Thursday, March 23, 2017


I would bet a million dollars, that if the public had taken her side and Brad has been crucified in the media, Angelina would not for any second show a single ounce of interest in speaking highly of or directly to Brad. She would still be 100% pushing the story of him being an abusive father who didn't deserve any custody, if he hadn't been so warmly greeted at the golden globes. She is a snake and only changing her actions because she wants to save her reputation. Sorry, Angie, it's too late - you exposed yourself as the vindictive sociopath that you've always been.

The week after this dumb globalist idiot preaches, there is a terror attack in London.

She said she want to take away the kids from him for the kids sake, now they talking because for the kids sake. I wonder how this thing works?

He looks better than I have seen him in years.

let it be known that the beauty/crazy ratio with Jolie has always been 1:4, means shes 4x crazier than she is hot

dont go back!!!! Shes only keeping you around cuz she cant make it on her own

Angelina Jolie distorted the history by a movie called “UNBROKEN” and forged a fact. “UNBROKEN” draws a Japanese soldier at the time of World War II like the devil of the cold-blooded brutality. The contents of “UNBROKEN” are all lies. As for the fact that a Japanese soldier at the time of World War II tortured to lobsterback with a U.S. soldier, there are none. “UNBROKEN” was able to decline the screening in a movie theater in Japan. It is because the content of the movie was content to plunge dignity of Japanese into by a lie clearly. Contents of “UNBROKEN” are things entrapping the dignity of the Japanese citizen, and the Japanese Government is angry very much. The Japanese Government thinks that prohibit entry in Japan in Angelina Jolie seriously. Angelina Jolie hates Japan, and most of Japanese think it to hate Japanese. And people disliking Angelina Jolie increase now in Japan. A Japanese nationalism group may prevent entry of Angelina Jolie if Angelina Jolie comes to Japan. And “UNBROKEN” did not become the software so far. However, it is going to finally become software in Japan. However, nobody buys the software of “UNBROKEN”. And nobody watches the software of “UNBROKEN”. Angelina Jolie wasted a production expense of the enormousness and time of the enormousness. “UNBROKEN” does not become the topic in Japan. Angelina Jolie is a super liar.

Why did it take you so long to realise, she's mad.

Why is he doing better? He is no longer around her and her toxic personality.

Headline: Is Brad Pitt Dating Again? Total Mislead. Story about nothing. Headline should be: Is Brad Pitt having a few old friends over? Gotta stop clicking on these stupid non-stories.

She is weird.

Don't be fooled by her again Brad, she cant be trusted, and those friends that are back in your life, they are important to you, they are the ones who have proved that they are truly loyal and supportive.

Dating after narcissistic abuse isn't easy. Best of luck to him.

Aniston is not part of the story stop trying to drag it out a decade later. You sound like lunatics.

Can't stand Jolie. Team Brad all the way.

Bradley is definitely the more likeable and friendly person. Angie actually scares me.

He's getting healthy again. He had definitely lost himself with her. That was easy to see.

She is a very difficult and hard woman who likes getting her own way. It must have been exhausting living with a person like that.

BP might be free but what about the kids? They should be released from their designated-at-birth roles of Mummy's Pap Mascots and be able to go to school and develop their own social circle instead of being dragged around the world for Mummy's humanitarian campaigns. Someone should start a campaign on kickstarter called Free the Jolie-Pitt Kids!

I'm pretty sure that the kids are his first priority right now, not a new woman. He's fighing for joint custody - and he'll get that - we all know she hates it that they have a father and she thinks they are hers, not theirs.

Angelina has tried smearing him but that didn't work. She is doing PR damage limitation now.

That sums it up, she is selfish self absorbed and so jealous of others that she even isolates her own children by dragging them round the world with her.

Angelina will throw temper tantrums when he has a new gf.

It will be handbags at dawn

Good to hear that he's happy again. He also looks very good again since the divorce announcement.

I think we would all be surprised how few true friends the world's 'A' listers have.

True friends are hard to find no matter your profession or fame status. If you have just one friend you can call at 3am to come and rescue you from somewhere you are lucky.

She's so fake.

Let you be lucky Brad in everything, I really respect you as an actor and I'm waiting for your triumph!

I love how DM simplifies it to ¿they both said bad things¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿.. I mean, SURRRREEEEE¿.she only falsely accused him of child a b use and sub stance ab use too, plus anger management issues and a drinking problem, fighting to deny him access to his children and prompting a several months long investigation by both dcfs and the fbi which ultimately cleared him of any wrong doing and declared him a fit and healthy parent¿¿¿¿¿¿¿.he basically said she¿s a pr w h or e¿¿¿yeah DM, totally DEFINETLY the same level there¿.

You can tell who's PR is paying the DM!!

i bet her kids can't stand her and write a tell all book someday.

this woman collects children. that is not the same as being a mother.

She is a snake, I don't trust her.

she falsely accused him of child and substance abuse and is fighting to take the children away from him. she made it all VERY public and played dirty - all of this very easily been settled using private judges from the start but AJ used the public court system and even opposed having the documents sealed, until she got major backlash and finally agreed over a month later. BP was investigated by multiple independent authorities and found clear of all charges, dcfs even stated they were "totally unsubstantiated" and would testify he was a fit and able parent who deserved custody in court. he also repeatedly tested negative for all substances (16 clean tests in a row!). it was also revealed that AJ had the divorce pre-planned - she had a secret house rented weeks prior which he new nothing about and a full legal team in place with papers already drawn up, so the assertion that it was because of some "incident" is BS anyway. he was left blindsided and scrambling to gather a legal team.

She's as calculating and manipulative as they come.

She's only speaking as she needs to repair her shattered image which matters more to her than Brad or the children. How does she get his consent for globe trotting if she continues as she has? She's just using him for her own ends, as usual. Hope he realises this and doesn't let her start gaslighting him again

She is a deranged woman, can't stand her.

 I wouldn't be saying a word to her if I was him.. No words for her at all after the way she dragged his name through the mud..

She is a nut case

Just let her go! She's a psycho!

Angelina needs help. She tried to ruin Brad.

She is disgusting

 He looks so much better these days.

 He really does!

 Beautiful man with beautiful heart ❤️

He looks way better

 Sexy man still

he is looking real good

 Think she got a clue that people know she is batshit cray cray and has to play nice now.

An additional source close to Jolie told ET on Thursday that "Brad is doing his thing and Angie is doing hers. They have both put the media drama behind them and are moving on."
After she threw her initial fit and accused him of abuse, involved the FBI, and released names of the children's psychiatrists, we don't forget you slore.

 Brad is better off without her

For what so she can finish what she started since she couldn't do it when she lied about abusing their children PLZZZ don't be an idiot she is no good and if I was him I would send her where the sun don't shine...

No Brad dont do it !! shes a snake !!

She's just not mentally stable.

A nasty split sickens you for some time at least he is taking time to heal

Worked with Jolie on her most recent film, First They Killed My Father. I will never work with or for her again. Complete narcissistic horror show. Certified.

She is a deranged woman, can't stand her.

People demonize her because she lied: accused Brad with abuse, but Brad was cleared by several agencies. This is not something the public forgets in a minute. Angie showed her true colors during the past months.

Yup finally his night mare is over, God bless him!

good for brad to have again the normal people around him after have live 12 years with mental illness angie

Holie is a case study of many psychiatric abnormalities.

Uh oh, trouble in paradise. I guess poor Jamie thought he'd finally get to be with his sister/lover but it looks like Holie broke up with him

James seems to have gone AWOL quite awhile ago. Same with Holly. Neither has been pictured since immediately after the split. Jolie is just now managing to explain that her brother is missing from the picture. I'm sure she has had to be a bit more mindful of expenses and he would be the obvious one who has no real experience to lend to anything so no value for the money spent.
I think Holly may have checked out when Jolie was fabricating her lies in her attempted take down of Pitt. She would have known that lies were being told which would make her somewhat of an accessory if she went along with it. Not to mention that between BP and AJ, he is clearly more anchored in the Hollywood machine and if Holly wants to find another position, she is not going to align herself with Jolie. She probably had to bail to save herself.
It definitely seems like Jolie reads here and compiles a list of points to address.

Which kids are getting up during the night? They're not newborns! They're too old for this. Everyone should be sleeping through the night. This woman has no idea of what is appropriate.

Well, we knew this a while back when he wasn't seen in any pap shots. He was always lurking in the background, but no more. Pitt, Holly, and brother/lover have all been replaced by Dalton and Helic. Jolie got bored with the past, she's moved on to her delusional future.
Funny that Jamie was supposed to supervise six nannies and he was exhausted. Just goes to show you what these kids have been allowed to do without any proper discipline or supervision. They are free to act out and behave however they wish, running ragged all six nannies and their "uncle/daddy".

Oh yeah, he quit, and she faxed out this story that it was such hard work that big sister saw what a toll it was taking on him, so she "quietly let him go" out of the goodness of her heart. Try again, Holie, that lie is transparent. :evil:
Sure makes him sound weak though, huh? Wonder how brother/lover feels about this story?

I believe this, Viv is a little insecure sponge soaking up all of Jolie's psychosis. She's sensitive, clearly, and doesn't like the paps that Jolie shoves on her. She and Knox both look like they need a long sleep instead of being flown all around the world to satisfy mommy's agenda.

Those who are Angie's favourites are going to suffer more than the ones she despises. Poor Viv.

I just can't stand her anymore.

Using her mother to sell perfume? She will stop at nothing. Remember, her own mother called Angelina "sexy" at the AGE OF FOUR!

And who buys that? Probably only the Angeloonies.

What a bunch of baloney.

Angelina was pretty. Now she's just plastic, full of Botox and filler injections.

Using her dead mother to sell her perfume. Disgusting.

Her mother was no saint. She did the same to Jon Voight what Angelina now does to Brad - keeping the kids away from their father.

'One of those special items - and I remember it because it seemed so elegant - was her Guerlain powder [Ladies in All Climates].' - Yeah right, talk about PR/marketing.

please buy my perfume because my dead mother loved it. She is disgusting to use her mother for marketing.

I can't believe I used to admire her and thought she was the most beautiful woman. What was I thinking? Now I see her fake, pretentious, and smug. She will use anything for PR.

Jolie's mom's name is Marcia Lynn, and she's from Chicago. She changed her name and pretended to be French to try to get film roles. It didn't work. She has no connection to France and Jolie is just trying to perpetuate the lie. Everything about Jolie is as plastic as the surgery on her face.

Her own mother for perfume marketing? Wow, for once words actually fail me.....

Didn't she sleep with her mother's boyfriend?
Yes, when she was 16.

You are yesterday's news, Angelina.

She's so fake, the divorce opened my eyes, she's finally showing her true colors. All she wants is that people buy her perfume while she's destroying the father of her kids. We all know she hates it that they have a father and she thinks they are hers, not theirs.

She's still trying to alienate the kids from their dad by keeping them away from him and telling the press they are traumatized. She's delusional.

please buy my perfume because my dead mother loved it. She is disgusting to use her mother for marketing.

Her mother was mental, she is mental. she is from dysfunctional family. remember she and her brother made out. gross.

Guerlain should realize what St. John did: ladies don't want to buy what AJ is selling.

Marcheline didn't spend much time with Angelina when she was a kid, she was surrounded by nannies. 'Angie looks so much like Jon it is hard for me.' - that's what she said.

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