's very much a 2017 Jolie fax putting her in a fantastic light & Brad in an ok light but with all the power in Angelina's hands.

Well, we all know she didn't have cancer and she opted to have her organs removed. Maybe she had multiple overdoses that were covered up, and that's what she was referring to with "many health scares"

Very true, she lives for being the victim. But, she thinks she has to be in control at all times (or at least her deluded illusion of control). She plays the cancer card b/c that is a disease for which you don't have much control if it's genetically inherited (which she played like it was, even publishing her statistical probability of having it, never mind the drugs and smoking....) I don't think she could bring herself to actually admit she had an eating disorder b/c that would be an admission of mental illness, and something she could potentially control by seeking professional help, and working to overcome it. It's something she will never admit. She thinks she's God's gift to humanity.

This choice of wording makes me think that this came strait from her own mouth. "Back in charge" is the same a "winning" in her mind. She has been getting what she wants it appears- the kids are still with her to be dragged around with no proper schooling, and the UN is still willing to tolerate her for the right amount of donations. She gets to play the evil witch in a Disney sequel, and Brad is still too henpecked to risk the safety of himself and any future love interests. She has even successfully managed to turn her face into a plasic mask that resembles what she used to look like, and she still manages to sell images of herself and her children to the tabloids at her every whim. She is also still being allowed to play professor in London. A city she intends to overrun with her "powerful self".
As far as the "there is nothing else to fear" she is very wrong. But all her shallow needs regarding her recently wounded ego are in check right now. I can see how in her mind she is feeling "safe". To her having had these preventative surgeries meant that she was so smart and powerful that she was able to cheat death itself.

She had a boob job and sold it as double mastectomy.

Exactly! I'm not sure she had any preventative surgery done at all. She simply spun the story or her alleged genetic propensity so that everyone would worry for her and then she could make the "brave" choice of getting giant, stripper boobs.

I think she has worked the eating disorder thing for sympathy from BP. She appeared to be pretty normal before she was with him but I think it became her "fragile doe that needs to be taken care of thing" with him. I'm sure most of her issues have to do with whatever drugs she does but she is happy to carry it off as stress or whatever may get her some sympathy.

Seems to me that she constantly put the children first rather than Brad and her marriage. Just my opinion

I still like Brad Pitt more than her. So what he's not perfect but neither is she. She's making a mountain out of a mole hill. Shut up Angelina.

I get the feeling she's terrified about people learning the truth about her.

She is ruining her own reputation as far as I'm concerned. Let your kids therapists etc.. be private

Why would you want to put your kids through that publicly? He's still their father. We don't need to know every detail of their lives.

She is a nut job, obviously has not changed since she kissed her brother and wore blood around her neck.

She is lying. Maybe she just got tired of him. So she threw him away.

She just craves attention. So much for handling things with class.

I just wasted 4 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
(How Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Fooled Everybody: From Court to Co-Parenting While People Were Distracted by Scandal)

Its fake, people dont belive, Brad Pitt wasnt be there... Novbody photo... Just insider from Jolie. PR team work good Angi....

Who the F cares she's a home wrecker

She sly as a fox. I refuse to watch any of her shows.

Wasn't this the same lady who used to carry a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck?

The woman admitted to mental problems. She tried to commit suicide. I don't see that she's improved much. Her bad behavior now extends to yanking her children around, feeding them bugs, and lying about Brad.

Only in Hollyhood would an executive have to administer daily drug tests to an individual with a known hard drug problem, and still refer to them as "smart".

Where's the scandal? This was 15 years ago and she was open about doing drugs. Angelina didn't even fail them. Aren't all actors given a drug test before filming?  I'm just baffled as to why this is a big deal.

The scandal is she has adopted children at home. If she was you or me, the boss would have rightfully called cps and the cops to protect the kids from a severe and chronic drug addict. She would have been sent to jail and lost the kids. The scandal is this drug addict paid an adoption agency to place a child in her home, despite the fact that her family, freinds and bosses KNEW SHE WAS A DRUG ADDICT AND WOULD HAVE HAD TO LIE TO THE ADOPTION AGENCY IF THEY GAVE A CHARACTER WITNESS.  Those kids need to go back to Brad, and Ang needs an intervention before she dies.

But the issue here is she has a history that made this something an employer insisted she do. Do you know anyone who has to be drug tested daily if the employer wanted, just to keep a job? There's lots of unsavory history in this woman's past. Dragging kids around the world pretending you're this great white hope to the planet is narcissism to the extreme.

Because she made up awful stuff about Brad mistreating his kids. She has a sordid past and no right to throw stones and the ones she did throw weren't true. Why would a woman who loves her kids do this to them? Answer: because everything in life is about her and she demands want she wants no matter the cost.

She needed the daily drug tests to force her to stay clean.

So she was a known heroin addict in Hollywood right after her Oscar? Unreal I thought she was a saint.

Again, the's ok to let millions of undocumented people into the country but I'll live in my gated mansion patrolled by security officers.

If only the keys to the gated community could be permanently lost - with the gates locked and her inside.

It's beautiful - the house I mean, not Angelina who I cannot stand in any way.

Shock horror! I thought she was a humanitarian and would be tented up in Calais with her brood. Silly me.

Walking skeleton on the loose.... Arms legs then these massive bumps on her chest very weird looking

Her arms and legs are stick man! But she has always been shaped like that and had big BB's even as teen at fourteen when she posed for magazine but she is WAY too skinny now and looks weird those arms and legs look skeleton like

she's skeletal and in a few years the brood will be doing their own stuff ,no doubt will end up in the headlines she may become a recluse wandering around that house eating spiders and beetles

What stability have these children ever had. They buy houses and move like the rest of us buy shoes. No proper schools so no long standing school pals and dragged around the world like hand luggage by their daft mother. Sad state of affairs.

And one time when they lived somewhere kind of long one of her sons was having fun, playing soccer, making friends! And she just pulled him away from that! She dosn't understand how it is to have friends!

Wasn't she one of the ones protesting about Trump building a wall? But, she chooses to live behind a walled and gated security estate? Hypocrite much?

These kids must have moved home more times than they've had hot dinners.

Only 6 bedrooms! One for each of the kids. So where is she and the staff going to sleep? Although previous reports say the kids only sleep when they want so maybe they'll do it in shifts ....

Her legs looks so very thin in that first photo

The only thing this woman does is moving - from country to country, from house to house. Poor kids.

And they are constantly! Traveling and living out suitcases well she pulls them around the world for HER endeavors! Do they even make friends?! Or go to a school? This why she dosn't want Brad to have 50 custody because then she can't do that!


Her legs look like twigs! She might be thin , but in no way is she healthy.

She has good taste in property that's for sure. How come she's so rich? Her films are crap and far between; I guess she as advertising deals around the world for cosmetics and perfume.

Because, although she will never admit it, her father has campaigned for her to get jobs ever since she became an adult.

She's counting on getting as much of brad's money as possible. and if she gets enough to even just pay the monthly property tax on a 25 million dollar house then I guess we'll know she has something big on him and he STILL refuses to divulge the far-worse stuff he has on her.

You mean she's not going to live among the refugees and immigrants she tells the rest of us to live among?

Jolie used to be very pretty. Now she's a skeleton who loves Botox and filler injections. So plastic.

Angelina Jolie and Meghan Markle could open a school called "how to be a fake humanitarian and pose for photo opportunities".

She is a skeleton

She looks horrible in that first photo.

They need daily drug tests for Angie again

She will never gain back the support she had before her lies started. She has always been strange... but more so after all the preventive surgery....she wants to help the world....let her do it in another country... ...her children suffer as she did growing up with a mother she thought was perfect.....when it was found she also had mental issues.

And all the films are FLOPS!

The best way to promote your causes is to live what you believe! Hypocrite!

If it's true that the camera adds ten pounds then this person is emaciated. Skin and bones.

Her past helps explain her erratic and irrational behavior towards her spouse and family. The minimal interaction of her kids with outside society is truly bizarre.

Then a druggie nutcase and now Mother Teresa! Time changes everything!

Well now Angie that is the pot and kettle.

Interesting the studio would not contract jolie for the part without daily drug testing.

Damage control much? from her team.

lol her problem is NO ONE believes her.

This Cambodia is the biggest bs designed to make her look accommodating
Isn't working. No one believes he flew there and she left him alone in the jungle with the brood across 20 time zones when he never had them alone in Caki.
Big BS. Do we look like idiots.

The only thing that happened was that nutty narcissistic Angie miscalculated the atmosphere
With all the male bashing going on today.
She thought the world would join her in bashing her privlaged partner and evil w male
Social engineering has not completely taken hold.
She was going to be the Strong female Mother Earth,
And he was to be the big bad male.
Funny thing it did not work
Much to her disappointment
And the fact the masses are not completely on board with woman victim man victimizer

Knox: cheater, drugs
Vivienne: homewrecker, drugs
Shiloh: trans/bisexual, drugs
Maddox: jail, drugs
Pax: A tell all book deal, drugs
Zahara: will be a combination of everything and she did escape with Pax to their country eventually.

Maybe when they are older they can meet family from their homeland who are decent and stable.

These parts make her out to be the psycho kook she is:
Lansing was concerned, especially when Jon Voight (Jolie's father) and Jane Fonda (a family friend) called to warn her that the actress was extremely fragile.
Then there was this notion that we had to give her spiritual and psychological support.
She must have purchased someone else's blood and urine then
"We were sufficiently worried that we obliged her to undergo random drug tests — and not just urine tests but also blood tests."
To everyone's relief, Jolie passed.

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